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Fucking the PA

Fantasy Phone SexI felt a little bit of this flu like stuff coming on, so I made an appointment with my doctor and headed to his office. I waited patiently in the waiting room until my name was called. The sweet nurse asked if I minded seeing their new PA so that I could be done quicker. Of course, no problem I assured her. I then undressed to only my panties and bra and waited. The door opened and in walked this gorgeous piece of young meat. I almost creamed my panties looking at him. There was no way I would be leaving this office without a little taste of him. I could see him staring at my nice, big tits as I climbed onto the table. He started the normal routine and the smell of this young stud was too much for this horny broad. I immediately stood up and removed my gown, pushed him against the table and stuck my tongue deep in his throat. He reciprocated and his cock started to grow in his pants. I unbuckled his pants, got on my knees and sucked that PA’s cock. Not wanting to miss out on this fine dick, I stopped short and hopped up on the table. He came over, spread my legs and buried his face deep between my thighs, licking my clit and asshole in one swift movement. He then put my legs on his shoulders and went right for my pussy. Entering it hard and pounding it relentlessly as he pinched my nipple with his other hand. I moaned and arched my back and pushed my pussy towards him, feeling his balls beating against my ass. I felt his hard cock tighten and he shot his load deep inside me. The feel of his cum brought me to orgasm and it started running out of my pussy onto the table, in a little puddle. We cleaned up, he wrote me a prescription and told me he needed to see me back in a week. I made sure to stop and verify that appointment with the receptionist before I left.