I am a rich, beautiful, classy, sophisticated hottie. I grew up in the money. I had only the best nannies, the best schools, the best clothes, and the best horses. I went to the most prestigious of universities, and I graduated Magna cum laude. I have exquisite tastes in wine, caviar, cars, women & men.

Just because I’m classy doesn’t mean I’m vanilla. I’ve got no taboos. I love threesomes, gangbangs, sissy training, cock humiliation. I love getting my face fucked, and I love fucking people’s faces.

I want nothing but the best, thickest, meatiest cocks. There’s nothing I like more than a fat cock, besides maybe a sweet snatch. I love to stuff my face between a pair of trim thighs and lick, nibble, and suck until my face is covered in lady cum. I also love teasing and sucking and choking on a big fat dick.

Do you want to dominate me? Or be dominated? Do you want me to worship your cock, or maybe humiliate it? Would you like to do a call with one of my friends? Maybe a voyeuristic call, where you hushedly keep our sexy chat tryst on the DL as your wife sleeps in the next room? Or maybe you’d like to be a little cucky bitch. I can be your wife or girlfriend and you can watch me Fuck another man because you’re not enough to satisfy me. For a little extra, I can entertain you and your lady at the same time. Or I can find one of my gorgeous friends and we’ll worship your cock together. I haven’t been the naughty neighbor in a while! I can satisfy those yearnings you had for your teacher in your younger days.

I’m a no holds barred kind of girl, baby. I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. I can definitely guarantee you the best sex of your life. Call me when you’re ready to divulge your deepest secrets, your naughtiest thoughts. I always have lots of masturbation stories to tell. I’ll be wet & waiting.

XOXO Ophelia

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