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Cheapest phone sex

cheapest phone sexSomething I can never get enough of is money and attention and there seems to be no shortage when I’m around. I even picked up a side job to see what kind of trouble I could stir up and to make a little extra money for my upcoming birthday. The job I got was boring, in accounting if you can believe it. Eventually, I was able to set my eyes on the most talked-about man in the building. He was a sexy guy, and his dad apparently was a big-wig in the company. I started with subtle things, like bringing his coffee and donuts and asking him if he wanted to go to lunch together. He was always complimenting me and talking about how I was the hottest woman in the whole company which obviously is true. One day he finally made his first move, we were taking the stairs and he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me and feeling all over my body. I moaned against him wanting nothing more than to take it to the next level. Suddenly we were busted by a coworker, and we awkwardly separated. I wasn’t worried about my job though, a normal girl would be fired and so would he. But not this one, his Daddy has all the power and I have him wrapped around my finger.

I Give Great Blowjobs

great blowjobsEver wish you could find a girl who sucked dick like a pro? Has the head you been getting lately been below average. I hear this often from the men I fuck. They say I give head so much better than their girlfriend or wife. I heard a lot of girls say they do give head or they think it’s gross. Thats nonsense. Ill suck the fuck out some good dick. And I love taking black cock. I always hear men say they have never had a girl do it like me. I can suck a nine inch cock all the way to the bottom and not even gag. I love to suck balls too. I like to squeeze and play with them while they moan. I makes my pussy so wet. Of course I swallow as well. Its so much more fun when your fucking a girl whos a freak like me. These mediocre whores don’t stand a chance against my head game.

Teacher’s Pet Has an Ass Fetish

ass fetishOne of my students this semester is not only hot for teacher, but he also has a major ass fetish. After the first day of the new semester, he wanted to bang my erasers and lick my ass. I always need a good ass licking. Every mature woman wants a young man who will kiss her ass. Zach is a Psych major which means I will have him in more classes over his 4-year college experience.  Normally, each semester I pick a teacher’s pet. Zach picked me. He let me know almost immediately that he wanted to worship me all semester. How could this naughty teacher say no to that? I took him for a test run on the first day of the semester. He proved he had great oral skills, so I skipped my normal process and made him my first pet of 2020. Yesterday, he paid me a visit during my office hours. I had to lock my office door and put up a “Not In” sign because I was bent over my desk with a student’s tongue in my ass. Zach takes brown noser to new level. With his tongue up my ass and a finger in my cunt, he made me squirt all over my oak desk. He may be my best pet yet.

Sexy Role Play With My Nieghbor

sexy babe fuck my neighbor all the time. When his wife isn’t home and we role play in my bed when my husbands at work. It has helped both of our sex lives actually. He likes to handcuff me to the bed while he fucks me in the ass. We pretend we are in a dungeon. He loves it when I use my strap on. I also put a blind fold on him while I suck his dick. He blind folds me when he eats my pussy. Then I send him home happy and satisfied. My husband never finds out. It’s our little secret role play. I like to wear a black thong and pink push-up bra. He likes me in silver heels. I always let him bend me over the kitchen table. My naughty sexy role-play then gets very hot as he pounds me hard on the table and tells me to take it all like the little whore I am. I wonder how long I can hide our little secret. Our fantasies are always so naughty. I let him cum in me of course.

Naughty neighbor porn

naughty neighbor porn

The hot little fling I had with my sexy neighbor was amazing, as I expected it to be. He had no idea that I secretly recorded him sliding his huge hard cock into my tight little asshole. He’s going to find out soon. That’s how I’m going to get him to keep fucking me and being my sexy little fuck toy. I’m going to threaten to show his wife our naughty neighbor porn video that I took, if he doesn’t do exactly as I say. He will have no choice but to be my personal little fuck doll. My own little toy to fuck and use as I please. I have so many things that I can’t wait to make him do to me. If he dare say no then his wife will see the video and his perfect little family will be destroyed. It won’t matter to me. After they divorce and move out, another young family will move in and I can continue to be the sexy milf next door. I can always get a new toy to play with.

Fantasy phone sex

fantasy phone sex

The only thing I love more than steamy, hot fantasy phone sex, is getting bent over and fucked from behind. The best feeling ever is having a hard, thick cock slide into my dripping pussy from behind. I love when a guy grabs my big luxurious breasts and plays with my hard nipples while he’s fucking me. I met a guy at the grocery store today and brought him to the bathroom to fuck him in the stall. The minute we made eye contact, I could tell I was going to fuck him as soon as possible. He was sexy as fuck and I was already wet and wanting a hard dick inside of me. I walked past him and watched as his cock grew hard while he was staring at my ass. I looked back over my shoulder and winked at him. I nodded to him to follow me and left my entire cart sitting right there on the aisle. As I made my way to the back of the store, I kept looking back at him and winking. It was obvious that his cock was hard and huge! I couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom and get fucked by him. As soon as the door closed behind us, he had my skirt pulled up and panties pulled to the side. He wrapped his arms around me and reached up my shirt. He grabbed my huge sexy tits and started to play with them as I guided his cock into my already soaked pussy. He fucked me hard right there in the bathroom stall. He didn’t even stop when someone came into the bathroom and knocked on the door. He made me cum over and over on his rock hard cock! Once he filled my juicy milf pussy with his hot sticky cum, we went back to shopping like nothing ever happened. When I passed him in the parking lot, he winked at me. Knowing I was full of his cum made his cock hard again so he followed me to my car to get my number. This is my all time favorite grocery store.

Phone Sex Therapy in 2020

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy should be one of your 2020 goals. There is no harm confessing your dirty secrets to a stranger. I highly recommend it because I can’t hurt you and I am cheaper than a regular therapist. Plus, I have an extremely open mind.  Like to wear panties? You can buy a pair of mine! Like to watch interracial porn? I will watch with you. Are you a closeted sissy? I will be the best sissy trainer for you! Do you want your wife to fuck men with bigger cocks? Maybe even big black cocks?  I will serve you up some cuckold phone sex therapy. Are you a quick cummer? I can help with edge play and guided masturbation techniques. Maybe you want to suck cock? We will visit a glory hole together. Is it small cock humiliation you crave? Well, I am an expert at small cock shaming. I don’t do little dicks. I gave them up in 1990.  Let 2020 be judgment free. Let this be the decade you get to explore all your fantasies, fetishes and kinks.

Busy Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistThis phone sex therapist has been busy seeing patients. The holidays bring out the fetish men, the sissies, the cuckold wannabes, the small dick losers, and the mommies’ boys. I am happy to talk to anyone with a kink or fantasy they just can’t tell anyone else, even their best friend. My last client was unlike most of my clients. That was because my last client was a young woman. Not to sound sexist, but it is usually men who need my help. She heard that I was very open-minded and discreet. I sat her down and listened to her. That is my number one job, listening. She wanted phone sex therapy because she thinks she might be a lesbian.  All women are at least bisexual. I always encourage girls to explore their sexuality however they want. I asked a few questions and decided she needed a more interactive approach to therapy. I stripped down naked to see her reaction. She immediately stood up, undressed herself and came over to kiss me. I told her she didn’t need therapy. She just needed good pussy. I have good pussy. She had never been with a woman before, so I had to teach her how to eat cunt. She was a natural.  I made her cum harder than any guy had before. She left my office smelling of my pussy and acceptance of the fact that she is a lesbian.

Princess phone sex

Princess phone sexSometimes I want nothing more than to have some Princess phone sex. I love it because I get to be the girlfriend in charge, a spoiled brat as some may say. Nevertheless, being the queen I am is one of my biggest turn-ons. Who wouldn’t love to be spoiled? Being as hot as I am, it’s not hard to find a weak man while a small useless cock to take care of me. And I don’t mean he is taking care of me with that pathetic dick, no that’s for a real man to do. He will wait on me hand and foot, taking me on endless shopping sprees. I will come with him to his company events. The hotwife that they thought he could never land. Well, he hasn’t landed me actually I have just planted myself into his wallet till it dries up. After all of our events, he will maybe be lucky enough to help me pick a man to fuck me. Maybe I will let him watch, but since I am the princess he will have to pay me.

Blind Date


Erotic roleplaying

I had a blind date with Patrick, I had been chatting with Patrick for two weeks, and finally, we decided to meet. We scheduled to meet by 7:30 pm at a Chinese restaurant. Patrick was the first to get to the restaurant; he waited for like 30mins before he noticed me. I could tell he was impressed by my tall, fair, and slim body stepping in from the front door he was so amazed because he never expected that I would look so attractive. As I approached the table, Patrick stood up and offered me a seat; both of us were happy and excited to see each other. After like a minute, the waiter approached us, and we both ordered a glass of red wine. As the conversation was going smoothly, I became very horny and couldn’t control my emotions anymore. I stylishly told Patrick to meet me at the restroom. Patrick was surprised but was also willing and ready for the adventure. After a minute, he decided to go and meet me in the bathroom. Immediately he stepped in, and I started kissing and caressing him, Patrick quickly grabbed my ass and squeezed it so hard as we were kissing so passionately. After kissing for like 5mins I knelt down and started giving him a blow job, it felt so good, and Patrick had a maximum erection. After a while, I stood up and bent over, then Patrick quickly penetrated my very wet pussy through the back and spanked my soft ass as he was pounding me. I moaned quietly with a very low and sexy voice. Patrick increased his tempo, consistently making me lose control. Patrick continued, and after 20mins I had my first orgasm I wanted to scream, but Patrick quickly covered my mouth and remained consistent with his big dick going in and out of my wet cum dumpster pussy. After another 30mins I had another orgasm, but this time around, Patrick couldn’t stop me from screaming so loud because I was Cuming and squirting at the same time. After that round, both of us were exhausted, but we were delighted as we stepped out of the restaurant.

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