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Phone sex therapyI want you to fuck me raw and glaze my Sexy breasts in your creamy cum. My pussy is soaking wet! I have been vibrating the walls of my cunt with my new vibrating bullet that just came in the mail this morning. I unwrapped it only to re-wrap it with the walls of my tender sweet pussy. I just wake up and think about sex, I tend to have wet dreams often where I just wake up with my pussy pulsing. I don’t know if guys ever knew that girls have wet dreams too, but we do, and mine just seem to never end.

Tonight I am in the mood for an orgy, I am looking to have every last one of my holes fucked and tortured. A sweet girl like me enjoys having my Shaved wet pussy licked and my asshole penetrated before you put your cock inside of me. I am super kinky so if there is anything that you desire I am always up for some hot fun. Do you want to switch positions…

I want to suck on your asshole and massage your prostate while giving you the sloppiest Deepthroat blowjob.

That will have your eyes rolling to the back of your head. I know exactly what it takes to get you shooting your Biggest cumshot. I may be sweet but I am super fucking freaky. Tie me up and play with my soft pretty kitten while I am in denial of the urge to be pleasured. Force your way into my panties and take advantage of me while I am intoxicated… whatever you say goes whether I agree with it or not. I’ll give you the Phone sex therapy, you’ve been longing for.

Best Phone Sex is Sensual Fantasy Roleplay with a Sexy Woman

Best phone sex is where we can share something sensual. Sensual and arousing is the key here, and the ultimate base for getting us both aroused. The sound of my voice will lure you.

Obviously we will be enticing each other in a fantasy. This fantasy can be very erotic. A chance meeting in an Hotel Lounge where you are staying. I happen to be staying there too and we are both here for business.

As a matter of fact the two of us have spouses. They, of course have not traveled with us on our Business trip. We are both independent and both lacking a little something in our Marriages.

What perfect mix, attraction, desire and a need for intimacy. An obvious conclusion is that we have drinks together and slip up to one of our Hotel rooms for a little rendezvous.

Finally just let yourself be swept up in the moment. Let’s have a special night together. Come be my secret lover and I will do all those things that you are missing out on.

Best phone sex

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Beautiful ebony pussy My best friend has the most Beautiful ebony pussy I have ever seen. Her pussy tastes super sweet! The other night, she wrapped her legs around my neck and face fucked me. We got super drunk and well there were no men around just the two of us and whatever foreign object we could find. She and I wound up in a closet French kissing… One thing led to another and eventually, I had her legs spread with the neck of a Corona bottle shoved inside of her cunt, Her nipples extended about a centimeter out…

I caressed her breasts and gnawed on her hard nipples while bottle fucking her cunt.

Her Sexy breasts bounced up and down in my face as she showed off her rhythm… That perfect bubble butt of hers made clapping noises as she slammed her pussy back into the palm of my hand. My pussy was soaking wet, after watching her orgasm we laid on the floor and scissored until I coated her pelvis in creamy squirt juices.

Tiffany called up one of her Black bulls to come and join us.

A silky smooth buttered up chocolate hottie stood before him getting her cunt filled while I sucked her pussy resin off of his balls. My Shaved wet pussy was pulsating eager to have a chance to grind my sloppy wet pussy on his Massive black cock.

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Titty fucking pornMy Titty fucking porn videos that I posted on my OnlyFans have gone viral… So viral, that someone had managed to steal my content! A little young slut with a fake account was pretending to be a hot college slut, using my photos… There was no way I was going to let her get away with all of the revenue she brought in. I managed to track down the owner of the account by hiring a private investigator.

When I got to her house I did not think I would be running into a girl who stood no taller than 5 ft and weighed no more than 100lbs. She tried denying it, I guess the little fast ass does rub her Shaved wet pussy live but doesn’t show her face… So, all the horny men out there were actually believing she was I. I wonder how all of those perverted men would feel if they found out that that bald pussy they were jerking to, was a natural! They have been paying a hairless slut for sexual favors…

Since she has already been doing cam for a while and her Trashy mother was fully aware… I have decided to start having her feature on my account with me… We sit side by side and rub our pussies together. My huge Sexy breasts compensate for her lack of, she may not have tits to jerk your cock with but she is really good at giving oral.. I know this for sure since I’ve had her own her knees sucking my strap on. 

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Voyeur beach sex is happening now, you need to watch them. See how he is slowly working his way down her body. Kissing her ear first. Before more down to her neck. Damn hair falling back as the waves move in, then receding. 

The strap of her bikini bra faVoyeur beach sexlls, exposing her large lush breasts. Fingers threading into his hair; pulling him tighter to her breast. Teeth biting down onto her nipple. Hips lifting beneath him to press into his hard erection. 

In the background the ocean is crashes, waves smashing into rocks. In the distance you can hear the seagulls. To the right of you the couple is now naked. Her legs spread wide open as he is licking her pussy, along her ass crack. 

Her elbow digging into the sand as she takes his dick deeper into her mouth. You see his length and know she must be gagging on his cock yet you aren’t able to hear it. On the bright side your own moans are drowned out. 

From time to time you look down at your dick, as you watch them. Bodies melding together right in front of you. Long legs wrapped around his waist now as he plunges his dick into her shaved wet pussy. 

Suddenly you hear them shout and scream. Realizing they have orgasmed together. You finally reach your release.

My Sexy Legs Should Be Wrapped Around You

My sexy legs are meant to be wrapped around your hips. I want to dig my heels into your back while you ram your cock into me. Real love making sex. Not some tramp you met on some street corner. The kind of hot, sensual sex that makes every inch of you feel on fire. 

I need long deep strokes. I want to feel your cock stretching me out. My pussy, your pussy, squeezing down on you. Pulling you deeper with every stroke. Soaking wet for your big cock. I need the tip of your dick hitting my cervix while I scream your name. Make me cum on your dick like a filthy little slut and then make me ride your cock until you fill me up. 

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Wrap your hands around my waist and let me saddle up. I’m all yours. Knead your hands into my waist and massage my tits. Those sexy breasts need to be in your mouth while I bounce up and down on that dick. 

My pussy is going to grip and milk you while I ride that big dick. I want to feel you pulsing inside of me. Cum inside my cunt and breed your woman properly.

Cuck Boyfriend Watches Girlfriend Get Fucked By Her Father

Sensual phone sexI love fucking with your head and keeping you on your toes. I invite you over to my house and tell you to walk into my bedroom for the surprise of your life. You had no idea that you would be watching me take 9 inches in my tiny, tight pussy from no other than my own father. I told you that if you didn’t satisfy me I would find a better man with a bigger cock than yours that will actually make me cum. Well, my Daddy has been making me cum for years. I fantasize about sliding on his cock, bouncing on him and making him squirt inside me every time that we fucked. Now, you can sit in the corner and watch a real man fuck me. Take that tiny dick in your hands and jerk it until your balls are full. My Daddy’s balls are always full of cum and he’s ready to stuff a fat load right inside of me.

Come Cum on My Sexy Breasts

My sexy breasts have been teasing you all day. I came in to work today in one of the lowest-cut tops you’ve seen me in. I wasn’t wearing a bra and you could tell. My nipples were pressing against my shirt, and you could see the way my tits giggled and swayed every time I did something. It was almost like I was trying to tease you. Just begging you to come over to me and rip my tits out of my shirt and squeeze them around your cock. I’m not helping either. A little more bounce in my step than usual and every time I come over to your desk I lean just far enough for you to see most of my tits. 

Sexy Breasts

The tease and denial is killing you. If we were in private, you would just take what you wanted. Rip off my top and leave bite marks on the soft porcelain skin. You would force me onto my knees and slide your dick into my mouth. Fuck my face until the froth and spit start to slide down my chin and cover my tits. Ignore the way I choke and gag while you lube up your cock and my tits. Then squeeze them around that thick, throbbing rod. Even if I deny it, you know I want it. You can tell from the way my back is arched and how I’m not trying hard to fight back. I want you to paint my pretty face and large boobs with your cum. I want you to make me look pretty. 

Naughty teacher takes away your toys.

Naughty teacher takes away all of your toys. You want to play with your pencil, twirling it between your fingers? I will take this ruler and whap your knuckles. Perhaps I will dress as a nun being your teacher. Hide these big beautiful tits under a garment. You have seen them. Sucked on the perky nubs. Laved your tongue along the underside of them. 

I didn’t give you permission to shift in your chair. Bending over your desk to peer under. Are you getting hard? Should I teach you how to cum without touching. Let’s let it spring free. Standing proud and at attention. Pursing my lips I blow softly over the head, suppressing a smile as it quivers. Let me hot breath fan along the length of your quivering member. 

Mmm…the vein is more pronounced. Letting my outfit fall. Black stockings, garter belt, and heels. No panties. Straddling your lap I hover just out of reach or your throbbing cock. Letting my wetness drip onto you. Rotating my hips. Nipples poking close to your mouth. Now, now, no touching your teacher. You will cum without touching. 

Spinning, hands resting on the desk. Gyrating hips, twerking. Look at that pre-cum gushing. Arching my back, fine blond hair tickling your tip. When you cum like a good student I will give you your reward. I know you are close. 

Facing you. Foot braced on either side of you. Lifting my hips to let you get a good whiff of my vagina. Hmm…look at it gleaming with my own wetness. Smell the sweetness. That is cum for me.

Naughty teacher

Shaved wet pussy pulsates while hearing someone get molested

Shaved wet pussy I could hear him molesting her young bald cunt through the hotel walls. My Shaved wet pussy pulsated as I heard her yelp! I could tell by the sounds of her screams that he had a nice thick rock hard, long cock. He either had his hand around her mouth or muffled her cries for help using a pillow. The springs in the mattress were squealing and there was a loud consistent thudding noise. I felt desperate, in need of the pounding he was giving whoever she was. I turned the television down and put my ear on the wall… Sexy girlfriend porn played silently in the background as I whipped my clitoris and massaged the lips of my sweet bald pussy.

Her cries for help stimulated me to near climax… I didn’t want to orgasm too fast; instead, I gently rubbed until I deprived myself to the point of squirting. I knew she had to of made her pussy orgasm on his cock against her will. There was no denying by the sounds that he had given her pussy the best fuck she ever had. Is it wrong that I didn’t call the cops? They quieted down after a bit, I am sure he fucked her lights out. Ever since I have been fantasizing about being forcefully fucked for showing off my Sex breasts in a super short pencil dress in a gas station parking lot; late at night.