I have the picture perfect life! I am young, newly married to a very rich man and I have the life most only dream of. I am the perfect house wife! My home is always clean, home cooked meals and of course my husband cum’s first every time. Once my husband has his breakfast and coffee he is out the door and at work for hours! I am now free to do anything. The moment his car is out of the long driveway I have transformed into a perfect slut! I have a few addcitions my new husband don’t know about.. I hide my nose candy in his dresser drawers, he never gets his own laundry so I know my stash is always save. My pussy tingles as I get the lines just right on my perfect mirror. I swear that white powder goes right to my nipples and clit when I snort up those line! It takes control of this perfect tight young body and I love it! I go around town fucking random men who I think have the biggest cocks! I get my perfectly bald pussy and asshole filled up all day long with cock and cum. The last cock I suck before I rush home with my panties full of strangers cum and my breath smelling like big black cocks is my dealer’s dick. I love choking on his big fat black cock as he blows his load down my throat. My husband has no idea that he is kissing a cum dumpster when he walks through the door every single day. Makes me feel like the hottest house wife in the world!

~ Your best phone sex wife Loretta


    • Big Steve on June 28, 2015 at 11:42 pm
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    Oh baby, I couldn’t stop thinking about you since we last talked, so god damn amazing. My wife almost caught me jerking off to your pictures as I imagined tonguing your tight asshole. She’s going out of town soon, and we’re gonna spend so much time together you won’t be able to sit right.

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