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Shaved and Wet: My Beachside Adventure

 Shaved wet pussy

Mmm, nothing like a young buck with a talented tongue. That’s right, I said it—old school, right down to the T. We all know teenage boys are horny little devils, and guess who’s their favorite treat? That’s right, a sexy mature babe like me.

So, this cutie pie and I met at the beach, and let’s just say, our paths crossed for a reason. He was legal—barely—but who cares, right? His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when I invited him over, and that’s exactly what we did. No time for pleasantries, I wanted that young cock, and he wanted to taste my sweet, mature pussy.

We got down to business, 69ing like pros. And let me tell you, this guy—phew!—his tongue was like a magic wand, sending shivers down my spine. He went down on me like a champ, making my toes curl and my eyes roll back. Apparently, some lucky cougar taught him well, ’cause this boy knew the pussy like the back of his hand.

I had to return the favor, and boy, was it a sight to behold. His cock was thick—not huge, but damn, it felt good in my mouth. I gave him a blowjob so good, he made my pussy squirt. Yeah, that’s right, he hit the spot like no other. We ended up going at it like rabbits, and you know what? I’m so glad I met this young stud.

Small dick humiliation: Pay up to avoid being exposed, loser

Small dick humiliationLosers like you deserve Small dick humiliation, I mean what more could you possibly expect after all you are a grown-ass man with a microscopic organism for a cock. There is no way I or any woman on earth will ever take you seriously…  There is only one way a guy like you gets any attention from a girl like me… any lucky guesses? I mean obviously, Your money!

That is not all, you will serve as pure entertainment for my friends and me. I want you dressed in the sluttiest outfit we can put together paired with seven-inch platform mules… I will make sure you have a gag ring in place to ensure you don’t get too chatty around all of us Sexy chicks… I know losers like you tend to lose control of themselves when there are so many hotties in one room.

I want you to look just as pathetic as your cock and I don’t want your little man syndrome getting in the way of things.

Settle down boy, my leather mules have girthy black dicks for heels… Bend over so I can kick my boot in and out of your gaping asshole. Don’t you want to show the ladies how well-behaved and well-mannered you are… Well then do as you are told and get down on all fours! The guys will be here shortly and they are going to cum all over our big tits and you, darling will serve as a cum cleaner and lick our Sexy breasts clean.

Exhibitionist’s Delight: A Story of Public Indecency



Exhibitionist sex

Age has brought me confidence, and I thrive on showing off my body. The nude beach is my playground, where I can flaunt my assets and admire the viewers. On a recent trip, I met Matt, a hung young buck who couldn’t take his eyes off me.

His penis told me all I needed to know, so when he invited me to his condo, I jumped at the chance. An exhibitionist’s dream, I displayed my talents on the balcony, giving him a blowjob that left him breathless. Matt was a eager lover, and an impressed one at that.

I initiated a wild fuck on the balcony, letting him pound my pussy then sneak into my tight ass. He didn’t even realize he’d gone anal until I guided his hands to my soaking cunt. It was a first for him, but he took direction well.

I feasted on his manhood, giving him a deep-throat blowjob, and swallowed his load with glee. It seemed Matt was savouring many firsts with me, and who was I to deny him? We fucked nonstop for days, exploring each other’s bodies and pleasures.

Now, he’s heading back to Arizona, but the memory of this mature exhibitionist will keep him aroused for the long ride home. He’s hooked, and I know our paths will cross again soon.

Being an exhibitionist slut has its perks, and Matt’s week-long vacation was a wild ride I’ll relish forever. There’s no better high than sharing my body with willing strangers.

Small dick humiliation for jerkoff losers in women’s panties

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what men who don’t measure up deserve! Admit it, you prefer cock over pussy any day… I mean, after all, it’s not like you get to indulge in the full experience that comes from getting your cock soaked in Sloppy wet pussy juice. You are willing to do anything for satisfaction, which is pretty much what led you to explore your pucker. I am a Cock size queen, when you call I prefer knowing the size of your dick right off the bat…

You knew the moment you called me your cock wasn’t worthy enough to come even an inch within reach of my Shaved wet pussy. Men like you, belong on the receiving end. You come to me to have your ass plowed, don’t you? You want all the ladies to know that you serve and worship the ground that I walk on. I force you on video so that every girl here can see for themselves how worthless that little cockette of yours is.

I love showing you off and making you flaunt your cockette in one of the many panties of mine that you’ve purchased.

I always make sure to have them drenched in my cunt juice so that little white worm of yours can smell just like a woman’s pussy. You love it when I have all of my sexy friends join for a hot gangbang. All of our strap-ons dangling over your pathetic face, the eagerness in your face to show off all of those Deepthroat blowjob tricks I’ve taught you. I know it makes you feel so pathetic having so many hot women in one room…

Especially because you don’t have access to one of them, including myself. Your wimpy little winky you are far too ashamed of to pull out anyway. Of course, I demand you into a pair of Crotchless panties so all the ladies can see that pathetic nubby of yours on display and to make it so much easier for us to access your gaping bussy. Sissy humiliation is what Losers with little dicks deserve!


Foot Fetishes having Sissys love Chocolate Goddess Evita

Foot Fetishes having sissys are my favorite type of sissys. I have this one that I call after I have had a long day of wearing some of my thigh high latex boots. My feet are so hot and sweaty after wearing them and he loves to come lick and suck on my perfectly manicured, chocolate toes. foot fetishes

My toe sucking sissy bitch loves to come play with my feet the most when they are super dirty and crusty so before he comes over, I walk around my garden and outside my house and let the dirt get all between my toes, underneath my toenails, and on the bottoms of my feet. I make him lick them clean whenever he has the honor to come and devour me!foot fetishes

When he gets to my house, I make him put on a sexy little maid outfit that’s too short and lets his sweet sissy ass hangout as he cleans and worships my feet. I allow him to jack off his sissy pussy pocket and cum on my feet when he is ready to blow.  I make him lick all his pussy cream off of my toes! To show his appreciation he hands over his wallet while kissing and sucking all over my pretty toes and I take all his money from him!

Evita’s PayPiggy

My boss at my corporate job is my pay piggy. I get whatever I want out of him. My favorite thing to do is humiliate him in front of all of our coworkers. Today, I guess he called himself trying to give me a task, he should have known better. No one tells Evita what to do!! I knew I was going to make him pay with his money and his pride and I was waiting for the best moment. It’s time for lunch and all of our office staff was in the lunchroom. When he walked in, I begin to put pictures of him wearing his favorite dress and heels all over the table. I also put pictures of me ass fucking him with my big black cock dildo all over the walls. He was mortified!sissy humiliation

I made him get on his knees and apologize to me for trying to tell me what to do. The whole room was shocked, all of my coworkers were laughing at him. I then ordered him to strip and show us his pretty butt plug that I make his sissy ass wear at all times. I noticed a few of the guys seemed to be turned on by this encounter. I then made my boss suck all the dicks in the room. The guys proceeded to give his pathetic ass all the big cock he wanted and then they came all over his bitch ass. One of the guys put his foot on my boss’ neck and made him clean up some of the cum on the floor.  When they were done, I made him pay me for my troubles and ordered he give me his black card so I can go shopping. I also made him handover the keys to the brand-new Audi he got so I can ride in style. Stupid bitch, bet the whole office knows who is really in charge!!

Tease and denial for piggies w/ dicklets, cash for ass loser

Tease and denialStroke you little dick loser, you won’t be able to resist my Tease and denial… Just the sound of my sexy voice will have you on edge and the fact that you are finally getting attention from a woman. Of course, the only way for you to get any sort of attention though is by paying! Pathetic sissies like you aren’t worthy of an orgasm but the adrenaline rush you receive from having my attention gives your pathetic ass more than enough excitement… Doesn’t it? Every woman who you have ever laid eyes on knows you have a tiny dick just by looking at you.

Such a sore-loser sissy you are, no woman has ever taken you seriously, and neither will I.

On video is how you will be spending your evening entertaining my friends and me, through Small dick humiliation. I’ve got you a cock ring, I want you to tighten it up right at the base of your cock so we can get that dicklette of yours extended to its max capacity. It’ll be so much fun watching your dinky jump for joy while we tease you with our Big tits and asses.

A man like you would love a chance with hotties like us but we both know deep down inside you don’t have the self-esteem nor the cock to make you worthy. Anything for attention, right? Even if that means serving as nothing more than pure entertainment. There is only one way a guy like you gets attention from girls like us and that’s through Sissy humiliation.

Best phone sex means drowning in my pussy juices!

Best phone sex

Best phone sex means drowning in my pussy juices! I’ve perfected the art of seduction. My seductive voice will make your knees weak and your cock throb with anticipation. But that’s not all, my dear. My body is a temple of sin and pleasure, and I know just how to use it to make you explode with desire.

I truly enjoy what I do. I love to bring your deepest, darkest fantasies to life and make you beg for more. And trust me, I’ve heard it all. From mild to wild, I can handle anything you throw my way.

But what sets me apart from the rest is my obsession with getting you on the edge. I love to play with fire, push your boundaries and make you crave more and more. I live for those moments when I can hear the desperation in your voice as you beg me to let you cum. That’s when I know I have you right where I want you.

My pussy is always ready and dripping wet, just waiting for your call. And once you do call, I promise to make you drown in my pussy juices. As for you cumming, you will have to wait for my permission. You have to show me how dedicated you are to pleasing me. I want your face pruned by my gushing pussy. I’ll tease you, taunt you and soak your face until you can’t take it anymore. I want you to get lost in my sweet Shaved wet pussy.

Trust me, you won’t regret it. I’ll make your darkest fantasies a reality, and you’ll be left craving for more. So what are you waiting for? Your hot sophisticated whore, Lena, is waiting to take you on the most mind-blowing phone sex experience of your life.


Small dick humiliation Phone sex with Mistress Loretta




Small dick humiliation is what men with little baby dickies deserve! If a man has the nerve to whip out his cock and it turns out to be a little clitty of course im gonna laugh. A small dick man tried to deceive me a few nights ago. I met him on Fetlife he told me he was hung like a horse and from the pictures it seemed to match up. He sent his address and I got in my sluttiest outfit and made my way over there. One thing was very clear I was going over there to get my world rocked i was expected him to be rock hard and ready to go.

As soon as I walked into the house my pussy was purring and ready to go. I fell to my knees in front of him and began pulling down his pants and my jaw dropped. This fine specimen of a man had a little clit he claimed was a dick. I was in shocked and devastated in that moment all i could think about was Forced feminization! I pinched his little baby dickie with my two fingers and tugged on it a bit while i giggled and said “awe how cute”. I made him drop to his knees and suck this pussy since i knew I wouldn’t be able to feel that baby dick.

Sissy Maid Training With Rebecca

Sissy Maid TrainingAs a therapist myself, sometimes forcing some sissy maid training to get your small cock sissy’s in line is not only fun (for me) but necessary for your pathetic little loser selves. I mean, you are existing to serve because we all know you are not serving anything with what’s between your legs. By the time most sissys come to me, they’ve accepted that they are nothing more than little sluts that need their holes to be used and abused.  Some still struggle with thinking they have some self worth, which is far from the case and I need to take them down a few notches to make sure they know where they stand.

So after you come into my office, we will strip you down to nothing.  Your little worthless cock dangling right there in front for me to laugh at.  I will proceed to give you your little maid panties and little maid dress with the strappy heals that you must do all your tasks in. The tasks you will do will range from using your little pussy to dust my enter office.  I will make you clean my bathroom with your tongue making sure you get all the nasty little crevices all around the corners.

I will then make you have madatory dildo sucking and fucking to practice with my dildos because you never know when it will be needed to take a huge cock for me.  Sometimes I need sissy’s t suck big black cocks to get them hard before they stretch my pussy out.  Sissy’s seem to love this part of their maid duties. Sometimes, I will even let you come up to cunt and clean the cum out. I love watching your slurping ap=sssa

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