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Sexy Dominatrix Therapy Sessions

Sexy Dominatrix

You like a sexy broad that smokes and spreads her legs while talking to you? I’m a sexy dominatrix that loves to entice and make my slaves beg for my attention. They lap at my pussy while I give sessions over the phone. I love to use your fucked and gaped ass as an ashtray while you clean cum off of my feet. The thought of you being in full servitude to me is a wonderful thing. It’s a win / win situation my dear. You pay me to serve me and for my approval and kindness to you. I get taken care of in every way that I desire inclusive of financially. You follow me? You pay for the chance to be in my control, you pay to sniff and lick my pussy, you pay for me to humiliate you, and you pay me to tell you how pathetic you are.

Forced Feminization Therapy

Go get your body smooth and rub some oil in that skin. Put on these hot pink silky and ruffled panties. How’s it feeling to start your Forced feminization therapy? You will be a cock sucking Sissy in no time when you keep to regular sessions with your Femdom Therapist Rebecca. I am here to support and guide you into your new life. Let go and enjoy the ride. Train that pussy with those special training toys that suit you best. I like the pump anal plug or the multi sized butt plugs that you slowly train that man pussy with. A nice suction cup cock is awesome for getting more of a cock feel in that pleasure place. Make sure to have those balls nice and smooth and tuck them in those panties. We are ready to start whenever you are.

Forced Feminization


Phone humiliation fun

phone humiliation

 I have a little sissy cock fairy boy that calls me so I can tease his tiny girly clit. He loves my special style of phone humiliation. It turns him on so much to hear what a little bitch he is. I can’t help but make fun of his pathetic boy pussy. I make him put on his pretty, silky panties and take videos of him prancing around for me. Sometimes he will surprise me with a sexy video of him rubbing his little clitty while he sucks a big, thick cock and swallows every drop of cum for me. I always giggle when I watch these videos because of the size of his little dicklett. That’s why I make him dress up for me so pretty and feminine. There is no way in hell, with a micro penis like that, that I could ever call it a dick or call him a man. He is a fairy fag with a fairy fag pussy and it’s my job to make sure he knows it!

Best Phone Sex Is Sissifying Humiliation

I know how the best phone sex works for pathetic little men, they’re not even men, really. Sadly my husband is as little a man as the best of them and I do mean little. It’s laughable and I love to exploit it to the highest and bring in ladybois with much bigger dicks than him. I love tits and a cock, it’s the perfect package. I love most to humiliate my hubby over it all. Making his little pecker swell and leak, it’s amusing. I get to taunt him how even a chick with a dick is hung better than he is. I make him suck that cock while he wears the silkiest full bottom covered pink shimmery panties. A pink panty wearing sissy slut cock sucking little pecker cuckolded hubby. It’s fucking kinky. I have taken strap-ons to his manhole and helped him take a nice big black cock in that puckered cum dumpster. Best to pull them panties down and pump into that little sissy hole and fill it with cum. We pull his pretty pink panties with cum drippings in them right back up over that fucked hole and make him sit in those panties until it all leaks out and he does his best to push that creampie from his ass and soiling his pretty panties.

Best phone sex


In Need Of Sexy Therapy?

phone sex therapist

Hi there. I bet you need to talk to someone about your sexual fantasies, right? I think everyone does at one time or another. That’s why I would be so pleased if you called me to be your phone sex therapist. I will help you work through your fantasies and maybe even help them come true. All you have to do is trust me enough to tell me what’s going on in your mind. Once you do that, the possibilities are endless and you’ll be feeling so good about everything you desire.
I know you might be having a hard time with that taboo fantasy you have. But when you call a phone therapist like me, you will find out that what you’re feeling is TOTALLY normal and okay. People fantasize about lots of things and not everyone is turned on by the same suck and fuck fantasies that some people are. And remember, you really can’t help what you are turned on by. And when I say that you can tell me anything, I really mean that. I’ll never judge you. I’m just here to help you realize that it’s okay to just relax and enjoy anything you want to.

It’s Pathetic!

small dick humiliation

I love it when I get a call from a loser with a tiny dick. No, not because I’m going to let you try to convince me how much you really could please me with your cock if I’d just give you a chance. That will never happen, stubby. But what will happen is that you’re in for a nice, fun session of small dick humiliation. I mean, I can’t be the first woman to ever tell you how small it is, right? There’s no way anyone has ever been given an orgasm by such a pathetic little piece of meat.
When you call me, I think I’ll play one of my favorite games with you. I want to give you the names of household items and have you compare your pathetic cock to them. That’s a lot of fun and it’s sure to leave you feeling worse about your dick situation than you already were. Oh well. It’s not my problem that you were born with a small cock. I don’t care if you can’t help it. That doesn’t mean me or any other woman wants anything to do with it. So just go ahead and call me so I can get started with laughing at you.

Ebony phone sex

Ebony phone sex

As I rub and tease my fat juicy clit I watch you jack that hard cock off with your hands. That type of shit makes me want to shove it in my mouth as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you make with wait with anticipation. You have always been a dominant type of guy that likes things to go your way. I love to follow your lead because I know the end result its always a nice good nut. You tell me to rub on my clit and playfully tease my clit with your tongue. You don’t allow me to cum. My pussy is dripping wet and tingling inside I want to feel your cock so fucking bad. Right before I cum you shove your hard stick into my fuck hole and ram that hard cock back and forth four good times and we both explode a nice good creamy nut. I love that shit! Make me wait to cum again baby.

I’ll Treat You So Good

GFE phone sex

I am the perfect GFE phone sex girlfriend for you. See, I will never nag you like your wife or girlfriend in real life does. I just love it when you call to spend time with me. Instead of telling you that you should be calling me more often, I just enjoy the time we DO get to spend together. It’s so much fun to talk to you about anything and everything. If you just want to tell me how you’re feeling, I’m here to listen. Do you want to talk about that bitch at work who just gets on your very last nerve? Tell me all about her. Or maybe you’d like to talk about a cool movie or TV show you saw. I’m here for it all.
But I’m also here for all of the sexual things you need. I have no limits like the woman in your real life. Whatever you need, I am absolutely going to give it to you. No matter how nasty it is, you can consider it yours, baby. All you have to do is say the word and I’m here to give you every single thing you need and then some. I’ll be waiting.

The Glory Hole

Fantasy phone sex

The feel of that unknown cock entering into my mouth made me cum so hard. My cunt juice was practically running down my legs like I peed myself. I was bored one night and decided to go visit a sex store and ended up exploring the glory hole in the back. Once I saw that hard white cock sticking through that hole ready for me to suck the life out of it. I just could not resist putting my big full juicy lips around his thick mushroom head and then slurping in a circle. That’s when I shoved my face all the way down to his shaft and gurgled with my tonsils and then came back up for air. I did that about five more times and next thing i knew I could taste that salty texture running down my fucking throat. I’m such a cum eating slutty whore.

Cum on my feet

Foot fetishes

The cum oozed out of his mushroom head onto my soft brown toned colored feet. This was the mailman’s dick I was pleasing. He not only delivered my mail,he also, delivered his dick to me on occasions. I had just gotten a fresh pedi at the salon. When I greeted him at the door I was ass naked. My tits and nipples practically poking out begging him to nibble on them. My pussy was dripping wet from how horny I get when I see him. The only thing that caught his eye were my feet. He pushed me into the house and laid me onto the couch. He placed his hard cock in between my feet and told me to make him cum. I did just as I was told. I will do anything for my Mr. mailman. I am his slutty little cum whore.I slid my feet up and down so fast he came all over the place. I licked the cum right off of his dick while he licked the cum right off of my toes. I love a good foot fucking. Come admire my toes as I please your dick with them.



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