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Foot fetishes make my pussy drip!


Foot fetishes


Foot fetishes make my pussy drip! Oh, how I love them! I absolutely adore feet – from the smallest of toes to the biggest and burliest of the bunch! And nothing makes me happier than making them look pretty. From regular pedicures to crazy colors, I have seen it all. And guess what? Your feet will thank you for it.

Your feet need a lot of pampering. A good pedicure will start off with a nice filing of the nails, then a soak in a warm foot bath. Next comes the scrubbing, which exfoliates the skin and keep them clean and smooth. And finally, the painting of the prettiest color you can dream of – a bright pink, a metallic blue, or even some fun sparkly glitter.

But that’s not where the fun ends. If you like to take thing a little further, you could go for the more exotic side of feet – with a little Forced crossdressing thrown in. Imagine your feet wearing frilly socks and sandals, eye-catching stockings, or even sexy high heels as part of your genderplay session. 

Feet can be so much fun. They are often overlooked in terms of beauty and sensuality, but they are really quite special in their own way. And nothing is more satisfying than seeing a pair of feet look beautiful, whether it be from a pedicure or from some cosplay and kink play. So go ahead, give your feet the attention they so deserve

Small dick humiliation phone sex with Goddess Eden

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what men who have the nerve to whip out their teenie dicks deserve! A man with a small dick is always one who deceives… Just last weekend I went on a date with a guy I met on Tinder who never thought to mention the size of his cock. It was obvious I was not there looking to be his future wife! I dressed up like a total skank and didn’t even bother wearing panties underneath my mini-skirt.

I couldn’t wait to go to a hotel room after the bar so that he could rip me out of my clothing and slam what I thought would be a “massive cock” in and out of my sloppy wet pussy!

As soon as we entered the hotel room, I dropped down to my knees and pulled his pants down… To my surprise, a 3-inch nub stood in my face. I was devastated! In that instance, all I could think of was Sissy humiliation… I didn’t hold back one bit! I pinched his cock and pulled him to the bed… I tugged at his measly dick while telling him how pathetic he was and how much of a sorry excuse of a man he must be to have even linked up with me.

Men with small cocks especially not decieving ones will ever be able to cum on my watch. Shaved wet pussy

I took my phone out and started taking pictures of his measly dick. I threatened to expose him entirely if he did not take his Tinder account down and he dared deceive another woman ever again. I surely wasn’t going home without being pleasure! Especially being as drunk and horny as I was… I made him get on his knees and suck my Shaved wet pussy until I orgasmed all over his face. Then I left him there with his pathetic nub in hand and told him to spare the cunt juices on his face to rub on his loser cock and stormed out.

Sexy dominatrix Lena loves to make her sissys suffer!

Sexy dominatrix Sexy dominatrix Lena loves to play with her little toys. You know she is a real bad mama goddess who will make you suffer every second. You must be presentable for your mommy master. Be sure that cock cage is nice and tight, a fresh diaper of course, and your nicest tea dress. Do you know how much of a little sissy you are? All that time pretending to be a man, I mean come on, look at your little clitty! You little slut, clean the dog shit from mommy’s boots, good baby. I think I want to play with that tight little bussy. Just take my cock and slowly put the tip in, hold it there until I get bored and stuff it in a little more. You will beg for it to stop but you know that is not going to happen. Sissy humiliation is so much fun. I love the look of fear in your eyes when I push in deeper. You claim your hole is virginial but I know that is a fucking lie. You are my whore and will do as I say!

Sissy humiliation lets make you will be main serving of entertainment

Sissy humiliationAre you in denial? Your small dick is grounds for Sissy humiliation! Don’t you dare come to me with that bullshit about you being “Bisexual”. Do you think a real man would ever put on a g-string and bury a rubber dick down his throat for attention? You are nothing but a deceiving man which is why I will be punishing you for all of the women you’ve deceived. That pathetic cock of yours stands as tall as a chap-stick but then again as if. Men like you don’t deserve attention from sexy women like me… The only way you stand a chance of even speaking to me is by paying me.

Nothing screams loser more than a man on the other end of the phone begging for me to hover my cum filled cunt over his face after being fucked by a real bull.

Small dick humiliation is the only thing that makes you worthy of my or any woman’s attention! You are nothing more than the main serving of pure entertainment. I couldn’t imagine being degraded yet still paying for a service. Of course on your end, it’s not something you imagine; it’s actually what a pathetic man like you has to deal with day to day. The tone of your voice screams “I am a faggot”. Watching you struggle to wank your pathetic slug while bringing you to near climax only to stunt that orgasm of yours, is priceless. Men with small dicks don’t deserve to cum! Why don’t we take a look at adequate cocks online so you can see for yourself aside from already knowing, that you serve no use with that teeny cocklet of yours?

I am a Sexy dominatrix who lives to tease and deny you while laughing at you as you frantically jerk trying to get a grip of your nub!

Domination porn is the key 2 my secret fetish 2 be dominated

Domination porn I cannot stop helplessly rubbing my silky smooth Shaved wet pussy! I woke up from a wet dream this morning and have not been able to shake the urge since. I dreamt that I was being forcefully fucked by five well-hung, handsome black men. OMG, they had no fucking mercy! I was stumbling down a dark alleyway after getting belligerently drunk at a local bar downtown. When I got to the middle a group of hooligans approached me and asked where I was headed.

I tried to run and that’s when I was snatched by my hair and forced to my knees. They ripped me out of my clothing and took turns forcing their huge dicks in and out of me. Not one of my holes was left untouched… At one point I had one down my throat, another up my ass, and two huge black cocks rubbing dicks inside of my pussy.

I think the dream had something to do with the Domination porn I had masturbated to before I had gone to sleep last night… I do have a fetish for being dominated and taken advantage of. I tend to enjoy being called filthy degrading names while having my fuck-holes stretched. I woke up to a spool of cunt juices beneath me and my pussy pulsing.

I tried getting in the shower to wash it off but that only led me back to my bedroom with my phone to my ear whipping my clitoris with a horny pervert who was talking about his urge to fuck his youngest daughter. I didn’t hold back one bit! I attached my suction cup dildo to my foot reel and slid my Young bald pussy down to the base.  He could hear my Large boobs clapping together as I slammed back and forth off my 10-inch dildo.

Ohhh, I squirted so hard and here I am still wanting more.

Best phone sex getting you off after getting your cock hard.

Best phone sex

            Best phone sex getting you off after getting your cock hard. As can be seen I am big into public sex. Then again being in charge and dominating over you is something you and I both can get into. By all means, I want you to stroke your cock.

            Have some public sex with me. Have me dominating over you. Let’s get erotic. You know you are going to want to cum all over the place. Between my tits, pressing around your cock. Feel you throbbing. Licking down the length of your shaft. Pre-cum on my tits. Lifting them up and licking it off.

            Showing everyone what we are doing right in a restaurant or perhaps on a public beach. A point often overlooked is that when you are being dominated by me in public is very erotic. Feeling your cock up inside of my pussy. Legs wrapping around you. At the same time pressing your face into my breasts, commanding you to suck on them.

            Letting everyone see your cock getting covered in my juices. As the run down along your balls. Moving up and down slowly on your cock. Gripping your hard and tightly. Thighs tightening. Heels digging into your behind.

            Urging you to fill me up with your cum. Finally, we orgasm together. Shouting out our ecstasy so that everyone will know how we have fulfilled one another.  

Titty fucking porn of me using my collection of girthy toys

Titty fucking pornMy Titty fucking porn videos that I posted on my OnlyFans have gone viral… So viral, that someone had managed to steal my content! A little young slut with a fake account was pretending to be a hot college slut, using my photos… There was no way I was going to let her get away with all of the revenue she brought in. I managed to track down the owner of the account by hiring a private investigator.

When I got to her house I did not think I would be running into a girl who stood no taller than 5 ft and weighed no more than 100lbs. She tried denying it, I guess the little fast ass does rub her Shaved wet pussy live but doesn’t show her face… So, all the horny men out there were actually believing she was I. I wonder how all of those perverted men would feel if they found out that that bald pussy they were jerking to, was a natural! They have been paying a hairless slut for sexual favors…

Since she has already been doing cam for a while and her Trashy mother was fully aware… I have decided to start having her feature on my account with me… We sit side by side and rub our pussies together. My huge Sexy breasts compensate for her lack of, she may not have tits to jerk your cock with but she is really good at giving oral.. I know this for sure since I’ve had her own her knees sucking my strap on. 

Forced crossdressing for a new fuck barbie

I love to put my leather on and have Forced crossdressing fun with a guy. They meet me and think they can pay me to do whatever they want, but sometimes I turn it around and dominate them. First i make you get on your knees, worship my feet and tell you are mine now! I wiggle my toes as you kiss them. Get up hoe I have something I want you to wear.

Then your eyes open wide as you look at the pink lingerie, I have pulled out for you. Don’t hesitate now, you belong to me. The way your body trembles as you put the lingerie on, gets my cunty excited. Then I grab my doubled sided strap-on. As I slide it deep in my aunty, I make you like my asshole. I have an Ass fetish and need my pretty rose bud licked. After I will make you into my bitch and you will submit to me like a good slut.

Forced crossdressing

Open your mouth and lube my strap cock. Bend over and tell me you are my new fuck barbie. “I’m your new fuck barbie”, you scream out as I slam my cock deep inside you. The way I will pound you will have you walking with a switch to your hips, like all hoes do. While I’m fucking you hard, my pussy is getting fucked hard too.

There’s nothing better than making you submit and using you to make my pussy squirt. That clitty looks like it wants to cum sissy slut, fuck me back and I will let you cum too. Finally, you fucked me back hard like i needed you too and my Shaved wet pussy squirted all over. “Cum now you fuck barbie” is what you needed to hear. Your clitty leaked all over your lingerie and you fell to the ground.

Small Dick Humiliation Where Is It At?

small dick humiliationI don’t always mean to engage in small dick humiliation, sometimes it just happens. That little tic tac looked to me like a wart so I kept spreading his legs forcefully as he desperatelly tried keeping them closed. I was horny as all get out and he had fingered me so hard and well.  His huge muscular physique made my little clitty tingle hard. After our first date, I was so into him, but trying to portray the good girl image so I held out not fucking him that first night.  I went home and fucked my neighbor instead because the date had me all hot and bothered.

So we are in his house on the second date.  I wore my shortest skirt, no underwear, a white little cropped top t-shirt with no bra. I didn’t. want my intentions to be in question.  I wanted this man, standing at 6’4″ to pound me to the ground and not be able to walk for weeks. I just knew, he must be good in bed with that yummy chisseled body.

We started making out on the couch, I would reach down outside his pants to feel if he had gotten hard, and I didnt feel a thing.  It had been a few hours since I had felt a cock so maybe I was out of practice. He kept insisting on playing with me. He sucked my tits, licked my little cit sucking each ike his life depended on it.  He went down on my shaved wet pussy and went to town, fingering me at the same time.

When I finally forced his pants off after many attempts of him pulling back. Finally, I understood.  I was in complete denial at first. I pulled his legs apart asking “Where is it?” as he teared up in embarassment. “Is that a wart on your cock, is that why you are acting this way?” he started relinquishing to me he would have to show me. “Oh no sweetie, were you born a female? ” I pointed to my clit as it was around the same size.

I’ll continue this next time and hear about the humiliation I put this pathetic soul through that night. It includes some big black cock to give you a hint.  Stary tuned.

Forced Crossdressing – These are the Doctor’s Orders

forced crossdressingForced Crossdressing sounds so crude and mean.  However, I find it to be endearing, helpful in some senses.  Bringing out the feminine side of some of my patients is a must in their recovery.  I find that getting out the hidden sides of men, helps them through so many of life’s problems.  A big one, is masculinity.

You see, most men think they are weak for embracing anything less than the macho masculine image that society has told them to be. And told the rest of us to success.  However, you open yourself up in so many different ways, but especially if you explore the other side of your manhood, the feminine side.

Part of my sessions, we get down to business.  I make my clients undress into their birthday suits. Next, I will dress them in a dress or pretty girlie outfit.  The outfit will usuallly include my underwear, stockings, bra, and shoes. Sometimes, I will throw in some hair accessories and jewelery.  I can tell from the moment those big masculine men get into my tiny silky pink or purple thong panties, a lightbulb goes off.  I ask them as I stand in front of them, usually in not much on myself, how they feel in my silky smooth clothes. How close to me do they feel in that moment?

Something about women’s clothes, they embody women so well. Things such as over the knee socks or stockings. These are some of my guys favorite to put on.  They usually hesitate and give me a hard time, but I am in charge around here. You will learn, I don’t take no for an answer.  So I force them into these pretty girl clothes. After that, I make them sit in my lap. They will tell me how it makes them feel.  They always end up coming around realizing just how good it feels to wear something their partners wear.  It doesn’t mean they love men all the sudden (nothing wrong with it if we discover that in our sessions).  Usually, we come to the conclusion they love feeling close to their woman partners through wearing things she wears.

We explore this on a deeper level as we keep going.  For now, you sense our sessions a bit better, I hope.  I cater to indiviidual needs and no two patients show the same symptoms.  Give this doctor a try sometime. I look forward to coming up with your new caseplan.