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Every one knows I just love being a dominant sexy mistress. I have such high standards for what enters this glorious, goddess-like pussy. Sorry to tell you, but any man under eight inches is automatically a pathetic sissy cuck to me. I love fucking around and bossing around these small dick faggy little sissy cucks. My favorite way of toying with these pitiful dicklit having, sad excuses for men is to make them into my little cock sucking whore. I love using them as my submissive cum dumpster. If you want to even get near me, you have to prove yourself as a cock obsessed, cum eating bi cuck! I love forcing my little cuckies into being the perfect cock worshipping bi boys. My best cuck loves to slurp huge cocks up and down, working that pink tongue all over that juicy fucking thick cock. I love seeing a fucking nasty little whore choking on that veiny dick. The best part is slamming the back of my sissy cucks head down on that throbbing cock until his pretty mouth fills with cum!

Horny Mistress

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I’ve been feeling so fucking horny and naughty lately! Too bad the married man I’ve been fucking for months now is too busy with his wife and brats tonight! How dare he! I’m a bit of a spoiled mistress so when I need cock, I need it now. I demand to be fucked so hard right that instant. I found out my married boyfriend was out to dinner with his fat wife and his ugly brats. Well, now is the best time to crash dinner! I got to the restaurant looking hot as ever! I grabbed him from his seat and took off my coat exposing my naked body. I sucked his hard cock right there in front of the whole restaurant and his shocked family. I made him bend me over and fuck me right there on the dinner table. I looked right at his wife’s face and said, “you won’t get your dessert until I get mine first!”

Fucking the French Maid

Best phone sex

I may keep your home clean but I will also keep your cock dirty and wet! I certainly do not wear panties under my teeny tiny uniform. Dirty French maid whores like me love to get fucked from behind while I dust the shelves. I’ll even clean you with my tongue from head to toe. Every inch and crevice will be sucked clean, sir. I will offer all my services to you excitedly! This horny French whore would love to have a nasty ménage à trois with you and any of your friends. As your dirty French maid, my body and services will be yours to direct. I will do as you say and grind on you and your friend’s cocks. Put my body to work! Work my tight holes however you want, sir! I want to be plugged up by you and your colleagues. I wish to serve you both, fucking this horny, dirty French maid is guaranteed to fulfill your fantasies!

Strap on Escort

Best phone sex

When you are need of a good anal stretching, Felecia the cock escort is here! All you simply need to do is hit up my phone sex line and let me walk you through stretching out that tight rosebud asshole! I love a horn dog that can get on his hands and knees and worship my feet and rubber cock. It’s even better when I’m getting paid. I need you to clean my feet and toes with your tongue, make sure to get ever inch. Then you are to worship my strap on cock with your mouth and throat. I need this dildo to be extra wet so we can get a good gape on you, babe. You better get this strap on nice and lubed up with that spit. I will grab your hair and force your throat down on it if I have to! Making you choke and gag on this cock is almost as hilarious as forcing it up your asshole and making you beg for it! I love watching your pathetic little cocky twitch as I pump your ass full of my strap on cock!

Mistress and Wife Sharing You

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Your wife knows about us, she’s seen the panties I left behind, the strap on cock and the cum stains all over the house. She came home in the middle of the day and caught us fucking on the living room floor. Instead of screaming and throwing things, she did something so fucking surprising. She stripped off all of her clothes and joined us by the floor. She’s a little angry she says, she wants to have fun and some payback. She grabs the strap on by the floor and makes you slide your tight asshole down on it. I’m so turned on watching your wife fuck you so hard. I suck your meaty cock and deepthroat it while you bounce up and down on your wife’s rubber strap on cock! You love getting fucked so hard while I massage your balls. Your wife is milking that prostate so good, your precum just drips down my chin and onto my perky tits. I love sharing you with your wife!

Snow Bunny Escort

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Hot white escorts like me have quite the ease in choosing which clients we want to fuck hot and nasty! As you all know I love big black cock. I’m such a black cock, negro loving whore. A perfect little snow bunny like me loves hopping on multiple blacks. Anytime a client wants me I always make sure they have a big black anaconda cock to pump me full of cum with! Don’t even bother whipping your cock out for me if you’re not at least 8 inches! I don’t need to get fucked by a white dicklit. I need a real big thick cock that will work my tight white girl cunt! I need a big black cock to throw my back out and pump my ass as rough as possible! I love being a snow bunny, black cock whore! I want to take as many loads of black cum as possible a night! I want all the cum I can get from a thick dark long cock.

Mistress Next Door

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Being a sneaky cheating whore is so much fun! Fucking around behind my neighbor’s wife’s back is such a thrill ride! As soon as her car leaves the driveway for work, I make sure to scurry over in nothing but a see through robe and heels! My neighbor gets so hard the minute he sees my tight naked body right through my robe. As soon as we’re inside, I drop my robe and he starts lapping up my wet warm pussy! He can’t get enough of my taste, his tongue flicks my throbbing clit and he shoves his fingers inside of my tight pussy.

I turned around and pulled his cock out of his boxers and right when I was about to give him a nice tongue bath- suddenly, we hear the door knob jiggle! Oh, shit It’s his wife! She walks in and looks shocked! My neighbor’s cock remained hard in my hand, but her presence wasn’t gonna stop me, “Have a seat, bitch. So I can show you how a real woman sucks dick,” I smirk. She listens to my orders and sits directly in front of us. I lather her husband’s cock with my tongue, running it up and down his thick shaft all the way down to his balls.

I turn around on all fours and spread my legs wide so she can take a look at my pink pussy and starburst asshole. I tell her to watch as her husband shoves his cock straight into my pussy and he fucks me so hard, his balls slap against my pulsing wet clit. I can tell she’s getting turned on as I grind on her husband’s cock. She starts fingering herself while he fucks me hard. I tell her to crawl over to us and lick my dripping wet pussy and his balls while he pumps his thick cum inside of me. Then I make the bitch slurp her husband’s cum out of my mistress cunt! <3

Horny Cock Escort

Best Phone Sex

Being a cock escort is so great. A materialistic slut like me loves spoiling myself with clothing, jewels and luxuries. That is makes being a cock escort the best! I get my money and presents and fucked hard. Money and cock is all I care about. I met up with a great client yesterday who wanted to do extra kinky roleplay. We got to his hotel and I fingered my wet cunt for him while he tickled my feet with his hard cock. A horny escort like me loves riding cowgirl on a hot rich man’s cock. I rode him so hard until he wanted to fuck my used escort rosebud asshole. He had me bent over the fancy hotel chaise lounge with my tight ass in the air, perfect for him to fuck. He shoved his cock inside me and pumped me full of cum like the dirty horny whore I am. I squirted all over his legs and the hotel room floor. After getting fucked so hard, I was gifted a blingy diamond necklace.

Cuckold Training

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I love taking newbies under my wing and teaching them how to be good cucks for big huge cocks. Their pathetic cocks will never be anywhere near my pussy, but they could at least stand to learn how to please my bull and I! I got a call from a pathetic cuck named Ben. He has such a small cock! It’s laughable! The only thing his small Vienna sausage is good for is a laugh. He’d be the perfect sissy for my bull and I to play with! I showed him to get my bull’s cock nice and wet for my trembling pussy with his tongue. I grabbed the sides of his head and made Ben deep throat that big bull cock getting it all lubed with his saliva! I then crawled over Ben’s face making him lick and suck on my clit and my bull’s balls while he thrusted in and out of me! His cucky tongue is only allowed to lick our fuck and have his throat fucked by my bull whenever he felt like it. I told him to open his pathetic mouth wide and catch all of that yummy warm cum in his mouth!

Black Cock Whore

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A hot whore like me deserves the best of the best. And the best and biggest cocks I want are big black cocks. Only big fat black cocks can fill me up and get my whore pussy wet and juicy. I love inviting big black guys over while you’re out at work. Make sure to check your email because I will be sending you a video of me fucking your big black boss’ cock. I bet you love seeing my cunt getting pumped full of his creamy cum and not you. You cannot satisfy me like a big black cock is able to. If you truly want to satisfy my holes, you need to send over a couple of black guys my way!


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