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Sexy breastsMy Sexy breasts looked so good in my cocktail sundress even my boss couldn’t resist! Even the ring on his finger and the family photo that stood on his desk didn’t stop him from finding his way into my panties. I intentionally triggered him, after noticing how huge his bulge was there was no way I could resist. I could tell he had a big cock and I wanted a taste! I had him feeding his big cock into the back of my throat after just one interaction with him. It was as if he could feel my sexual energy… We met in his office for a meeting that led to me bent over and his cock balls deep inside of my Shaved wet pussy.

My pussy drenched his cock, it was so big and the curve made his dick fiddle with my inner g spot so perfectly.

I orgasmed multiple times on his big dick, I couldn’t help but want more and more. He even had to answer his phone to his wife while jerking his cock and out of my pussy. I know there was no way she didn’t hear my muffled sexy moaning noises mixed with the sloshing noises my Sloppy wet pussy was making… But, somehow he managed to pull it off.

I let him release the load inside of my pussy and use me as if I were some Cum dumpster slut. After he got through cumming inside of me I dropped to my knees and wrapped my Large boobs around his cock while cleaning his juicy bulging shaft of all of my pussy resin.

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Erotic roleplayingMy favorite Erotic roleplaying is when I got 2 superior men who love to plow out my sweet ass together. A sweet double penetration session with some big fat cocks is the best way to spend my weekend. There is nothing better than feeling a couple of fat cocks stretch my filthy shitter open and dump a load in me. I love feeling those loads drip out of my ass hole after I have been stuffed full of seed. I sometimes use it as lube to fuck my cunt after with my toy; I love feeling that cream all over my swollen clit.

Ass sex porn is the most viewed type of footage out there. It’s a known fact that men just love fucking dirty little shit holes. It’s like the forbidden fruit because a lot of girls don’t really like anal so when a guy finds one who does it’s like a keepsake. There is no better feeling I have over the sensation of having my shit hole torn open. If that cock is fatter it makes it even better because it hurts while they slide it in. So these 2 right here are some of my favorite cocks to have stuffed up my dirty ass. 

These two enjoy my sweet Hairy wet pussy too. They love to watch my pubic hair glisten while my slit gets so fucking creamy from getting dicked down in the butt hole. I cum harder than ever while they rub my clit and finger bang my cunt hole open as they DP my dirt box for hours. I can squirt like a fountain while my shit-box is being violated. I bet your cock is throbbing thinking about me being your filthy anal slave!

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Titty fucking pornI love wrapping my Big tits around a hard cock and making homemade Titty fucking porn! Men can’t get enough of my perfect rounded tits and beach babe bod and I can’t get enough of showing it off. When a girl looks this good why wouldn’t they flaunt it… In every job I’ve never had, I didn’t have to do too much of the actual job itself… I always made sure to target workplaces that were primarily run by men.

Could you imagine having to deal with some prude out-of-shape housewife… Ya me neither. This is exactly why I made sure to avoid those issues by any means. The last place I worked for the owner’s wife had it out for me the moment she found out I was his assistant. I mean originally I wasn’t even going to fuck him I was just going to make sure I always had a low-cut blouse that showed off my Sexy breasts…

I like to leave room for the imagination. After a run-in with her and having to tolerate her disrespect I knew the sweetest revenge would be sending her husband home with his cock smeared with my cunt juices. Which is exactly what I did, he barebacked me for hours, days on end. Sexy women masturbating

To the point she was showing up at the office trying to figure out why her hubby was suddenly working late. She wound up walking into me riding his big dick reverse cowgirl, caressing my gigantic tits with their family photo knocked onto the floor. I knew she would be coming which is exactly why I set it up the way I did.

The following day I blind copied her into an email of me submitting my two weeks with a nice attachment. It was of the office orgy we had, me and a bunch of other Sexy women masturbating while waiting our turn for a joy ride on his dixie stick. Looks like I am not the only Nasty freak at the office she needs to watch out for!

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Shaved wet pussy Get on your knees and drag your tongue through the lips of my silky smooth Shaved wet pussy. Right before you kneel before me I will have you seated watching as I lift the hood of my clitoris and gently caress my cunt. Making sure I have that mouth of yours watering desperate for a taste of heaven on earth. Mm, look at my smear all of my cunt juices all over my Big tits, your cock is throbbing you want me so bad, I know. Well, you will have to earn yourself a spot inside of a girl like me.

A sophisticated hottie like myself has it all made out! I am the kind of girl that men fear. A sweet but dominant woman, that’ll turn you into a bitch that I can use at my leisure. My long Sexy legs are covered in nylon and my five-inch pumps drive you insane. There is a man at the office that can resist me… You aren’t any different. Men like you crave a hot whore like me, a Nasty freak that nobody would ever assume would even do such a thing! I am what that cock of yours has been desperately waiting for.

Finally no more porn! A real sexy bitch stands before you. Lay back as I sensually seduce you, feel your body heat up and your cock pulse as I do a very naughty dance for you. Unzip your pants and lay your throbbing cock on your lap… I am going to slurp every inch of your big dick into the back of my throat, feel my Sexy breasts rub your balls as I bobbed up and down your cock preparing you for the ride of your life.

Small dick humiliation is what you deserve you dirty slut!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation is what you deserve you dirty slut! You pathetic little excuse for a man I can see right through your facade of masculinity. I know the truth, that you have a small, inadequate excuse of a dick. And that just makes me want to toy with you even more.

You see, I get a kick out of reducing you to nothing but a quivering mess at my feet. Knowing that you are so desperate for my attention, but will never be able to please me with your pathetic excuse for a manhood. It’s hilarious to me how you try to act all confident and macho, but I can see the fear in your eyes when I hold up my hand to reveal my middle finger. Oh, how I just love to crush your ego and remind you of your rightful place, beneath me.

You crave my touch, my attention, my approval. But you know that you will never get it. No, instead, you will get tease and denial. And trust me when I say, I am an expert at it. I will have you begging and pleading for release, but I will just laugh and deny you. I will make you my little plaything, and you will revel in the torment I put you through. Because deep down, you know that you deserve nothing but humiliation and degradation.

But don’t worry, my small dicked loser, I will make sure to keep you coming back for more. You will crave my cruel words and teasing touches. You will yearn for a glimpse of my body, but you will never get to touch it. You will just have to sit there and watch as I pleasure myself, knowing that you will never get to experience such pleasure.

So, if you think you can handle the ultimate tease and denial experience, then pick up the phone and call me for Tease and denial phone sex. Let me show you just how inadequate you really are. And don’t even think about trying to please me with that pathetic little thing between your legs. Because no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to satisfy me. And that is exactly what you deserve, you dirty slut. So come on, give me a call and let the humiliation and denial begin.


Gangbang For The Town Whore!

A few guys in town knew each-other and gloated about having a night out with me. They had no idea that they all have fucked me at one time or another. They talked about how good my hairy little pussy was and my tight wet throat. The next thing they knew they were all talking about the same girl they each have fucked. Which is obviously me; so they all decided to message me and set something up so they can all use me at the same time.

I was obviously super excited and totally down for it so I said yes. We decided to meet at the one guys house. His name is Jordan; he set a time and told the other guys when to come over. I got all dressed up and ready to fuck. I made sure my cunt looked all pretty and my ass hole was ready to be fucked. I could not wait to be pumped full of cock and cum all night.

When I got there; they were all drinking and chatting. The second I walked in they came over and each kissed me and grabbed my ass and tits. They were clearly tipsy and ready to fuck; they pushed me on the couch and tore off my clothes. The next thing I knew I felt cock in all my holes at once. They swapped back and forth and each came at least 3 times. It was such a fun night

When you have a neighborhood fuck doll who spreads her legs for anyone you will always have your balls drained! Sexy babe

Sexy breasts are not the only good thing Lena’s got!

Sexy breasts

Sexy breasts are not the only good thing Lena’s got! You know, I’ve been thinking about that hard cock of yours all day. Imagining all the dirty, hot things we could do with it. And let me tell you, there’s not a single thing I wouldn’t want to try with you.

I want you to grab them, suck on them, bite on them. Make them yours. Make me moan and writhe under your touch. Make me beg for more.

But don’t stop there. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast, until I’m screaming your name and scratching your back. My tight, shaved wet pussy is waiting for you, begging to be filled with your rock hard cock. I want you to pound me, make me feel every inch of you, make me forget my own name.

And when you’re ready to explode, don’t pull out. No, I want you to unleash all of that hot, sticky cum deep inside me. I want to feel you pulsing and throbbing as you release yourself inside of me. And I want you to do it over and over again, until I’ve been filled up to the brim with your essence.

But let’s not limit ourselves to just the bedroom, my love. Let’s take this show on the road. I want to feel your hands on my body while we’re out in public. I want you to tease and touch me until I can’t take it anymore. I want to be your exhibitionist, your wild and willing partner in crime.

So why don’t you give me a call, my sweet slut Lena is ready for you. I want to unleash all of my desires and fantasies with you. And you know what? I don’t want you to hold back either. Tell me your deepest, naughtiest desires and let’s make them a reality together.


Exhibitionist sex is best with a partner.

Exhibitionist sex       Exhibitionist sex is best with a partner. Now I am not saying that exposing yourself in public isn’t exciting. It truly is. I for one have always gotten a rush when being naked in a public place. As long as you make sure that you don’t freeze any body parts off, I say go nuts. Err…wild. From time to time I will intentionally go to get my mail with my robe flowing, no sash, no nighty. Just the robe. Open for the neighbors to see my amazing body.

       Bend down to pick up the newspaper. Being careful not to topple over with my exceedingly large boobs. All things considered I have never considered it risqué to be naked in my own backyard. Generally speaking that is simply enjoying your own property. The neighbors don’t have to look even if I do want them too.

       In any event this why I like restaurants, galas, parks, among many other places. When there is a partner it is like I have fireworks going off in vagina. Getting all tingly and practically jumping right on the guy.

       To sum up when I fuck in public I scream and squirt. When I fuck in missionary in a house in a bed. I am as quiet as a mouse. Which one would you prefer? Join me for some really naughty fucking making a raucous or tame and quiet?

Corrupting A Barely Legal Boy To Fuck My Mature Holes!

GFE phone sexAndy loves my hairy wet fuck hole sliding up and down his hard shaft whenever he can get alone time. His parents leave for work at night and usually he has the house to himself and invites me over. We ran into one another in the lobby at the doctors office we both go to. He is young and tatted up and very sexy. He stared at me the entire time and I wanted his cock the second he did. 

I got his phone number and his sexy barely 18 year old ass has been calling me over ever since. His hard dick pumping inside my mature pussy is the best. I am closer to his parents age than him and that makes me even wetter. Taking that young dick in my holes and making sure his parents don’t find out makes me so fucking wet. 

I beg him to pump me full of his baby batter and he gets so turned on he can’t even control himself from listening. It’s like I am corrupting him and using him like my little fuck puppet. I love being in control of a sweet boy who has no idea what he has gotten himself into with an older whore like me. Let me tell you though; younger cock is way better than old man cock. 

The stamina and effort these young and horny boys have for an older woman who loves cock is so sexy. It’s like a whole new world and experience for them when they get to have an older babe showing them the ropes. I am going to try and convince him to get his friends over so we can all fuck together. Getting a fun hot gangbang from a ton of young cock would have me creaming all over!

Sexy breasts covered in creamy cum by 11-inch Big black cock

Sexy breasts I sucked his balls empty after jerking his dick between my Sexy breasts!

His Big black cock made me cum more than I had ever came before on any white cock ever. He pounded in and out of my powerful white pussy and then had me clean his cock of all my creamy cunt juices. I tried not to be to loud since we were three cubicles over from the managers office. I was underneath his desk on all fours while he worked on his knees as he reeled his big black dick in and out of me. After giving me multiple orgasms he still hadn’t even came yet…

I sat on my knees and propped my perky tits up on his cock drenching them in flavored lube.

My Shaved wet pussy was throbbing, I could feel it racing like a heart beat on my ankles as I slid my tits up and down his hard, long black cock. My mouth was watering from the site of his bulging shaft poking up at my face. I placed my hands on the floor and leaned forward and jerked his heavy big dick with my throat using no hands. He grabbed onto my ponytail and slammed in and out of my face until he was ready to blow. Then he slid his dick out of my mouth and shot the biggest cum shot all over my slutty face.

My face and Large boobs were covered in semen.