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Ass fetish cuck

Ass fetishMy booty is so perfect and your ass fetish turns me on so fucking much! I look so damn delicious when I get all dolled up in my sexiest lingerie. Keep stroking your tiny dick with your fat fingers while I put on a strip tease for you and make you go fucking crazy! Your hands are bigger than your shaft…haha must be so embarrassing! I love when men get casted under my spell and fall deeply into my lustrous web of sexual deviancies. My angelic ass never fails to make you hard and have you weaker than you ever thought possible! It’s such a privilege to know and to love me. Sooo many straight men want to suck cock and get fucked in the ass and I love to take advantage of them so that I can milk them for all they are worth. I know how much of a booty & massive dick loving slut you really truly are deep down & you love being my eager cuck! You can look but you can’t touch… only big dicks are allowed in this tight little hole!

I’m your little slut

Sexy babeBend me over the kitchen bench and french kiss my beautiful million dollar pussy from the back while I pour your morning coffee for you. Get a big handful of my luscious hair and wrap it around your fist to use it as leverage to pull me closer onto your throbbing cock. I love leaving my skanky high heels on to fuck, it turns me on so much to look over at myself in the mirror while I get dicked down by the billionaire boners that I love to bounce on! Nothing tastes better than a fresh round of sex to start off the day. Even better is getting in a dirty fuck session at night before we go out for an evening on the town together! You can’t wait to show me off and let everyone know who’s property I am! I call you Daddy and you’re okay with that. Good dick makes a sexy babe like me go crazy! I’m your little slut and you need to spoil me with that cock! 😉

Husbands love me

Sexy babeI’m a magnet for married me, husbands seriously love me. I find it super erotic to be such a naughty sexy babe that these taken perverts have no choice but to fantasize about my perfect body. From head to toe, I am everyone’s fetish, both males and females! God bless you all, lol. I love how fucking hott I am and it’s nothing new! All my life i’ve been quite the eye candy and i’m totally used to men throwing themselves at me and begging for my attention. They’ll literally do anything to win a chance with me or even to have a minute of my affection. Well as I always say, if the price I right sweetie! This pussy doesn’t cum cheap and I definitely don’t just let anyone around me, you have to earn that shit and prove to me why you think you’re the one to have those special moments with a goddess of my caliber. I have absolutely zero time and energy for a broke ass loser that thinks i’ll be their side piece for free or for a low cost. You better pay up if you want me to shut up when it comes to keeping our fun nice & discreet. I have no problem telling your ugly ass wife everything about our time together. She would probably be so upset seeing how much of an upgrade you made from her once she gets a glimpse of me, I can only imagine! Haha I love how I keep these idiots wrapped around my finger like the financially dominated little bitches that they are. I’ll have you gagging on my pussy juice while I drain your wallet. Your sole purpose is to serve me and to keep me happy!

Sugar Daddy i’m coming for you

Erotic roleplayingHell on heels, say what you will, baby i’m coming for you. I made the devil a deal a long time ago. He made me pretty, He made me smart and all I do is break millions of hearts day after day. This diamond ring on my hand is the only good thing that came from that married man, we definitely were not up to any good! I have all of his credit cards maxed the fuck out just how they should be. Erotic roleplaying with his sugar baby Lena drains his fuckin bank account! Bless his heart, lol. Give me an inch and i’ll take a mile, I truly do not give a fuck! I wonder if your wife knows about us? Like I care!! She probably doesn’t have any clue about your sugaring antics  but if she does she is too much of a weak bitch to even speak up and try to snatch her man back from me. Sorry not sorry but you’re all mine now! I own you and your wallet. She knows what’s up. There is no competition when you match up against the ultimate sexy sugar princess that is me. Consider yourself lucky if I even look your way let alone give you the time of day to please me and spoil me like how I deserve to be spoiled. Pay up and shut up you horny bastard. This can be our little secret until wifey finds out about this perfect little princess sugar pussy that you just can’t stay away from!

White cuck loser

Cuckold phone sexBroke white boys need to be taught a lesson in how to have proper cuckold phone sex. They kick back in their tiny shithole of an apartment and fantasize about living in Big Daddy King’s mansion with me. Too bad, only thick black thirteen inch anacaonda cocks are allowed in our palatial palace! BDK and I had such a deviously naughty idea, we would lure over a white boy who will not leave me the fuck alone and trick him into thinking he is actually going to have a shot at fucking me! Of course he jets on over and is already half naked when I let him through the door. I tease him and tell him to strip the rest of his clothes off as I seductively take mine off as well right in front of him. He’s beyond enamored with my gorgeous body and is drooling as he scopes out every single inch of my beautiful curves. My gorgeous tits, juicy ass and tight little pussy are truly that of a Goddess. He now knows why the Living Legend Big Daddy King is so in love with me both inside and out! I have to admit, after all his talking about his cock size, I sure did expect a massive white python to jump out of his pants but instead it was a tiny little hot dog. I would say maybe five to six inches and that is being kind! I was laughing at how even more pathetic this white cuck is the fact that he lied about his dick size! He only wishes that he could be as large & in charge as BDK! That tiny white sausage doesn’t have shit on Big Daddy’s thirteen inch anaconda! He can keep on wishing & dreaming but he will never ever measure up to the Super Bowl champion. We don’t have time for weak punk ass losers so we throw them in the corner if they’re lucky enough and blast them on social media & livestream their tiny cock masturbation. The whole entire world is going to know what a loser this white cuck is and will easily be able to see who I belong to and who’s property I am! I have BDK written on my tongue ring, belly ring, clit ring and a sexy tamp stamp to add icing to the cake. It’s impossible to not know who the fuck owns this sexy sugar pussy when I have his regal name written all over me! I may look like a lady but I love getting fucked like a whore by my Living Legend Big Daddy King’s massive anaconda cock while the white cuck losers gaze on in absolute erotic amusement,

Pretty girl privilege

Hot sexy womanMost men are unable to handle a hot sexy woman of my caliber so it really turns me on when I come across one who can. A strong, independent and beautiful female like myself makes these pathetic losers run for the hills. It’s funny how intimidated and insecure a male becomes when he meets a gorgeous goddess who has the ability to walk all over him! Vanilla men just do not understand my lifestyle whatsoever and I am totally okay with that. If anything, it weeds out who the fuck I want in my presence and who does not belong there whatsoever! I am way too gorgeous and way too rich to give a flying fuck about any sort of broke peasant business. It’s a known fact that hott girls have access to a whole different type of life on a grand scale, that of which ugly poor bitches know nothing about! Pretty girl privilege is real and I am always the center of attention. 😉

You can look but you can’t touch

Erotic roleplayingI love fucking you up each and every day, it’s truly what I do best. Erotic roleplaying with super vanilla is my favorite because they’re the easiest to use and manipulate to do whatever the fuck I desire. Literally they love to do whatever the fuck I tell them to do without any hesitation whatsoever. Plus, it’s now officially bikini season and you know what that means!! You wallet is due to be drained to expense my whole entire new summer wardrobe. Take me shopping you little bitch and spoil me like how I deserve to be spoiled. Don’t spare a dime when it comes to giving me what the fuck I want. I’ll kick you ass to the curb real fuckin quick if you don’t! Sit back and enjoy the show as you watch me try on all my sexy outfits, you can look but you can’t touch you little bitch! Feel free to go broke for me though, i’ll definitely let you do that any time that you want! Queens never pay for anything, that’s your job bitch boy!

Big Daddy King’s Sexiest Sugar Baby

Sexy babeBig Daddy King called me up and and asked me to accompany him as his sexy babe to a huge business seminar that he was the key note speaker at in Los Angeles, CA. Of course my Living Legend is the one and only speaker at such an impressive event. Everyone wants to know what BDK has to say and are dying to hear his words of wisdom and advice. The fact that he wanted me to sit front and center while he spoke at the podium to the mass audience made me cream my panties a little bit. He has turned me into such a celebrity and I feel so fucking lucky! Of course when Big Daddy King was deciding which one of his perfect sugar babies he wanted to bring along for the trip, he ended up choosing me! I mean can you blame him?! I am fucking perfect and he knows it! Birds of a feather flock together! He is a walking, breathing, living God and of course he wants a beautiful angel on his arm to show off to the world. A sexy little vixen like me deserves to be shown off and flown all over so that everyone in BDK’s life both personal and business are able to meet me and see how well Big Daddy has done for himself. It gives him so much joy to spoil me and dress me up in all the designer duds that I love to wear! And just as much as he enjoys treating me like a princess and spoiling me endlessly, I love doing the same for him. It was such an incredible experience to be seductively sitting right in front of BDK as he unleashed his multi-million dollar ideas onto a sea of peasants in the audience. Although he was talking business, I knew what was really on his mind in the back of his head…Me! I wanted to give my Big Daddy King a subtle reminder of what he was going to get once he was done dropping some wisdom on the entire population of the seminar. It’s enlightenment that they have been dying to hear and I could not be more proud of my successful and sexy Living Legend! I spread my legs open while siting in my seat and lifted up my Gucci dress to expose my sexy custom made g-string that I was wearing which had BDK encrusted on it with beautiful sparkling diamonds. I could see Big Daddy flinch a little bit but he never lost his focus. That’s what I love about him, he is such a business man and a boss ass motherfucker! His presence is a present and everyone knows it! He is literally such a blessing to all these jealous losers that daydream about being him as they listen with intent while he speaks. So many try to compete but you cannot compete where you do not compare! He has set the standard and raised the bar to an extremely high level which no one will ever be able to reach! Everyone bows down to him and respects him like the Living Legend King that he is! Once the conference was over, Daddy and I hit the town and went to a delicious five star dinner and had some fun at the club so that we could show each other off and indulge in public displays of affection so everyone else could be jealous as fuck per usual! We were horny and tipsy so we headed back to the condo where BDK had a big surprise for me! Not only did he have a duffle bag full of two million dollars of cold hard cash for me to fly home with but he also had his massive anaconda cock hard and ready to fuck his sexy sugar princess! Big Daddy King is always ready to go no matter where we are! I used my diamond tongue ring to slurp and lick all over my anaconda cock that I am so fucking obsessed with! Daddy grabbed on to my long pretty hair and plunged my wet mouth deeper onto his big black cock until my nose was smashed into his torso and his ball sack was slapping against my chin. BDK exploded a huge load of anaconda cum for me and Monica Lewinsky’d all over my silky black dress. I am never going to wash it now, I want to keep his Living Legend cum as a trophy for life! That long anaconda cock does crazy things to me, I am so in love with my Big Daddy King! #AnacondaCock #RichDickOnly #BigDaddyKing #SexySugarPrincess #NoBrokeLosers #HatersGonnaHate #TooSexyForYou #DesignerEverything #MultiMillionDollarPussy

Big White Cock For My Juicy Ass

Ass fetishThirteen inches of rock hard white dick deep inside of my juicy booty is what your ass fetish dreams are made of! When I measure it, my ruler isn’t long enough to fit the whole entire shaft length. You really are something else. That throbbing cock is so damn girthy, it stretches me out the widest that I have ever been stretched! Way bigger than any other white dick that I have ever had the pleasure of fucking before. Don’t I look so pretty when i’m on my knees with my tongue sticking out just waiting for you to plunge that thick monster deep down my throat. Take out your camera and film the whole thing while I gag on that thirteen inch boner of yours. Make my ass your bitch, this is all yours in all of it’s beautiful glory! I sure do have a sweet tooth and I want that vanilla candy bar in your pants smothered in my creamy fluids. Let me lick it off after you anal fuck me roughly. I’m so fuckin sexy when I bounce my booty up and down on you like a basketball. Give me a spank and leave your hand print on my cheeks so everyone knows who’s property I am!

Date night wallet drain

Sexy babeChoosing which lingerie to wear underneath my tight sexy dress for our date tonight is by far the hardest decision of my day! And let’s make this clear, I am only going on said date with you because you paid a pretty penny for me to be your sexy babe for the evening. I felt comfortable enough with your financial  situation to meet up with you and have some fun once again. I know how much you have missed me since the last time you took me out and showed me off. I love kicking my sexy feet up while you do everything for me and treat me like the princess that I am. I want another massage as well, I still can’t stop thinking about how amazing it was last time! All I wanna do is eat five star meals and get my pussy eaten for as long as I fucking want, whenever I want! I love having natural sex appeal and cock control over you! There’s no drug like me baby and you know it! I need to feel that dick throbbing all up inside of me after you get me soaking wet with that slutty mouth of yours. Throw my ass back on it and make my cheeks clap as I cum hard. No need for dessert, this pussy is plenty enough to compensate!

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