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Naughty teacherMy naughty teacher, Mr. James, was always finding ways to get me alone in private. One day after class, he told me that he had a special lesson planned for me and insisted that I stay behind after everyone else had left. When the room was empty, he locked the door and came over to where I was sitting at my desk. He started by running his fingers through my hair gently before slowly unbuttoning my blouse and caressing my bare chest. His touch sent shivers down my spine as his hands wandered lower towards my stomach and then further still until they were resting on top of the lace trimmed panties covering my crotch area.

“Take off your uniform,” he whispered into my ear seductively while pressing his hard-on against it through his own pants suggestively enough for both of us to know what kind of “lesson” this really was about!

Reluctantly but also secretly excited by this forbidden act between us two students (and him being an authority figure), I began undoing each button on top half of myself – revealing more skin with every one that came loose until finally standing there completely exposed from waist up except for those pesky bra straps holding onto them tightly across shoulders like some sort barrier keeping our true intentions hidden from prying eyes outside classroom walls…

As soon as all buttons were undone including zipper fly opening up front side seam revealing bulge growing larger beneath fabric indicating arousal level rising steadily within him too; Mr James reached out grabbed hold both sides pulling them apart force gently but firmly so that my panties were pushed down around ankles leaving me completely naked from waist up. He then took off his own clothes revealing his huge cock which was already rock hard and throbbing with desire for me!

Without any further hesitation or warning, he grabbed hold of my head forcefully pushing it down onto his dick making contact between our mouths as he began thrusting in and out while groaning loudly in pleasure at feeling so much power over another person especially one who looked up to him so much like myself did back then

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Phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy with a Tranny for a wild threesome you will never forget! All In? Oh cum on, what could be better than a hot woman helping you to discover a nice bulge in her friends panties? She’s so sexy and passable. But let’s be real you knew what she was when you came over for drinks and some heavy petting. Now you act surprised that her cock is hard after long sensual french kisses? Please! It’s ridiculous to pretend that you didn’t expect this, right? So let’s just get to it. The night was supposed to be a kinky adventure, and we’re all grown adults, so let’s stop acting surprised like a bunch of high schoolers. You were checking me out, my friend, and I was checking you out too. It’s not like we didn’t know what was under that skirt, honey. We both knew it was there.

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And you know what? She and I liked it, we know you’re curious to taste her dick! So, let’s not bullshit anymore. As for the tranny, her cock was growing harder by the second. I could see the excitement in her eyes, and I knew that she was just as into this as we were. I couldn’t wait to explore her body and feel her cock in my hand, asking you to taste her pre-cum first. Just the tip darling!  I took her hand and guided it to her cock. She gasped in pleasure as you carefully licked around her shaft. I could feel her cock grow as you worked the way up to the tip of her cock and all at once gobbled it all down your whore throat! See, all you needed was a She male Phone sex mommy accomplice to help you learn how to suck a woman’s cock!

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I am the hot teacher all the dads want.  I have done so many crazy things in that classroom that if the walls could talk they would tell stories for hours and hours. Teachers do not make a lot of money and I like the finer things in life, so what is a girl to do? I sell my sweet pussy to the dads. I do all the things their wives won’t. I have no limits so I will do anything from amazing blowjobs to more extreme shit. I have even helped dads molest their crotch goblins. That is my main income. I charge a fee and conduct a session where Dad can live out all his fantasies of fucking, licking, and playing with bald little pussies or little dicks. I hold them down and make sure the rugrats say anything to anyone.  It is hot seeing their dads play with their little bodies. Most times I just sit in the corner watch and play with my pussy but there are times the dads want me to get involved. So fucking hot!

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voyeur beach sexNasty voyeur beach sex makes your girlfriend so fucking horny. I love wearing the skimpiest bikini to the beach. I know every cock out here would rip off the tiny bikini and fuck the shit out of me. You know it too, because I won’t stop teasing your cock. Whenever we’re near people I grab and tease your cock through your trunks, or whisper in your ear how much my pussy misses you. You didn’t think I was serious about fucking on the beach until I asked you to put some sunscreen on my back. While you rubbed my shoulders, I pulled my bikini to the side and started rubbing my clit.

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You warned me that people might see. But I just moaned that exhibitionist sex is even hotter. Your cock gets hard watching me play with my pretty cunt. I can feel it rubbing against my back. You’re trying to hold back, but I turn around and grab that hard cock. Your dick jumps when I wrap my hand around it and I giggle. Then pull you into a kiss. I’m pumping your cock against my bare stomach and begging you to fuck me right here on the beach. You know better, but your dick is making all the decisions now. 

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You push my hand away and push me back on to the blanket. Then you spread my legs apart and force your fingers into my cunt while you stroke your own dick hard. I pull the string so that the bikini bottom falls off and then do the same with top. You pull my thighs towards you until your horny cock is rubbing against that shaved wet pussy. Your dick sinks in so deep to that wet cunt. I moan loud enough for anybody near buy to hear us and beg you to fuck me harder. I want you to creampie my cunt while they watch.

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great blowjobsGreat blowjobs require a great cock. And I will say that until I am blue in the face. It’s true. Mature sexy women do not blow small dicks. Nothing goes in my mouth unless it’s at least 8-inches. So, I pick my playmates and my teacher’s pets wisely. And there are clues to tell if a man possesses a big cock. In my experience, the more boisterous a man is, the smaller his dick. Jack asses who brag about a big dick and all the possessions they have usually have the smallest cocks.

I like my guys shy, maybe inexperienced. Not virgins necessarily, but boys who have only banged teenage girls. Those are the guys who need me most. Mature phone sex women can teach them things. Important things too like stamina and making a woman cum. Both important life skills. As a naughty professor, I enrich their minds, and service their great cocks. My type? A young man with a big brain and a bigger cock.

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Sam fits the bill too. A socially awkward boy who is hot for teacher. The first time I blew his 10-inch cock he spewed his seed down my throat in 30 seconds or less. And he felt embarrassed. However, I helped him last. We still fuck, but the first few weeks I needed to edge him and teach him mind control. Our minds are very powerful. So, we can train our cocks with our minds. But it takes patience and dedication.

Sam wants to last with me. He wants to last with his cock in my pussy, mouth and ass. Now, thanks to my tutelage, he can. In fact, he can fuck me for hours with only a few weeks of my expertise. Sam appeared eager to please this naughty teacher, so I took him under my wing. One of the perks of summer school is all the young socially awkward boys I need to train. Perhaps, I can edge you and shape you into a good lay too.

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Hot Lesbian phone sex action is live & waiting for you! I’m a fiery seductress who loves to get down and dirty. I’m a pussy connoisseur, and I take my job very seriously. I’ve spent years perfecting my craft, learning all the ins and outs of what makes a woman tick. I’m here to share my expertise with you.
Lesbian phone sexLet me start by saying that I love to fuck pussy just as much as I love to ride cock. I get so hot the way a woman’s body responds to my touch. It gets my pussy throbbing! I love the way their breath hitches when I slide my fingers inside them. The way their back arches when I hit just the right spot! And, that taste, something very special about sweet pussy juice.

Now, when it comes to making a cunt cum, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. It’s the best when I take it slow. The pussy really loves its when you tease it a little.  I’ll start by running my fingers over their thighs, their stomach, their breasts. I’ll kiss them deeply, making them feel like they are the one and only. I’ll suck on some titties, flicking those perfect pink nipples with my tongue. 

I move lower, licking from nipple to belly button. That’s when it starts to get really hot. I’ll start by licking their clit, slow and gentle at first, building up to faster, harder strokes. I love the way their body responds to my tongue. The way they moan and writhe beneath me makes me feel so powerful. When they’re on the verge of cumming, I’ll slide a finger or two inside them, curling them up to hit their G-spot. 

When I feel the Shaved wet pussy clenching around my fingers, I know they are about to pop, so I slow down. I really like to draw it out as long as I can. The slower I move, the moans turn into pleas. They have to beg to cum, I just don’t give it to them! Once they beg me enough, I climb on top and grind.

Back and forth, I hump the shit out of that cunt, and they can’t handle it. They explode and it makes me explode. The orgasms always soak my sheets. I like to throw these hot sluts around too. I make them bend to my will. I’ll stick out that ass and rail my big strap on in that tight hole. The screams of those whores make me cum.

I know you want to get in on this. I bet you learned a few things from your pussy eating Mistress. You have been very well behaved. You been watching me like a good slave, you know how much I love to perform for an audience.

You have been my biggest fan, jerking your deserparte cock off to me. I will spoil you good boy, I’ll take your cock in between our pussys. A hard hot dog in between two sloppy wet buns. You won’t be able to control your cock. You and that Sexy babe will do everything I fucking say or there will be consequences!


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I love when I get a married daddy who just needs Sissy humiliation. he knows his little white cock could never please me. Therefore, I had a friend over with a big black cock. “You see how big his fuck is? ” I say to him teasing and grabbing the big cock. “Yours isn’t near as close to this black cock” I laugh and say. Then I get close to you and start pushing it down my throat. After a bit I look at him and say “suck his balls”.

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Right away you suck his balls and your man clitty starts to twitch. “You are such a pathetic sissy; his cock made your clitty wake up” I laugh and humiliate. I then take my panties off and right away sit on his cock. After that I grab your head and push it down to his balls. “Lick his balls and ass too, that is what a little dick bitch has to do” I moan as I ride his bbc. My just drip down to your for head as I bounce hard. Then you moan ” I need to rub my clitty”.

“That’s all you can do with such small white cock” I laugh and fuck. “Rub your clit like I do mine” I say spreading my Sexy legs even more. As I fuck his bbc, you lick ass and start to rub your clitty too. The hard I rub my pussy clit the closer I get to squirting. When I finally do, your clitty squirts all over your hard. “You made a bigger mess than I did” I laugh as I grab the bbc out my cunt. “Now suck his load out and drain him too” I demand of you as I walk away. You are here for me to dominate and humiliate you like a sissy bitch. 

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This mature phone sex milf needs her hot, tight cunnie filled with the cream of a sexy, young stud! I want you drilling my cunt so hard that I can’t catch my breath long enough to beg you for your cum shot. My pretty whore pussy is throbbing and aching to be stuffed with your fat dick right now! It’s all I’ve been able to think about since I woke up this morning and I ran into my stepson fresh out of the shower. He had nothing on except for a towel draped around his waist and I wanted so badly to snatch it away and start sucking and stroking his young cock. I could almost taste the cum on my tongue while I was imagining it. I tried to ignore the wetness in my panties but I couldn’t take it anymore! I went to my room and started rubbing my pussy trying to get my mind off of him but it wasn’t much help. I could only fantasize about going into his room, pushing him back on the bed and riding his dick until I couldn’t possibly squirt anymore. I almost thought that I was imagining things when my door creaked open a few seconds later and he peeked in to talk to me. I was spread wide open on the bed with 3 fingers shoved up in my cunt and rubbing my clit at the same time so I knew that he could tell what I was doing. I didn’t have to say or ask anything, he already knew what I wanted. He walked over to me and got close enough for me to grab his hand and pull him down on top of me. His hard cock jabbed right into my soaked cunnie and he started thrusting hard and fast. I was already on the verge of cumming so I wrapped my legs around him and started begging him to cum with me. I won’t give away all of the details but he left my hot milf cunt aching for more young dick!

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Sexy chicksIt’s obvious that Sexy chicks can get cock whenever they want. Especially nice BBC because usually a nice black man loves fucking tight white pussy. Dean is one of my favorite fucks because his cock is so thick but also pretty long. When he slams his cock in me while my legs are pushed back over my head I can always feel him deep in my guts. As he pumps himself in and out me so fast I can feel my cunt walls stretching over his shaft and my cervix cramping up. It’s almost like pain mixed with pleasure and it’s wonderful. I moan and scream all at the same time while I beg for more!

One of the reasons Dean likes to fuck me so much is because I have the sluttiest mouth and give him Great blowjobs. He loves a natural woman too and I always make sure to be nice and fixed up. I love leaving some hair for him to play with but I also make sure my lips are nice and trimmed up. It makes it so much hotter to look at while he splits my hot little hole open. When he is about to cum he likes to pull out and blow his load all over my hairy mound!

My Sex Therapy Sessions: An Unexpected Journey

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When my therapist suggested an alternative approach to my deepest desires, I was curious and a little nervous. But, boy, did I embrace the ride!

He started off slow, asking me to envision my ultimate fantasies. I described a world of erotic dominance, a place where I was in control and left my mark on willing participants.

Little did I know that my shrink had a few tricks up his sleeve. He suggested a live demonstration, an indulgent role-play to help me unlock my hidden potential.

The session took an unexpected turn when he produced a crop and told me to demonstrate my skills. The power rushed through me as I saw his eyes gleam with anticipation.

I ran my fingers down his pants, savoring the effect I had on him. With a naughty glint in my eye, I knees and went straight for his jugular—I mean, his crotch.

The moment my lips touched his thighs, I could feel his excitement surge. I looked up at him through my lashes, and he grasped my head, guiding my mouth to his aching member.

I took him deep, showing him the art of my throat’s caress. The muscles in his face strained as he fought to maintain control. But I wanted him to lose it, to submit to my will.

As I worked my magic, the room filled with his moist groans, a symphony of sensual delight. And when I felt him explode, the satisfaction was akin to conquering the highest peak.

Our sessions became legendary—a journey of discovery, power exchange, and intense orgasms. He unlocked my true nature and helped me claim my title as the dominant vixen I was meant to be.

Those sex therapy sessions were more than just kinky experiments; they were a revelation, a gateway to embracing my inner sensualist.