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I need Big Dick

Small dick humiliationI can’t help that small dick humiliation turns me on.

I need Big Dick!

Is that too much to ask for?

So if you have a clit dick, an itty bitty weenie, I am going to humiliate you.

Plain and simple. I have no time for little dicks , unless of course you want to spoil me and let me fuck the biggest thickest dicks right in front of you. Maybe you should put on some panties you pathetic no cocked loser. Be my flaming fag bag finding this hot teen big humongous cock. Suck and stroke those big dicked men that you are so fucking jealous of, loser.

That stump is not going near my Pussy or ass. I think you should take a nice juicy THICK cock in your man Pussy so you know how my Pussy feels bitch. And if your lucky and buy me nice things I will let you be my cum dump. Lick it out like a good boy


Wear Those Panties For Me And Jack Off

Forced Crossdressing

Even though I am that teen slut that drives you wild, I love making you put on those panties and jacking off. I love how I made you go to the store and pick those satin panties out and I can imagine the look of shame on your face. I know you say you aren’t into it, it turns me on to push your limits. To know I have control of how you feel in that moment of being horny. You sit in your  chair with that fat head poking out the top of your panties. Haha you look so pathetic, I know one day I am going to get you to suck a cock for me with those exact panties on. When they get a little moist I am going to gag you with them.

Bend over

Sexy Dominatrix Clarissa


One of my sissy bitches gave me a gift. He gave me a Louie Baton  purse. I told him he was a good boy and I let him lick my cunt and asshole. I even let him get his dick wet for a few minutes until I learned that it was a knock off. I was so angry that I had to punish him for not paying attention because he knows that I only like the best and that is what I deserve. Especially since I take such good care of him. I make sure I take care of this body, keep my pussy pink and wet, make sure my ass hole is lickable and that I even allow him to look upon me. He is now my little bitch maid and I had to use some devices on his cock to let him know I mean business. Never give me a knock off. I deserve only the best if you are going to be my sissy bitch.

Smalls Boobs Make for the Best Phone Sex

small boobs hot gfeSmall boobs rule. Some tool tried to insult me and my girlfriend at the beach today. So we killed him with rhetoric. Gave him a litany of reasons why smaller boobs rock. I’m a smart chick. I know how to stand my ground. Medical researchers have suggested that my mouthful of boobs can give me more pleasure than large breasts. They are highly sensitive, thus very erotic for me. They have more motion and more feeling, which means more fun for me in the bedroom. Take that DD’s! Tiny boobs will make me look younger longer. No saggy ass titties hanging down at my knees for me.

Financially secure men are more attracted to chicks with tiny tatas, according to Psychology Today. That means I am far more likely to snag myself a sugar daddy than a big breasted gal. You know who else likes tiny tits? Healthy men who are in shape. That’s right loser. Those big titted chicks can have the fat fucks with no money. My small breasted girlfriends and I get the handsome guys with big wallets. Researchers also show that the same men who only like big breasted babes, also are sexiest pigs who view women as weak and meek. Nothing weak or meek about this tiny titted gal. I could see the expression on his face; he knew I was right. At this point, we had a small crowd around egging us on. Folks enjoy seeing a misogynistic asshole get a verbal ass whooping.

sexy breastsWe went on about smaller boobs being healthier and sexier. I will never have back or posture issues. I can wear anything I want and look sexy. The summer time I can go braless and backless. I can run on the beach and not hurt myself. You can fit all my yummy boobs in your mouth; more than a mouthful is a waste anyway. Your cum will decorate my tatas better. Small boobies make your cock look enormous.

One guy was so impressed with my take no shit attitude he asked me out. Imagine that. He was wealthy and handsome. He wined and dined me. Nothing misogynistic about him either. I let him fuck me on the first date too. Hung like a horse. He enjoyed my small sexy breasts. Sucked them, squeezed them, fondled them, fucked them and eventually came all over them. A sea of cum blasted my sexy barely B cups. I got to put a breast snob in his place and score a hot hung sugar daddy. Yeah, AAs rule over DDs every time.

best phone sex small tits

Cuckold Phone Sex with Maggie: Are You a Lover or a Cucky?

cuckold phone sex hot gfeCuckold phone sex is a way of life for me. In my world there are two types of guys. The ones you fuck and the ones you don’t. Lovers and cuckolds. I have both in my life. You see I consider myself a hot babe. I’m the whole package: beauty and brains. I have the body to get the cock I want and the brains to never settle for cock I do not deserve. Size matters with me. I have this fellow doctoral student who wants to fuck me. Sure, he is good looking and smart. Qualities I like in a guy. But, he has a 2 inch dick. That isn’t even something worthy of being called a dick. It’s a clit stick. He has been persistent in getting in my panties. Actually, he has been a bit cocky no pun intended. Insists he will be the best fuck I have ever had. Such bravado needs to be taught a lesson in humility. I invited him over; let him think I finally caved.

I poured us some drinks, suggested we move things into my bedroom. I asked him if he had ever experimented with some light restraints? Convinced him it would be much more intense if I tied him to the bed. Foolish boy. Once I had him tied up, I walked over to my bathroom, and let the real man come out to play. A fellow student, but an appropriately hung one. This guy had 9 thick hard inches, making him about 5 times the man of Ms. Clit Stick. I simply explained the difference between a man and a sissy; between a cock and a clitty; between a lover and cuckold. He was the later.

cuckold phone sex creampieI got the real man on the bed with me, right next to my little cucky. I swallowed his shaft, struggling to get every inch of him in my mouth. If you are sucking a real man’s cock, you almost never can get it all in your mouth. It is one of the measures of true manhood. Another measure is when he fucks you, it hurts. His cock is so big that it stretches your pussy and ass out. A little cucky boy a woman NEVER feels. If your woman says, “Are you in yet?” Then you should realize you aren’t lover material. I fucked my lover in front of my cuckold. Let him fuck my ass too. He did all the things to me my cucky wished he was man enough to do to me.

He didn’t seem to be enjoying the show. He was having trouble accepting the reality of the situation. When my holes were filled with premium stud seed, I squatted over the face of my captive cucky. Told him all he was good for was fluffing and cleaning up. Pushed that cum right in his mouth. Sat on his face until he was forced to tongue the jizz out of my asshole. My lover just laughed at him. Even tossed him a pair of my panties to wear home. It was a great night for me. I put a tiny dick loser in his place; got fucked by a well hung boy; and fed that loser my creampie. My cuckold likely didn’t enjoy his evening, but guess what? I don’t give a fuck. Don’t try to fuck me if you don’t measure up. There are only two kinds of men in this world. Lovers and cuckolds. Which kind are you?