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Small dick humiliation was the only thing on my mind

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation was going to be unavoidable.  However, I was so hot that was never even thought in my mind. Hell, Stevie Wonder could see he was nervous, but I knew he was just as hot as I was.  I moved closer to him in the hot tub and began to rub his chest, which lead to a steamy make out session.  I got on him and began grinding against him. Wondering what was wrong because I was not feeling his hard cock press against my pussy, I slid my hands into his swimming trunks and got the surprise of my life.  There was no dick!  Only a Weeble toy of a dick.  All I could do was laugh. What the fuck?  I’ve seen bigger dicks when changing diapers. Change of plans.  Instead of him getting to enjoy all the creamy goodness of this Milf pussy he would officially get the small dick humiliation.

Cuckold Phone Sex to Teach These Little Dicks a Lesson

Cuckold Phone Sex when a small dick wastes my time thinking he ever has a chance of pleasing me, is my way of getting back at the small cock time wasters. My tampon gives me more pleasure than these pathetic micro dick men.  It was a shame too because the body was on point with those sexy hot muscles. Obviously he had something he was overcompensating for and now I know the big secret. Why waste my time thinking I am going to get pounded by this big strong man when only thing he was pounding was the protein shakes.

So as I sat there degrading this dick wart in front of me, making this pussy dick stay sitting on his couch in front of me. Staying naked while I look at his tic tac in disgust and disappointment.  So I’m texting on my phone in the meantime and give my address and a selfie of me naked to 4 of the biggest black cocks I know.

One by one, they entered and pulled their huge long cocks out. “See darling, this is what a real cock looks like” as I made him watch me suck these long extra large chocolate candy bars. They each melted so perfectly in my mouth and filled my mouth with saliva as I watered over them like crazy.

I gave this pathetic micro-dick dude my phone and told him I wanted a video of each cock going into my tight wet shaved pussy.  He seemed enamored with these cocks as much as I was. I demanded he suck the guys who weren’t fucking me off so there was no break in black dick in my whore holes. I wanted to go all day, all night.  He looked rather happy as he gobbled up those long monsters. I made him put his vienna sausage next to the extra large beefy franks so he knew just what kind of cock pleases a woman.  The closest he could get would be to sucking the cocks right before they enter a pussy.

The night ended better than it started. This guy got to watch a sexy babe get pleasured and he got to suck some big black cock. I always love when I can match a big black cock with a small dick mouth. It seems to be a match made in heaven. I expect it won’t be the last black cocks he will taste, only time will tell.

Small dick humiliation. Needle dick.

Small dick humiliation

Small Dick Humiliation will put the pencil penis men in their places. Look at this needle dick loser lucky enough to be getting sucked by this cutie. He can barely get erect even when he is being sucked by such a beautiful girl. What the fuck is his problem!?! At least she doesn’t have to worry about choking or gaging or all the things I love about sucking a huge piece of manmeat.

Do you dare compare your feeble little pecker to the big thick cock of my Russian boyfriend? You better get on your knees. Be the inferior sissy bimbo we know you are. Demonstrate you know your place in this world. I’ll strap-on my massive Russian-sized dildo cock. Then shove that larger than life sized latex dick all the way down your wimp bitch throat during our Femdom phone sex.

I get super fuckin horny and crazy feeling when I think about how much pleasure your pain and discomfort will bring me. You do agree of course that all your good for is being a skidmark on the underpants of life right!?! You get that right my little submissive!?! You know that right!?! Well if there is any doubt, just call me, I will remind you very quickly of your place, your little inch worm clittys place and where and when you will serve me.

Lucky for you, my new Russian boyfriend has a fetish that I can relate to. He loves loves loves to laugh at and humiliate little teeny weeny, shrimp dicked, vienna sausage dicked mother fuckers just like you. So line up to serve you small cocked MFers, get in the que then call Valerie for your turn to get your zitdick out and coat it with spit so you can tug it while we use and abuse your tic tac dicked ass. Cocksucking phone sex is one of my specialties for sure, just ask my cuckold hubby.

Small dick humiliation

Shoe and Foot Fetishes Welcum Here

foot fetishesDo you have foot fetishes? I have pretty feet. I have a huge shoe fetish, so I understand men with a foot fetish. A man with a foot fetish picked me up yesterday, while I was indulging my shoe fetish at Nordstrom’s. I am certain he was there looking at women’s feet while they tried on shoes. If a man is willing to pay for my shoe fetish, I will let him cum all over my feet if he wants. When it comes to fucking my feet, I don’t care if you have a small cock. Well, I don’t care if you have a small cock if you buy me some expensive shoes. Here is the deal. If you buy me an expensive pair of shoes, your little dick doesn’t mater because I can fuck myself with the heal of my new designer shoes. The heel of a shoe can give me more pleasure than a tiny cock. I can’t afford many of the shoes I like, so I watch before I shop. I know a foot creeper when I see one. Bingo. I had not been sitting for more than a minute, when Scott approached me. I cut to the chase for him. I am a sure thing if you buy me the Manolo Blahnik Clizia Floral Mesh Peep Toe Booties that are $2,1000. I have coveted those for months now and Scott put them on his American Express card. We went back to my place for a fashion shoe show. While I was rubbing his average cock between my sexy babe feet, I had the heel of my new shoe up my cunt. Felt amazing to cum on an expensive pair of designer shoes while he was cumming on my feet. Men with a foot fetish are welcome to play with my feet if they indulge my shoe fetish.

I need Big Dick

Small dick humiliationI can’t help that small dick humiliation turns me on.

I need Big Dick!

Is that too much to ask for?

So if you have a clit dick, an itty bitty weenie, I am going to humiliate you.

Plain and simple. I have no time for little dicks , unless of course you want to spoil me and let me fuck the biggest thickest dicks right in front of you. Maybe you should put on some panties you pathetic no cocked loser. Be my flaming fag bag finding this hot teen big humongous cock. Suck and stroke those big dicked men that you are so fucking jealous of, loser.

That stump is not going near my Pussy or ass. I think you should take a nice juicy THICK cock in your man Pussy so you know how my Pussy feels bitch. And if your lucky and buy me nice things I will let you be my cum dump. Lick it out like a good boy


Sexy and slutty

Sexy phone sexSexy phone sex with a naughty, slutty vixen like me makes you beg for more and more, surprise surprise! You’re never able to get enough of me and my delicious curves, especially when I give you the pleasure of being able to face fuck my tasty pussy, hehe. I mean, how could you ever resist such a sensual whore like me?! My sexuality is one of my many super powers and I love holding you captive under my spell. I am such an erotic tease, unlike anything that you have ever had the joy of experiencing before! You have always had such a fetish and a hard on for a hot and powerful queen like me! Mindfucking you is my favorite pastime, it makes my sweet cunt gush with wetness to have you wrapped around my pretty finger! You’re weak for me and I take full advantage of it!

Sex Therapy Porn: I Help Women Get the Cock They Deserve

sex therapy porn Sex therapy porn happens in my living room sometimes. I have this young girl I have taken under my wing. Pretty little thing. Very smart too. Well, she is book smart, but boy dumb. She is a former student of mine, so when I reconnected with her over Christmas, I decided I needed to help her. She is like many hot girls her age, dumb when it comes to the opposite sex. She picks losers as boyfriends. Guys with small cocks that treat her like shit. I have two ex husbands with small cocks. That is why they are ex husbands. Ginny has been getting more than phone sex therapy from me for a few months now. I not only counsel her on the phone, I counsel her in my living room with the aid of some hung studs worthy of her sweet pussy. I will do the same for your wife too. You see I believe in empowering women to make smarts choices about the cocks that they allow in their pussies. Men are at our mercy so we can be selective. We should be selective. I have standards. A firm 7 inch standard rule. If you are not 7 inches or larger, you get cuckolded or humiliated or even flat out ignored. You don’t get fucked; at least not by me. Ginny got to ride an 8 inch cock last night. It was like watching her rebirth. Seeing a woman, especially a young woman, have a G-spot orgasm for the first time makes my heart swell and my pussy burst.  Ginny was in awe about how good her body felt. I told her the bigger the cock, the better you feel too. Her last boyfriend was 3 inches hard. It was a shameful dick so I kicked him to the curb for her. I am not your typical phone sex therapist, so if you call me with a small cock, be prepared for the fact that I will be brutally honest and encourage your own wife to cheat on  you.

Bend over

Sexy Dominatrix Clarissa


One of my sissy bitches gave me a gift. He gave me a Louie Baton  purse. I told him he was a good boy and I let him lick my cunt and asshole. I even let him get his dick wet for a few minutes until I learned that it was a knock off. I was so angry that I had to punish him for not paying attention because he knows that I only like the best and that is what I deserve. Especially since I take such good care of him. I make sure I take care of this body, keep my pussy pink and wet, make sure my ass hole is lickable and that I even allow him to look upon me. He is now my little bitch maid and I had to use some devices on his cock to let him know I mean business. Never give me a knock off. I deserve only the best if you are going to be my sissy bitch.