Small dick humiliation was the only thing on my mind

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation was going to be unavoidable.  However, I was so hot that was never even thought in my mind. Hell, Stevie Wonder could see he was nervous, but I knew he was just as hot as I was.  I moved closer to him in the hot tub and began to rub his chest, which lead to a steamy make out session.  I got on him and began grinding against him. Wondering what was wrong because I was not feeling his hard cock press against my pussy, I slid my hands into his swimming trunks and got the surprise of my life.  There was no dick!  Only a Weeble toy of a dick.  All I could do was laugh. What the fuck?  I’ve seen bigger dicks when changing diapers. Change of plans.  Instead of him getting to enjoy all the creamy goodness of this Milf pussy he would officially get the small dick humiliation.

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