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Tiny 2 Inch Cocks Deserve Small Dick Humiliation

Your Tiny Cock Deserves Small Dick Humiliation

Let’s be honest some cocks are just uselessly tiny. If you don’t even have enough cock to even slide into me, you deserve small dick humiliation. Some girls might take pitty on you and tell you that size doesn’t matter. They will lie to you and say that having a micro-cock is fine and you can make it up in other ways, but come on! Be honest with yourself! Look down at the tiny 2-inch punisher. Do you really think you could ever satisfy a woman? 

No amount of head could ever replace a wall stretching pounding by a thick throbbing cock. But with you, she’d be better of spending $30 on a thick piece of silicon or finding a thick cock on the side to fuck her before she comes home to you. I bet you’d gladly be a quite little cuck to keep a sexy babe. I wonder how many cocks your exes were riding while they were with you. She’d make sounds taking his dick that you have never heard in her life. You would be lucky if she even let you watch with such a worthless teenie weenie. 

small dick humiliation

Beg This Sexy Babe for Phone Humiliation

The best a shrimpy like you deserves is to be laughed at. At least you know the laughing is real! Honestly you should pay every woman who has had to see that shriveled micro dick. Let’s be honest you probably have! Phone humiliation is nothing new to a pussy less loser like you. I bet you can’t even count how many times you’ve jizzed in the palm of your hand while a woman looked at you and laughed. And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Stop jerking that pricklet fem dom porn and come actually beg for one’s forgiveness while I laugh at your missing manhood.

Small dick humiliation for time wasters with pathetic nubs

Small dick humiliation My boyfriend’s best friend enjoyed the Sexy ass pic I sent him.

He sent me a video in return of him shooting his biggest cum shot all over his iPad screen. We have been flirting behind my boyfriend’s back. He has a much bigger cock than him! My boyfriend will never know that I sucked his friend off the other night in the backseat of the Uber while he was passed out drunk right beside us. I didn’t just give him the Best deepthroat blowjob he’s ever had but I also swallowed his load like a filthy slut. He told me he would have never thought I was so freaky just by looking at me. Tonight we are all linking up for another bar night! I am wearing a short skimpy dress and I am not even going to bother wearing panties underneath.

I want to make my Shaved wet pussy as easily accessible as I can for Derek to stick his Big black dick inside of me.

I am hoping it’s another drunken night for my lover cause I really turned myself on knowing he was right there beside us when I gave his bestie a sloppy blowjob. If not we have plans to meet in the bar bathroom… My boyfriend will have no idea the two of us wandered off and had filthy sex. I want him to fuck me raw, and for him to fill my cunt up with semen. Just because my boyfriend has a small cock doesn’t mean I have to suffer for the rest of my life and not get pleasured by a real man ever again. He is lucky I am keeping it in the friend group and not forcing him to accept Small dick humiliation, leaving him left to live in fear of being outed.

There are times his cock is barely visible he is selfish if you ask me… Selfish for thinking he could have me all to himself.

When you are down follow these rules

Domination porn


No matter how much it turns me on to take charge of my lover, it can be equally as hot to be the vulnerable one.  If I didn’t have any experience in being vulnerable, how would I be so good at being in charge.  You have to be able to experience both sides before you can truly excel in either.  It’s simple logic.

Building trust is of the utmost importance, because without trust, you will never push past your limits. Being more dominant, I am used to having a man drop to his knees and suck my pussy until I cum hard all over his face, but the first time I was on the receiving end was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  Obviously the first time you do anything is always exciting because you have no expectations, but a big part of it was how forceful he was with me.

He took me by the hair at the back of my neck and pulled me into the corner. Then he told me to unzip his pants and free his giant cock, because he was going to proceed to fuck my throat for as long and as hard as he wanted. He didn’t start slowly, he just pushed it straight to the back of my throat.  It was extremely overwhelming, but something inside me let it continue and he could feel that I didn’t want to stop, so he kept pushing me.

He must have fucked my mouth for at least an hour straight, because he came 3 times.  Yes, I did come as well with his cock buried all the way down my throat. I think the most exciting part was not knowing when it would end and how I gasped for air not knowing if I would pass out. Gasping for air that way brought me to a heightened arousal I never experienced before.  I was totally in his hands, and I loved every second of it.  Now when I take charge of my lover, I keep that experience in mind to make sure his experience is just as exciting.


Small dick humiliation phone sex with Goddess Eden

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what men who have the nerve to whip out their teenie dicks deserve! A man with a small dick is always one who deceives… Just last weekend I went on a date with a guy I met on Tinder who never thought to mention the size of his cock. It was obvious I was not there looking to be his future wife! I dressed up like a total skank and didn’t even bother wearing panties underneath my mini-skirt.

I couldn’t wait to go to a hotel room after the bar so that he could rip me out of my clothing and slam what I thought would be a “massive cock” in and out of my sloppy wet pussy!

As soon as we entered the hotel room, I dropped down to my knees and pulled his pants down… To my surprise, a 3-inch nub stood in my face. I was devastated! In that instance, all I could think of was Sissy humiliation… I didn’t hold back one bit! I pinched his cock and pulled him to the bed… I tugged at his measly dick while telling him how pathetic he was and how much of a sorry excuse of a man he must be to have even linked up with me.

Men with small cocks especially not decieving ones will ever be able to cum on my watch. Shaved wet pussy

I took my phone out and started taking pictures of his measly dick. I threatened to expose him entirely if he did not take his Tinder account down and he dared deceive another woman ever again. I surely wasn’t going home without being pleasure! Especially being as drunk and horny as I was… I made him get on his knees and suck my Shaved wet pussy until I orgasmed all over his face. Then I left him there with his pathetic nub in hand and told him to spare the cunt juices on his face to rub on his loser cock and stormed out.

Phone sex therapy is Dr. G.’s specialty and making you cum.

Phone sex therapy

       Phone sex therapy is Dr. G.’s specialty and making you cum. Stretch out on the couch. Get comfortable in the plush chair. Now if I am seeing you for some sort of fetish, well there are many. Pantyhose, feet, food, or perhaps something even kinkier. We then get into the whips, chains, erotica area. In due time we will cover one if not all of these topics.

        First, I want you to get comfortable. You know you are welcome to be stroking your cock. At the same time, I may just tell you no if you have a small one. In my professional opinion it is not wise to laugh hysterically at something so small. Hence you will be keeping that in your pants.

        Small dick humiliation is an art.

        To begin with I will help you with this problem. Keep it in your panties. When you have something so very small you aren’t allowed to have it out in public until you are ready to have the whole world know that you have a three-inch little toy in your pants. Dress it up any way you like but, in the end, it is all the same that you have a small penis and while I enjoy a good laugh at something so small it should be known that you aren’t packing a weapon. The opposite in fact.

        Right along with have a small little pecker is the fact that you will watch your wife/girlfriend fuck a big dick and no you aren’t allowed to touch that tiny little thing. Welcome to have it out and listen as your wife berates you for having such a small thing. Her lover will show you have to fuck her properly.

        You will of course sit and watch every time that she wants to get fucked. It will satisfy her. In conclusion when you have such a small dick, and your wife/girlfriend has needs then allow her to get laid and you will definitely get off on watching her cum.

Sexy babe Lena loves to laugh at that little cock!



Sexy babe LenaSexy babe Lena loves to laugh at that little cock! I enjoy nothing more than teasing and tormenting men who have little dickies. I take pleasure in breaking them down and making them feel small and insignificant in comparison to my power and strength. Hahahahaha, I love to degrade that tiny little itty bitty cock! I have seen ones half the size of my pinky, it’s like that thing never grew from infancy. Harsh but very true, micro penis doesn’t even do it justice! I love to show them that they will never please a woman with that pathetic excuse for a cock! I get so wet from small dick humiliation, as it is so amusing and truly shows them how sad those like dicks are! Many of these little cocks are so lost in an endless cycle of inferiority. They ooze and weep their juices since there is no control over that cock, it is so sad! I know what these small pennies needs, not only do they need to be humiliated but they also need a shrink to get into their heads. It is the quickest path to healing and make those sad fucks accept the abuse for having such a dirty little cock! A lot of men who need a dreaded “little dick” reminder, I make sure to include that in their therapy session. I make sure to hammer it in repeatedly with teasing and humiliation. Even when they beg me to stop I don’t, as deep down I know they love and crave it.


Phone Sex Therapy For Foot Fetishes

As she started massaging my calves, your hands down in between your legs, and looked over at me and winked. Out of nowhere, her mouth begins putting a toe at a time in and bobbing up and down as if she was sucking a cock.

We go into a back room to finish up. This was new to me but willing to see what this room was about. She has you sit foot fetisheson the big, long massage table lowering it to the ground. She tells me to put my toes over you in your mouth. At the same time, she starts unzipping your pants. Before I could process any of it, your hard cock was down her throat. I started teasing you with my feet. You licked in between my toes, I smacked you around with my feet, knowing you love that. “Lick my feet!” I bolted out not realizing how turned on I was getting by this Coc sucking special we were getting.  Her spit was now running down to your balls as I kept teasing you with my feet. When she started tasting pre-cum, she called me over and told me to shoot it onto my feet. You blew the biggest load I had ever seen. That was the start of me knowing how big your foot fetish really was.

Phone chat lines for cuckold husband confessions

Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines have the sexy Mistresses you confess to. There is this caller who loves to chat me up while he is sneaking and jerking o cuck porn. I love him to death because he is always trying to up his game by watching his porn and jerking so close to his sleeping spouse.

I know he wants her to wake up and see what he likes. Two choices are being presented here. Me pushing my guy to wake her up and show her how he wants other men to fuck her, or helping him have this conversation at a better time. She is not just a wife, but a mother now and his best way to her heart is letting her sleep. But this does need to be addressed soon. 

Phone chat lines for cuckold husband confessions

I hear the ache of my Cuckold phone sex lover in his voice. His wife has gained a few pounds and her tits are heavy and huge after the brat has come along. All he can picture when he fucks her is the best cock drilling her milf holes. And the best cock isn’t that average white guy’s cock that knocked her up.

But this is where getting as much information out of your caller is important. His wife and he had issues getting pregnant and he swears that one of his boys looks just like his best friend. He has suspicions that he is raising someone else’s offspring.

And you know what he is fine with it. Whatever makes his wife feel more like a woman, he says. He just wishes that she knew how much he enjoys Sexy hot women cuckolding husbands. I assure him the time will cum for her to be open with her cheating ways and they can have a beautiful cuckold marriage. 

Sissy humiliation lets make you will be main serving of entertainment

Sissy humiliationAre you in denial? Your small dick is grounds for Sissy humiliation! Don’t you dare come to me with that bullshit about you being “Bisexual”. Do you think a real man would ever put on a g-string and bury a rubber dick down his throat for attention? You are nothing but a deceiving man which is why I will be punishing you for all of the women you’ve deceived. That pathetic cock of yours stands as tall as a chap-stick but then again as if. Men like you don’t deserve attention from sexy women like me… The only way you stand a chance of even speaking to me is by paying me.

Nothing screams loser more than a man on the other end of the phone begging for me to hover my cum filled cunt over his face after being fucked by a real bull.

Small dick humiliation is the only thing that makes you worthy of my or any woman’s attention! You are nothing more than the main serving of pure entertainment. I couldn’t imagine being degraded yet still paying for a service. Of course on your end, it’s not something you imagine; it’s actually what a pathetic man like you has to deal with day to day. The tone of your voice screams “I am a faggot”. Watching you struggle to wank your pathetic slug while bringing you to near climax only to stunt that orgasm of yours, is priceless. Men with small dicks don’t deserve to cum! Why don’t we take a look at adequate cocks online so you can see for yourself aside from already knowing, that you serve no use with that teeny cocklet of yours?

I am a Sexy dominatrix who lives to tease and deny you while laughing at you as you frantically jerk trying to get a grip of your nub!

Small dick Humiliation get’s Lena’s pussy dripping!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation gets Lena’s pussy so wet! I love picking on your little clitty baby boo! I will make you look so pretty. I will dress you in the sweetest outfits my little princess! Just imagine you will wear a sexy pink ruffled dress, princess sleeve of course, white lacy panties, white lace stockings and of course shiny black Mayjanes.

 My goodness, you will look so sweet. However, you will owe me for this special treatment. My home is very messy and I need you to deep clean every corner of the house. I have a proper maid uniform and you of course have to wear your cock cage. That is a good sissy slut, get all the dirt from behind my couch. Looks like you missed spot and I am very disappointed. Lick it up little slut, and make sure to get it real clean. You owe me so much money for all of those beautiful princess dress and nice outings. Now, my bathroom is very dirty. You need to make sure that toilet is sparkling or there will be serious consequences. 

Well, look there an almost perfectly clean toilet. I told you if it was not sparkling there would be consequences. I am very disappointed in you, I guess you are too much of a sissy whore to be good at anything! You just can’t help yourself can you? Look even your little clitty is oozing everywhere, you are making such a fucking mess! You better do what I say of the punishment will be worse! I want you to stick you head all the way in to lick the toilet bowel. Lick my crusted shit clean because you deserve the ultimate sissy humiliation!