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Coed Tease and Denial

tease and denial

I am not ashamed of my tease and denial tactics I use n Daniel. He knows he can’t have my sweet coed pussy, but it sure is fun getting his clit stick hard for me every day! Today we went to the panty store and I told him if he modeled some panties for me, I would let him eat my pussy and maybe even fuck me. We are in the dressing room with or just bought panties and I pull down my skirt and rub up on his panty covered cock with my sexy ass. His clit of a cock gets hard and I open the fitting room door wide and yelled into the store doesn’t my boyfriend look so cute in his panties. Five ladies started pointing and laughing! That is when his dick squirts right in those panties and that creates more laugher because his little cock gets off on humiliation! Normally that just happens when I send him videos of me fucking his best friend or son!

Stroke It Nice and Slow

edgeplay phone sex

For all of you guys out there who just jerk off and rush your orgasm – I know exactly what you need. You need some edgeplay phone sex with me so I can teach you how to slow things down and get the most out of your pleasure. If you’re not taking your time and building your orgasm slowly, let me just say that you are definitely missing out. Sure, you’ll cum if you rush things, but it won’t feel anywhere near as powerful as it could be. So that’s what you need me for. I’ll teach you how to take things to the edge over and over again. And when the time is right, you’ll get to have a really amazing orgasm.
Are you willing to lie back and give me control of your cock? I know it might not be something you’re used to, but you just have to let your guard down and trust me. I will give you one of the best orgasms of your entire life. And I am pretty sure you are going to be addicted to my style of orgasms. You’ll be calling me back over and over again. I’ll be waiting for you.

Cheapest phone sex

cheapest phone sexSomething I can never get enough of is money and attention and there seems to be no shortage when I’m around. I even picked up a side job to see what kind of trouble I could stir up and to make a little extra money for my upcoming birthday. The job I got was boring, in accounting if you can believe it. Eventually, I was able to set my eyes on the most talked-about man in the building. He was a sexy guy, and his dad apparently was a big-wig in the company. I started with subtle things, like bringing his coffee and donuts and asking him if he wanted to go to lunch together. He was always complimenting me and talking about how I was the hottest woman in the whole company which obviously is true. One day he finally made his first move, we were taking the stairs and he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me and feeling all over my body. I moaned against him wanting nothing more than to take it to the next level. Suddenly we were busted by a coworker, and we awkwardly separated. I wasn’t worried about my job though, a normal girl would be fired and so would he. But not this one, his Daddy has all the power and I have him wrapped around my finger.

If You Have a Great Cock, You Get Great Blowjobs

great blowjobsI say it all the time. Great blowjobs are for great cocks. Personally, when I am presented with a lackluster dick, I am not inspired to give my best head. In fact, I likely won’t give an underwhelming dick any attention. When I see a big cock, I am inspired to give it my all. I want to worship it. I want to make that cock cum so hard that the guy attached to it never wants another pair of lips on it again. When guys call me for advice, I must ask them some questions first. If I hear that a wife won’t give her husband head or her blowjobs suck, the first thing I ask is how big is your dick. When guys call me for phone sex therapy, I don’t always side with them. I know female behavior. It’s not that women are frigid or too proper. It is not that we don’t want to ruin our make-up or that we don’t like the taste of cum. It is not that we have a headache either. The way a woman responds to giving you head is based on your cock. If you have a small or average cock. Or one that has trouble standing at attention for long, you will get excuses from women. But if you have a big or unusually thick cock, you will get the best head of your life. Only tiny and broke dick losers complain about bad head. If women don’t want to blow you that is because you have a dick they don’t want to blow.

Forced Feminization Therapy

Go get your body smooth and rub some oil in that skin. Put on these hot pink silky and ruffled panties. How’s it feeling to start your Forced feminization therapy? You will be a cock sucking Sissy in no time when you keep to regular sessions with your Femdom Therapist Rebecca. I am here to support and guide you into your new life. Let go and enjoy the ride. Train that pussy with those special training toys that suit you best. I like the pump anal plug or the multi sized butt plugs that you slowly train that man pussy with. A nice suction cup cock is awesome for getting more of a cock feel in that pleasure place. Make sure to have those balls nice and smooth and tuck them in those panties. We are ready to start whenever you are.

Forced Feminization


Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanBeing submissive for my Dom boyfriend is my favorite thing to do. I love to feel his touch on me and I love it when he gives me the pain that I crave from his touch, and he loves having a Hot sexy woman. I get really freaky for my man because it’s what he wants and satisfying him gets me off. He loves to stick his big fat cock in my tight little asshole. And then as he’s ramming away he’ll spank my ass over and over, harder and harder, leaving big red handprints on my ass cheeks. Then he turns me around for missionary and keeps his dick in my ass as he chokes me and slaps me in the face. Just from feeling him in my ass I shudder in pleasure over and over again, orgasming from all the feelings he gives me. He starts to pound a little faster and I get close, and then all of a sudden he pulls out. He takes me by my hair and shoves my mouth onto his cock and starts to fuck my face, almost harder than he was fucking my asshole. His dick jerks and spurts as he cums down my throat, and I swallow it all for my man like a sexy and hot woman would.

Phone humiliation fun

phone humiliation

 I have a little sissy cock fairy boy that calls me so I can tease his tiny girly clit. He loves my special style of phone humiliation. It turns him on so much to hear what a little bitch he is. I can’t help but make fun of his pathetic boy pussy. I make him put on his pretty, silky panties and take videos of him prancing around for me. Sometimes he will surprise me with a sexy video of him rubbing his little clitty while he sucks a big, thick cock and swallows every drop of cum for me. I always giggle when I watch these videos because of the size of his little dicklett. That’s why I make him dress up for me so pretty and feminine. There is no way in hell, with a micro penis like that, that I could ever call it a dick or call him a man. He is a fairy fag with a fairy fag pussy and it’s my job to make sure he knows it!

I take pride in my cuckolding abilities

cuckold phone sexThere are few things I love more than sucking a nice thick dick. One of those things is teaching a straight married man how to suck said dick. I take great pride in my cuckolding abilities; in fact, they make me more than a little wet. When My neighbor and longtime Girl fuck buddy Mrs. Stevenson said that her husband wanted her to fuck men on the side, I chuckled. Over wine I asked does he really know what he is asking. Maybe he didn’t but the way her eyes lit up I knew he was fucked. I decided to ask her of we could first break him in with a swinger’s session. My boyfriend at the time was a High school jock turned construction worker. Tall and dark like 90 percent Cacao! And his cock was a steel cut ebony Gods. If her husband could handle watching her be fucked by my man meat, then I would say he might be ready for a taste of cuckold husband life. As the wine and Whiskey were passed around the less clothes, we each had on. My amusement killed the mood as I did find out that Mr. Stevenson had a pencil nub and, the look of horror as My BBC boy toy took out his cock and pistol whipped his wife with 11 solid inches of BBC told me all I need to know. It was long overdue that she gets fucked the way she should be and he needed humiliation at my hands and the BBC Cuckold Life of a small cock Husband.

Princess phone sex

Princess phone sexSometimes I want nothing more than to have some Princess phone sex. I love it because I get to be the girlfriend in charge, a spoiled brat as some may say. Nevertheless, being the queen I am is one of my biggest turn-ons. Who wouldn’t love to be spoiled? Being as hot as I am, it’s not hard to find a weak man while a small useless cock to take care of me. And I don’t mean he is taking care of me with that pathetic dick, no that’s for a real man to do. He will wait on me hand and foot, taking me on endless shopping sprees. I will come with him to his company events. The hotwife that they thought he could never land. Well, he hasn’t landed me actually I have just planted myself into his wallet till it dries up. After all of our events, he will maybe be lucky enough to help me pick a man to fuck me. Maybe I will let him watch, but since I am the princess he will have to pay me.

Sweet Hot Edgeplay Slut

edgeplay phone sex

I have gotten your right where I want you. Chained between two chairs as I cut your clothes off. You have paid me to be your super kinky slut tonight. I get between your legs and bite at your balls. You know the pain feels so good. The hole in the bottom of the chair has enough room for this Beer bottle to be shoved up your ass. “Hold it for me butt slut you drop it and I will lash you ten times, my whip doesn’t care that it is the Eve of Christmas.” My face portrays and Innocent young woman. My technique is purely that of a Goddess though. The bottle drops as you moan oh yes mistress. I give you 20 lashings because you love them so much. Your cock erupts for me and I find my tightest cock ring and my tightest pet collar. Perhaps It is time for a walk in the courtyard for others to see your shame! After our walk, I will show you videos of your hot young mistress getting pounded by real men. You are my pathetic pain slut pet and this young Mistress is in control now!

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