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Sissy Maid Training With Rebecca

Sissy Maid TrainingAs a therapist myself, sometimes forcing some sissy maid training to get your small cock sissy’s in line is not only fun (for me) but necessary for your pathetic little loser selves. I mean, you are existing to serve because we all know you are not serving anything with what’s between your legs. By the time most sissys come to me, they’ve accepted that they are nothing more than little sluts that need their holes to be used and abused.  Some still struggle with thinking they have some self worth, which is far from the case and I need to take them down a few notches to make sure they know where they stand.

So after you come into my office, we will strip you down to nothing.  Your little worthless cock dangling right there in front for me to laugh at.  I will proceed to give you your little maid panties and little maid dress with the strappy heals that you must do all your tasks in. The tasks you will do will range from using your little pussy to dust my enter office.  I will make you clean my bathroom with your tongue making sure you get all the nasty little crevices all around the corners.

I will then make you have madatory dildo sucking and fucking to practice with my dildos because you never know when it will be needed to take a huge cock for me.  Sometimes I need sissy’s t suck big black cocks to get them hard before they stretch my pussy out.  Sissy’s seem to love this part of their maid duties. Sometimes, I will even let you come up to cunt and clean the cum out. I love watching your slurping ap=sssa

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Sissy humiliation for a fag hubby who needs trained

Sissy humiliationSissy humiliation at my hands means that little bitches get their Just deserts. Not only am I known for my excellent pussy pounding skills, I fuck a tight ass just as well! I’ll leave you in a blur as I take your wife and bust a nut with my silicone cock. Oh, did you think your ass would be safe from the priestess of anal whore fucking.


I have humiliated my fair share of small dicks! You are not the first, but it will feel like the first time as you confess the sin of not having enough penis for me or your wife. Soon you will be pressured to be the best fembot around with a smidge of Forced crossdressing! 

You will never be able to forget me and the pleasure I gave you. You will learn your place and be grateful for it. Your life will never be the same.

Sissy humiliation for a small dicked married little bitch in panties!🩲

Your wife Sarah hairy ginger pussy sure does love how I fill her to the brim with my strap-dick! Look at her hollering and begging me not to stop.  You will learn to love me and to serve me. I will be your Teacher and your goddess.

Sissy bitch💫

I will be the one in control teaching your wife how to fuck you properly. It takes nothing to have you dressed in her dirty panties, stockings, and bra. Next, I help her harness herself up and come at you with a big swinging dildo. I hope you are ready to be fucked you little pathetic bitch boy! Mother fucker you better take every inch of it, and enjoy it!

Your wife and I will make sure you never forget this fagging out night! Now get down on your knees and worship me, BITCH! Get ready for the best Forced feminization of your life!!!

Cum on boobs is what you will clean up

When I get Cum on boobs, I call my favorite sissy bitch. He loves the taste of nut and that is why I have him always come over to clean me up. When I know I will be having a fun night of fucking my sissy bitch comes right over. “First I want you to fluff him for me,” I said teasingly. “My lipstick is too expensive for me to be sucking cock. Then right away he got on his knees in front of my fuck buddy and started slurping on his cock.

Cum on boobs

“You were hungry for cock today, but you won’t get his nut yet” I said laughing. Then I pulled my panties off and spread my legs. “Lick my ass and cunt, make it wet for his cock”. Since I love getting my ass licked, I make my sissy bitch lick it for me. That’s because I have an Ass fetish. “Wiggle your tongue” I say as I push my ass on his mouth even more. As soon as my cunt was leaking, I slammed my wet pussy on my playmate’s cock.

“Lick his ass lick i make you lick mine” I moan out as I ride his dick. When he was about to cum, I jumped off his ready to explode dick. Then he started spraying my tits with his big load. “Now clean my tits” I say to my sissy bitch friend. Just like that he starts licking the cum off my boobs. Once I was all clean my playmate was ready to fuck again but I wasn’t going to use my pussy. I was going to use my sissy bitch maid’s pussy. 

Forced crossdressing will help you embrace your inner feline

Forced crossdressing Most men try to blame me for Forced crossdressing but I know that’s exactly what they came for… Guys want me to dress them up like sleazy sluts so they can join me for a girl’s night out. They know hot girls have more fun and I am a black cock magnet! Black men just can’t keep their eyes off of me and Sissy white boys would do anything to get the attention I receive. Well, my latest slave slut is a guy I was once dating… He is a subscriber to my camgirl account so he knows firsthand of my great service of Big black superior cocks.

He catfished me… He sent me photoshopped pictures of himself with a huge dong…

I mean the depths this loser went just to get a taste of my Shaved wet pussy. He is so good at oral I didn’t think twice the first few times he came over and enjoyed my sweet pussy.. It was when my foot brushed up against his cock through his denims that I noticed he wasn’t packing what he said he was… I didn’t say a word, instead, I waited for him to get in the shower and barged into the bathroom while he was butterball naked.

To my finding, he was standing in front of the bathroom mirror with my bra and panties on… When he turned his face I noticed my sheer pink lipstick coating his lips. I wanted to be upset but I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.. He dropped to his knees and begged to be me! Well, that was the first night I dressed him up as a Sexy babe and we took on the night together… Now, he takes cock in his sissyholes and gives me all the money he makes.

What a good sissy slave slut he is.

Sissy humiliation Mistress Rebecca Trains To Take that BBC

Sissy humiliationSissy humiliation brings out my Femdom side and boy do I love the feeling my pussy gets when it tingles thinking about those sissy’s! I absolutely adore seeing those sissy boys all dolled up by their mistresses. It starts with your panties, they love the way they feel around their little cocks, huh? Then your clothes, all your slutty little outfits they graduate into wearing. The way they strut around in their heels and skirts is just too damn cute! And when it comes time for me to give them my big black cock? Well, let’s just say that nothing gets me going quite like the sight of a beautiful woman taking what she wants from her man. Or from her man turned sissy.

I love how pathetic they are as they take my huge dick deep inside them. They moan and whimper like little bitches while I pound away at their tight ass pussies. Their eyes roll back into their heads as if begging for mercy but really craving more of of the hard dildo strapped onto me, pounding them over and over. It makes me feel so powerful having these sissies under my control as I fuck the shit out of them. Making them suck the dildo like a real cock, completely degrading them calling them names like a “faggot” or “cocksucker”

The sound effects coming outta these pretty mouths… “Ungh!” *slurp*  The way they shake and quiver under my relentless thrusts… It’s like watching a live porn show unfold right before me. And when I finally cum inside them? Oh, honey! That’s when things get really good. They groan in ecstasy mixed with humiliation as hot sticky loads fill up every crevice of their feminine bodies – proof positive that only someone like me could ever truly satisfy them after being transformed into these beautiful creatures by their dominatrixes .

And let’s face it – who doesn’t love seeing those pretty little lips wrapped around a big black cock after you’ve had your way with them?

Sissy maid training is the gift that keeps giving.

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training makes you more female overall and creates a better life for a lowly beta. Why be the bottom of the barrel fuck when you can be sought after? Your mistress always has your best interests at heart. First, let’s get some things out of the way, shall we? You no longer have any say over your body. So now you dont have to think about sex, clothes, or trying to fit in anywhere. The only place you fit in is where I say.

Be forced into a female role

The fewer decisions you have to make the better. You will be spending your free time obsessing over your training.  Starting with sissy porn meant to keep you in the perfect state of mind.  You will learn to worship me and anything else that I deem worthy. I will mold you into the perfect sissy slave.

Sissy maid training betas into fembois

Next, you will learn to love being degraded for every masculine thing you have ever tried to be. Shaving is now for complete hair removal. You cock is now a clit and can only cum when I say. It was too small to be called a dick anyway. Therefore, I have no understanding of why you are crying. Small dick humiliation turns into sweet, clitty cummies before too long.  You will learn to crave my approval and adoration. Your only purpose in life is to worship me and make me happy. You are nothing but a toy for my amusement.

Forced crossdressing and ass fucking for me!

Forced crossdressingForced crossdressing and ass fucking for me! Oh let me say how much fun I have when a sissy faggot confesses his sins to me! Knowing how much sissies get off by being humiliated by hot women for having limp white boi dicks is almost spiritual.

Go home and tell your daddy how I fucked up your day and made you cry. But also didnt your sissy clit leak for me too? Mz. Gwen hopes you wore that sexy outfit he had delivered while we were on the phone. Last time he had his sisters come over to help make you a sissy princess. I hope you have learned to dress yourself well for big dick daddy now! 

Femdom phone sex tastes so good when I am in charge! Making fun of you while knowing you getting bent over daddy’s knee and spanked and plugged up has my bullet on high power. Give me Earth-shaking orgasms for a sissy boy being dominated by a huge daddy domme gives me more power over you. What a cock loving faggot you are in that tiny micro mini shirt and heels!

I hope Daddy saved a couple of weeks of cum for your ripe little pucker sissy pussy! With a wet, throbbing, gaping, freshly fucked asshole, completely covered in cum, dressed like a whore in a tight pink mini dress at that!

femdom phone sex

*restrictions apply ask your Mistress for more details*

Forced crossdressing for sissy sluts who have daddy dommes!

Sissy humiliation and fucking sweet tight asses are why I breathe! My pussy aches to play with sissy fags, as a submissive, cross-dressing, little cock whores! I will take all your confessions of loving big daddy cock all morning long! My breathy laughs will make you smolder in your chastity cage! Don’t stop whining about getting pounded by stud’s big cocks for Goddess Gwen!

Small dick Humiliation get’s Lena’s pussy dripping!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation gets Lena’s pussy so wet! I love picking on your little clitty baby boo! I will make you look so pretty. I will dress you in the sweetest outfits my little princess! Just imagine you will wear a sexy pink ruffled dress, princess sleeve of course, white lacy panties, white lace stockings and of course shiny black Mayjanes.

 My goodness, you will look so sweet. However, you will owe me for this special treatment. My home is very messy and I need you to deep clean every corner of the house. I have a proper maid uniform and you of course have to wear your cock cage. That is a good sissy slut, get all the dirt from behind my couch. Looks like you missed spot and I am very disappointed. Lick it up little slut, and make sure to get it real clean. You owe me so much money for all of those beautiful princess dress and nice outings. Now, my bathroom is very dirty. You need to make sure that toilet is sparkling or there will be serious consequences. 

Well, look there an almost perfectly clean toilet. I told you if it was not sparkling there would be consequences. I am very disappointed in you, I guess you are too much of a sissy whore to be good at anything! You just can’t help yourself can you? Look even your little clitty is oozing everywhere, you are making such a fucking mess! You better do what I say of the punishment will be worse! I want you to stick you head all the way in to lick the toilet bowel. Lick my crusted shit clean because you deserve the ultimate sissy humiliation!


Sexy babe enjoys milking the wallets of small cock losers!

Sexy babe Telling small cock losers like you how pathetic you are in front of all of my friends, makes my Shaved wet pussy wetter than actually having a big cock slamming in and out of me. It feels good to be in charge! Losers like you don’t stand a chance with a hottie like me. We are by far out of your league and you know it. That’s exactly why you make sure to have your American Express handy with no limit set in place. You and I both know without that card of yours, you are useless.

If you are in denial I have no problem digging in my tot for the measuring tape. Your cock is not a cock!

I highly doubt you will even register on the tape measure. It’s about time we get you dressed in a used pair of panties. Finally, that cobwebbed cock of yours will smell like a woman’s pussy. It isn’t as if you have much to tuck since you barely have a dick. That useless cock of yours will fit quite easily into stockings, frilly knickers, and anything that a vagina belongs in. These Sexy breasts of mine are far too big for your measly wiener.

My stud has a big 9-inch cock; next to him you would somehow become the faggot cum slut you are without even wearing Sissy panties. I am going to have you watch me fuck a real man while your worthless wiener is locked away in an extra small chastity. I know, I know odds are we are going to have to get it customized to fit your “average” cock. You belong in the corner cuck, watching me take a big black dick balls deep inside my bald wet pussy! If you are on your best behavior I might just let you whip your clit in front of us. That will only be allowed for our entertainment. Watching you struggle while being taunted will enhance my orgasm.

That pathetic slug of yours will be suffering from a stunted orgasm since after all no matter how much money you spend you don’t stand a chance cumming in front of a Sexy babe like me. L O S E R !!

I Got You Addicted to Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliation
Deep down you want to be a little sissy bitch. It started with being a complete simp for me. You feel so right letting me use your money for whatever I want. You feel important and special and you want to do anything and everything you can to make me happy, don’t you? Then I caught you a cuckold phone sex call. If that’s what you were cumming to, how could I deny you? First, it was me dirty talking to you about how much bigger and better other men were. Making you say that you were lucky to fuck me and being put in chastity when I wasn’t in the mood.

You were perfectly trained when I brought home the first BBC. You sat there pathetically and watched his cock completely destroy me.  it was letting me go out and fucking other guys. Then eating their cum out of my pussy every night. It was only a matter of time before you were watching guys fuck me, and then sucking the taste of my cunt off their dicks. You realized you love the taste of black dick. That you feel a lot more comfortable on your knees. And now sissy humiliation is the only thing that makes your pathetic cock hard.

I helped you realize you’re not really much of a man. That your cock is basically useless. It looks better in a cute pair of panties than it ever did inside of a pussy. You’re better used as entertainment. So now I force you to dress up for me. You are an adorable little maid. And now you’re addicted to dressing up and being my little bitch boy. If you behave yourself, I might even take you out of your chastity cage.

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