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Forced crossdressing for a new fuck barbie

I love to put my leather on and have Forced crossdressing fun with a guy. They meet me and think they can pay me to do whatever they want, but sometimes I turn it around and dominate them. First i make you get on your knees, worship my feet and tell you are mine now! I wiggle my toes as you kiss them. Get up hoe I have something I want you to wear.

Then your eyes open wide as you look at the pink lingerie, I have pulled out for you. Don’t hesitate now, you belong to me. The way your body trembles as you put the lingerie on, gets my cunty excited. Then I grab my doubled sided strap-on. As I slide it deep in my aunty, I make you like my asshole. I have an Ass fetish and need my pretty rose bud licked. After I will make you into my bitch and you will submit to me like a good slut.

Forced crossdressing

Open your mouth and lube my strap cock. Bend over and tell me you are my new fuck barbie. “I’m your new fuck barbie”, you scream out as I slam my cock deep inside you. The way I will pound you will have you walking with a switch to your hips, like all hoes do. While I’m fucking you hard, my pussy is getting fucked hard too.

There’s nothing better than making you submit and using you to make my pussy squirt. That clitty looks like it wants to cum sissy slut, fuck me back and I will let you cum too. Finally, you fucked me back hard like i needed you too and my Shaved wet pussy squirted all over. “Cum now you fuck barbie” is what you needed to hear. Your clitty leaked all over your lingerie and you fell to the ground.

kiss my sexy legs

sexy legs

Do you want to be a good submissive for me, the kind that serves me and awaits at my beck and call? You can be my obedient slave, and I will consider making you my permanent slave.

I want you to kneel and worship my sexy legs and every inch of my perfect body. Men aren’t above women, and you should know that. Let me hear those words from your lips. Prove that you can make goddess happy by draining your bank account and never your balls.

You can’t cum unless the goddess gives you the green light. Ever since you got to lay your eyes on me, all you can do is wonder how you can serve me. Let me make your wish come true by making you my everyday slave who will be humiliated and turn beet red. How it rides your cock rock hard when I degrade you makes you want to cum.

Whenever I cuss you out in Spanish, it makes your whole life.

Small Dick Humiliation Where Is It At?

small dick humiliationI don’t always mean to engage in small dick humiliation, sometimes it just happens. That little tic tac looked to me like a wart so I kept spreading his legs forcefully as he desperatelly tried keeping them closed. I was horny as all get out and he had fingered me so hard and well.  His huge muscular physique made my little clitty tingle hard. After our first date, I was so into him, but trying to portray the good girl image so I held out not fucking him that first night.  I went home and fucked my neighbor instead because the date had me all hot and bothered.

So we are in his house on the second date.  I wore my shortest skirt, no underwear, a white little cropped top t-shirt with no bra. I didn’t. want my intentions to be in question.  I wanted this man, standing at 6’4″ to pound me to the ground and not be able to walk for weeks. I just knew, he must be good in bed with that yummy chisseled body.

We started making out on the couch, I would reach down outside his pants to feel if he had gotten hard, and I didnt feel a thing.  It had been a few hours since I had felt a cock so maybe I was out of practice. He kept insisting on playing with me. He sucked my tits, licked my little cit sucking each ike his life depended on it.  He went down on my shaved wet pussy and went to town, fingering me at the same time.

When I finally forced his pants off after many attempts of him pulling back. Finally, I understood.  I was in complete denial at first. I pulled his legs apart asking “Where is it?” as he teared up in embarassment. “Is that a wart on your cock, is that why you are acting this way?” he started relinquishing to me he would have to show me. “Oh no sweetie, were you born a female? ” I pointed to my clit as it was around the same size.

I’ll continue this next time and hear about the humiliation I put this pathetic soul through that night. It includes some big black cock to give you a hint.  Stary tuned.

Forced Crossdressing – These are the Doctor’s Orders

forced crossdressingForced Crossdressing sounds so crude and mean.  However, I find it to be endearing, helpful in some senses.  Bringing out the feminine side of some of my patients is a must in their recovery.  I find that getting out the hidden sides of men, helps them through so many of life’s problems.  A big one, is masculinity.

You see, most men think they are weak for embracing anything less than the macho masculine image that society has told them to be. And told the rest of us to success.  However, you open yourself up in so many different ways, but especially if you explore the other side of your manhood, the feminine side.

Part of my sessions, we get down to business.  I make my clients undress into their birthday suits. Next, I will dress them in a dress or pretty girlie outfit.  The outfit will usuallly include my underwear, stockings, bra, and shoes. Sometimes, I will throw in some hair accessories and jewelery.  I can tell from the moment those big masculine men get into my tiny silky pink or purple thong panties, a lightbulb goes off.  I ask them as I stand in front of them, usually in not much on myself, how they feel in my silky smooth clothes. How close to me do they feel in that moment?

Something about women’s clothes, they embody women so well. Things such as over the knee socks or stockings. These are some of my guys favorite to put on.  They usually hesitate and give me a hard time, but I am in charge around here. You will learn, I don’t take no for an answer.  So I force them into these pretty girl clothes. After that, I make them sit in my lap. They will tell me how it makes them feel.  They always end up coming around realizing just how good it feels to wear something their partners wear.  It doesn’t mean they love men all the sudden (nothing wrong with it if we discover that in our sessions).  Usually, we come to the conclusion they love feeling close to their woman partners through wearing things she wears.

We explore this on a deeper level as we keep going.  For now, you sense our sessions a bit better, I hope.  I cater to indiviidual needs and no two patients show the same symptoms.  Give this doctor a try sometime. I look forward to coming up with your new caseplan.

Ready to Be a Bimbo Slut?

Forced feminization


You love dressing up like a pretty girl, going out on the town and looking for hot men to snag. The bigger the cock, the better the catch. Unfortunately for you, all the men with big dicks like the complete bimbos and you look office chic at best. Your tight work attire is not going to be enough to get these guys to use you like a cum dumpster. So, what can you do? I can help you become the biggest bimbo in the entire world with my Bimboification Machine. Guys only want hot sluts who can’t carry a conversation. In fact, it is best you don’t even talk at all, just have your mouth open ready to take cocks inside. You need a boob job and an ass job. Big titties and a big ass make a guy go crazy for your curves. Once you get your body, you need to wear tight fitting cute clothes. No more black skirts and sensible heels. Only wear bright and tight dresses that barely cover your ass. Get the highest heels you can and teeter around in them like you don’t have a thought in your mind. Once you’re out of the Bimboification Machine, all you’ll want to do is wear cute clothes and suck cock. Who needs brains with a body like yours? 

Forced crossdressing of Sissy girls

forced crossdressing

Forced crossdressing of sissy girls is a passion of mine that I love sharing. Especially with so-called men who have no clue how fun dressing as a woman can be. I personally believe that men with little dicks should dress the part. The smaller the dick the more femme one should become.

Perhaps we could start out with just some panties. I just adore a small cock barely poking out of a soft pair of my undies. And panties make every ass look better, well at least the sexy panties I have laying around! Now when those panties make you feel a little softer for me. I might just sit on your lap and practice my makeup skills on you. I have the best contour skills and eye shadow applications of all my friends. It’s amazing what a contour stick and concealer can do for a male face. Don’t forget that highlighter and big falsies! Now, just take a look at yourself. Can you see what I see now? Stop fighting it. Come embrace the life that is given to you.

Forced feminization is the only way you will see that having a small dick makes you a fem boi. A little dress and some stockings should round out your look perfectly. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what a masterpiece I have created. You shouldn’t spend any more time worrying about your dick. Now it’s your clit, and your ass is a pussy. This makes so much more sense than being a toxic small dicked man. And Once I break in your cunt, you will be begging to help my bulls fuck me. It’s all part of a humiliating GFE phone sex plan I have for you. You know you want to be my sissy girl. 

I Need A Needy Little Femdom Phone Sex Slut!

Femdom Phone SexKnowing that you have a craving for Femdom phone sex, you are in the exact right place. My pussy is hairless and moist thinking about all the men who have been put in their place by my superior ass. Superior women rule this world, just as they always have. Our fine flawless bodies stay youthful and age much more gracefully than our interior counterparts, man. Boys who know their real place in this world is beneath a hot pair of stiletto heels will get way further in this world. If you are ready to listen and obey the perfection that leaves my juicy red lips then you are invited to come p tolay. Although, please understand the addiction you are going to be left with will leave you reeling for my attention over and over again. You will crave to serve me, crave to blow your load in my presence. If you think you can handle the kind of superior woman having that much control in your life then give up, give in. You know you need it. 

Cocksucking phone sex is the best way to view a sissy pretty boy

Cocksucking phone sex“Gll-” His cocksucking phone sex gurgles made my insides soak. My fingers playing at my button and working deep inside me without relent. I knew he wasn’t ready for this, I knew he was just another loser who I’d dressed up in the prettiest dress I could get ahold of. The kind of dress so damn pretty that you can’t actually purchase them without owning the place it came from, you have to rent it and uplift the dress on a body just like this. He knew what he was getting into when he came back to my apartment. I told him well in advance that he’d be having a new experience that would reshape the way he viewed domination phone sex. He viewed that as a challenge, didn’t even question me, didn’t say a word until their was a cock in his face and he was left blinking while trying to take it in. I didn’t give him any real time, I had much bigger plans. I grabbed his hair and pulled him right onto the dick that wanted him. I didn’t stop at his first resistance, I definitely didn’t stop at his second. He pressed his palms into the man stud I’d gotten’s knees and tried to push away but he was no match for both mine and the stud’s arms grabbing him and pulling him deep. His gurggles were a little distracting at first. His efforts to resist a mere joke in comparison to the deepness we managed to get the tremendous meat.

I needed this, I really needed it, I was blessed to get a chance to see a pretty boy in a dress this nice getting practically knocked out cold on a length so powerful he couldn’t even try anymore. That’s forced feminization at its best. That’s the beautiful of a slutty boy turned girl.

Forced Feminization: On Your Knees Like A Good Little Slut.

Forced Feminization I am such a superior slut, and I really do get around whenever my husband is out of the house. However, forced feminization is not off the list of things that happen to inferior men who approach me. After all, if you are not worthy of my superior cunt that is not the end all be all of our good time. I know how hard it must be to picture the perfect body of your boss’s milf wife sliding up and down your cock every time she visits the office. The way my tight skirt hugs along my perfectly toned ass turns you on as you sit in your cubical rubbing the front of your trousers without me knowing. So when your boss asks for a volunteer to drop something at his house with his wife your hand shoots up eagerly. 

I am sure you thought when you got to the house I would reward you like a Brazzers pizza boy skit. However, when I was interrupted during my bath I answered the door completely naked, it was easy to see you just didn’t know how to handle that. Inviting you inside I take my perfectly manicured fingers and close your jaw. However, you will not be able to fuck my perfect superior bald cunt today. Instead, I will turn you into my drooling pussy worshipping slut. Dumb hypnotized men do whatever strong flawless women tell them to do. Especially when their hairless pussy is out causing them to become hypnotized feme sluts. 

Forcing you in my pantyhose and bra is not hard at all. Whimpers leave your lips every time I commend you and for you, that’s a turn-on. If you are a good boy and listen I will allow you to suck the pool boy’s cum from my cunt while you jerk your feminized dick. From now on he will be my forced femme slut, willing to do anything to serve my bald perfect cunt. Only if you take the humiliation of feminizing yourself for me will you be rewarded with the smallest taste of my superior cuny juices. Perhaps if you are good enough at serving the women you will never have I will ask my husband to have you run another errand and send you back. Getting paid to be a femme slut on the clock serving the boss’s wife just the way you have always wanted.

A naughty kink

female domination porn

Oh yes, his is hot. I have to say it takes a lot to find an excellent roleplay that will completely wow me. I have gotten off the phone with one of my regulars who loves storytelling. My gosh, every session is better than the next.

I am dripping wet right now typing this out. There’s no way I can forget how he used and brainwashed me into being his submissive girl.

It’s so wild to me since I am naturally a dominant one who doesn’t like men giving her any demands.

My caller asked me to close my eyes and let him make me dive deep. When he told me about his female domination porn obsession, I understood it.

All he thinks about is another woman making his wife a slave slut. It turned me on how vivid the fantasy became. Every detail made me beg for the climax.