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Sexy Hot Women Tease Your Cock: Tease and Denial Stories

sexy hot women

Sexy Hot Women Love to Tease Your Cock

You’re always surrounded by sexy hot women at the gym. If your blood wasn’t rushing everywhere else, you would be rock solid constantly. You try not to look at all the big asses and bouncing tits, but today it was almost empty. That’s when I walked out of my ballet class wearing a tight velvet leotard and head to the mats. You feel your cock giving in to the temptation. Especially when I have to stretch every inch of my body right there in front of you. I know you’re watching me touch my toes and fantasizing about how good it would feel to fuck me in that position. 

tease and denial

Mercy Tortures You with Tease and Denial Exhibitionism

I giggle to myself while I watch you staring. If I’m honest I like knowing that you’re watching me. Tease and denial of a cock like yours makes me so hot and horny. No one else can see me, so why don’t I put on a little show. Then I push the sleeves off my shoulders and pull out those big tits you’ve been staring at. I massage them while you watch. I know all the blood is rushing to your cock, but I act like it’s completely normal for me to be stripping down to nothing. 

There’s something else that needs a little bit of stretching before I leave. My leotards slide down my thighs and now I’m completely naked. You can see how wet my cunt is from across the room. My fingers slide in so easy, and I push them in deep. I’m going to make myself cum right there in front of you. You can’t do anything except watch me fuck this shaved wet pussy. I look up at you and smile. Finally giving you the green light to finally milk the solid steel in your pants. Are you going to cum with me?

Edgeplay Phone Sex with Your Slutty Girlfriend Mercy

Save Your Cum During Edgeplay Phone Sex

Edgeplay phone sex is so much when you’re off at work. I’m at home, sexy and alone while you’re out working hard. I was making lunch and then I got an idea. Why not give you a little midday motivation? I took the thick cucumber from the fridge and set up my camera in the kitchen. I spread my legs and started teasing my cunt with the tip of that cucumber. My cunt soaked through my panties so I pulled them off. I fantasized about what you would do when you saw these slutty pictures of me.

Edgeplay phone sexSexy Women Masturbating Has You Pumping Your Cock at Work

I’ve caught you jerking off to sexy women masturbating. And I want you to see your girlfriend with her legs spread. Watch me push this cucumber into my cunt and rush to the bathroom to stroke your cock. Honestly, I don’t even want you to make it to the bathroom. I want you so horny for me that you can’t fucking take it. You just massage your cock through your pants, right there at work. Stroking hard and fast and hoping none of your coworkers notice that you’re edging your cock to me. But remember, it would be a waste of cum if you don’t come home and shoot your load inside of me. 

That’s why I’m on the kitchen counter now. That cucumber is spreading my shaved wet pussy so fucking wide. And I want you to watch me cum. Grabbing and massaging my tits while I try to push that green cock in deeper. Seeing something so much bigger than me slide into my pussy makes it so much fucking hotter. Pump that cock for me while you watch me cum. Watch me throw my head back and moan your name. Begging for you to get home and give me all the cum you’ve been storing for me.


Sexy Women Masturbating in Public Grabs Your Attention

sexy women masturbatingDo you enjoy looking at sexy women masturbating? I love to be watched. It is no secret that I enjoy being an exhibitionist slut. Yesterday, I took a break from teaching to get some sunshine. The day was beautiful. Perfect weather to enjoy some outdoor naughty antics. I found a secluded part of campus and started to rub my pussy. I could feel the warmth of the sun beating down on my body.

And I got lost in the porn fantasy I had going on in my mind. So, I did not realize I had a peeper. He stood far enough away that his shadow would not block the sun. When someone interferes with the sunshine I am basking in, I always open my eyes. However, I did not open my eyes until I felt something warm and sticky on my foot. I opened my eyes and saw a college boy with his dick out.

I am a Naughty Professor Who Likes Foot Jobs

Foot fetishes are common. But usually, I do not see that fetish in a college boy. But this lad stared more at my sexy feet than my exposed pussy. I am an educated woman. So, I knew my feet mesmerized him. I started rubbing his hot seed into my feet. And since I can cater to all sorts of fetishes, I knew what he needed to see. I put my foot to my mouth and licked his cum off each toe. Mature women are often flexible like that.

And like magic, his cock sprung back to life quickly. Since we were alone where no one could see us, I gave him a foot job. My freshly pedicured cock wrapped around his young hard cock. Exhibitionist sex is so hot to me. And this young stud clearly did not care that anyone could walk around the corner and find us. I love risky sex. He gave me a second load of cum on my feet.

He scurried off before I could get his name. Maybe he was embarrassed or late for class. But I do hope I see that lad again. His cock is perfect for my feet, my mouth, my tits, my pussy or my ass. I went back to teaching with his cum dried on my feet.

Needy Hairy Cunt For My Boss Again!

Hairy wet pussy It’s been way too long since I rode my bosses cock since the holidays. Thank goodness it’s back to normal at the office. I have been missing his fucking load in my cunt. I made sure to have this sweet little fuck hole nice and pretty for him. I am even ready for him to plow my ass hole out too; that’s how horny I have been the last few weeks. We used to fuck every day and than it’s been dry since he has been busy with his wife and brats at home. 

This week is a big one for him; the big bosses are coming into town to check on a sale. We have a few meetings set up so I know he has been very stressed. He’s been staying late every night at the office and I know he just needs some relief. I made sure to stay after today so we had the office to ourselves; I figured that would be the best time to make a move on him. I knew if he blew a nice big fat load or 2 he would be a little less stressed. 

I walked in and smiled at him and he looked up and stared and said how happy he was to see me. I had already slipped off my panties so I just had on my tight pencil skirt and button up blouse with no bra. I walked over and sat on the corner of his desk and told him how great of a boss he is. I spread open my legs a bit and rubbed my thigh to catch his attention. I wanted him to stare at my sweet leg gap with my glistening already soaked pussy. 

His face lit up as he saw that I had no panties covering my sweet gash and immediately took his had and started to open up my lips. I had my legs spread for him and stared at him as he finger banged my wet hole and moaned. His cock got hard; I saw him grow in his pants. He took his cock out and stroked as he watched me buck my hips while he finger fucked me. Soon enough after I squirted he had me on top of him riding his cock like always. That load shooting up in my guts felt amazing!

Shaved wet pussy desperate for your thick and creamy cumshot

Shaved wet pussyMy Shaved wet pussy is fully prepped and ready to be taken advantage of…

My butt plug has been vibrating the walls of my asshole all day! I can’t help but slide my fingers between my firm bald pussy lips for a taste. Mm, it’s so creamy and wet! All I need now is you, your hard cock running deep inside of my sloppy wet pussy. We can take it slow or you can fuck me rough. I am all yours for as long as you want me to be. Use me as your drain hole for that thick and creamy cum load of yours. My dripping wet Young bald pussy is desperate for your potent hot shot to warm its walls. 

Spread my Sexy legs and watch as I rub my pussy teasing and denying you access.

Your cock is rock hard dripping precum, you want me so bad, don’t you? Pop the plug out of my asshole and lay me on my back… Cram your dick inside of me and nibble on my hard nipples. Fuck me hard! Have no mercy on me. Breed me, use me, do as you please to me! I want to feel your swollen balls pressed up against my gaping pucker as you release your load inside of my tight shaved pussy…. The feeling of your cock pumping as my cum hungry cunt swallows every droplet runs sensations through my body.

I am so horny, I have been masturbating to Naughty neighbor porn while patiently waiting for you.

Corrupting A Barely Legal Boy To Fuck My Mature Holes!

GFE phone sexAndy loves my hairy wet fuck hole sliding up and down his hard shaft whenever he can get alone time. His parents leave for work at night and usually he has the house to himself and invites me over. We ran into one another in the lobby at the doctors office we both go to. He is young and tatted up and very sexy. He stared at me the entire time and I wanted his cock the second he did. 

I got his phone number and his sexy barely 18 year old ass has been calling me over ever since. His hard dick pumping inside my mature pussy is the best. I am closer to his parents age than him and that makes me even wetter. Taking that young dick in my holes and making sure his parents don’t find out makes me so fucking wet. 

I beg him to pump me full of his baby batter and he gets so turned on he can’t even control himself from listening. It’s like I am corrupting him and using him like my little fuck puppet. I love being in control of a sweet boy who has no idea what he has gotten himself into with an older whore like me. Let me tell you though; younger cock is way better than old man cock. 

The stamina and effort these young and horny boys have for an older woman who loves cock is so sexy. It’s like a whole new world and experience for them when they get to have an older babe showing them the ropes. I am going to try and convince him to get his friends over so we can all fuck together. Getting a fun hot gangbang from a ton of young cock would have me creaming all over!

Fucked At The Club By A Young Stud!

GFE phone sexA nice night out at the club generally ends with my clothes iff, legs soread and a cock pumping in my holes all night. I was so fucking drunk and horny we didn’t even make it back to my place in time. This young stud fucked my mature hairy pussy on the back couch in the club. His name is Eric and he was this sexy 24 year old with a big rock hard cock and slender build. He bought me drinks all night and I wanted his fucking load so bad. I got pretty wasted I begged him to fuck me right in the club.

Those young boys will fuck anywhere so I knew I was in luck and could probably get whatever I wanted. He picked me up and threw me on my back on the couch right away. He tore my clothes off and slapped my tits around a bit and said he loved older/mature women. He said we know how to fuck better and I agreed. He took his already hard cock out and slipped up and down my slit.

I kept my legs nice and spread for him as he jack hammered my hot little hole open. There were tons of people in the next room that would easily be able to witness this. Neither one of us cared; he kept fucking me and I was moaning louder and louder. He slapped my tits and choked me a bit while he fucked my pussy. He watched my tits bounce in his face and said I was the hottest little bitch he has fucked in a while. He blew his load up my cunt, slapped is cock on my slit and walked away. I had a strangers seed up my pussy and I loved it!

Mutual Masturbation Stories Cuckold, Orgies and BBC

Mutual masturbation storiesI need you to indulge me in some mutual masturbation stories to explode our juices harder and faster by jacking off at work while watching some hot shemale porn. Imagine those big beautiful tits bouncing as they ride on top of you; imagine their thick dicks filling up every hole they have – including mine! It turns me on just thinking about it because nothing gets my juices flowing like knowing how much pleasure both of us will experience when this happens.

When you get home tonight, let’s make sure there are no distractions so we can focus solely on each other and our new playmate. We can take things slow or go hardcore depending on how adventurous everyone feels but either way, I promise an unforgettable night full of passionate sex acts that will leave us all satisfied beyond belief!

I love being your most obedient and obliging wife; nothing makes me happier than seeing you satisfied both physically and emotionally. So go ahead, jack off thinking about those gorgeous trans women while imagining them pleasuring both of us until we scream with delight – then come home ready to make every dirty fantasy come true!

Oh, and don’t forget about the black cock! Remember when you ate cum out of my cunt after that big manly black man, that I kept all to myself, his cock was too good and my pussy was squirting too much to share. You did enjoy I know how much you love it when they stretch out my tight little pussy. Just thinking about it makes me wetter than ever before… Imagine that huge dick filling up both of us at once – your wife and our new playmate. It’s going to be incredible!

I can already feel myself getting wet just thinking about it all; my cunt is aching for your big cock inside of me while another thick shaft takes turns pleasuring every inch of me from behind or above. The thought alone sends shivers down my spine… So please, baby – indulge in this fantasy with me tonight by jacking off hard on those dirty thoughts until we are together again soon enough!

Hairy Pussy Makes The Cock Throb Harder!

Hairy wet pussyThe best thing about having a sweet hairy pussy is that it looks so pretty with a cum load sprayed all over it. This is why my good friend here cannot stay away from fucking me when he is on his way home from work. This is David and we used to work together a few years back; he lived like 5 mins away from me back then so we fucked 24/7. Now, he is about an hour away so we only get to play once in a blue moon. When we do meet up though it is always such a fun fucking time. 

When he is on his way home from work he will occasionally make a pit stop to get in a quickie. His wife is out late sometimes so we try to do this at least once a week. David has such a fetish for my pretty hairy cunt because he loves how it looks after he busts a fat load on it. He also is a huge fat of my pretty perky tits bouncing in his face when he fucks me. We used to get wild everyday back then and he has always been such a great fuck. When I moved I knew I needed his cock still; I am so glad we made this arrangement. 

He came over and I was on my back already naked for him; I knew we had crunched time so I wanted to be ready. Once he walked in the room he dropped his clothes off and came right over and began making out with me. We were fondling with one another and he told me how much he missed fucking my hot holes. I told him there is no cock better than his and that we need fuck more often because once every couple weeks wasn’t enough. He agreed and said he would make it happen because he needs my holes to cum.

It was so good to hear him tell me how much better my holes feel over his wives. I got so wet as he slapped that cock up and down my warm slit. He rubbed my cunt hair and told me how much he loved my hair hole since his wife always waxes. A natural pussy with some pretty hair to catch a load is what makes a woman. He loves a real natural woman who will do anything for him. We are so sexually connected and sensual with one another. I hope one day he realizes I am the one he needs. 

I am the one who milks him dry and he comes back to me. He tells me how much better I treat him too; one day I will make him mine. We fantasize about a life together as he pumps his cock into me telling me I am the sexiest woman alive. We discussed running away together so it is just me and him and the hot sex we love so much. Until he and I can be together publicly; he knows where to find me. I will always be right on my back in this bed waiting for his cock and cum every day!

Mutual masturbation stories tell me yours; I’ll tell mine.

       Mutual masturbation stories tell me yours; I’ll tell mine. First thing I like to do is strip down to my birthday suit. Second, I get comfortable. The bed is good because I have a wall of mirrors so that I may watch myself. Next, I make sure that my partner is comfortable too. It must be remembered that since I have the wall of mirrors and my partner right alongside of me. We will be ready to begin.

       Mutual masturbation stories It’s important to remember that being able to see one another and comfortable will make the orgasm that much better. Now, I like to start playing with my super large boobs. Rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Palming them. Moving a hand down to my pussy. Finger sliding between the folds. Separating them. Opening them so that he may see the clitoris and hold all exposed.

        Looking in the mirror I am able to see that his cock is getting harder. As he strokes his length. Gives it a little shake. Tugging up on it. Groaning. I insert a finger up inside of me. Thumb stroking over the clit. Pressing in on it hard.

        At the same time as he gets harder, I get wetter.

        Removing my fingers from my vagina I rub some of the juices over my nipples. Cupping the breasts. Finger flexing around them. Pushing them together. Before returning to my pussy and administering to the wetness and pressure that is building up.

        Right beside me I feel and hear my partner groaning. Getting close. A second finger joins the first, pumping in harder. The pressure is building, and you know there is nothing better than watching a hot sexy woman in the throes of orgasm, eyes wild, mouth open, body convulsing.

        Partner orgasming at the exact same time.