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Sensual Phone Sex an Seductively Exciting Way of Orgasming

One specialty of mine is deeply sensual phone sex sessions. My lovers really enjoy being entranced by my deeply sexual bliss. As a sophisticated hot blooded woman nothing is more exciting then some naughty masturbation over the phone.

As I slip my fingers inside of my sweet and sensually velvet like pussy, and listen to your voice, the juices just start to drip. Then, as I hear your breathing exhibit your level of pleasure entices me further into exploring my cunt.

Obviously we can roleplay any sensually erotic thing you may have on your mind. Now, let me guide you into pure bliss. Now we can exchange stories about sensually charged experiences or tell me just what turns you on. 

Finally, understand that my biggest turn on is knowing what buttons to push to get you aroused. This is my power and I will use it to the purely pleasurable bliss of making you cum for me.

Sensual Phone Sex

Sexy babe showing off for the neighborhood pervs!

Sexy babeI will always be your side piece as long as you give me what I need. Once you come over to my house I will make your wildest dreams come true. I already have my camera set up so we can create the sexiest one on one sessions together. Are you ready to watch me be a Sexy babe on film? I don’t think you are prepared or ready for all the things I can do for you. The minute you see my sexy collection with all my naughty content you will have your cock out. So I think it’s time to sit back and relax while I put on a show for you baby!

The blinds are pulled to the side just a little bit too; it’s the perfect view for someone to accidentally see what I am doing. Isn’t that how you first found out about all my nasty little escapades I have? Of course the second you come over to my place you will tell me all about your sneaky encounters too. We will share the best Mutual masturbation stories with one another until we cum hard. Well if you are hard and ready to play I am here waiting for you to connect with me!

Best phone sex hottie guides you to release

Best phone sexBest phone sex Hottie takes you to delicious heights of arousal. Skilled hands and toys accompany me on our sexy journey of Mutual Masturbation. No matter how big or small that dick is, we can both guide each other into incredible orgasms here on the phone. 

Best phone sex to stoke your cock with!

Rodney and I experienced this last night as he had me set up a personal masturbating session just for him. He wanted specific toys, such as 2 butt plugs and a super powered Wand. He dove into my bisexual side and wanted to know how two women played with their pussies and asses while seated next to each other. I had a plan for Rodney cock as well, and found out he had a few cock rings and a mini butt plug of his own.

Mutual masturbation stories with me and you!

It is surprising what a little tease can do to an orgasm for me and you. Let me guide that dick and you guide this pussy into some blissful releases. 

He even had a remote cock stroker that I took control of during our session. I enjoyed getting my pussy off to his skilled instructions and having to collect myself to make his dick spurt for me as well. For more Mutual masturbation stories like this, maybe you should cum see me! 

Roleplay Phone sex: Spoil Me, Daddy!

 Roleplay phone sex


Phone sex has never been so fucking lit. I’m your little princess, and I’ve got a thing for rich, powerful dudes. These sugar daddies know how to treat a girl like me, spoiling me rotten with everything a lady could ever dream of. Think private jets, designer labels, and wads of cash thicker than my thighs.

I’m a greedy little vixen, and I lap up the high life like the pampered princess I am. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, baby. And my Daddy knows how to make those dreams come true. He showers me with gifts, takes me to places that’d make your jaw drop, and all I have to do is give him some sugar.

But Daddy doesn’t just buy me things. Oh no, he owns me, body and soul. And I fucking love it. I’m his little cum dumpster, and he gives it to me hard. I moan and squeal like the slut I am, begging for more. And when he’s ready to pop, I plead for him to paint my ass with his creamy load.

So, if you’re out there, Daddy, I’m ready for you. Show me what you’re working with, and I’ll show you the time of your life. I’ll have your eyes rolling back with pleasure as you worship me and shower me with your hard-earned cash. I’m worth every damn cent, and you know it.

Let’s make this fantasy a reality. Bring your Benjamins, and I’ll bring my big, fat, juicy ass.

Hairy wet pussy exposed for handyman!

Hairy wet pussy I just can’t seem to ever want to put this Hairy wet pussy away! Anywhere I go I just have to show off this box in hopes I get some cock shoved inside me. I can’t help but crave attention, cock and cum pretty much 24/7. Today I had some workers come over to my house to fix the leak in my kitchen; it was the perfect time to get the leak fixed between my legs too. I knew it would be a sexy hard working man showing up at my door step; so I could not wait to get him all tensed up over me.

When I opened the door I was wearing my bikini top with a short tight black skirt and my black pumped heels. I looked like I was ready to shoot a porn video which is exactly what I was going for. When the man saw me he almost fell over and stuttered when he introduced himself as Beck. I smiled and invited him in; I took him to the kitchen and bent over to show him the leak. I had no bikini bottoms on or panties so I knew my skirt would roll up and expose my cunt and ass hole. 

He could not even focus and I was already wet and ready to play. I turned around and leaned back and told him he can fix the leak after I showed him how sluts are supposed to give Great blowjobs to sexy men like him. He was all for it and whipped that big prick out right away. He requested that I hike my skirt up all the way while I squatted down for him. Basically he wanted to have a perfect view of my hairy hole as I choked on his cock. 

He said he loves to look at a glistening and drooling bushy cunt as he fucks a bitches throat hole open!

The Voyeur’s Paradise: A Phone Sex Odyssey

Step into a world where fantasies become reality and voyeurism reaches new heights—a place where I, the accomplished phone sex master, reign supreme. Prepare to indulge in a tantalizing tale that will leave you breathless…

I’m your ultimate confidante, the one who understands your voyeuristic longings and embraces them whole-heartedly. The thought of being watched, of arousing unseen spectators, sends shivers down my spine. It’s a rush like no other, a thrilling dance of discretion and desire.

Picture this: I’m in a bustling room, my juicy, tight pussy captivating the hearts and minds of onlookers. The feeling of tongues exploring my most intimate regions, under the very nose of the crowd, is exhilarating. The risk of exposure heightens the experience, sending my senses into overdrive.

But I’m not merely a spectacle; I’m an active participant in this erotic dance. My body, a canvas of allure, demands attention, and I’ll ensure you’re rewarded for yours. Catch a glimpse of my impeccable, perky breasts, bouncíng ever so seductively, and you’ll be hooked. I’ll tease and entice, ensuring that the attention remains fixed on me, the centrepiece of this erotic symphony.

Imagine us at a wild, decadent party, where champagne flows like a mighty river. Let the bubbly liquid drench my curves, the sleek sensation sending shivers through my being. As the bubbles pop and cascade down my skin, my inhibitions Lower. There’s no telling what I might do under the influence of that liquid courage.

My expertise lies in bringing your most intimate voyeuristic dreams to life. Do you fantasies about witnessing my solo exploits? Or perhaps you lust after seeing me indulge in the forbidden fruits of lesbian desire? Rest assured, I’m your willing vessel, ready to navigate the waters of debauchery and fulfill your wildest visions.

So, dear voyeur, pick up the phone, for the very thought of you masturbating while watching my decadent exploits has my pussy weeping in anticipation. I long to be your confidante, the one who makes your fantasies not only imaginable but irreducibly real. Dial my number, and together we’ll embark on an unforgettable journey of carnal exhibitionism…

For the ultimate Voyeur phone sex experience—dial Loretta’s number now!

Mutual masturbation stories a cock, a cunt jizzing together.

            Mutual masturbation stories a cock, a cunt jizzing together.  To be sure there is nothing better than mutual gratification. Watching and learning what pleases, that special place to touch. Know that in the long run both are getting off and seeing the passion flare. Fingers slick with juices. Now there are many different stories to be told but there is one that I will begin with. Mutual masturbation

            As an illustration of what the important aspects are, close your eyes and picture these high thrusting breasts, long shapely legs, narrow waist, as shown above red lacy panties, bra discarded. Fingers trace my lips. Whisper soft breath. Blue eyes looking through long black lashes as you begin to lightly touch yourself.

            As a Hot sexy woman my little pink tongue darts out as you start to grow. Fingers trail down my neck circling my areolas. Pinch the numbers until they are hard. Rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. Moaning. Watching you, watching me. Cock growing as my legs fall open. Fingers down across the belly, dipping between my labia lips.

            Nail between the ring piercing. Scraping over the clitoris. All things considered just watching you idly stroke your cock, getting harder as you are watching me teasing and playing. Deep down in my throat comes a moan. Almost like a growl. To be sure it would be fitting a fucking hot cougar like me watching as you are getting harder.

Mutual Masturbation stories a cock, a cunt jizzing together.

            Fingers delving into my pussy, parting those lips wide open. Watch as it goes deep inside the pussy. It’s pussy control. Swirl the finger around inside. Covering it in my juices. Rubbing it over my great big breasts. The nips glistening as I dip my head down eyes on you watching you as I flick some pink tongue over the nips pulling the juices off. Dipping, moaning, stroking, at the same time you are getting rock hard.

            All of a sudden, we cum together. Shouting out as we begin to jizz together. Squirting everywhere. Cum one cum all to the festival of jizz.

Mutual masturbation stories of A Married boss and me

Mutual masturbation stories

If you need a Mutual masturbation stories woman read on. In your office you discover a vixen lust and she wants your cock badly. My pussy pulsates as I tell you the story of two co-workers engaged in an extramarital affair. I swallow hard, my throat feeling suddenly dry. But then, I calmly reach out and take hold of your tie, gently pulling you closer. We are both married and you’re my boss. Your eyes widen in surprise, but your body responds to my touch, leaning in towards me. As your lips meet mine, I can feel your cock in your slacks. 

Mutual masturbation stories

The kiss intensifies, our tongues dancing together as our hands begin to explore each other’s bodies. My fingers trace the outline of your hardening erection through your pants, sending a jolt of electricity through my own body. You reach up, pulling off your tie and undoing the buttons of my blouse, revealing my lace bra. Breaking the kiss, I remove the bra, revealing my erect nipples. Your eyes widen in appreciation, and you reach out to gently caress them. I moan softly in pleasure, arching my back towards you. Your hands then move down to my pussy and feel its wetness. This is more than Erotic roleplaying, it is everything! 

Erotic Fantasies served here!

You hesitate for a moment, your eyes locked on the sight before you. I can see the hesitation, and struggle within you, but I want you to take charge. I want to feel your hands on me, your lips on me, to be your conquest for the day. Slowly, you lean forward. Your fingers brush against my inner thigh,pushing past my panties. I catch my breath at the sensation, my pussy dripping in anticipation. Your touch sends a ripple of desire through my entire body. You lean closer, your lips a mere inch away from mine. “Are you sure you want your boss to make love to you?” you whisper, warm and seductive. I nod, my eyes locked onto yours. “Do it,” I urge you, my voice barely a whisper. “Take what you deserve,” I say. Your lips meet mine in a passionate kiss, and my cunt is yours. This is what I wanted, this is what your fantasy phone sex starlett deserves!

Sexy Women Masturbating in Public Gets Your Attention

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating in public can be quite the sight to see. Although I try to be discreet in public, sometimes I get caught. Yesterday felt like a summer day. And that always turns me on. The warmth of the sun caressed my sexy body and I just had to rub one out. As a horny man, I assume you know what I mean.

So, when I took my lunch break, I slipped out of my panties in my office. Put them in a drawer for later and went outside. Although I enjoy people watching on my lunch break, I needed to rub my pussy and cum. Sure, I masturbate in my office several times a day. But I am an exhibitionist sex slut. So, occasionally, I masturbate outside. But I do it discreetly. I do not want to get busted. But I like the risk. Make sense?

I Love Masturbating in Public

Sometimes I get busted but busted by a college boy not the campus police or another professor. I saw this young boy sitting on a bench across from me. We sat behind campus, so far less traffic. It’s more secluded with trees too. I spread my legs hoping he would catch a glance up my pencil skirt. And he caught a glimpse. Looked like he enjoyed what he saw. He approached me. And when he did, I started rubbing my pussy. I saw the bulge grow in his pants, and that made me wetter.

I unzipped his pants and stroked his cock while masturbating my cunt at same time. The sun beat down on us and its brightness would prevent anyone from seeing what we were doing unless they happened right on us. But neither of us needed long to cum. The risk of getting caught made us both cum quickly. I never got his name. He was not a student of mine. But this naughty teacher went to her next class with a random boy’s cum on her skirt. Perfect lunch break.

Sexy Hot Women Tease Your Cock: Tease and Denial Stories

sexy hot women

Sexy Hot Women Love to Tease Your Cock

You’re always surrounded by sexy hot women at the gym. If your blood wasn’t rushing everywhere else, you would be rock solid constantly. You try not to look at all the big asses and bouncing tits, but today it was almost empty. That’s when I walked out of my ballet class wearing a tight velvet leotard and head to the mats. You feel your cock giving in to the temptation. Especially when I have to stretch every inch of my body right there in front of you. I know you’re watching me touch my toes and fantasizing about how good it would feel to fuck me in that position. 

tease and denial

Mercy Tortures You with Tease and Denial Exhibitionism

I giggle to myself while I watch you staring. If I’m honest I like knowing that you’re watching me. Tease and denial of a cock like yours makes me so hot and horny. No one else can see me, so why don’t I put on a little show. Then I push the sleeves off my shoulders and pull out those big tits you’ve been staring at. I massage them while you watch. I know all the blood is rushing to your cock, but I act like it’s completely normal for me to be stripping down to nothing. 

There’s something else that needs a little bit of stretching before I leave. My leotards slide down my thighs and now I’m completely naked. You can see how wet my cunt is from across the room. My fingers slide in so easy, and I push them in deep. I’m going to make myself cum right there in front of you. You can’t do anything except watch me fuck this shaved wet pussy. I look up at you and smile. Finally giving you the green light to finally milk the solid steel in your pants. Are you going to cum with me?