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Naughty Teacher Gets Caught With Young Slutty Rebecca

Naughty teacherMy naughty teacher, Mr. James, was always finding ways to get me alone in private. One day after class, he told me that he had a special lesson planned for me and insisted that I stay behind after everyone else had left. When the room was empty, he locked the door and came over to where I was sitting at my desk. He started by running his fingers through my hair gently before slowly unbuttoning my blouse and caressing my bare chest. His touch sent shivers down my spine as his hands wandered lower towards my stomach and then further still until they were resting on top of the lace trimmed panties covering my crotch area.

“Take off your uniform,” he whispered into my ear seductively while pressing his hard-on against it through his own pants suggestively enough for both of us to know what kind of “lesson” this really was about!

Reluctantly but also secretly excited by this forbidden act between us two students (and him being an authority figure), I began undoing each button on top half of myself – revealing more skin with every one that came loose until finally standing there completely exposed from waist up except for those pesky bra straps holding onto them tightly across shoulders like some sort barrier keeping our true intentions hidden from prying eyes outside classroom walls…

As soon as all buttons were undone including zipper fly opening up front side seam revealing bulge growing larger beneath fabric indicating arousal level rising steadily within him too; Mr James reached out grabbed hold both sides pulling them apart force gently but firmly so that my panties were pushed down around ankles leaving me completely naked from waist up. He then took off his own clothes revealing his huge cock which was already rock hard and throbbing with desire for me!

Without any further hesitation or warning, he grabbed hold of my head forcefully pushing it down onto his dick making contact between our mouths as he began thrusting in and out while groaning loudly in pleasure at feeling so much power over another person especially one who looked up to him so much like myself did back then

Lesbian phone sex action is live and waiting for you!

Hot Lesbian phone sex action is live & waiting for you! I’m a fiery seductress who loves to get down and dirty. I’m a pussy connoisseur, and I take my job very seriously. I’ve spent years perfecting my craft, learning all the ins and outs of what makes a woman tick. I’m here to share my expertise with you.
Lesbian phone sexLet me start by saying that I love to fuck pussy just as much as I love to ride cock. I get so hot the way a woman’s body responds to my touch. It gets my pussy throbbing! I love the way their breath hitches when I slide my fingers inside them. The way their back arches when I hit just the right spot! And, that taste, something very special about sweet pussy juice.

Now, when it comes to making a cunt cum, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. It’s the best when I take it slow. The pussy really loves its when you tease it a little.  I’ll start by running my fingers over their thighs, their stomach, their breasts. I’ll kiss them deeply, making them feel like they are the one and only. I’ll suck on some titties, flicking those perfect pink nipples with my tongue. 

I move lower, licking from nipple to belly button. That’s when it starts to get really hot. I’ll start by licking their clit, slow and gentle at first, building up to faster, harder strokes. I love the way their body responds to my tongue. The way they moan and writhe beneath me makes me feel so powerful. When they’re on the verge of cumming, I’ll slide a finger or two inside them, curling them up to hit their G-spot. 

When I feel the Shaved wet pussy clenching around my fingers, I know they are about to pop, so I slow down. I really like to draw it out as long as I can. The slower I move, the moans turn into pleas. They have to beg to cum, I just don’t give it to them! Once they beg me enough, I climb on top and grind.

Back and forth, I hump the shit out of that cunt, and they can’t handle it. They explode and it makes me explode. The orgasms always soak my sheets. I like to throw these hot sluts around too. I make them bend to my will. I’ll stick out that ass and rail my big strap on in that tight hole. The screams of those whores make me cum.

I know you want to get in on this. I bet you learned a few things from your pussy eating Mistress. You have been very well behaved. You been watching me like a good slave, you know how much I love to perform for an audience.

You have been my biggest fan, jerking your deserparte cock off to me. I will spoil you good boy, I’ll take your cock in between our pussys. A hard hot dog in between two sloppy wet buns. You won’t be able to control your cock. You and that Sexy babe will do everything I fucking say or there will be consequences!


Mature phone sex slut Angela needs your cum

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This mature phone sex milf needs her hot, tight cunnie filled with the cream of a sexy, young stud! I want you drilling my cunt so hard that I can’t catch my breath long enough to beg you for your cum shot. My pretty whore pussy is throbbing and aching to be stuffed with your fat dick right now! It’s all I’ve been able to think about since I woke up this morning and I ran into my stepson fresh out of the shower. He had nothing on except for a towel draped around his waist and I wanted so badly to snatch it away and start sucking and stroking his young cock. I could almost taste the cum on my tongue while I was imagining it. I tried to ignore the wetness in my panties but I couldn’t take it anymore! I went to my room and started rubbing my pussy trying to get my mind off of him but it wasn’t much help. I could only fantasize about going into his room, pushing him back on the bed and riding his dick until I couldn’t possibly squirt anymore. I almost thought that I was imagining things when my door creaked open a few seconds later and he peeked in to talk to me. I was spread wide open on the bed with 3 fingers shoved up in my cunt and rubbing my clit at the same time so I knew that he could tell what I was doing. I didn’t have to say or ask anything, he already knew what I wanted. He walked over to me and got close enough for me to grab his hand and pull him down on top of me. His hard cock jabbed right into my soaked cunnie and he started thrusting hard and fast. I was already on the verge of cumming so I wrapped my legs around him and started begging him to cum with me. I won’t give away all of the details but he left my hot milf cunt aching for more young dick!

My Neighbor Has an Ass Fetish and He Wanted Mine

ass fetish


So, I recently learned that my neighbor has an Ass fetish. We’ve slept together quite a few times and he’s never once tried to put it in my ass. Last night we were out back on his deck having a couple drinks because the cool air was nice and crisp around sundown. He was definitely feeling a bit frisky, I could tell.

He kept slapping my ass when I walked by or would rub up against my ass whenever I would lean up against the side railing. When we sat down on the couch, I sat between his legs. He was in a cuddly mood; I could tell the drinks were kicking in full gear. He rubbed my shoulders and slipped my bra off exposing my sexy breasts.

Nothing Better Than Being Man Handled

I loved feeling his rough hard-working hands run over my nipples. He was a construction worker, so he has calloused hands. They feel amazing when they’re gliding over my hard nipples, it sends shivers down my back. Ever since we started fucking, I’ve never left his house without being filled full of cum. He enjoys shooting his hot load deep inside my juicy wet pussy. 

As we sat there, I could feel his cock getting harder and harder, pressing up against my ass. He asked me to stand up, so I did. He lifted up my dress, I wasn’t wearing any panties like usual. My nice tight round ass was in his face. He turned me around just a little, so my ass was directly in his face. Who could resist a hot sexy woman like me anyways? 

He took his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart and shoved his face right between them. Fuck his tongue felt so good. I never knew he was an ass man. He didn’t skip a beat at all, he was tongue fucking my ass like no other. I knew he was getting my ass ready for a good pounding. If you want to know what he did next, you’re going to have to pick up the phone and call me and let’s have some sexy chat!

Phone Sex Therapist Rebecca Shares How She Works Through Client Issues

As a sexy phone sex therapist, I would start by setting the mood. I’d ask my client to describe their current surroundings and then guide them through visualizing a more sensual environment. Maybe they’re in a candlelit room with soft music playing Phone Sex therapistor maybe they’re on the beach at sunset. Whatever image comes to mind, I want them to feel comfortable and aroused.

Next, I would begin touching myself suggestively over the phone while describing what I’m doing. My voice would be low and seductive as I tell you how my fingers are tracing along my skin, teasing my nipples until they harden under my touch. Then, slowly sliding down between my legs where there is no underwear on beneath this skimpy nurse uniform… “I can feel how wet you make me,” *moans* “Your cock is already hard for me isn’t it?”

I continue rubbing myself as if it were him doing it instead before asking him if he wants some help getting even harder for me. If he agrees then we both play along together; our hands exploring each other through our clothes over the phone line. A ll leading up towards one goalmaking sure that when we finally meet up in person (which could be arranged), nothing will stop us from having wild passionate sex right there on your desk!

I’d ask Baby to touch himself too, guiding him through the sensation of his own arousal. “Tell me how it feels when you rub your cock through your pants,” *purrs* “Is it getting harder for me baby?”


As we both become more turned on, I would start giving explicit instructions on what I want from him. Maybe he should take out his cock and stroke it faster or maybe even cum for me right then over the phone… “I want to hear every moan that escapes from your lips as you cum for me baby.”

If he agrees, then together we’ll push each other closer and closer towards orgasm until finally… BOOM! We both explode in a wave of pleasure – our voices echoing across the line as we scream out our release together. It might be messy but who cares? This was just another amazing session with my favorite patient/lover!

Cocksucking phone sex whore sucks off boss!

Cocksucking phone sexOnly the best whores who have Cocksucking phone sex know how important it is to lend their mouth out for the men in their life. Especially when it’s your boss or any kind of superior figure. I like my job and the money I get. So I knew it was very important to keep on track when it came to proving myself to my boss. When he wanted to blow a load I knew it was time to crawl underneath that desk and open my mouth for him. I have gotten so good at taking his prick down my throat hole too!

He always says how good my mouth feels as he pumps his cock in and out of my mouth. I love listening to him groan as he drops that load in my mouth. He smiles, smacks me on my face, squeezes my ass and says “This is what a Hot sexy woman is made for”. Yes, he is a misogynistic prick but he has a deep wallet and nice tasting cum. Plus, he keeps me around instead of hiring a man to do the job for half the price. So as a woman and a whore; I pick and choose my battles. 

I look at it as a blessing; whatever pays the bills and gets me a cum load a few times a week. I love getting attention for my sweet holes!

Hot Sexy Woman Whitney Seduces Neighbor


hot sexy woman
I know I’m a hot sexy woman, and so do all my neighbors. Now that it’s summertime I knew it was time to start wearing skimpy clothes and bathing suits. Luckily for me one of my neighbors is a young hot stud! I’m sure he’s well hung, too. If only I was able to find out.

I tease him here and there. Flash my sweet smile when I see him out back cutting his grass or grilling on his BBQ. This summer I know I’m going to find a way into his bed, or bent over his BBQ, who knows!

I Have the Perrrfuckt Idea

I all of a sudden had an idea, maybe I could drop some hints through some sexy chat. We would text from time to time. Maybe I can send him a text and see if that will do the trick. Start it out as an innocent text, maybe ask him if he can come over and fix my leaky sink.

Although I’ll have to find a way to make it start leaking, lol! But I know I could manage to figure something out. Nowadays men his age are always on their phones anyways. So maybe with a nice picture and some sexy phone chat I can seduce him!

Maybe it’ll work just enough to be able to work my way between those sexy legs of his and get my mouth on that juicy big cock! I just want to ravage his body with mouth. I want to feel his arms around my body as he touches every last square inch of it.

Fondling my tits and getting me nice and juicy wet. Gagging on his cock, getting him nice and hard so he can bend me over that fucking BBQ and fuck my juicy hot wet pussy. Fuck this summer is going to be so much fun! 

Naughty Teacher Farah Turns Boys into Good Cunt Slaves

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher decided to teach summer school this year. Every other summer I usually take some summer school classes. Not only does it pay well to teach summer school, but it exposes me to new young studs. The class size is smaller too, so I can really get to know my students well if I want to.

This class has 12 boys and 7 girls, and I like that ratio. Perhaps, boys have heard rumors about the hot mature teacher who likes to seduce her students, or there are just more boys who need summer school than girls. I do not care what the reason is because I have 12 young studs to get to know over the next month and a half.

Zach is my first pet of the summer school class. He plays football for my college and needs a lot of extra help to get his GPA up so he can play in the fall. He needs an A or B in my class. And I plan on helping him. But he needs to help this sexy mature phone sex babe too. And so far, he has proven he is a better cunt licker than a student. Zach has ADHD. However, when he eats pussy, he stays focused. His oral skills impress me. But I will work on his schoolwork too.

A Sexy Mature Babe Loves to Turn Boys into Good Pussy Eaters

When I take on a teacher’s pet, not only do I fine tune their sex skills, but I also help expand their minds too. No student passes my class just because they can eat pussy. Although I appreciate a good pussy eater, all boys, even the athletes, need to learn also. But my pussy and sexy body present young minds with the incentive they need to learn. So, this summer, I will teach Zach how to be a good lover. But I will also teach him how to be an A student too. This sexy babe enjoys enriching minds and creating good lovers for other women.

Cuckold Phone Sex – Forcing my Husband to Watch me get Fucked

Cuckold phone sex will drive you wild. I love forcing my husband to sit and watch me get fucked. Making him sit back and watch as some young stud rams his huge cock deep inside his wife’s pussy. Last night was one of those nights where I was out at the bar with a few of my friends from college.

It had been a while since we all got together, so I knew it was going to be a wild night. We’ve all been spread out across the country since we got our master’s 10 years ago. No better time than for a reunion. There were 6 of us including my husband.

cuckold phone sex

Shots and Dancing make me horny! 

We all got ready and met up at the bar. Had a great fun night filled with lots of shots, and dancing. I was so tipsy by the time we left the bar, I decided to invite over 2 of my old friends back home for more drinks. Little did I know, those 2 were going to surprise me with nice big stiff cocks as soon as we walked into the house.

I was immediately picked up and tossed on my couch. My shirt ripped open to expose my tits. My husband had this all planned. I knew that because when it started happening, he just walked over to his favorite recliner and sat down unbuttoning his pants. His cock was already rock hard.

I had a dress on and wasn’t wearing any panties, so Michael was already between my legs sucking on my clit while Damon was playing with my nipples. I looked over to see my husband stroking his cock while he watched us intently. I couldn’t help myself. I was moaning with erotic deep pleasure as Michael’s cock entered my soaking wet pussy.

Filling all my holes while he watched! 

I could feel Damon sliding his cock towards my mouth from above me, his balls tickling my forehead. I started sucking right as I was getting fucked nice and hard. Damon always thought I gave great blow jobs. I was always blowing him when we were stuck in long over night classes in college to keep him awake. He was definitely enjoying my mouth right now, that’s for sure!

All I could hear from my husband who was still on the recliner jerking off, saying “Fuck that’s so sexy babe! Suck his cock while he fucks you!” We kept going back and forth for about an hour until the guys we’re finally ready to cum!

They both shot their loads on shaved wet pussy! I then had my husband come over and lick me clean. Fuck that was a great a night. Why don’t you call me so we can have a great night together, too? 

GFE Phone Sex- All The Pussy None Of The Hassle

I love GFE phone sex. I like to provide you with the erotic sensual experience of a girlfriend without any of the drama and hassle. My pussy will be open to you 24/7. I will always be in the mood to give you the best head. I will indulge all your fantasies. Like brats? I can be your accomplice. Like furry friends? I can ride that red rocket for you. Want to be dominant? I will be your obedient and willing slave. Want me to make you dress up in panties and make you a sissy pansy, that is what I will do. I can be completely and utterly yours. I have a nice wet shaved pussy ready to be used and abused in any way you want. I am a no-limits girl. Nothing is too taboo for me.

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