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Best Phone Sex Surprise for Me Meant Two College Cocks at Once

best phone sexGive yourself the best phone sex for Valentine’s Day. I have a theory about women like me. We take care of men better than wives or girlfriends. But I only take care of men with big cocks and stamina. Even in my personal life, I only want big cock. I married and divorced twice. First husband had a small cock. I was young and married for love. Second husband had a big cock. But as he got older that big cock became worthless to me because it could not get or stay hard enough to fuck me properly.

Now, I am single with lots of lovers to fuck. And they are all young and hung. Even though I am not married, I have had a busy week of young bucks wanting to fuck me for Valentine’s Day. However, all I need to do is schedule them. Sometimes, even a naughty teacher can encounter scheduling mishaps. So, two young frat boys showed up at my door today within minutes of each other. One had flowers. The other had chocolates. And both had stiff cocks for me too.

A Sexy MILF Always Prefers Younger Studs to Fuck

I apologized. But they did not care. Honestly, one of the reasons I like younger men. They never freak out about sharing a woman with a friend or a stranger. Coincidence. Both boys belong to the same frat. One boy is a freshman in my current Intro to Psych course. And the other is a senior in my advanced human sexuality course.  They laughed and said it would just be the first of many more girls they would share. But the freshman added that it would likely be the only time they shared a mature phone sex babe. That was likely a true statement.

But most mature women are not as liberal in the bedroom as I am. We did a coin toss to see who got my ass and pussy first. Since I fucked up the scheduling, we had plenty of time for them to bounce back and switch holes. Both boys enjoyed getting to know each other better, as a pledge and upperclassman. And I enjoyed getting pounded by two college boys at once. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Sensual Phone Sex Full of Temptations, an Affair and Passion

Another long day working in my Husbands office as his legal assistant turned into a sensual phone sex seduction. This client of my husbands was a rather bad man with the sexiest voice. As we were going over his case I just could not help but purr a little sultry comment.

As I just simply remarked on how terribly hot I found his voice. In seconds the two of us were starting to get a little off track on the case and more erotic. My mind was completely driven into how damned horny I was and I started to play with my pussy.

Getting wet and hot as I purred inquiring what sort of things he would do with me. In a sudden startling moment there was a buzz at the door and there he was on his cell phone still talking to me but right in front of me now.

Obviously I had no choice than to let Richard in. Upon locking the door behind him he was picking me up and taking me to my husbands office. On his leather couch he had me sprawled out as he slipped down my moist panties and started to lick my pussy.

Moaning in intense passion I was in no way going to deny myself the orgasm I was reaching. I pushed his head away and demanded he take me. I need that big fat black cock in my cunt and I needed him to pound me hard and fast.

It wasn’t but five minutes and the two of us where climaxing and collapsed in sweat and juices.

Sensual phone sex

Erotic roleplaying with your favorite favorite anal craver!

Erotic roleplayingMy favorite Erotic roleplaying is when I got 2 superior men who love to plow out my sweet ass together. A sweet double penetration session with some big fat cocks is the best way to spend my weekend. There is nothing better than feeling a couple of fat cocks stretch my filthy shitter open and dump a load in me. I love feeling those loads drip out of my ass hole after I have been stuffed full of seed. I sometimes use it as lube to fuck my cunt after with my toy; I love feeling that cream all over my swollen clit.

Ass sex porn is the most viewed type of footage out there. It’s a known fact that men just love fucking dirty little shit holes. It’s like the forbidden fruit because a lot of girls don’t really like anal so when a guy finds one who does it’s like a keepsake. There is no better feeling I have over the sensation of having my shit hole torn open. If that cock is fatter it makes it even better because it hurts while they slide it in. So these 2 right here are some of my favorite cocks to have stuffed up my dirty ass. 

These two enjoy my sweet Hairy wet pussy too. They love to watch my pubic hair glisten while my slit gets so fucking creamy from getting dicked down in the butt hole. I cum harder than ever while they rub my clit and finger bang my cunt hole open as they DP my dirt box for hours. I can squirt like a fountain while my shit-box is being violated. I bet your cock is throbbing thinking about me being your filthy anal slave!

Exhibitionist Slut Farah Loves to Show Off Her Body

exhibitionist sexI enjoy exhibitionist sex. Do you? Since I got older, I am more comfortable with my body. So, I never mind flaunting it. Sometimes, I go to the nude beach to show off and check out the men. You know what you are getting at the nude beach. Nothing gets hidden, LOL. I met Matt Sunday on my excursion. A younger man, but a hung one. We hit it off. Although the beach was full of women with boobs much bigger than mine, he seemed to only have eyes for me.

Matt had a condo he rented for the week not far from the beach, so I went home with him.  He was closer and I wanted to fuck. So, did he. I sat on his balcony showing off my tits while he made us some drinks. Matt told me he was on vacation for a week. And I told him he could stay with me the next time he was in town. I know; I made a risky statement not knowing him at all. But I saw his cock and that was all that I needed to know.

I Love Being an Exhibitionist Slut

He got to experience my great blowjobs. And he seemed impressed. He never had a balls deep blowjob before. He was in for a treat. I swallowed all his jizz. Another first he said. Because I am an exhibitionist slut, I told him he should fuck me on his balcony. And he agreed too. He had never fucked outside before. I mean he was younger than me, but not that young. Had to be in his 30s at least.

His dick pounded my pussy so hard it slipped into my ass. The rail pressed against my boobs too. He did not even realize he was in my ass until I told him to rub my pussy so I could cum with him. And that was yet another first. So, I was his first deep throat head. His first outdoor fucking and his first ass fucking too. We have fucked every day since we met. Sadly, he heads back to Arizona on Friday. But he cannot get enough of this mature phone sex babe, so I think I will see him again soon.

great blowjobs

Sexy Babe Renee Makes Amazing Office Sex Happen With Stranger

As a sexy babe I am aware of the many things men crave. I am a mature women. So when Craig disclosed this fantasy to me I could not resist him.

The act of engaging in sexual intercourse with a seductive female secretary wasn’t all he craved. Craig wanted to fuck within the confines of the workplace. Not only in the confines of the office but in front of the floor to ceiling windows in the evenng.

In fact the backlit view of my breast against the glass for any neighboring offices or folks on the street below to possibly glimps. This is an item that remains to be fulfilled on his list of desired experiences.

Without a doubt I was getting turned on thinking about it myself. We had discussed this for some time before I consented to have him visit my Husbands office after hours. We would meet up for an evening rendevous. This was not the first time I have taken one of my husbands clients behind his back.

Sexy babe

Sexy babe gets paid to make you suck cock and wear her panties

When a Sexy babe like me has a cuckold sugar daddy who likes being my dress up barbie doll, I have fun dressing you up fun on the weekends. First you come over and right away I take my panties off. “Put them on” I demand of you. That’s because I know you like to wear my sexy panties. Especially mine because they have my pussy sent on them.

Sexy babe

“Don’t they feel good on your clitty?” I ask as you hand me my allowance over. We have a guest coming over. Once he arrives, I can see you checking him out while your ass wiggles in my girly panties. “Since my makeup is too sexy, you will fluff up his cock for me” I say while filing my nails a bit. Therefore, you get on your knees and start sucking cock. You suck it like a nasty whore who is making money. 

But instead, you pay me to dress you up like a slut and make you suck cock. As soon as I see his mouth leaking with precum, I slam my pussy on his dick. “Watch as I make every inch of his dick disappear into my pussy” I say as I bounce up and down on his dick. Your mouth waters even more and I laugh and say, “sorry you wish it were your pussy he was fucking?”. You nod your head and that is when I grab it and shove it close to his ass.

“Lick his asshole and milk his prostate into my pussy” I moan out. Therefore, you lick away and I can tell he is loving it because he starts fucking me even hard. Then my pussy tightened up and I started squirting all over your face. “I’m about to nut keep licking my asshole bitch” he said as I felt his cock start to pump inside me. You then spent the rest of the night cleaning the cum off his dick and my cunt. Even the cum that dripped down my Sexy legs. You got to watch me fuck and you clean up the mess like a good cuckold sissy maid.

Sexy babe Lena loves when she’s got eyes on her sweet pussy!

Sexy babe

Sexy babe Lena loves when she’s got eyes on her sweet pussy! I bet you’re already imagining all the dirty things you wanna do to me, aren’t you? You wanna grab me by my hair and pull me towards you, your lips crashing onto mine in a fiery and passionate kiss. And then you wanna throw me onto the bed, rip off my clothes, and reveal my wet pussy to you.

Trust me, there’s nothing I love more than a man who knows how to take control and give it to me hard and fast. I want you to pin me down with your strong hands, spread my legs wide open, and plunge your cock deep inside me. I want you to fuck me with such intensity that the neighbors will be creaming their pants watching all the crazy hot fucking we’ll be doing.

I’ll be moaning and screaming your name, begging for more. I want you to spank my ass until it’s red and raw, leaving your mark on my skin. And when you’re done with that, I want you to grab my hair again and make me suck your cock like it’s the last thing I’ll ever taste. Oh, how I love the taste of a hard, throbbing cock in my mouth.

I want you to use me in ways you’ve only dreamed of. I want you to invite your friends over and let them fuck me while you watch, getting off on the sight of me being used like a cheap whore. So come on, call me for some hot Voyeur phone sex! Let’s make all those filthy, nasty thoughts in your head a reality. I guarantee you, I’ll leave you breathless and satisfied, with my pussy dripping with your cum.

Side Piece Whore In Service!

Erotic roleplayingEvery time I fuck now I feel like there is always an added cock in the mix and I love it. The word is getting out that I am the nasty neighbor whore and work slut. I mean I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. What could I expect when I fuck them so good they can’t help but tell their friends and co-workers? I imagine at some point I am going to have lots of unhappy wives and girlfriends knocking on my door.

Listen, I always say; it is not my fault that I make their cock feel better than their partners do. I am as single as a pringle and I can spread my legs for any dick I want. I am not in control of who’s cock is married/taken, etc. If they want to give it to me I am taking it no matter what. Some may call that selfish and dirty but I call it free and exhilarating. 

These 3 studs are friends and I was fucking the one for a while and than he told his other 2 about me. So they all showed up at my house to give me a run all together. Let me tell you; they had some fat ass cocks. I could not even take it all in my holes; we had to stretch me a bit before they slipped in together. They said I was tight for a whore who fucks everyone; I giggled and said most guys aren’t hung like them.

They were flattered as they pumped me raw with their cocks. I was having a great time and so were they. I mean they each came at least 2 times each; I was filled with nut. They were all married and had to head home so I told them to stop by anytime they needed to fuck their little home wrecking side piece whore!


Small dick humiliation is what you deserve you dirty slut!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation is what you deserve you dirty slut! You pathetic little excuse for a man I can see right through your facade of masculinity. I know the truth, that you have a small, inadequate excuse of a dick. And that just makes me want to toy with you even more.

You see, I get a kick out of reducing you to nothing but a quivering mess at my feet. Knowing that you are so desperate for my attention, but will never be able to please me with your pathetic excuse for a manhood. It’s hilarious to me how you try to act all confident and macho, but I can see the fear in your eyes when I hold up my hand to reveal my middle finger. Oh, how I just love to crush your ego and remind you of your rightful place, beneath me.

You crave my touch, my attention, my approval. But you know that you will never get it. No, instead, you will get tease and denial. And trust me when I say, I am an expert at it. I will have you begging and pleading for release, but I will just laugh and deny you. I will make you my little plaything, and you will revel in the torment I put you through. Because deep down, you know that you deserve nothing but humiliation and degradation.

But don’t worry, my small dicked loser, I will make sure to keep you coming back for more. You will crave my cruel words and teasing touches. You will yearn for a glimpse of my body, but you will never get to touch it. You will just have to sit there and watch as I pleasure myself, knowing that you will never get to experience such pleasure.

So, if you think you can handle the ultimate tease and denial experience, then pick up the phone and call me for Tease and denial phone sex. Let me show you just how inadequate you really are. And don’t even think about trying to please me with that pathetic little thing between your legs. Because no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to satisfy me. And that is exactly what you deserve, you dirty slut. So come on, give me a call and let the humiliation and denial begin.


Sissy Maid Stories Made Rebeccas Shaved Wet Pussy Tingle

The sissy maid stories I have for you, oh they will last for daysl You became my sissy faggot maid because you were pathetic and desperate for a woman’s attention. You saw an ad I posted online, offering a position as a personal maid for a wealthy and dominant woman like myself.

Sissy maid stories

You didn’t realize that the job entailed more than just cleaning and cooking; it involved being my plaything whenever I desired. You were just happy to be in my company, because well duh, who wouldn’t be? Your pathetic ass was like a little puppy in heat showing up on my porch that day.

I led you to a room filled with maid outfits, all designed to accentuate your feminine curves and make you look like the worthless cock you are. I chose the shortest skirt and tightest top, knowing it would showcase your pathetic little cock and balls.

I then proceeded to humiliate you in every way possible. I made you call me “Mistress” and refer to yourself as “my sissy faggot maid.” I made you beg for permission to breathe, let alone serve me. And when I finally allowed you to start cleaning, I made you clean with your hands and knees, just like the little slut you are. I even made you use my toothbrush to clean the toilet, knowing how much it would disgust you.

As my sissy maid, you’re responsible for much more than just cleaning. You’re also expected to dress me, do my hair, and apply my makeup. You’ll learn how to walk in high heels and strut your stuff like a true diva. And of course, there’s the occasional “special” task, where I’ll force you to suck my dildo or let me fuck your pathetic little ass. Whatever hole I want! Sometimes with other dicks not just my dildos, although I catch you on break sucking those too because you just want to be a faggot so very bad!

You’re so desperate for my attention that you’ll do anything I ask, no matter how degrading. And the best part is, you actually enjoy it. You’re a natural-born sissy, and I’m just helping you embrace your true self.

So, my sissy faggot maid, get back to work. There’s still so much for you to learn, and I’m looking forward to seeing just how far you’re willing to go to please your Mistress. Remember, your only purpose in life is to serve and entertain me, and if you ever forget that, I’ll make sure to remind you in the most small dick humiliation as possible.