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Great Blowjobs Are Something I Am Best At

When it comes to giving Great Blowjobs, there is no denying my skills. Simply put, that throbbing dick between my lips is a great sensation for my wet mouth.

First I like to caress your cock with my warm hand as we embrace in a kiss. Let the passion build between us as our tongues mingle. Nothing turns me on more than building up passion between us. All the while I am slowly stroking your cock.

Then, as I break from the embrace of our lip and tongue mingle, I continue to kiss your neck. Continuing down your chest, and nipples my lips and tongue explore you.

Finally I just get to the good part and slide your erect shaft between my lips. Pausing at the head as my tongue plays into that dick hole. Licking and wrapping my lips around your glandulous cock head I savor the feeling.

At last the action really begins. As I suck lick and pull your whole length of that big cock into my mouth it’s time to just completely devour every inch of that bad boy. I will bob, lick suck and deepthroat you.

Pulling my lips off I smile at you as I resume teasing and sucking those balls dry.

Great blowjobs

Ass Fetish Is Something That Makes My Man Horny

As you can imagine I have many lovers, despite being a married woman. One of my young lovers has an Ass fetish. He absolutely loves my ass.

Often times when we are together he just wants to bury his tongue in my asshole. In fact I am often times queening him. You know sitting this sweet ass of mine on his face. I will just sit there and let him eat my ass while I go about my business.

One time I was even on a conference call with my husband. He knows all about my many lovers. My husband is older and travels. We do not have a family. We are both busy professionals that are independent and have our own sexual deviances.

It’s no surprise for my husband that I get off on having a couple of guys that i dominate. It’s a fetish of his to see me using my sex slaves. So a conference call while he was in Japan and I was Queening a slave was a perfect way to keep in touch.

Ass fetish

Voyeur Phone Sex Need of Shameless And Elusive Masturbation

Uniquely, Voyeur Phone Sex offers something discreet, naughty and shameless. Like masturbating secretly to someone else masturbating, or even fucking, is really a turn on.

One instance I have enjoyed is a caller that loves to call as he watches his roommate having sex. Rich is a naughty boy, to say the least. In fact he is such a voyeur that he has secretly set up a nanny cam in his roommates bedroom.

And he has called me as he sits and views the feed of his nanny cam from his office. Now this is not recommended for everyone to do, as the repercussions can be quite daunting against you in a legal sense.

Voyeur phone sex

However, if you are so lucky to have a roommate that is as naughty as you and loves the idea, then that would be extremely hot.

In this effect we can discuss a cuckold situation. A wife fucking black bulls in the bedroom as the husband watches it all from the multiple cams set up. Explicitly, I have had a client tell me all about that as well.

As a matter of fact, Voyeur Phone Sex is an exciting Masturbation tool for lovers of watching others. With this in mind, I will not deny the aspect of really enjoying these situations myself. Although it is risky, I too have enjoyed being a voyeur.

Finally, some of my favorite calls are confessions about voyeuristic interludes that has made you cum hard.

Sexy Babe

Best Phone Sex Sensual Domination with Renee

A little sensual domination can be the best phone sex. And with a sexy and mature professional woman will make you weak. Sometimes I find myself in a position of control over many men. And I will not lie. That control makes me so god damned fucking hot.

Some of the time guys call me for a GFE where they want to edge. Evidently these guys have been edging all night or early morning. Almost all of the times they are edging to thoughts of a girlfriend or wife cucking them.

One time I had a caller that was at home alone. He was married and his wife was out. That’s right she was out fucking anoter guy or three.

Interesting enough, this married man needed to talk.  As it was, All my caller got to do is sit at home and watch porn. Generally it will be BBC porn or a wife blacked. Finally the got to have the best phone sex with me to cum hard.

Obviously when he gets to call me he wants to discuss what is going on. For the most part these guys need me to taunt and tease them. Often to ruin their orgasm.

Ultimately all of these scenarios fit with what I love. So if there happens to be a kinky cuckong kind of fixation on your mind, let me in.

Best phone sex

Erotic Roleplaying Intimate and Exciting Encounters

If Erotic roleplaying with a sensual and independent woman is what you crave, look no further. Let me verbally jerk your cock off with my skills and seductive voice. 

Natually, a mature married woman like myself has needs. Of course I love my husband. However, we both love a little spice in our marriage. Needless to say that we are both very busy professionals. My husband travels alot, and therefore I am left attending to the Law office and to myself.

With this understanding my husband and I have, my needs should be fulfilled. Those needs are for flings and affairs of hot passionate sex. When we meet up and out attraction is strong, why should we resist pleasure? 

With Erotic roleplaying explicit kinks can be explored

Unquestionably indulging in the desires of an fulfilling and erotic experience fires up your lust for life and excitement. And this is that desire that we need to feed upon. As my hand brushes your stiff cock while sitting in flirtatious awkwardness, we must not resist. 

Immediately we embrace and kiss. Our hands are exploring and undressing each other. 

Soon, you slide down and start to explore my labia. Your tongue slipping between the hotness between my legs. With a moan escaping my mouth and my hands playing in your hair, you explore deeper in my cunt.

An undeniable heat has built up and the passion of your pussy licking becomes more intense. Soon my body quivers and my hands clench in your hair. “I’m cumming I moan as my warm cunt juices cascade from my throbbing and swollen cunt.

Thereafter you come up and embrace me in a deep tongue kiss. The taste of my juices all over your lips and tongue. I then kiss down your neck, chest and to your cock. 

In moments your throbbing erect penis is in my mouth. Between my lips you slide in and out of my mouth. Sucking, licking and deep throating your dick has you exploding with a pure ecstatic orgasm.

Great Blowjobs are a launch into a deeper intimacy

Consequently, this is only the beginning of a wonderful fuck. A foreplay leading to a more passionate deeper pleasure. Cumming together as we entwine our naked and lustful bodies.

Erotic roleplaying

Having The Best Phone Sex Can Be Addictive

Best Phone Sex is with a mature sexy woman that does not have any limits. As a Sexy mature cuckolding mistress,my cunt gets wet being watched. Since I am married and older I enjoy  being watched by young neighbor.

Some of my hottest encounters are with younger men. Many younger guys love a matured woman. A mature woman is an exerienced woman. At least that is the case with me.

Last week I got a new neighbor. He is much younger and married also. His wife is away at work all day during the week. He works from home. This gives us both a lot of time to get to know each other.

Our first encounter happened when I was taking in the sunny and unseasonly warm day. I decided to sunbathe nude in my backyard. Well, his office window overlooks my yard.

At some point I was laying out on my front and started rubbing my cunt. Seems that stirred him. This young man was quite confrontational.

Seems he was being distracted by me. And I asked him if that was all. Or is it that he was too hard to think and work. I mean he was really causing his shorts to bulge.

Obviously I invited him inside to discuss this. It was only right that I assisted him. Once inside I grabbed hold of that bulge. I decided to let his beastly cock out of his shorts. Then I walked him to the bedroom by it.

When the Best Phone Sex is being cuckolded

One thing my husband loves best is me fucking young guys in our bedroom. We even have a cam in the bedroom where he can be a voyuer. As I threw this young man down on my bed I crawled ontop of that big fat cock. I rode his raging beast of a dick into pure orgasm.

Best phone sex

Giving a Whole New Meaning to Sexy Babe

Sexy babe is what you see and it’s this sexy dominant woman that you crave to serve. In fact, if you really wish to serve me and enjoy my Domination then understand the door opens with respect first. 

First and foremost, you will refer to me as Mistress. Now that this important morsel has been shared let us continue with what is in store for you. 

Once I have dressed for my dominant role, my bad girl side will be released. This is the part of me that will take no shit like a bad girl shouldn’t. From you I expect you to be on your knees. Crawl to me and lick my tall vinyl boots.  

Giving a Whole New Meaning to Sexy Babe 

As I have you where I want you, naked and crawling, you are understanding your place. In a rare case I will take the roll of a sissy trainer and have you in panties. Either way is acceptable for me. 

Once I understand what fuels your obsession to be a subservient male to a powerful woman we can begin. Now understand, if you have no idea what you want then neither will I. 

First off, my cunt is wet with the surge of power as I stand over you, slave. Understand that I’m confident and very sure of myself and the power of this pussy. Secondly, If you are an ass man I have no problem making you worship every part of my ass.

Now that we have a few conditions covered, it is prime time that you submit to me now.

Finally, our fantasize ultimately has no limits. But understand that I am not a mommy, nor am I a breeder.

 Sexy babe

Erotic Roleplaying Offers Up Exciting and Sensual Phone Sex

Many ideas jump into my head for Erotic roleplaying. Some of the most Sensual ideas trigger an excitemnet in my pussy and I long to have such conversations. When I was younger there were pillow talk hours on the radio stations.

Now when I look up pillow talk I see there are podcasts of the sorts. This is triggering me to start listening to some. As I always found it super relaxing. Honestly, I think I would be a great hostess for some super naughty and sensual form of this topic.

Finally the best thing about being a phone sex goddess is that I can talk to all kinds of men. In fact I can just enjoy their voices and what they desire. These things allow me to connect and allows me to massge your proverbial cock.

Erotic roleplaying

Sensual Phone Sex Full of Temptations, an Affair and Passion

Another long day working in my Husbands office as his legal assistant turned into a sensual phone sex seduction. This client of my husbands was a rather bad man with the sexiest voice. As we were going over his case I just could not help but purr a little sultry comment.

As I just simply remarked on how terribly hot I found his voice. In seconds the two of us were starting to get a little off track on the case and more erotic. My mind was completely driven into how damned horny I was and I started to play with my pussy.

Getting wet and hot as I purred inquiring what sort of things he would do with me. In a sudden startling moment there was a buzz at the door and there he was on his cell phone still talking to me but right in front of me now.

Obviously I had no choice than to let Richard in. Upon locking the door behind him he was picking me up and taking me to my husbands office. On his leather couch he had me sprawled out as he slipped down my moist panties and started to lick my pussy.

Moaning in intense passion I was in no way going to deny myself the orgasm I was reaching. I pushed his head away and demanded he take me. I need that big fat black cock in my cunt and I needed him to pound me hard and fast.

It wasn’t but five minutes and the two of us where climaxing and collapsed in sweat and juices.

Sensual phone sex

Sexy Babe Renee Makes Amazing Office Sex Happen With Stranger

As a sexy babe I am aware of the many things men crave. I am a mature women. So when Craig disclosed this fantasy to me I could not resist him.

The act of engaging in sexual intercourse with a seductive female secretary wasn’t all he craved. Craig wanted to fuck within the confines of the workplace. Not only in the confines of the office but in front of the floor to ceiling windows in the evenng.

In fact the backlit view of my breast against the glass for any neighboring offices or folks on the street below to possibly glimps. This is an item that remains to be fulfilled on his list of desired experiences.

Without a doubt I was getting turned on thinking about it myself. We had discussed this for some time before I consented to have him visit my Husbands office after hours. We would meet up for an evening rendevous. This was not the first time I have taken one of my husbands clients behind his back.

Sexy babe