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Blind Date


Erotic roleplaying

I had a blind date with Patrick, I had been chatting with Patrick for two weeks, and finally, we decided to meet. We scheduled to meet by 7:30 pm at a Chinese restaurant. Patrick was the first to get to the restaurant; he waited for like 30mins before he noticed me. I could tell he was impressed by my tall, fair, and slim body stepping in from the front door he was so amazed because he never expected that I would look so attractive. As I approached the table, Patrick stood up and offered me a seat; both of us were happy and excited to see each other. After like a minute, the waiter approached us, and we both ordered a glass of red wine. As the conversation was going smoothly, I became very horny and couldn’t control my emotions anymore. I stylishly told Patrick to meet me at the restroom. Patrick was surprised but was also willing and ready for the adventure. After a minute, he decided to go and meet me in the bathroom. Immediately he stepped in, and I started kissing and caressing him, Patrick quickly grabbed my ass and squeezed it so hard as we were kissing so passionately. After kissing for like 5mins I knelt down and started giving him a blow job, it felt so good, and Patrick had a maximum erection. After a while, I stood up and bent over, then Patrick quickly penetrated my very wet pussy through the back and spanked my soft ass as he was pounding me. I moaned quietly with a very low and sexy voice. Patrick increased his tempo, consistently making me lose control. Patrick continued, and after 20mins I had my first orgasm I wanted to scream, but Patrick quickly covered my mouth and remained consistent with his big dick going in and out of my wet cum dumpster pussy. After another 30mins I had another orgasm, but this time around, Patrick couldn’t stop me from screaming so loud because I was Cuming and squirting at the same time. After that round, both of us were exhausted, but we were delighted as we stepped out of the restaurant.

Hot Sexy Chick Sex

Sensual phone sex

Latin lovers like me love to have fun. Women like me, hot sexy chicks we get off on being naughty nasty and Wild. I’m one of the wildest Spanish whores that you will ever meet and that’s fine with me. I have been dreaming of a big hard cock driving into my beautiful sexy cum filled pussy. Can you make my dreams come true? I need a man right now a strong man a wild man a man who’s not afraid to fuck me like a heathen and Heat. My body is yearning for some naughty sex right now. My pussy is throbbing because it needs a big fat cock to go deep inside of me and fuck me like a beast. I need you and I know that I can please you I can give you everything you need. Don’t you want a hot sexy bald shaved pussy tonight? I will go all the way I have no taboos what so ever. I’ll do anything that you could dream of anything at all. I’m waiting on you I’m horny for you my body is aching for you. Don’t you want to fuck a Spanish sexy woman tonight? Is in your cock just getting rock hard thinking about what you can do to my sexy body? You know what to do to make yourself happy so you should just do it I’m waiting.

I’m on your nasty mind

Sensual phone sex

Let’s have some fun, babe. My pussy is aching for your hard cock rod, and I can’t wait any longer. If you knew how horny you make me, you would sprout wings and fly over to my house. Maybe you can get over here right now and help me get out this sexy little negligee. I’m so fucking horny my pussy is ready to cowboy ride your massive meatstick. You are the only man who can truly please me. You have the biggest dick and the most stamina of any guy I have ever fucked. I can take every inch of your strong long killer cock. I know you want to give me a massive load of your hot creamy cum. I dare you to get in your car and make your way over here. I can tell that you have nothing but brutal sex and dumping cum all over my slutty body. Am I tempting you to come for my hot wet pussy? We both know you can’t stop thinking about getting your cock sucked and fucking my cunt.

Let me Strip for You


Sensual phone sex

I’m hot and I know that guys are always trying to stick their hard horny cocks inside of me soaking wet tasty pussy. I make guys weak when I take off my clothes for them. I have been dreaming about this one guy though, he makes me weak. I know that he is another girl that I work with faithful client but I still want him. I want to sit in his lap after I take off all my clothes for him and dance on his hard dick. I know that he likes me too because he is always looking at me. If I could I would get down on my knees and put my head in between his legs and suck his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I want to suck his cock to the balls and I would make sure to swallow all of his creamy jizz. She is not good enough for him but I know I will be the best sex he has ever had.

Bad Lover


Domination phone sex

Tabitha Stevens as the Dirty Princess.

Your friends are foul, and you don’t even care. All your friends try to pour their cocks into my squirting pussy. I think of you, and I know I love you, so I can say what I’m saying. You are a small cock motherfucker. I’ve given you chances something different so many opportunities that it’s extreme. Every time I allow you to fuck me right, you fucking disappoint me. You are the problem, and you know you are. Your heavy drinking and your tiny cock drives us both apart. How can we be lovers if you stay drunk and have a nothing cock? I’m lost with you. I can’t find my freaky self. I have love for you, but you need to get an operation to make your cock grow, I need some evidence that you want me. My heart is bleeding for you, but my pussy is bored with you. You’ve caused me pain each time you come around because you run off the guys with big dicks. You’re such a case of fucking Disturbing Behavior why can’t you leave me because I don’t want to be with you anymore. You’re begging, and crying at the front door isn’t going to work any longer. I guess you don’t even have a care in the world because your little dick is gross, and you won’t change it. I think you want to hurt my heart. You’re a desperate small cock fuck up. I should have known, and you were not going to get the surgery; that’s why I’m doing something different. I know something else too. You’re fucking cruel; in my book, that’s why I fucked your only friend; you said that you depended on me, and then you told me you depended on him. You were trying to throw me off. I laugh in your face because he was not even a friend at all; he was the guy you are fucking behind my back. That’s right, bitch, I know all about your faggot shit. You are a twisted soul, indeed, yes you are. I wish you would stay gone the next time that you leave don’t come around any more keep the fuck away from me. You had sex with my mother; you put a strap-on and fucked her like she was your lover. You had your fucking mouth wrapped around her pussy lips; you don’t have any shame at all. You’re a twisted motherfucker I want you to understand you’re no good for me. You want nothing, and you don’t even care.

New Clothes in Exchange for hot Ass Sex

Ass sex porn


I went to this mom and pop clothing store with the thought of getting some new clothes. I didn’t have much money, but I had a plan. I walked in, and just like on every Friday when I visit, the wife is gone, and there’s nothing but the husband there. I said hello, as usual, he smiled at me, and I could tell he always looks at my ass. That guy really does lust over a nice ass. He loves tits too. I can tell because he looks at my tits instead of my eyes. I tried on some panties. I came out of the dressing room, and I asked him how my pink lace panties looked. There wasn’t anyone in the store but me and him, so I felt safe to be as nasty as possible. I had new clothes on my mind, and I know that he had my ass on his mind. Being the slut that I am, I had to ask him to come into the dressing room. He went and put a closed sign on the front door and locked it and he walked in the back of the dressing room with me I told him that I wanted to earn some clothes today and he said that if I did enough work I could. I bent over, and he took his big fat dick out and stuffed it into my asshole. He started fucking me profusely, grabbing my tits while ramming his cock inside of my ass. I loved it and that wasn’t all he was doing. He did so much to me, and I would love to share every detail with you. I ended up getting me a few new outfits, and I can’t wait to go shopping again.

My Wildkatt


Femdom phone sex

I know she does what she wants; she doesn’t like to be submissive. It’s really her way of telling me, fuck you, and she knows it. She’s high-and-mighty, and I am going to fix her ass I’m going to show her I’m in control. I always liked her sexy little bubble ass I’ve always thought of it is a fantastic set of cheeks. She gets nasty for me; that’s what I like about her, she makes me a lot of money, but she doesn’t apply herself like I want her to. You know what surprises me, I had her do a job for me last night. I had her work with this guy will call him Peter, anyway Peter is a real good customer I sent girls his way before, and he aims to please just as much as I do. Peter pays well, so that makes him way more inviting anyway. Peter gets bored easily, but he is not bored with sweet cheeks. So I set him up on a date I told her he was in for his bonus she looked at me she smiled coy and sexy. She got right up to my ear and whispered, does that mean I give him anything he wants? My pussy got instantly wet because I like her; she looks so innocent, but she’s such a fucking walking whore. I had to keep my composure; it took me a second or two later than I would have liked, but I got my mental capacity together responded. Yes, he could have what he wants and more. I have to be in control; I don’t want my girls to think of me is weak. I can’t be seen as submissive at any time; that’s not good for my job; it’s not good for my bottom line. My Wildcat met up with Mr. Peter, and she fucked him and sucked him and did all of the tricks that I love for her to do. She did more than a phenomenal job; she said she had more because he’s definitely hooked on her. There is a lesson in this; we’re just going to have to figure it out together. I’ve got some hot sluts, but my Wildkatt will do whatever I instruct her to. She might be hard to tame, but she’s my challenge, and I accept it.

My Boyfriend is not Enough

Mutual masturbation stories

I had a show this weekend it was a private show. I remember being super fucking horny and having to dance in front of all those guys I was going to have to get my rocks off. My boyfriend was worried he thought that I would fuck them all because, after all, that is the kind of girl that I was before I met him. Secretly I must say that’s still the kind of girl that I am today, but I gave my boyfriend a chance to satisfy me. He took me right in the dressing room he took all of my clothes off and my panties off with his teeth. He started to lick my pussy so deep and so good I thought he was looking for family members. I rode his face like a cowgirl, and believe me; my boyfriend loves to eat my soft yummy cunt box. I had to go down and suck his cock because he ate my pussy out so good. I took his cock out of his jeans and started working on it like a crazy Beast. I sucked his cock and his balls and made them feel like I was their best friend. Soon my boyfriend’s cock was hard as steel. He bent me over my vanity desk and started to fuck me doggy style ramming his cock in and out of my soft wet pussy. I loved it; it was so intense. The sad thing for my boyfriend is when I got in the room and started dancing for all of those guys, those horny guys I had to give them some of my cunt box. I’m a nasty whore; I can’t help myself I love to have a good time. I want to have a good time with you right now make your move.


Work Slut

Erotic roleplaying

Guys tell me all the time how sexy I am, and I adore the compliments. There’s one guy though that’s really been lusting over me; he works with me, and so does his wife. His wife is always giving me an attitude because she’s jealous I think. One day in the break room, when everyone what’s gone, his wife stopped me and said she needed to have a conversation with me. Honestly, I thought this was going to be something that got on my fucking nerves, but it didn’t turn out that way. You see Jackson, that’s his name, and her name is Laura. Laura told me that she was angry when she first found out her husband was lusting over me, but then she saw an opportunity for her to get things that she wanted by giving him something he wanted. She propositioned me she told me that she would give me a raise if I fucked her husband for her. I smiled because honestly I’m kind of attracted to him. I told her that I was listening, and I wanted to find out more information because I definitely needed a raise. I’ve got bills to pay. She said she wanted me to fuck him after everybody left work. I was okay with it; in fact, I was really turned on, so today, after work, I’m going to fuck Jackson and give him my come guzzling pussy; however, he wants it. I’m going to let Jackson suck my pussy and fuck my pussy and my asshole in every fucking position that he could think of. The best part of it all is his wife is going to know everything, and she’s going to get whatever she needs to get from him because of it. I am so looking forward to this arrangement.

Let me Fuck You Right


Great blowjobs

I can make a motherfucker scream. I can make a horny man so happy you could do what I need all I want is a little money. Let me be your nasty bitch for tonight; let me be your motherfucking whore and cum-dumpster. I can make you happy you can see and feel the best cunt slut in me. If you want to have a whore who is going to make you feel good it’s me that you need I’m a mother fucking cunt and believe me I can satisfy you in every way you can imagine. You will want me to be your everything. I’m a bitch who can do the best I can do the most I can make you work like you need to because I want you and I need you. Bitches like me don’t have any rules at all in this world I am everything that I knew to be. I’m a cunt I’m a slut I’m a motherfucking cock sucking bitch who can make you happy for real. I’m a fucking cunt bitch, and I love it. I cannot stop myself, and I wouldn’t if I could. Bitches like me have fun all the time we do whatever we want to. I sleep with all the motherfuckers who I want to anybody who I have an appetite for is who I get because I’m beautiful. I’m hot, and I’m nasty. Would you like to go on a ride with me and let me ride that cock of yours I can make it feel real good?

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