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I Love your Foot Fetishes As Much As You Do

foot fetishes

I know there are a lot of foot fetishes that can make your pervy cock rock hard. Tonight, I want you laying on the floor edging your cock to your beautiful girlfriend and her manicured piggies. These pretty polished toes make you so horny for me don’t they? And these deep arches. If I let you, you would be on your hands and knees licking and kissing the soles of my feet. Tonight, I’m going to let you.

After all I love your foot worship. But I have a special treat for you. I’ve just come back from a long run. It was so hot today and every part of me is sweaty. From my gorgeous face to my sexy legs. My feet will be so stinky from being in my hot sneakers, and you’re going to be the one to clean them up for me. You will take my shoes off more me. And then those sweat soaked socks. Put those dirty socks in your mouth like a good boy.

Prove how much you love my feet. Now massage my sore feet. Rub them until all the pain goes away. When you’re done with that, you can take out the socks and start sucking my toes instead. I want to feel your tongue on every inch of my feet. You need to make sure you clean all of the sweat from between my toes too. If you do a good job, we can have some more foot fun. I might even let you cum all over them.

Ass Fetish Taking Over Everything

ass fetishI had a client recently with a severe ass fetish.  He couldn’t stop obsessing about putting his cock in between the big round cheeks of girls asses.  He didn’t care if it was a big black beautiful ass. A big white beautitful ass. A scrany ass, or a flat one. He just wanted his dick to rub in between the cheeks of an ass and to have his cock touching any part of a bare naked ass at any costs.

Don’t get me wrong, he would feel an ass with his hands all day.  He loved smacking my ass when I wore short skirts as he knew I rarely wore panties.  He was very inappropriate with my receptionist feeling her ass as she stood up.

I know what you are thinking, he must love anal sex too. Of course he did.  He loved getting his dick hard between the ass cheeks then sticking it right into that big dark hole.  He told me all the stories of how he forced that dick inside those holes. Some of them particularly hot, although I couldn’t tell him how wet it made me.  He would bring vibrators to make it easier to stick his big cock in so the girls could play with their pussies at the same time.

He loved licking ass. Ass to mouth was an every day thing. Basically anything that involved ass, he was dreaming about and doing day in and day out.  He was going to quit his job

Foot Fetishes Taking Over Life

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are one of the classic well known fetishes in life.  We’ve all known a guy who will beg you to take off your socks after a long run and suck your toes like you would suck his cock. It’s almost a given that every few guys I sleep with will have a foot fetish.  Their cocks getting rock hard when they just get near my feet.  It really doesn’t have to be beautiful feet, it can be any feet. Gross feet, fresh pedicure toed feet, feet first thing in the morning, feet swollen after being on them all day. If it has toes, it gets these guys so rock hard they are ready to explode all over you.

I dated a guy who was so obsessed with my feet that he would get under the table at restaurants and start sucking my toes.  I’d then have to try and use my feet to jack this guy off but he would settle for me getting under the table to give him a blow job as long as he could see my feet.  I didn’t think a guy would like feet more than me offering every hole to him every night, but this guy did.  He would ask me to lick them in the car. Imagine going down the interstate with toes in your mouth while driving.

He got so bad that he would get super hard if he saw exposed feet in the winter. Like if someone wore sandals, he’d ask this random person if he could suck them and fuck them. Right in front of me.  One girl was so into it and thought I was too, so she immediately put her feet in his mouth and started fingering herself while I watched, unsure what to do.  She was screaming in the park that she wanted to jam her toes down his throat. and noticeably cumming on her fingers as she had him sucking hard on this strangers toes, one by one.

They are actually dating now, I guess she could do more for his fetish than this phone sex therapist could.  Win some, lose some.

The best Ass fetish


ass fetish

I like it when you watch me. You know I have owned your mind ever since you laid your eyes on me. You can’t stop thinking about me. I’ve become you’re Obsession, the only thing you think about Day in and Day out.

When you’re with me, you forget about everything; when you’re without me, you’re still thinking about me and have no room to think about anything else.

One thing that makes you entirely the simp is that you have quite the ass fetish. You want to kneel beneath me and show me that you can worship and make me a happy goddess by surrendering and giving me all your attention. I want you to dream of your wallet for me and show me the respect I deserve. Maybe then I will smother you with this perfect ass.

Foot fetishes are what my feet were made for

I have always been spoiled and paid because of my pretty feet; they are perfect for Foot fetishes. That is because keep them painted and use them to jack you off so good. Last night my favorite feet guy came over with his fat wallet. He is short but standing on his wallet makes him tall. Main reason why he loves feet is because when he was a young lad his mama would have him rub her feet.

While her legs were spread, he would stare at her mommy cunt. You could see the outline of her pussy through her clothes, especially when she had a dress on, he stared and her panties. First, I sit with my legs spread just like his mama. Then he starts by lotion his hands up. As you rub my feet you stare into my spread sexy legs looking for my pussy. “Good boy, keep rubbing mommy” once you hear that your cock is hard and poking through your clothes.

Foot fetishes

Take that cock out for mommy and stoke it in between mommy’s toes. Your smile makes me giggle as you start humping my feet. Keep going don’t stop until you give mommy that special lotion for her feet. After you hear that you Starr fucking my feet even faster. Finally, you tense up and start squirting your thick load of semen on my feet. Now rub it in and make mommies feet really soft. 

Foot Fetishes with Mercy

foot fetishes mercy

 I know there are a lot of foot fetishes that make your kinky cock rock hard. You’ve been so good at worshiping my feet. Honour every inch of my feet. From my pretty painted toe nails to the soft heels of my feet. Having your hands, lips, and tongue all over me makes my pussy soaking wet. I’ve been teasing you a lot lately and I thought you deserved a reward. I arranged a fun little surprise for you. 

Tonight, I’m spicing things up with a little food play. Summer is the perfect season for huge, juicy peaches. The kind that leaks sticky nectar every time you take a bite. I want you to stroke your cock for me while you watch me step on those peaches. As soon as, I press my foot down onto the soft fruit it squishes between my toes. 

It sticks to the arch and heel of my feet leaving a yummy mess. I think my sexy legs deserve a little attention too. I massage the fruit all over my pretty feet and up my legs. Your cock is so hard for me isn’t it? I know how badly you want to explode and cover my feet in cum. I’ll let you cum if you use your tongue to clean up the mess.

Now come clean up!

kiss my sexy legs

sexy legs

Do you want to be a good submissive for me, the kind that serves me and awaits at my beck and call? You can be my obedient slave, and I will consider making you my permanent slave.

I want you to kneel and worship my sexy legs and every inch of my perfect body. Men aren’t above women, and you should know that. Let me hear those words from your lips. Prove that you can make goddess happy by draining your bank account and never your balls.

You can’t cum unless the goddess gives you the green light. Ever since you got to lay your eyes on me, all you can do is wonder how you can serve me. Let me make your wish come true by making you my everyday slave who will be humiliated and turn beet red. How it rides your cock rock hard when I degrade you makes you want to cum.

Whenever I cuss you out in Spanish, it makes your whole life.

Foot fetishes are erotic, ever have a foot job?

Foot fetishes are erotic, ever haFoot fetishesve a foot job? By all means take a look at my long legs, down to the perfect arch of my foot. Shoe slipping off. Toes walking up your leg before tickling the tip of your penis. 

Training your eyes on my foot. Watching it, spreading my toes to take your shaft right behind your head, running the length. Toes inching down. At the same time the inside of my other foot running up your leg. Hence making your already stiffening member grow harder.

What we have here is most compelling evidence that you like my two feet wrapped around your cock. Stroking the length. Sandwiching your hot dog between the two of them. Pumping you quickly, pre-cum starting to drip on my feet. 

Bracing my arms, boobs jutting up, your cock between my soft supple feet. Vein popping, feeling the pulse in your cock being the middle of my these feet you can’t take your eyes from. Without delay making you cum, sperm shooting onto each foot. Collapsing down. Drained. 



Spoil me for my Ass fetish

Guys spoil me and treat me like a princess because I have an Ass fetish. I will make you submit to me and kiss my pretty ass. It will be easy for me to just spread my ass cheeks open. You better lick my asshole baby. It is what I like, and you just want to please me and keep me happy. That is because I am the hottie I couldn’t get, the one you want to kiss and lick her feet. You know what makes me happy and that’s licking my whole ass and handing your wallet over. You already gave me everything in it but now I want more. I want you to transfer some love to my account and I’ll let you lick and kiss my feet. It is what you like because you have Foot fetishes. You smell them and kiss them and once the transfer goes through, I stuff my toes in your mouth and make sure that you suck on them like little dickies. That is what you do for your princess, and she will spoil you with her feet until you get to fuck them and bust a big load all over them.

Ass fetish

Domination phone sex w sexy college sluts after a sweaty jog

Domination phone sex When I get calls for Foot fetishes I automatically know I am talking to a man who would slave for me… I like to think; that’s the dirty truth behind every lick they take between my sweaty toes after a long run. When I am foot worshiped I prefer sending you down to your knees.. heel before me and kiss my ankles… That dazzling anklet you bought me glistens from your drool. You are sooo sweaty, ew get up Loser.. when you stand I nudge you back using the bottom of my feet.. You fall back onto the loveseat… I lay there next to you in a crop top and short-shorts..

My Sexy legs are silky smooth; you can tell I just shaved them… I push my feet into your face and nudge at your cheek pushing the skin back with my big toe… I giggle and throw you a bottle of flavored lube.. Like a total brat, I pick my cellphone up and shout (foot rub *rolls-eyes*) Your thumbs dig into the heels of my feet and I can feel your hot breath fogging the gloss on my pink pedicured toes…. I get off having you pig out on my piggies. You paid for my time yet, I have you giving me a foot rub while I; flirt with a guy I met on Tinder… A foot fetish only means a guy is secretly into Domination phone sex or being dominated in-person… Isn’t that right? Your cock is hard, don’t you deny it!