Ass fetish is what you will get while I get spoiled

When you have an Ass fetish, you come to me. That is because I have a sexy perky round ass your high-school crush had. You would stare at her through the hallways and any time she bent over. Therefore, I tease you by bending over and showing you what I have under my skirt. Of Course, I deny it but you love when I do it. That is why you spoil me like a fuck princess. You shower me with gifts and money just for me to tease you until your balls are big and heavy.

Ass fetish

Once I see that your cock is stiff and hard, I start taking my clothes off. “Are you ready to worship me?” I ask while winking. Then I sit back and lift my pretty feet to your face. Right away you start kissing my pretty feet and toes. Your tongue starts creeping its way up my inner thigh. The view of my cunt has your mouth watering. “Let me taste you” you beg over and over. “First you have to lick every toe” I say, shoving my feet back in your face. I have Foot fetishes and like you to show me how you will suck my clit.

The thought of you licking my ass drove you wild. That is why your cock was leaking for me with every suck of each toe. Finally, I stood up and spread my ass cheeks apart. Like a starving animal you started eating my asshole. I just rubbed my cunty and let you worship me. With your hand on your cock, you kept pushing your tongue in my butt. After a bit more my cunty gave you what you wanted, and you started to get sprayed with my juices. Getting drenched by me is what you needed just like you wanted for so long with the hottie in high school. That is why you keep me as your sexy fuck princess.

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