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Exhibitionist Slut Farah Flaunts Her Body To Teen Boys

exhibitionist slutI am an exhibitionist slut. Maybe you wished I was your neighbor. My neighbor’s son returned from college last month. And this sexy milf greeted him properly. We play games when he comes home. I ring his doorbell and just put my tits up to the Ring so he can see my nice boobs. He’s a tit man. But he thinks my boobs look perfect. Not too small and not too big.  Just right.

And I think his cock fits perfectly between my breasts and inside my cunt. Anytime I want to fuck him, I simply flash him outside and either he comes over to fuck me or I fuck him at his place. His parents seem to rarely be around. Not a problem for me. Gives me more access to junior.

I Love Showing My Sexy Body to Younger Men

He came over last night and did not leave until this morning. We started with him titty fucking my sexy breasts. He enjoys giving me an old-fashioned pearl necklace. I let him come quickly the first time because his rebound time seems impressive even for a young stud. When you fuck younger men, the key is to let them cum quickly the first time. They last forever on round two. Adam fucked me in all sorts of positions. Because I do yoga daily, I can get into quite a few positions.

We even ass fucked. I love a hard cock in my ass. And I have for years. But Adam’s cock fits me perfectly. Although I am not submissive, I do let him fuck me hard. At my age, I can handle a hardcore ass fuck. I am not even sore today. But Adam told me his cock appears a little raw. That’s because my ass feels that tight on a dick. And we did fuck so long I felt like an ass sex porn star. Going to be a great summer with Adam right next door to me.

Small dick humiliation is the cruel reminder you deserve

Small dick humiliationHello, mortals. Looking for Small dick humiliation? Good thing you found me, the illustrious and sultry Mistress Lena. You are lucky to have me grace you with my presence! I know, I know, you’re probably trembling in anticipation, wondering what filthy secrets I’ll reveal about my life as a hot, sophisticated domme. Well, wonder no more, for I am here to share with you the ins and outs of being a goddess among men.

Let’s start with the object of your desire, my perfect, heavenly ass. I can feel your eyes devouring it as I walk past you, your tongue begging for just a taste. But alas, you will never have the pleasure of touching or tasting something so divine, for I am far out of your league. My ass is a masterpiece, a work of art that deserves to be worshipped from afar. Bow down, mere mortal, and show some respect.

I know you can’t help but stare at as I saunter by with my Sexy legs!  They are long, toned, and strong as hell. The perfect complement to my round, irresistible ass. I can see the jealousy and envy in your eyes, the way you wish you had legs even half as amazing as mine. But no, you are stuck in your weak, feeble body, while I continue to strut around in my stilettos, flexing my powerful muscles.

And speaking of weak and feeble, let’s talk about your tiny, worthless dick. Yes, I know, I can see the embarrassment and shame on your face, the way you try to hide it when you’re around me. But there’s no point in denying it, for I can see right through you. Your pathetic excuse for a cock is no match for any pussy, I mean how did you become such a lame fucking loser?

You’re style is totally basic, its completely fucking pathetic. You try to play off like you’re a real man but in fact you are just a teeny weeny, short dicked sucker. Good thing you have enough cash to burn for my attention. my fiery, dominant personality will show you how small you truly are pig. 

As your new role as my Sissy humiliation slave, you will have to serve whatever cock I give you. No matter what the grith of the meat, it goes deep in your slutty sissy hole. I know, I know, it sounds like a dream come true for you, doesn’t it? 

You need to be at the mercy of a hot, sophisticated mistress like me, doing my bidding and worshipping my every curve. And believe me, I will make sure to take full advantage of your weakness and obsession with me. I will be sure to dress you in the pinkest, frilliest outfit just to add to the humiliation. And of course, I will make you bend over and take it like the worthless sissy you are, All while I laugh and mock you and your clitty will be begging to bust.

Don’t worry, my dear sissy, I will be fair and just in my domination of you. I will give you the chance to prove yourself to me, to show me that you are worthy of my attention and affection. And who knows, if you’re lucky, I might even let you touch my perfect body, as long as you worship it properly. You need to show the proper amount of respect and devotion. Bow down slave and submit to my will!


Phone sex sites for the young, old, and horny.

          Phone sex sites   Phone sex sites for the young, old, and horny. What category are you? Now it doesn’t really matter. In fact, there are no limits on anyone. You have a fun fetish. Need some professional help. I will give you my professional opinion for no extra charge. These sites are made for everyone. A young man just learning the ropes. Horny old man that likes to be dirty. Well now I will say everyone does like to be dirty occasionally.

            Ultimately the goal is the same which is getting you off. You want to make a big mess and get dirty. After all, when you are horny, looking at the good Dr. Fox is most notably going to bring naughty images to the mind. Like what you are dreaming of doing to me. For the Best phone sex come to my site and look me up.

            Be prepared to cum hard. Have your cock drained as soon as you get started with me. For the most part I am efficient, calculating, naughty, and very secretive. I will tell you that you are the best. Make you believe it too. With this in mind going focus all my attention on you and obviously on the biggest, best cock in the room.

            Which would be yours.

The Corporate Cock Sucker: My Office Tale

Some might call me a corporate slave, but I’m the one in control. See, I’ve got a talent, a very special skill that keeps me afloat in the world of suits and briefs. I’m the queen of cocksucking, and my boss is my greatest fan.

Wearing the pants in this power dynamic doesn’t phase me. In fact, I CRAVE it. There’s something about being on my knees, looking up at my boss—a god in his expensive suit—while I pleasured him. Oh, yes, the power play is real.

I’ve mastered the art of sliding his thick prick down my throat. The way he groans, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy, is music to my ears. And when he comes, spraying his load in my mouth, he calls me a ‘hot sexy woman’—the irony doesn’t escape me.

He’s a misogynist, no doubt, but his wallet’s fat, and his cum’s delicious. So, I play the part of the submissive office whore, keeping my mouth shut and my eyes down—except when I’m looking up at him adoringly, that is.

It’s a game, a dance, and I’m the leading lady. Each time I crawl under that desk, I leave a little bit of my dignity behind. But hey, it’s worth it. Getting drenched in his cum and hearing those filthy compliments keeps me going.

This corporate cock sucker’s got her priorities straight. And as long as she’s getting what she wants, the world can keep spinning.

Sexy babe working the married neighbors cock!

Sexy babeYou need a Sexy babe like me around the corner from you so you always have a place to drain those balls. I feel like every single town should have a designated whore for use for all the men who need a release. As a woman I feel like it’s our job to make a mans cock feel good drain that heavy sack of his. So why not get yourself nice and ready and be a slut for cock and cum. I promise you will feel so much more useful once you feel that hot sperm unload inside all of your holes. 

Not only would it be good to have a public use slut but it would be even better if you had some Tease and denial sessions too. A real naughty whore would make sure to have you so worked up that the second your cock entered a hole you’d cum so quick. If your side bitches can’t work that cock up all day long; that means shes not a good enough bitch for you. So I say you should call me so I can tell you all about the married men I fuck all the time. They are obsessed with wet holes and can’t get enough of me once they feel how good my holes are!

Plumber’s Cock: A Blowjob Story

Yeah, you know me, always up for a nasty tale, and this one’s a mouth-watering delight!

So, Joe, my sexy plumber, was bent over fixing my sink, and let me tell you, the view was breathtaking. His jeans strained against his thighs, and that delicious package was right there, begging for attention.

I couldn’t resist any longer. My knees bent and went straight for his massive cock. He looked up, surprised but definitely not disappointed, as I wrapped my hands around his thick shaft.

It was time to show off my blowjob skills. I swallowed that bad boy whole, using my tongue to tease and please him. I bobbed my head up and down, taking him deep into my throat, making sure to leave plenty of saliva coating his shaft.

Joe let out little grunts of approval, his hands grabbing my hair gently. I worked my magic, adding some twirls and licks for good measure. I could hear his breath quicken, and that just made me even more determined to milk him dry.

But this plumber had a surprise for me. As I worked, he reached under his overall and whipped out a pair of handcuffs. My heart raced as he cuffed my hands behind my back, leaving me vulnerable and at his mercy.

That just made the blowjob naughtier and kinkier. With my hands trapped, I could focus solely on giving him head, and damn, did I enjoy it!

He groaned and grunted, telling me I was the best “repair” he’d ever had. And when he came, it was a creamy, sticky mess that I gladly swallowed.

He unpacked his tools, and I Untied me, leaving me breathless and craving more.

Guess who’s plumbing was working just fine after that? Cue the dirty laughs!

Voyeur Beach Sex Makes Me a Horny Exhibitionist Slut

voyeur beach sexNasty voyeur beach sex makes your girlfriend so fucking horny. I love wearing the skimpiest bikini to the beach. I know every cock out here would rip off the tiny bikini and fuck the shit out of me. You know it too, because I won’t stop teasing your cock. Whenever we’re near people I grab and tease your cock through your trunks, or whisper in your ear how much my pussy misses you. You didn’t think I was serious about fucking on the beach until I asked you to put some sunscreen on my back. While you rubbed my shoulders, I pulled my bikini to the side and started rubbing my clit.

Hot Girlfriend Mercy Begs for Voyeur Beach Sex

You warned me that people might see. But I just moaned that exhibitionist sex is even hotter. Your cock gets hard watching me play with my pretty cunt. I can feel it rubbing against my back. You’re trying to hold back, but I turn around and grab that hard cock. Your dick jumps when I wrap my hand around it and I giggle. Then pull you into a kiss. I’m pumping your cock against my bare stomach and begging you to fuck me right here on the beach. You know better, but your dick is making all the decisions now. 

Fuck My Shaved Wet Pussy Oceanside

You push my hand away and push me back on to the blanket. Then you spread my legs apart and force your fingers into my cunt while you stroke your own dick hard. I pull the string so that the bikini bottom falls off and then do the same with top. You pull my thighs towards you until your horny cock is rubbing against that shaved wet pussy. Your dick sinks in so deep to that wet cunt. I moan loud enough for anybody near buy to hear us and beg you to fuck me harder. I want you to creampie my cunt while they watch.

Sissy humiliation is what this hottie will give you

I love when I get a married daddy who just needs Sissy humiliation. he knows his little white cock could never please me. Therefore, I had a friend over with a big black cock. “You see how big his fuck is? ” I say to him teasing and grabbing the big cock. “Yours isn’t near as close to this black cock” I laugh and say. Then I get close to you and start pushing it down my throat. After a bit I look at him and say “suck his balls”.

Sissy humiliation

Right away you suck his balls and your man clitty starts to twitch. “You are such a pathetic sissy; his cock made your clitty wake up” I laugh and humiliate. I then take my panties off and right away sit on his cock. After that I grab your head and push it down to his balls. “Lick his balls and ass too, that is what a little dick bitch has to do” I moan as I ride his bbc. My just drip down to your for head as I bounce hard. Then you moan ” I need to rub my clitty”.

“That’s all you can do with such small white cock” I laugh and fuck. “Rub your clit like I do mine” I say spreading my Sexy legs even more. As I fuck his bbc, you lick ass and start to rub your clitty too. The hard I rub my pussy clit the closer I get to squirting. When I finally do, your clitty squirts all over your hard. “You made a bigger mess than I did” I laugh as I grab the bbc out my cunt. “Now suck his load out and drain him too” I demand of you as I walk away. You are here for me to dominate and humiliate you like a sissy bitch. 

Sexy chicks always get fucked hard

Sexy chicksIt’s obvious that Sexy chicks can get cock whenever they want. Especially nice BBC because usually a nice black man loves fucking tight white pussy. Dean is one of my favorite fucks because his cock is so thick but also pretty long. When he slams his cock in me while my legs are pushed back over my head I can always feel him deep in my guts. As he pumps himself in and out me so fast I can feel my cunt walls stretching over his shaft and my cervix cramping up. It’s almost like pain mixed with pleasure and it’s wonderful. I moan and scream all at the same time while I beg for more!

One of the reasons Dean likes to fuck me so much is because I have the sluttiest mouth and give him Great blowjobs. He loves a natural woman too and I always make sure to be nice and fixed up. I love leaving some hair for him to play with but I also make sure my lips are nice and trimmed up. It makes it so much hotter to look at while he splits my hot little hole open. When he is about to cum he likes to pull out and blow his load all over my hairy mound!

My Boss’s Cock Servant: A Oral Servitude Story

Cocksucking phone sex

Working late nights has its perks, especially when your boss has a penchant for oral fixation. I wasn’t the type to complain about my boss’s unusual requests—as long as his wallet was fat, I kept my lips sealed.

There I was, bored out of my mind, when he dropped the “blowjob” bomb. I knew the drill. Under the desk I went, mouth wide open, ready to swallow his every pump.

He never missed a beat, pounds of pleasure pulsating in and out of my throat. I’d mastered the art of deep-throating him, earning me boasting rights among my friends.

As he thrust, I imagined myself as the office whore, a mere cum dumpster for my superior’s delight. The thought sent shivers down my spine, making me even wetter.

His cock felt like a piston, going in and out with force. I gripped the desk for dear life, taking each thrust like a champ. The way he rough-handled my mouth made me feel like the dirtiest girl alive.

When he finally released, it was like winning the sexual lottery. His warm, thick load flooded my mouth. I savored the moment, his praise ringing in my ears.

“That’s what a real woman’s made for,” he’d say, smacking my ass.

I smiled to myself, thinking about the tonight’s payday and how I’d spend his hard-earned dough. Such a lucky girl, eh?

It was a mutually beneficial relationship. He got his rocks off, and I got my fix of kinky office sex.