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The Town’s Cock Sleeve Being Put To Use!

Cocksucking phone sex There’s a reason why I am the favorite neighbor on the block ya know? I mean Tom lives down the street and simply can’t get enough of me or my house. I say that with a proud ego because I know how good I am. I mean what other neighbor is going to happily be waiting on her knees for a rough face fucking by every single one of her male neighbors? I mean, there may be lots of other horny and single women around wanting to be like me. Simple fact is, I am the BEST regardless of how much they want it.

I suck and fuck cock better than any slut you will find. Why? Well, considering I do it ALL the time and constantly want to get better makes me the top choice. I am also super easy in all aspects when it comes to being the towns whore. Most of these men have their own lives, wives, and brats to get back to at home. They aren’t looking to wine and dine a girl just to get laid obviously. So, I am perfect for them because I don’t want any of that bullshit; I am trying to suck some cock and get my holes pumped with cock a few times a week.

In simple words, I do not care about what goes on after my front door. If you have a cock that needs to be drained just come on in and let’s get to business. You can go back to your disappointment at home once you finish pumping my holes with cock and cum. I am here for a fun time; not a long time baby. That’s why me and Tom get along so well; his wife doesn’t suck his cock and I do. Simple as that, he walks in my house, fucks my face for a bit, cums in my throat, gives me a bottle of wine to keep and says “See you tomorrow slut”. 

There is nothing easier than being a whore for cock. Why would I ruin that with emotion and feeling. I don’t have time for that bullshit; plus I am way too horny to only sleep with one man. I would be a home wrecker and cheater if I even tried to live that life. The world needs bitches who are willing to just spread their legs and open their mouths with no question. Whores keep the world going round; are you ready to be drained yet? Come on baby, let me help get that seed out of you before your wife gets back from the store!

Small dick humiliation phone sex with Goddess Eden

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what men who have the nerve to whip out their teenie dicks deserve! A man with a small dick is always one who deceives… Just last weekend I went on a date with a guy I met on Tinder who never thought to mention the size of his cock. It was obvious I was not there looking to be his future wife! I dressed up like a total skank and didn’t even bother wearing panties underneath my mini-skirt.

I couldn’t wait to go to a hotel room after the bar so that he could rip me out of my clothing and slam what I thought would be a “massive cock” in and out of my sloppy wet pussy!

As soon as we entered the hotel room, I dropped down to my knees and pulled his pants down… To my surprise, a 3-inch nub stood in my face. I was devastated! In that instance, all I could think of was Sissy humiliation… I didn’t hold back one bit! I pinched his cock and pulled him to the bed… I tugged at his measly dick while telling him how pathetic he was and how much of a sorry excuse of a man he must be to have even linked up with me.

Men with small cocks especially not decieving ones will ever be able to cum on my watch. Shaved wet pussy

I took my phone out and started taking pictures of his measly dick. I threatened to expose him entirely if he did not take his Tinder account down and he dared deceive another woman ever again. I surely wasn’t going home without being pleasure! Especially being as drunk and horny as I was… I made him get on his knees and suck my Shaved wet pussy until I orgasmed all over his face. Then I left him there with his pathetic nub in hand and told him to spare the cunt juices on his face to rub on his loser cock and stormed out.

Phone sex therapy is Dr. G.’s specialty and making you cum.

Phone sex therapy

       Phone sex therapy is Dr. G.’s specialty and making you cum. Stretch out on the couch. Get comfortable in the plush chair. Now if I am seeing you for some sort of fetish, well there are many. Pantyhose, feet, food, or perhaps something even kinkier. We then get into the whips, chains, erotica area. In due time we will cover one if not all of these topics.

        First, I want you to get comfortable. You know you are welcome to be stroking your cock. At the same time, I may just tell you no if you have a small one. In my professional opinion it is not wise to laugh hysterically at something so small. Hence you will be keeping that in your pants.

        Small dick humiliation is an art.

        To begin with I will help you with this problem. Keep it in your panties. When you have something so very small you aren’t allowed to have it out in public until you are ready to have the whole world know that you have a three-inch little toy in your pants. Dress it up any way you like but, in the end, it is all the same that you have a small penis and while I enjoy a good laugh at something so small it should be known that you aren’t packing a weapon. The opposite in fact.

        Right along with have a small little pecker is the fact that you will watch your wife/girlfriend fuck a big dick and no you aren’t allowed to touch that tiny little thing. Welcome to have it out and listen as your wife berates you for having such a small thing. Her lover will show you have to fuck her properly.

        You will of course sit and watch every time that she wants to get fucked. It will satisfy her. In conclusion when you have such a small dick, and your wife/girlfriend has needs then allow her to get laid and you will definitely get off on watching her cum.

Young Stud Fucks His Boss To Keep His Job!

Hairy wet pussy Jared is very lucky to have me as is his Trainer for his new position at work. I have been in the office for years and know all the ropes and in’s and out’s of the company. It works out great because now I get to have his ropes of cum inside me whenever I want. He is wonderful assistant that’s for sure; now he does my paperwork on time and gets to fuck my hot holes too. It’s a win for the both of us; and it makes for a much better work environment. 

I mean he gets to bust a load whenever he wants and I don’t have to do much work lol. At first he was a shy boy and wasn’t too talkative. A few late nights out, a couple shots later, and my skimpy outfits turned him into a totally different breed. I took him to a nice restaurant to discuss work and “client info” and made sure to dress like a complete whore. I knew he would stare and I knew I could get him to fuck me. 

At the end of the night he was a little tipsy and Invited him back to my place and he did not say no. As soon as we walked in he sat on the couch and I immediately walked over to him and sat down. He looked at me and I said “Jared, basically I am a horny bitch and I need an assistant who understands my needs and can meet them all”. He licked his lips and said “I understand them Mam and I am the perfect guy for the job I promise”. So I looked at him and said “Is that so baby? You think you can handle a mature woman like me and give me what I need”?

He giggled and just started to unzip my dress and pull it off me nice and slow as he kissed my neck. God, it felt so good to be touched I just needed a good fuck. I groaned and he said “Ya know, a younger man is good for a mature woman because we can fuck longer and harder and we know exactly what that pussy needs”. He pulled off my panties and bra and pushed me on the couch while I held my legs back. Fuck, was he right; he took that cock out and it was rock solid already. I was so tuned on; he knew exactly what I wanted and needed. 

I don’t even know how long he fucked me for. I can’t even tell you how many times he made me cum on him too. He just kept pumping me full of his cock and whispered “So, I permanently have this position then; right slut?”. He started railing me harder before I could answer and than I finally shook my head and said “Fuck yeah, you can show off these skills whenever you want”. He laughed and said “Oh good, because as the man here I am going to need to cum way more than just once a day boss”. I moaned some more and he said “Can you beg me to shoot this spunk in your pretty little hairy fuck hole Bridgette”. I begged him to shoot that seed inside my slutty cunt..

Sexy dominatrix Lena loves to make her sissys suffer!

Sexy dominatrix Sexy dominatrix Lena loves to play with her little toys. You know she is a real bad mama goddess who will make you suffer every second. You must be presentable for your mommy master. Be sure that cock cage is nice and tight, a fresh diaper of course, and your nicest tea dress. Do you know how much of a little sissy you are? All that time pretending to be a man, I mean come on, look at your little clitty! You little slut, clean the dog shit from mommy’s boots, good baby. I think I want to play with that tight little bussy. Just take my cock and slowly put the tip in, hold it there until I get bored and stuff it in a little more. You will beg for it to stop but you know that is not going to happen. Sissy humiliation is so much fun. I love the look of fear in your eyes when I push in deeper. You claim your hole is virginial but I know that is a fucking lie. You are my whore and will do as I say!

Sexy Legs to Worship and Lure You to Your Knees and Submit

Tame yourself with your submitting to worshipping sexy legs. Let me control and drain you. My game is all about seduction and control. Leave me alone if you need a breeder or mommy. I will squeeze your scrotum so hard those balls will pop out.

Trust me when I say I don’t play games. I can be a submissive little kitten, but that is rare. Can you be the lover that entrances me to be a good cock sucking ball drainer for you? Very few have made me into the sensual sweet side that is willing to be a lover.

Temtation is a bitch and so am I. A little bitch craft and seduction. Make eyes at me and seduce me. Buy me a drink and get closer. Lets kiss on each other and go to your place. Or to a hotel room. Lets have some more wine. Lets start to get undressed.

Seduce me with your manliness and make me feel like a well fucked woman….

Sexy legs

Small dick Humiliation get’s Lena’s pussy dripping!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation gets Lena’s pussy so wet! I love picking on your little clitty baby boo! I will make you look so pretty. I will dress you in the sweetest outfits my little princess! Just imagine you will wear a sexy pink ruffled dress, princess sleeve of course, white lacy panties, white lace stockings and of course shiny black Mayjanes.

 My goodness, you will look so sweet. However, you will owe me for this special treatment. My home is very messy and I need you to deep clean every corner of the house. I have a proper maid uniform and you of course have to wear your cock cage. That is a good sissy slut, get all the dirt from behind my couch. Looks like you missed spot and I am very disappointed. Lick it up little slut, and make sure to get it real clean. You owe me so much money for all of those beautiful princess dress and nice outings. Now, my bathroom is very dirty. You need to make sure that toilet is sparkling or there will be serious consequences. 

Well, look there an almost perfectly clean toilet. I told you if it was not sparkling there would be consequences. I am very disappointed in you, I guess you are too much of a sissy whore to be good at anything! You just can’t help yourself can you? Look even your little clitty is oozing everywhere, you are making such a fucking mess! You better do what I say of the punishment will be worse! I want you to stick you head all the way in to lick the toilet bowel. Lick my crusted shit clean because you deserve the ultimate sissy humiliation!


Fuck Whore Teacher For Her Student

Coed phone sex Tim was a great student of mine; however he really struggled in my English class. I came over for his tutoring session and he was just miserable and not willing to learn. I asked him how he thought he would pass if he did not take any of this seriously. He looked at me with his devious eyes and said “Miss.Bridgette I have much better ways that would make you pretty happy to pass me”. I giggled in confusion and said “Tim I am sorry but your football career won’t be there if you can’t pass my class”. He looked at me up and down and said “I was not referring to football mam”. I asked him what he meant and could not believe what I was hearing .

He said “I think you know what I mean but you are acting shy and professional; you and I both know you would love to rip off that skirt and top and let me get a piece of that ass and pussy”. I was in complete shock and replied saying “Tim I think we should probably stop right there considering I am your teacher and that is completely inappropriate”. He said, “Oh, and your revealing outfits where I can see your cleavage and the outline of your pussy through your pants at school isn’t inappropriate mam”? I began to get a little hot and bothered and he knew it..

So he took his hand and put it on my thigh and said “I have always wondered what it would be like to take my slutty English teacher up to my bedroom and use her for a good grade”. Then he slid his hand under my skirt and rubbed the outside of my panties. I was soaking wet and my panties were barely covering my cunt lips so he could feel my juices all over. He laughed and grabbed me and took me up to his room. He threw me down on the bed and ripped open my shirt and bra so my tits bounced out. He looked at me and said “So, do we have a deal slut?’. I moaned and shook my head.

Then he tore my panties off, lifted my skirt up, spread my legs and slid his rock hard shaft inside me. He plowed me for quite a bit as my tits bounced in his face; I came on his cock over and over again. He laughed as he railed me and said “You are way more fun to listen to with my cock in your holes bitch”. He kept going and than pulled his cock out and said “Now I am going to blow my seed on your face and maybe then you will understand who is in charge now you fucking cum rag”. He nutted all over my face, got up, threw me my panties and said “So, a B+ will suffice for me, thanks whore”.

Ass fetish is what sugars daddies use me for

Men who have an Ass fetish because I have a hot perky ass everyone wishes they can fuck. “You look like the girl I had a crush on in high school” I am told as they hand over their wallet to me. I start dancing and teasing you. “Watch my ass shake baby and kiss it” I tell you as I shove my round buns in your face. Then I spread my ass and grab your face.

“Are you hungry” I ask. “Then lick my pretty asshole”. That is all it took for you to start eating me like you are starving. Since I got everything out of your wallet and I wanted more, I decided to give you a treat. My cunt was wet and gooey too. Therefore, I rubbed my cunt juices all over your cock and lubed it up. Then I slowly slide my asshole right on your dick

Ass fetish

. Since I know you love my ass.  I knew if I milked that hard cock with it, you would give me more money. After I opened my Sexy legs and rubbed my clit, I bounced my asshole on your cock. “Yes, baby fuck my cock with that asshole, and I will spoil you even more”. That is all I needed to hear. I bounced my ass hard on you. Even rubbed my clit hard which made me start squirting all over.

“Oh yes squirt all over my balls”, you say as you start pumping your semen in my ass. When you finished you sent money to my account. “Thank you for spoiling me sweet sugar daddy”, “thank you for milking my cock with your asshole my spoiled princess” you respond. Finally, you leave with an empty balls sack like you wished your high school crush would have left you.

Sexy women masturbating with Gourds is delicious

Sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbating with Gourds is sure to turn you into a Pump-king. That’s right pump-pump that fist and stroke all you want to a sexy hot bitch who is riding some autumn squash for you. Spread out completely thereby giving you a great pump-king show. Don’t worry I still think of you as my king of pumpers!  I love my food play and sticking these ripe phallic gourds in my cunt has my tight little netherlips so stretched and slippery. Teasing and denying you access to my garden, keeping you aroused and not pleased!

Sexy women masturbating with Gourds is sure to turn you into a Pump-king.

 I know you love watching me pleasure myself with them. Don’t you wish it was you burying your stem inside of me? When I’m ready to cum for you I will show you just how much of a naughty girl I can be! Stuffing my pussy with all these wonderful seasonal delights has you on edge. So keep pumping and edging until your hand fist hurts and that dick is raw! Tease and denial are all you get as you continue pumping that fist.

It’s so tempting to fuck me, but all I do is tease you. You won’t be getting any satisfaction anytime soon. Just be patient and keep pumping your fist. The pleasure will be worth my wait. Let me guide you as your stroke your dick for me. Follow every instruction of my Guided Masturbation session. You know you are putty in my hands.  You won’t be able to hold back much longer. Just let go. Surrender to me and let me take you over the edge.

   The whole time Your Gourd fucking Goddess Gwen is telling you how you won’t be fucking her pussy any time soon! For more Mutual masturbation stories I’m just a number away!