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Bedroom Tease

Sensual phone sexImagine walking into my room while I’m laying on my bed in my favorite white short-shorts and lavender bra doing it’s best to hold my tits in. Of course, at this point, you’re excited getting ready to crawl into my bed, but I hold up my hand to stop you. I instruct you to take off your pants, let me see your cock. I watch your pants fall to the floor and get up enough to lean over off my bed a little bit to inspect your cock. Not bad with you sporting a semi-hard at 6 inches at the moment, but I want to see if fully erect. Go on and stroke it for me. Licking my lips as you start to stroke up and down, eyes glued to me. Ooh, 8 whole inches that may actually be fun. I lean over blowing hot breath onto your cock. Of course, you are hardly paying attention to my words and only thinking about what it would be like to stick your cock between my tits. Am I right? Actually don’t answer that just keep stroking, I’ll just slip off my shorts and get a little more comfortable. Oh, you are dripping, but you can’t stop can you?

Fucking My Neighbor

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexNaughty neighbor phone sex is what I love. The other day as I was taking my trash to the dumpster, I saw this sweet young thing from across the way. He is about 10 years younger and built like a truck. I devised a plan to get him to my apartment by asking if he could come help me move my couch. We chatted as we walked toward my apartment and I admired the view. We went into my apartment and I had him help me move the couch around and then ultimately had him put it right back where it was. I offered him a beer and we turned on some tunes. As I brought him another one, I sat down beside him. I leaned in close and caught his lips with mine. We started making out and I could feel that cock getting hard. I sat up and straddled him as he removed my top and bra. He took my tits in his mouth and started licking my nipples. I then removed his shirt, pants and boxers, got down on my knees and gave him a blow job that only experienced women know how to give. I was slow, moving my hand up and down his hard cock before gently kissing the tip and licking him. I took my time, putting just a little in my mouth at a time, caressing his cock. I gently cusp his balls and took him in deep. He was breathing and moaning so loudly. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, so I removed my pants and panties and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. Teasing him as I went, very slowly and a little at a time. He put his arms around my waist and started moving me up and down that rock-hard cock, fast and hard. I watched as his eyes rolled back as he loaded my pussy with his smooth, warm cum. He was smitten as a kitten after that. I think I will be seeing that stud and his rock-hard cock again.

Coed Tease and Denial

tease and denial

I am not ashamed of my tease and denial tactics I use n Daniel. He knows he can’t have my sweet coed pussy, but it sure is fun getting his clit stick hard for me every day! Today we went to the panty store and I told him if he modeled some panties for me, I would let him eat my pussy and maybe even fuck me. We are in the dressing room with or just bought panties and I pull down my skirt and rub up on his panty covered cock with my sexy ass. His clit of a cock gets hard and I open the fitting room door wide and yelled into the store doesn’t my boyfriend look so cute in his panties. Five ladies started pointing and laughing! That is when his dick squirts right in those panties and that creates more laugher because his little cock gets off on humiliation! Normally that just happens when I send him videos of me fucking his best friend or son!

I Love Being A Sexy Dominatrix

Sexy DominatrixI have this special friend who likes me to be his sexy dominatrix. So, he will come over to be humiliated and I will enjoy doing the humiliation. I always have him undress when he first arrives. I put a collar on him and a leash. If I am feeling naughty, I will insert a nice butt plug with a cute little dangly tail. I usually leave him on the leash and walk him around the front yard for a bit. If someone happens to witness this my pussy gets even wetter and my little slave usually gets hard. Once we take it in the house, I will give my pet a little spanking with the newspaper just like the bad doggy he is. I tell him to lay on his belly like a puppy and then I turn on some porn for him to watch. When It starts to get good and my pussy is so wet, I sit inches from his face and masturbate my clit to climax. I move my pussy to his face and make him clean my cum from my pussy. Then, when I am certain he is hard as a rock, I tell that little puppy to roll over and spread his legs. I tease that little cock and take that ball sack right in my mouth and nibble it hard. The pain brings him to orgasm immediately and he squirts all over my face. He then cleans all his cum off my face with his tongue. I do love playing with my little puppy.

Meet Me At The Beach

voyeur beach sex

I don’t know about you, but I love to have sex on the beach. I love knowing that when I have voyeur beach sex, there is a great chance that there is someone out there who will be able to see us. I absolutely love being watched while I fuck. It brings out the artist in me and I feel like I always do my best work when I know someone is hanging on my every move. I can’t disappoint my audience, so I always make sure to go the extra mile.

I also have been the voyeur when it comes to fucking on the beach. I know people have beach sex fantasies, so I always love sneaking down late at night and trying to find a couple who is fucking. I always wear a skirt with no panties on because I want to be able to finger fuck my pussy while I watch. It gets me off thinking that when I am having sex on the beach, maybe someone is masturbating while they watch me.

Do you have a beach fantasy that you’d like to tell me about? Or maybe you’d like to hear more about mine?


Erotic Roleplaying For Cum Eaters

Your always craving that naughty fixation to play out and enticing that with my erotic roleplaying sessions. You crave the feeling of a big hard cock to slide between your lips and to taste that salty surprise. I want to control you and make you into the cocksucking faggot for me. You can sit closely by as I take a big hard throbbing dick in my sweet tight little holes. I bet you love to watch these holes gape and stretch around that big cock. Come closer lover. Come get a taste. Open your mouth and lick that big, hard, cunt juice covered dick. That’s it lick it as it slides in and out. Open up and be ready to take that cock in your little cock sucking mouth. Suck it like a good cuckold. Taste it, feel it, inhale it’s aroma. You are about to be addicted to being cuckolded and forced to suck cock.

Erotic Roleplaying

Mature Phone Sex With Claudia

Mature Phone Sex

              Did you know that if you don’t follow my rules, you will be punished? Apparently, you don’t. I thought I made it very clear before, but apparently, some little birdies don’t want to listen.

              Take Zachary for example. Zachary wanted to play, he wanted to be dominated. So, what did I do? I dominated him per his request. However, Zachary didn’t follow my rules.

              So, what was I to do? He had been such a good little pet, all the way up to the point I told him to do one simple little thing. I told him to take his biggest, thickest dildo and stick it up in his ass and he did. But, when I told him to stick that second one up there, he couldn’t handle it.

              So, what did Zachary do? He apologized and stated he couldn’t do it for me. That is not, and never will be acceptable. When I tell my pet to do something, I expect it to be done right down to the tee.

              As punishment, when it came time for Zachary’s’ big finish, there was none. I counted him down, then stopped at 2. Then told him there would be no finishing due to him not following through. Maybe next time he will remember I always get my way.

I love Facesitting Full of cum

I only wanted to use him to sit my pretty little pussy on. I mean it doesn’t matter what size of a dick he has if this sexy little slut is just using him to lap my sweet bald cunny right. I love being his face spinner. A few thrusts of his tongue and sucking on my pussy lips has me squirting a river of my hot teen cum in his mouth. Yes, My ass hole and pussy might be a little swollen from the headmasters’ donkey sized dick. All the better for him to soothe my aching bald cunt don’t you think? I mean tiny little Asian body and a big cock that’s what you expect. What you don’t expect is I left his cum inside me for you!coed phone sex

Sissy Humiliation For The Confused

Sometimes guys want to be humiliated about their confusion on who they are and this is a perfect goal with sissy humiliation calls. You never really sprouted a proper penis and your really more feminine than the average male that were blessed with proper testosterone levels, therefore a much manlier cock and masculinity. You personally crave to be in the company of women, and wish to be like us. Your desire goes so deep that you wish you could be a lesbian and only have lesbian sex, or you crave cock and need to be humiliated about your size. Whatever the mixed bag is that is you, I am here to assist you in sorting this out. One way is to try out some sex therapy porn and get you fixated on either servicing cock like a good little sissy faggot, or learning how to masturbate your clitty and eat pussy like a good lesbian carpet muncher. I would love to help you figure out your place in society and encourage your new found self with sending you out to buy the girly things you so desire to own. I want to make you my pretty little Sissy and whether you crave cock or pussy is really not so big a deal as I am more than comfortable assisting you in any way that fits.

Sissy Humiliation


How Small Is Your Cock?

sissy humiliation

If you’re trying to pass that tiny little thing off as a dick, then there’s really something wrong with you. Your “dick” is good for absolutely nothing except small penis humiliation. I know you’ve probably been laughed at a million times when you got naked in front of girls, right? And it’s happened so many times that you are turned on by the laughter now.

Yet there are times you still try to convince women like me over the phone that your pathetic cock is big enough to please a woman. But the joke is totally on you because I can tell, even when I’m just talking to you on the phone, that you have a tiny cock and that you would never be good enough to please me. But it’s totally fun to hear you try to convince me. I can only take that for so long, though. I am eventually going to have to put you in your place and give you a list of reasons why you aren’t ever going to be good enough for me.

Do you have a tiny dick and shriveled up balls? Just get on the phone now and call me so I can remind you how small your cock is. You’re pathetic and you know it.


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