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Exhibitionist Sex Slut Farah Catches Young Boys Like Moths to a Flame

exhibitionist sexA mature exhibitionist sex slut ages like fine wine. Some folks think I expose my body because I need the validation of others. However, that would be a false assumption. I just like the attention. But I am a confident sexy woman. I flash my nude body to neighbors when I feel extra horny and need some dick. And I always need dick.

Although I don’t often date men my age, I still let them admire my body. Perhaps I provide them with some jackoff material. Men my age either think that I am too old for them, or they have too many dick issues for me. So, my sweet spot is college boys. And as a naughty teacher and a naughty neighbor, I attract those young studs like moths to a flame with my naked body. College boys possess hard cocks that always work. They lack the baggage men my age possess. And they appear horny all the time. They do not want to get married. College boys just wanna have fun. And so, do I.

Mature Sexy Women Flaunt What They Got

Jared lives next door. So do his parents, but they were not home when I went outside naked yesterday. When Jared still ran around in diapers, I fucked his daddy. However, now daddy’s dick no longer works at hello. And forget a second fuck. So now, I focus my attention on junior. Although I was not positive Jared would take the bait, I did like my odds. Of course, he took my bait. I hooked him showing off my sexy tits, pussy and legs. He came over with his cock already hard. However, no matter how hard a cock appears, I can always make it harder.

Once inside my house, I went to my knees and used my terrific head skills to pump that young cock up even more. And I swear it grew another few inches because I give great head. Jared out fucked his daddy. This young stud bounced back to fuck me for more times. In less than half a day, he came 5 times. Must men my age cannot cum that much in a week. Mature phone sex babes need those young cocks. And lucky for us they need mature pussy.

Cum on boobs already soaked in cum, add to the fun!

Cum on boobsCum on boobs already soaked in cum, add to the fun! I am always down for some hot, steamy action. Whether it’s in a seedy motel room or in a fancy hotel, I am always ready to get down and dirty. And let me tell you, I am so good at it that you’ll be begging for more.

Now, let’s cut to the chase, shall we? I know what you’re all here for. You want to know about my sexual exploits and trust me, I have plenty to share. Being an exhibitionist, I love showing off my tight, toned body to anyone who is willing to watch. I love the feeling of being watched while I make myself cum. The thought of someone getting turned on by my moans and groans is enough to make my pussy wet.

My pussy is always ready for some action. It is constantly dripping with my juices, ready to be licked, sucked and fucked. I have long, slender fingers that are perfect for teasing and pleasing. And when I’m feeling extra naughty, I’ll add some toys to the mix. Seeing those toys disappear inside me gives me the biggest thrill. And I know you’ll get off on it too.

But my naughty adventures don’t stop there. I am also a phone sex queen. I love talking dirty and getting you off with my words alone. Tell me your deepest desires and I’ll make them come true, through the phone. And while I talk to you, I’ll be fingering my pussy, imagining it’s your cock inside me. Trust me, it’s a wild ride you don’t want to miss.

So my dear readers, are you ready to join me in my wild and kinky adventures? I promise, I’ll make it worth your while. Cum on my already soaked tits, or watch me finger my pussy until I explode. Either way, we’ll have one hell of a time. So come on, don’t be shy. Call me for dirty Fantasy phone sex! Let’s get down and dirty together. Because with a sexy whore like me, the possibilities are endless.


Best phone sex means drowning in my pussy juices!

Best phone sex

Best phone sex means drowning in my pussy juices! I’ve perfected the art of seduction. My seductive voice will make your knees weak and your cock throb with anticipation. But that’s not all, my dear. My body is a temple of sin and pleasure, and I know just how to use it to make you explode with desire.

I truly enjoy what I do. I love to bring your deepest, darkest fantasies to life and make you beg for more. And trust me, I’ve heard it all. From mild to wild, I can handle anything you throw my way.

But what sets me apart from the rest is my obsession with getting you on the edge. I love to play with fire, push your boundaries and make you crave more and more. I live for those moments when I can hear the desperation in your voice as you beg me to let you cum. That’s when I know I have you right where I want you.

My pussy is always ready and dripping wet, just waiting for your call. And once you do call, I promise to make you drown in my pussy juices. As for you cumming, you will have to wait for my permission. You have to show me how dedicated you are to pleasing me. I want your face pruned by my gushing pussy. I’ll tease you, taunt you and soak your face until you can’t take it anymore. I want you to get lost in my sweet Shaved wet pussy.

Trust me, you won’t regret it. I’ll make your darkest fantasies a reality, and you’ll be left craving for more. So what are you waiting for? Your hot sophisticated whore, Lena, is waiting to take you on the most mind-blowing phone sex experience of your life.


Edgeplay phone sex

Edgeplay phone sex


Edgeplay phone sex will get your dick so hard and pulsing and will keep you on the edge. Make no mistake, I will tell you when you can cum and only then may you do it. If you cum before I say it’s okay, there will be some consequences. I can’t wait to see when gets you hard and worked up, since it can be different for everyone. Come inside and tell Dr. Eveylyn what’s going on today.

                Let me see that dick come out of your pants and see what we can do. I want to lightly wrap my hands around the base of your cock and wrap my lips around the tip. I’ll use my tongue in ways you’ve never felt before. I can feel your cock begin to grow and start to pulse. I know you are excited, but I must stop for the moment.

                I take a few moments break and go back to stroking and sucking your dick. I start to feel it pulse again, so I have to stop. We aren’t ready for you to shoot your load quite yet.

This Sexy Ass Pic a Student Snapped After We Fucked

sexy ass picMy lover took this sexy ass pic of me Sunday. We drove up the coast and got a Vrbo for the weekend. He is my pet this semester. I have tenure, so I do not worry too much about fucking my students. However, I still try to be discreet. No need to take unnecessary chances. So, when I want to spend a weekend with a student, I go up the coast where the chances of seeing someone I know are fewer.

Charlie does not need to be the teacher’s pet. But he wants to be. In fact, I selected another male student for the honors this semester. But Charlie came on to me. He knew my reputation as a naughty teacher. As a former valedictorian of his high school class, and twice nominated to the dean’s list at my college, he does not need my assistance or help with his grades. However, he does need my help with his big cock. He flopped it on my oak desk once during my office hours and I almost fainted.

This Sexy Teacher Loves To Fuck Her Hung Students

In that moment, I decided he should be my pet. As a mature sexy woman, I need big cock, especially big, young cock. And we fuck a lot, but nothing but quickies. So, I invited him to spend the weekend with me in Malibu. The first day, I rented us a boat. This student comes from money, so he knew his way around a boat. I joked that he could steer the boat with his cock like Tommy Lee.

Even at his age, he understood the reference. We went out far enough to fuck and swim in the ocean naked. Always a risk of sharks that far out, but we did stay in the water long. We just cooled off and got back in the boat to fuck. The last day it rained, so we stayed in the Vrbo condo and fucked. I let him take a bunch of sexy pics of me for blogs. He thinks they are for his spank bank and my memory. But I am an exhibitionist sex slut. I want you all to see my sexy body too.

I hated to return home and go back to teaching yesterday. My mature pussy needs that boy’s big hard cock all the time. I’d rather be fucking him than working any day. Of course, who among us would rather work than fuck, right?

Sensual And Erotic roleplaying with Loretta!


So many ideas come to mind when it comes to Erotic roleplaying. Most of them are sensual making my pussy pussy throb and gush. sometimes its so overwhelming longing for such conversations. I love giving my body to a man that is prepared to take control. To tell me in great detail the things he’s imagining he could do to and for me. Tell me how youll shower me with gifts and luxury! I have expensive taste so don’t be cheap. The more you give the more I give just never forget I am always in charge of all of this. My daddy is aware im a spoiled little brat and he loves me all the same. He buys everything I want and He fills my pussy just as much as my purse. Every time we go for a drive he likes to slide his hands between my thighs and play with my tight little pearl as he speeds down the highway. Can I be your bratty little whore daddy? I promise it’ll be your wildest ride yet!

Large boobs soaked in cum, both holes filled & I’m spoiled!

Large boobs

Large boobs soaked in cum, both holes filled & I’m spoiled! I have a knack for attracting powerful and wealthy men who are just dying to spoil me. And let me tell you, they sure know how to spoil a girl like me. My large, perfect boobs are always soaked in cum after a long night of fucking. But I don’t just settle for one hole being filled, oh no. I always have both of my tight, little holes occupied by a hard cock. I’m a greedy slut and I can’t get enough.

But enough about my sexual escapades. Let’s talk about my dominance. I am a master at draining your balls and controlling your every desire. I am your dominating cum daddy, your Queen, your everything. And you are my little bitch, ready to do whatever I say.

When you call me for Domination phone sex, you better be ready to submit to my every command. I will make you beg for my attention, and when I decide you’ve pleased me enough, I will reward you with a face full of cum. My boobs will be heavy and full, just waiting for your hot load to cover them. And believe me, when I say I will make you call me Daddy, I mean it. Just the thought of you calling me that gets me dripping wet.

I know some of you may be intimidated by a woman like me, with my wild and explicit ways. But trust me, once you get a taste of my tight and experienced pussy, you’ll never want to leave. I am a wild, sophisticated whore who knows how to please a man in every single way. So don’t be shy, give me a call and let me show you just how good I am at being your naughty little slut.


Edgeplay phone sex

Edgeplay phone sexTeasing your thick Luscious cock with Edgeplay phone sex makes my tight little cunny throb with excitement. Are you fucking ready to blow your load all over My Newly married body? I know exactly how to work your juicy cock rubbing it all around my lips and rolling my tongue around and around the tip of your cock.Ill take my time with your cock sliding my tongue up and down your shaft until i get to your balls. Ill take my time going from your balls up your shaft. Sliding that thick juicy cock down my throat until I gag and choke. All  want to do is drain every drop of cum out of your balls.

Instead i start jerking your cock off looking deep into your eyes as i tell you – “I know you want to cum for me” As your breath starts to speed up Ill sensually ask you – “can you cum for me Daddy? ” just before you answer I place my luscious lips on yours sliding my thick wet tongue down your throat as i continue to stroke that glorious cock of your. I enjoy being a big fucking tease. I know every trick to drive you wild!Erotic roleplaying

Sexy Hot Women Tease Your Cock: Tease and Denial Stories

sexy hot women

Sexy Hot Women Love to Tease Your Cock

You’re always surrounded by sexy hot women at the gym. If your blood wasn’t rushing everywhere else, you would be rock solid constantly. You try not to look at all the big asses and bouncing tits, but today it was almost empty. That’s when I walked out of my ballet class wearing a tight velvet leotard and head to the mats. You feel your cock giving in to the temptation. Especially when I have to stretch every inch of my body right there in front of you. I know you’re watching me touch my toes and fantasizing about how good it would feel to fuck me in that position. 

tease and denial

Mercy Tortures You with Tease and Denial Exhibitionism

I giggle to myself while I watch you staring. If I’m honest I like knowing that you’re watching me. Tease and denial of a cock like yours makes me so hot and horny. No one else can see me, so why don’t I put on a little show. Then I push the sleeves off my shoulders and pull out those big tits you’ve been staring at. I massage them while you watch. I know all the blood is rushing to your cock, but I act like it’s completely normal for me to be stripping down to nothing. 

There’s something else that needs a little bit of stretching before I leave. My leotards slide down my thighs and now I’m completely naked. You can see how wet my cunt is from across the room. My fingers slide in so easy, and I push them in deep. I’m going to make myself cum right there in front of you. You can’t do anything except watch me fuck this shaved wet pussy. I look up at you and smile. Finally giving you the green light to finally milk the solid steel in your pants. Are you going to cum with me?

Sexy Women Masturbating in Public Grabs Your Attention

sexy women masturbatingDo you enjoy looking at sexy women masturbating? I love to be watched. It is no secret that I enjoy being an exhibitionist slut. Yesterday, I took a break from teaching to get some sunshine. The day was beautiful. Perfect weather to enjoy some outdoor naughty antics. I found a secluded part of campus and started to rub my pussy. I could feel the warmth of the sun beating down on my body.

And I got lost in the porn fantasy I had going on in my mind. So, I did not realize I had a peeper. He stood far enough away that his shadow would not block the sun. When someone interferes with the sunshine I am basking in, I always open my eyes. However, I did not open my eyes until I felt something warm and sticky on my foot. I opened my eyes and saw a college boy with his dick out.

I am a Naughty Professor Who Likes Foot Jobs

Foot fetishes are common. But usually, I do not see that fetish in a college boy. But this lad stared more at my sexy feet than my exposed pussy. I am an educated woman. So, I knew my feet mesmerized him. I started rubbing his hot seed into my feet. And since I can cater to all sorts of fetishes, I knew what he needed to see. I put my foot to my mouth and licked his cum off each toe. Mature women are often flexible like that.

And like magic, his cock sprung back to life quickly. Since we were alone where no one could see us, I gave him a foot job. My freshly pedicured cock wrapped around his young hard cock. Exhibitionist sex is so hot to me. And this young stud clearly did not care that anyone could walk around the corner and find us. I love risky sex. He gave me a second load of cum on my feet.

He scurried off before I could get his name. Maybe he was embarrassed or late for class. But I do hope I see that lad again. His cock is perfect for my feet, my mouth, my tits, my pussy or my ass. I went back to teaching with his cum dried on my feet.