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His Ass fetish obsession gets dirty Jack in trouble

Let’s call him Jack, he has a bad Ass fetish obsession that gets him into a lot of trouble with the wife. I alway smell trouble when he comes around but I can’t resist his fat hard cock. I mean I am a woman with needs, it get’s a bit tired sometimes always humiliating small pricked fucks. When I get the chance to be worshipped and dominated all at once, I jump at the opportunity.Ass fetish

We met at a  risqué vacation resort, I was with some friends and he and his wife went with another couple. It wasn’t supposed to be some sloppy fuck fest but a sophisticated sensual experience. He wasn’t supposed to end up with me, he was there to “reconnect” with the wife. Too bad her ass can’t touch mine in a hundred lifetimes.

When I found out he had a thing for Exhibitionist sex, the gloves were off. I was going to fuck the stuck up bitch’s husband and if I was lucky she’ll get to watch me in action. We were by the pool when I had my moment. I took off my top and exposed my perfect breasts. His cock was at attention, and he didn’t hesitate to take in every curve, every inch of my luscious body. It sent him into a frenzy!

He totally lost himself when my mouth gripped his cock. I am a master of cock and the married men always appreciate my throat. I could feel my pussy juices drip down my legs the deeper he shoved his cock in my throat. I haven’t been faced fucked like that in a while. I couldn’t take it any longer, I bent over and he went to town on my ass.

His tongue saturated my ass, getting it nice and wet for the pounding. I know he couldn’t wait to stick it in. While he was pumping my ass, he told him he never felt a tighter hole. I made him worship it by saying I was better than his bitch wife.

It was the perfect timing. She walked in on us right when he said it. The look on her face made me squirt harder than I ever have. We didn’t stop either, he just fucked me even harder and kept saying how much hotter and better I am.

He shot his load deep inside of me and you know I was looking in the bitch’s eyes the whole time. And when I was done, I let out a little laugh and said “That’s how you make a man cum!” He always needs a taste of me now. He needs my ass and Phone sex therapy just to be in the same room with her. I love being a homewrecker! 


Exhibitionist sex for bent over slut

I love a trick who loves Exhibitionist sex. Especially when it means I can bend him over anywhere. See this hottie is very dominant and you love that about me. That is why you spoil me and keep me happy. You are always in control at work. So, with me you need to submit. Our first session was magical. “Worship my feet and tell me you are my toy” I said to you as I stuffed my feet in your mouth. ” I am your toy to do as you please with me” you mumble as you suck on my toes.

It makes me happy to hear you say it. Therefore, I am going to reward you. I pull out my biggest strap, using it on a guy always makes me so powerful. Especially one who normally dominates. After I put it on, I open my windows. That way anyone passing by will see you bent over getting pegged by a hottie like me. Knowing you could be seen being used, excites you. “Bend over in front of the window” I instruct you to do.

As you bend over and spread your man pussy, people walk by. A few get a glimpse of you. Your clitty starts to stiffen up. Even though you have a nice size cock, I still call it a clit because you are my bitch. As I lube up, I make you beg for me to fuck you. “Please my sexy mistress, fuck me” you whimper like a slut. After you beg for a bit and some people walk by, I get in between your legs.

Exhibitionist Sex

Then I ram, inside you hard and deep. “That’s let everyone see you get fucked. Knowing anyone can catch you getting rammed really gets you off. That’s when your clitty starts to leak everywhere. It was so much cum that it splashed all over my pretty heels. “Clean up your mess,” I say as I point to my strap and my feet.

Exhibitionist Sex Addict Wants to Summertime Beach Fucking

Exhibitionist sex and summertime beach fucking are a match made in heaven. I love knowing that anybody could be watching me taking your cock. I wear a tiny thong bikini so that everyone will already be staring at me when we got there. We’ve fucked so many times on the beach that we decided to do something new. Usually, you finger my pussy while I’m lying on my towel and then push your cock into my pussy pretending to lube me up with sunscreen.

exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist Sex Addict Loves Fucking on the Beach

Today I decided I wanted to get wet. When we got hip deep in the water I started grabbing your cock through your swim trunks. You know how much I love exhibitionist sex and this was my way of asking for it. Your dick got hard for me. I pulled down your trunks and started stroking your cock. Then I untied my bikini completely. I handed you my top and bottoms and then ducked under the waves.

Summer Time Beach Fucking with Sexy Mercy

I had to be quick. Your cock was so salty. But I was used to not breathing when I deepthroated your dick. I got it as far down my throat as I could. Then I popped out of the water smiling. “This time grab my hair.” Then I went back down, holding my breath while I sucked your dick. You even started thrusting your cock down my throat. I had to tap you to let you know I needed to breathe. A few seconds of cock sucking wasn’t going to be enough to make you cum. You need exhibitionist sex to make that horny cock happy.

exhibitionist sex

I wrapped my legs around you and helped you slide your cock into my wet pussy. Even in the water you could feel how slippery wet my pussy was. You were squeezing my ass while you pumped that cock in and out of my pussy. All the teasing made you fuck my pussy hard. I was cumming on your cock so fucking fast. But you just kept pounding that pussy. I could see the people on the beach watching you fuck me. It just made it hotter.


Voyeur Beach Sex Makes Me a Horny Exhibitionist Slut

voyeur beach sexNasty voyeur beach sex makes your girlfriend so fucking horny. I love wearing the skimpiest bikini to the beach. I know every cock out here would rip off the tiny bikini and fuck the shit out of me. You know it too, because I won’t stop teasing your cock. Whenever we’re near people I grab and tease your cock through your trunks, or whisper in your ear how much my pussy misses you. You didn’t think I was serious about fucking on the beach until I asked you to put some sunscreen on my back. While you rubbed my shoulders, I pulled my bikini to the side and started rubbing my clit.

Hot Girlfriend Mercy Begs for Voyeur Beach Sex

You warned me that people might see. But I just moaned that exhibitionist sex is even hotter. Your cock gets hard watching me play with my pretty cunt. I can feel it rubbing against my back. You’re trying to hold back, but I turn around and grab that hard cock. Your dick jumps when I wrap my hand around it and I giggle. Then pull you into a kiss. I’m pumping your cock against my bare stomach and begging you to fuck me right here on the beach. You know better, but your dick is making all the decisions now. 

Fuck My Shaved Wet Pussy Oceanside

You push my hand away and push me back on to the blanket. Then you spread my legs apart and force your fingers into my cunt while you stroke your own dick hard. I pull the string so that the bikini bottom falls off and then do the same with top. You pull my thighs towards you until your horny cock is rubbing against that shaved wet pussy. Your dick sinks in so deep to that wet cunt. I moan loud enough for anybody near buy to hear us and beg you to fuck me harder. I want you to creampie my cunt while they watch.

Erotic roleplaying brings out my darkest side

Erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying brings out my darkest side and exploring the darker, more taboo aspects of human sexuality is my passion. But there’s a certain kind of hunger that gnaws at me, a deep burning desire that can only be satiated by a very specific kind of filth. The burn starts at the lips of my pussy, it spreads like wildfire, crawling up my body until it reaches my perfect nipples. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of desperate men at my beck and call, eager to tend to my every need, licking my boots and cleaning the loads of cum from my pussy. And while they are quite good at what they do, they lack the flavor I crave. They are already broken, and when that fire starts to burn within me, I know that I need something fresh, something new to destroy.

That’s where these seedy little porn shops come in, the ones tucked away in the shadiest corners of the city. The dingy back rooms filled with the scent of sweat and desperation, and overwhelmed with the moans and grunts of horny strangers. It is here that I can truly be myself, let my Exhibitionist sex demons out to play. My slaves are higher on the totem pole than the fucks who haunt these sordid shops.

I can ruin several victims in a single night. These sad, pitiful men are too stupid to realize their own insignificance. They are easy to spot, it’s the look in their eyes when I enter the room. The slack jawed wallflowers with their sad cock in their hand and drool coming down their chins. A lot of them are still attached to their Mommy’s tit. And my God are they delicious to devour.

As I make my rounds, crushing souls and draining energy, I revel in the absurdity of it all. I watch as these men, these losers, think they are about to have the time of their lives. They are confident that they will experience the best orgasm ever, and yet, time and time again, I destroy their expectations with a single laugh.

The sounds of disappointment are absolutely hilarious. The groans and whimpers as I mercilessly tease their cocks, bringing them to the brink of ecstasy and then snatching it away, are music to my ears. Hahaha, there was this one guy who even cried “Mommy!” The poor bastard poured out cum with zero twitch in his pathetic meat stick. 

There’s an art to it, a certain flair that I take pride in. It’s the way their eyes glaze over with lust, the way their bodies tremble with need, the way they call out my name like a prayer. And then, at the very moment they are about to succumb to the sweet release, I let out an eruption of laughter that shatters their world.

It’s a beautiful thing, really, the dumb look on their already dumb faces. To watch as the light fades from their eyes, to see the realization dawn on their faces that they are nothing but pawns in my game. It’s empowering, intoxicating even, and it helps me sleep at night like a baby. There’s a thrill in the chaos, in the madness of it all, and it’s something that I just can’t get enough of.

These sad little men, so eager to please, so desperate for a piece of me, they don’t stand a chance. And I love every moment of it. Their weakness, their vulnerability, their utter and complete submission, it feeds me, fuels me, and drives me to ever greater heights of depravity. Experience devilish Fantasy phone sex with me.

Naughty teacher bad teacher fucks the students.

            Naughty teacher bad teacher fucks the students. Such bad, bad, sexy, naughty woman that I am. I’m sexy and I know it. Fucking my students. Intentionally wearing tight skirts, see the outline of the thong. Garter belt showing. Bending over so you can see the super big boobies. Make you drool just a little. Blink boy. A bad teacher is going to slap those fingers. Next thing you know you are in detention.

            Perhaps you need a lesson in misdirection. Look this way and you get nothing make you look to the left and you see me flashing you. Nipples erect. Poking through the red lace bra. Pull the skirt down just enough to see the red lace thong. Matching bra and panties. Floral top flipped up. Stand right beside you and make you long for some Erotic roleplaying. At the same time when it comes to student and teacher, well perhaps we need to have the fantasy to reality. Naughty teacher

            Mount my student, pushing you back in the chair. Tipping it. Teasing the cock through the panties brushing against me. Feeling the wetness. Just not there yet. Suddenly the panties are pushed to the side and the cock slips in. Deep up inside. Filling me up. Juices running down onto your cock. Knowing I want this more than you do.

            Bringing you to the brink and quickly making you cum inside of me. Standing up. Lowering my skirt. Slipping the soaked panties off and putting them in your pocket. Leaning down and whispering. Wear these tomorrow here and I will give you some more.

Sexy dominatrix uses you

A nasty Sexy dominatrix will have you submitting to me. “I’m yours mistress, do as you please with me” you say as you hand over your wallet. You pay to have me boss you around while you lick my cunt. “Kiss my pretty and suck on each toe lick you are milking cock” I demand of you while I count the money out of your wallet. I grab you by the hair and pull you up to my asshole.

“Lick that asshole and taste all of me” I moan as I start to smother you with my ass. You moan as you lick me like a fat boy eating cake. “I bet you’re hungry for some juices” I say to you as I tease you. Then I stand up and you watch me put a trap right on. Before I let you feel me cum juices down your throat, I will pound you.

Sexy dominatrix

As I lube up, I tell you to bend over. Once I see you bend over, I push inside you. “Tell me who you belong to. I demand of you. “I belong to you mistress” you whimper as I fuck you. Hearing you submit to me makes me pound you harder. Even put my foot on your back so I can jack hammer my strap inside you.

“Mistress can cum” you beg. I wait a bit before giving you permission. “Cum all over and show me who you belong to” I say laughing. After that you knew to clean my strap. “Now time to eat again” I say as I bend over. I have an Ass fetish, so I love when you lick me.

Eveylyn’s Edgeplay phone sex fun

This edgeplay phone sex will rock your world. I’m going to take you home, strip you down and tie you to my magnificent king-size bed. When I’m done with you, I will bring you to the edge, but not let you fall. You will feel tortured and begging for more!

                I take an electric stick and shock you a few times with it, placing it on your inner thigh, right by your balls. Every time I shock you, I see your cock twitch. I know how bad your dick wants me. I slide my soaking wet pussy on your dick, balls deep, and start riding and grinding on you. When I hear you moan and groan and feel your dick about to cum, I stop. I’m not ready for you to bust yet.

                I turn around with my ass in your face, ready for you to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. As you start licking and sucking, I fill my mouth with your hard fat cock. I deepthroat it like a pro. I can’t last long at this point, and before I know it, I squirt all over your face, but I know you love it. I get faster with your cock so you can cum in my mouth. I work you up enough, and there you go.

Edgeplay phone sex

Cock Tease Chaos: Denial Heaven

Hey, let me tell you about my night… it was a freaky domination fest, and I was in control, baby!

I had these two dudes on the phone, begging for a taste of Miss Kinky. They were like putty in my hands, melting with each command, and dude, it was so damn hot! 🔥💦

I set the scene, painting a picture of their helplessness, imagine being tied up with their big cocks straining. I told ’em to picture me, queen of the night, wearing the sexiest latex domme outfit. Their imaginations ran wild, and I could almost see their dripping mouths. 😈💦

I played with their minds, throwing shade and keeping ’em guessing. Told ’em they could only whimper and beg, no touching allowed. Their pleas for release went unanswered, leaving them hanging by a thread. Dude, the power trip was insane!

I dropped some dirty talk on ’em, describing what I’d do if we were in the same room. Their moans echoed through the phone, and my hands went straight to my own soaking pussy. I mean, these guys were my personal pornstars for the night. 🤤💋

I made ’em striptease, fancying themselves as my little puppets. With each article of clothing discarded, their voices grew more desperate. I could’ve sworn I heard their balls tingle over the phone! 💔😂

Denial was the name of the game, keeping ’em on the edge without any release. Their voices cracked with desire, begging for a glimpse of relief. But I kept ’em guessing, enjoying every second of their helpless erotic chaos. 🤪😈

Let’s just say, these guys cummed without cuming, if you catch my drift. Dude, I left ’em hanging, a phone sex session that’d keep ’em thrilled and agitated for days. they were so triggered, and loved every damn minute! 🔥

24/7, I’m ready for some more phone domination. There’s nothing like hearing those desperate moans, knowing I’m the boss. Truth is, I’m a total tease, and these guys were just my playthings for the night! 🤭👅

Shaved wet pussy on display ready to be used as your Cumrag

Shaved wet pussy Melt your cock deep inside of my Shaved wet pussy… Sit back and watch your cum spool beneath me as it slowly oozes and plops out of me. I cannot help but reach down and run my finger through the lips of my silky smooth pussy to gather up all of the precum I can to then suck off of my fingertip! I am addicted to the taste of cum and wouldn’t be able to let not even a droplet of yours go to waste… Whatever seeps out of me will find its way slithering down my throat and filling my tummy.

The tarty sweet but salty taste keeps me craving more and more! Watch as I Spread my Sexy legs and gently caress my pussy after a rough fuck! Have no mercy on my cunt I want to be used as a cock sleeve and drained inside of as you Cum dumpster. I may look innocent but I am a Creampie slut! I’ve always been a nymphomaniac… Ever since I managed to give myself my first orgasm while watching Sexy college girl porn.

Since that day I’ve been a total slut and enjoy every moment of being fucked and raw dogged by random men. My parents have no idea that I am a Nasty freak that loves anal fucking and being used. I’ve fucked nearly everyone in our neighborhood and somehow it didn’t make it back to my parents…

My parents think I am an innocent girl meanwhile I am an Exhibitionist sex addict!