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Small dick humiliation is what a micro-dick loser deserves

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation makes me giggle so hard! Especially when watching the worthless slave slut perform live for me on Skype… It never fails, guys always cup their little winky and try to hide their shrinkage… Well, that only makes it even more obvious that they’ve barely got a cock. A man with a big dick couldn’t just cover his cock with a hand and it vanish, hahaha! It must suck to be you… Especially, when you have me on the line and not even your money gets me whipping my clit. You are so pathetic that little dick of yours couldn’t please me even if you gave it your all. Little dicks like yours struggle with hitting the back walls.

Tease and denial is all you will be getting out of me, Loser!

There is no way I will even be wasting my time on your pathetic cock. You, as a worthless little dick loser should know your place! Well, if you don’t I don’t mind refreshing that memory of yours. Guys call me up with their 5 incher in hand ready to wank, lol. You might be an inch or two bigger than the last guy bud, but that dick of yours won’t be pleasing me. I always make sure to put those fuckers in chastity and have them attach a strap to their waist. Straddle me like a good boy, if you behave I might let you suck my pussy cream off of the dildo when I get through orgasming.

It must suck smelling the sweet aroma of my Shaved wet pussy and not being able to put your small cock inside of me.

 (You are not a man; you will forever be a boy… Oh hush, you aren’t a late bloomer either honey… That’s it, not even a dick enhancement pill will fix that little problem of yours.)



Sissy humiliation from a Sexy babe like is what you need

I love when a sissy bitch comes to me for Sissy humiliation fun. A hottie like me laughs and gets a tickle seeing how pathetic you look in panties and stockings. You pay me because you are a little dick bitch, who could never please a sexy chick like me. Instead, you get fucked by big cock with my help. First put on your sluttiest outfit, you have to match my swag to be around me. Then we will go out to lure big dicks to come use you.

“We will use my pretty face and sexy body to tease them”. Since they are drunk, they think you are just an ugly bitch. “Get on your knees and suck their fat dicks” I say when we get back to my place. “Oh yeah, the ugly bitches better know how to suck dick very well” one of them says as we all laugh. Then your mouth takes their hard cocks one after the other. As they have their eyes rolling to the back of their head, I say “she sucks good dick for a sissy dude”.

Then I laugh as I see their eyes open up. “This is a sissy whoreboy sucking our dicks?” “Yes, it is, look her pathetic dicky is hard from eating your cock meat” I respond.  After you both hear those words, you get up and push my sissy slut trick on the ground. “Get down on your knees like a doghoe” they say as her sissy panties are being ripped off. It was fun to watch you getting fucked by them in both your holes and knowing you paid this Sexy babe to make you do it.

Porn Addicts love Phone humiliation

Phone humiliation

The other day, I went on a date with this guy who said he was a pervert, so I suggested Phone humiliation to put him in his place. His perversions stretched as far as some almost illegal born and edgeplay to the extreme. Watching a grown man cry from humiliation has been one of the highlights of this year. I’ve always been a little twisted, but if I can make a mature man cry, it will make my pussy cum so hard.

So when he told me he was open to the dirtiest filth, I was open to Erotic roleplay beyond what generally comes to mind. I needed him to empty his addiction into my cunt and allow me to open until we had explored his deepest kink and he had exhausted his cock cumming. This form of therapy will open his soul, and that’s precisely what he did. When he had divulged the darkness of his soul, I couldn’t help but drop to my knees and hold him up as his knees gave way and his cock unloaded in my mouth. There is nothing better than getting it all out.

Small boobs – Tight Pussy – Perfect ass

Small Boobs

Small Boobs are so sexy. More than a mouthful is really such a waste. My girlfriend Candy has the perfect little A cups. She shares my nudist qualities and that makes for a great outside fuck. Her nipples are so sensitive as soon as I start nibbling them she moans loudly. In five seconds flat she is out of her swimsuit and spreads her legs wide. That perfect pussy tastes amazing and sucks my fingers in hungrily. I see her boyfriend peeping out of the sliding glass windows.

I smile at him and push in harder to his woman. Her moans echo off the sides of the pool deck. I do not invite him to play. I shake my head and hold a hand up. He better stay right where he is and watch. I know a little secret about him. And I laugh as I bend down and begin to eat his woman out right in front of him. I love how her little ass tastes as I rim her between sucking her clit.

Small boobs for femdom Sapphism

I pick up the wine bottle and use it to pour wine all over her sweet little pussy. I know he wants to cum outside to play. But This sexy bitch is not letting him near us. I make a jerk off motion with my hand but he shakes his head no. Oh my god,  how I can’t help myself by teasing him by fucking her. Against my better judgment, I’m yelling for him to get naked.

Man, Candy is right his coc is much too small to make her happy. “Go ahead jerk that shrimp dick bitch!’ I command. I know his woman deserves the best Lesbian phone sex I can give her. I know my strap-cock makes her scream and moan so fucking good. She is my fucking woman now mother fucker! 

Cuck Boyfriend Watches Girlfriend Get Fucked By Her Father

Sensual phone sexI love fucking with your head and keeping you on your toes. I invite you over to my house and tell you to walk into my bedroom for the surprise of your life. You had no idea that you would be watching me take 9 inches in my tiny, tight pussy from no other than my own father. I told you that if you didn’t satisfy me I would find a better man with a bigger cock than yours that will actually make me cum. Well, my Daddy has been making me cum for years. I fantasize about sliding on his cock, bouncing on him and making him squirt inside me every time that we fucked. Now, you can sit in the corner and watch a real man fuck me. Take that tiny dick in your hands and jerk it until your balls are full. My Daddy’s balls are always full of cum and he’s ready to stuff a fat load right inside of me.

Small Dick Humiliation Where Is It At?

small dick humiliationI don’t always mean to engage in small dick humiliation, sometimes it just happens. That little tic tac looked to me like a wart so I kept spreading his legs forcefully as he desperatelly tried keeping them closed. I was horny as all get out and he had fingered me so hard and well.  His huge muscular physique made my little clitty tingle hard. After our first date, I was so into him, but trying to portray the good girl image so I held out not fucking him that first night.  I went home and fucked my neighbor instead because the date had me all hot and bothered.

So we are in his house on the second date.  I wore my shortest skirt, no underwear, a white little cropped top t-shirt with no bra. I didn’t. want my intentions to be in question.  I wanted this man, standing at 6’4″ to pound me to the ground and not be able to walk for weeks. I just knew, he must be good in bed with that yummy chisseled body.

We started making out on the couch, I would reach down outside his pants to feel if he had gotten hard, and I didnt feel a thing.  It had been a few hours since I had felt a cock so maybe I was out of practice. He kept insisting on playing with me. He sucked my tits, licked my little cit sucking each ike his life depended on it.  He went down on my shaved wet pussy and went to town, fingering me at the same time.

When I finally forced his pants off after many attempts of him pulling back. Finally, I understood.  I was in complete denial at first. I pulled his legs apart asking “Where is it?” as he teared up in embarassment. “Is that a wart on your cock, is that why you are acting this way?” he started relinquishing to me he would have to show me. “Oh no sweetie, were you born a female? ” I pointed to my clit as it was around the same size.

I’ll continue this next time and hear about the humiliation I put this pathetic soul through that night. It includes some big black cock to give you a hint.  Stary tuned.

Sissy Humiliation with Mistress Mercy

Sissy Humiliation

Calling all sissy cum sluts!!! Mistress Mercy wants some fun sissy humiliation. There is nothing I love more than turning a man decades older than me into a whimpering little girl stroking his swollen clitty. It starts with the clothes first. Putting them in cute pairs of panties. Dressing them up in cute skirts and stockings or even a pretty dress. If they are really good little fuck sluts, they’ll do their makeup and send me hot pictures. After they get all pretty for me, they can finally get to touch their cute little clitties.

I know I look nice and polite, but don’t get the wrong idea. I will absolutely fucking humiliate you. You will only do what I tell you to do. When I tell you to do it. And you will get on your knees and thank me for giving you the time of day. Bitch boys like you love hearing my sweet voice praise them for being my good little pets. And my pink snatch starts watering when they tell me they’d do anything to make me happy. You’ll have to earn that privilege. It’s my job to remind you that your place is on your knees for me. And if you forget your place you will be punished. Fuck. I can hear you groaning “Thank you, Mistress Mercy” in my ear already! Are you going to be good for me pet?

Large boobs are for draining the wallets of losers.

Large boobsA Hot sexy woman knows exactly how to use their assets for personal gain… I could never be a housewife, I would much rather be a whore! I couldn’t see myself falling apart for a man when I can use my persuasion to get what I want out of life. Men are mules, times may have changed but I have not forgotten their worth.. That’s right sucker pay me, this is where your money belongs! It’s your fate, here you are looking for attention and you know the only way to get it from a hot girl like me is through Financial domination phone sex.

A woman of my caliber doesn’t put up with losers like you, leave that to your desperate wife.. Who’s lost herself while tending to your needs. Yet you do things like this, did you expect appraisal? All you will be getting out of me, is a bit of Tease and denial. My perfect knockers propped up in my lace teddy make that measly dick of yours hard, doesn’t it.. You better be down on your knees as you read this! You know who you are and you know your position at my table.. An anal plug stuffed in that ass with a nice ruby rhinestone glistening as I humiliate you live on cam for the world to see how pathetic you are.

Repeat after me “I am nothing more than a slave for Goddess Eden.” That’s all you are and all you will ever be. Whether it’s for me or another goddess. You radiate “bitch” there is no denying who you are. — leaned forward with my scam pillows in your sweaty face, pay up! Go ahead, place your card right between my Large boobs and watch me drain you of every cent. You want my attention, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Princess Beth will put you in your place.

Phone humiliation

Beth Puts You In Your Place 

Oh, it is you. I know why you are calling me. You need some phone humiliation. Do not worry. I will tell you exactly what I think of you. 

Sad, pathetic little bitch. You have to pay girls to talk to you. Even after you have paid me to give you the time of day you still can not make me be nice to you. Do you know why? Because I do not respect you. You are not a real man. With your little boy cock why would any woman respect you let alone want to fuck you?

Even if you tricked some poor girl into fucking you I am sure you have never made her cum. Seriously, how could you with that tic tac cock of yours? She would have better luck fucking a tampon then you. Why am I even bothering to talk to you again? Maybe I will just mute you and make you beg for me to come back on the line.

Findom Phone sex therapy $

Phone sex Therapy

Findom Phone sex therapy is offered for all men who need to spend, spend and spend some more! The desire to be financially humiliated is deep within you. And when I come around it springs to life. I love that we live in a capitalist society where men, especially white men fetishize money. But then again we women seek to obtain and control by having you drain that wallet on us.🏛️

Call it reparations for being a sexy Goddess in a patriarchal society! Spending all of your hard-earned cash on me because I’m a beautiful femdom is making you hard, you come to me taking my tributes. 🏧

Just call me a cash master when I have you on a tight leash. I will walk you on campus at that college you work at on a leash. Strap a sign to your back proudly proclaiming your cash slave status. I’m a proud sugar baby that loves to rape your wallet every chance I get. 🐖 Femdom phone sex for men who need to loosen these purse strings. $pend, Send and Worship me.