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Mutual masturbation stories are meant to be shared

Mutual masturbation stories

            Mutual masturbation stories are meant to be shared. The best way to share them is with a personal touch over the phone. Next, we are meant to be masturbating at the same time as the story is being told. In fact, you need to be pull out your dick and start stroking it as I use my rose. Turning it on, letting it rub over my clitoris.   

            Voice lowers, eyes closing, bringing up the memory of the last time that I had a session of an exceptionally erotic session of the three of us. Let me start at the beginning.

            With attention to detail, he was rather large. About 10 inches. Using to fingers on his cock he started to play as I slipped a finger between my labia lips. Head falling back down onto the couch. Sliding down. Legs parting some more. Opening those up. Letting him see as I took the clit between my fingers and began to roll it back and forth.

            Looking through my lashes; I could see him getting harder as my fingers became wet with my own moisture. First one finger goes up inside. Then a second one follows. Thumb stroking over my clit. Moaning, shifting.

            Now, as your phone sex therapist I suggest you keep stroking as hard as I am pushing these fingers up into my pussy. Seeing how far I am able to get my fingers in and feel the walls of my vagina.

            He is stroking as fast as I am. Now picture your cock in the place of my fingers. Delving deeper, coming in from behind. Just picturing it has one hand moving up to cup a breast. Getting cum on a nipple. Making it glisten in the light.

            Finally, we need to cum at the same time. It heightens the experience. When you play, we will cum together.

Sexy legs spread wide open ready to have my Pussy Creampied!

Sexy legsMy Fuck buddy’s roommate wants me! He overheard me sucking his roomies cock but I swear, I had no idea he was even home. I was sucking Sean’s dick in the parlor and he had walked on me completely naked with my Large boobs bouncing up and down. I was so embarrassed but I didn’t stop, it’s not like he stood there and watched he sort of just went to his room. But, after I got through sucking Sean off I went to knock on his door to apologize to him only to walk into him jerking his cock off to porn. I know he was turned on from walking in and seeing a hot girl like me naked with my ass up in the air.

I walked in when he was just finishing up with cum overflowing out of his cock and leaking down his hand. I walked into his bedroom and closed the door behind me acting as if I hadn’t even noticed what he was doing. After teasing him for a bit by squeezing my tits together in my white cotton crop top with no bra underneath. I knew he could smell the scent of my Shaved wet pussy lingering from the freaky sex I had just had. I made sure to sit on his pillow so my pussy juices could leak out and stain his shams. I even checked back the other night to see if he even bothered to change them. He hasn’t, it’s obvious he is enjoying the scent of my sweet bliss. I kicked a pair of my dirty panties underneath his bed, I could only imagine how bad he would love to taste my pussy. I am thinking to moan so loud next time I have sex with my fuck buddy that he loses his shit and barges in so they can both fuck me at once.

Sean and his roommate are completely clueless and have no idea how badly I want to spread my Sexy legs and get fucked hard by the two of them!

Sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbating


Sexy women masturbating looking for some XXL rock hard abs with a cock to match. A chick like me, fiery and spicy willing to suck the life out of your dick. This Latina chica is down to please you. I don’t discriminate so even if your cock is 6inches come on over and put your lips on mine and give me a taste. I promise you won’t regret it. I love taking care of my man. Making sure he cums at least twice a day. Come on thru my house and I will run you a bath, wash away your worries get you cleaning enough to get you dirty again. I will put my pussy in your face and squirt all over your lips. I want you to bend me over and pound this pussy until I scream with ecstasy. I’m a sophisticate hottie that can get hood too. I’m waiting on you so we can get to playing.

Large boobs gets covered w Huge loads in the Conference-room

Large boobsI made Sexy sophisticated porn videos with the President and Vice President of the bank. You read that right, and this all happened in the main conference room. I was milking one cock between my Large boobs while sitting on top of the others cock. It was perfect…as I bounced, my tits stroked and vice versa. It was supposed to just be a hot video of us three but the janitor overheard the commotion and joined in on the hot fun. I wound up with every last one of my cock hungry holes fucked and filled. The best part was the guys didn’t bail after round 1!

They were stirring one another’s loads with their Big dicks inside of my Cum filled cunt.

The President bound my hands and feet with his tie and had me bent over with my face mushed into the carpet. My knees had rug burns from how hard they fucked me, with no mercy! This was all unexpected; it was what I had to do to keep my job so I didn’t get the chance to shave, prior.. My Hairy wet pussy was filled to the point of globs of semen being caught in my pubic hairs.

That didn’t stop any of those deprived horny hardworking men from lapping my cunt up and slurping the cream that over spilled.

I reached down and cupped my pussy with the palm of my hand gathering up as much cum as I could. To then rub all of those creamy juices all over my perfect breasts. The porno video is 3 hours long, we had to upload four different videos to get it all up on Pornhub… They welted my ass with thier hard cocks and bare-hands; then cum-pilled their loads onto my ass to take a Sexy ass pic to use as my Profile picture on the site. Enjoy!

Large boobs are perfect place to hide men Giantess phone sex

Large boobsEver had Giantess phone sex? I shrunk this guy down to an ant size and dominated his entire being. I mummified him using my panties and then stuffed him inside my Shaved wet pussy. When I pulled him out of me he was drenched in my pussy juices, it was the funniest thing ever. To see him squirm and hear his muffled squeals as I thrust in and out. I didn’t stop until my walls were clenching around his body. After about 5 minutes of feeling his head hit my inner G spot, I squirted. I squirted so hard it looked and felt like a fire hydrant to him.

I forgot to take his glasses off so the four-eyed freak couldn’t see a thing. I shrunk him to the perfect size, he stood about 10 inches tall. To get all my pussy slime off of him I tucked him between my Large boobs and stroked him up and down. That’s what happens to naughty boys who misbehave. For a second he thought he was going to tell me to wait which is exactly why he had to suffer the consequences.

Nobody makes a Goddess wait! That is rule number one It’s not even a rule at this point that’s Law. We have plans to conquer the world. When I grow big and mighty I can walk on water. There is no water too deep and no place to far. I wear Bentley trucks on my feet. I can’t wait to find out what it’ll feel like to have my Sexy legs spread and my pussy hovering over the Eifel tower, next stop London. 

Sexy girlfriend porn keeps me busy while I wait for ur call.

Sexy girlfriend porn My long Sexy legs are what grabs every man’s attention! I know to slowly strut and to wear stilettos no shorter than 5 inches. I want men to stare at me, that’s why I don’t wear nylons either. Instead, I flaunt my long legs after showering them in body oil. When I walk by even if you are looking down at your phone you will know I passed by. My beautiful fragrance will raise the hairs in your nostrils. Instantly causing your cock to tingle!  A womanly aroma fills the room, a smell, of floral, musky but sweet… The aroma leaves a trail that follows me as I walk past. You look up and see my Large boobs perked up in a bombshell, extra pushup plush bra. You think to yourself, how bad you would love to just feel them.

Wondering are my tits even real? To answer your question, they are! In your fantasy world, I dropped to my knees, catwalk across the floor to squander at your feet and worship your cock. The straps of my bra/blouse drop and I seat my perfect tits on your lap. My nipples are rock hard, you reach down and squeeze them! I moan and beg you to fuck me but you tell me you want my tits covered in your semen. My pussy felt deprived, pulsating, and ready to be used. Yet you squeezed my tits around your cock and burst right down the center of them. Now, I am here horny, waiting for a man to phone fuck while watching Sexy girlfriend porn.

Foot fetishes are erotic, ever have a foot job?

Foot fetishes are erotic, ever haFoot fetishesve a foot job? By all means take a look at my long legs, down to the perfect arch of my foot. Shoe slipping off. Toes walking up your leg before tickling the tip of your penis. 

Training your eyes on my foot. Watching it, spreading my toes to take your shaft right behind your head, running the length. Toes inching down. At the same time the inside of my other foot running up your leg. Hence making your already stiffening member grow harder.

What we have here is most compelling evidence that you like my two feet wrapped around your cock. Stroking the length. Sandwiching your hot dog between the two of them. Pumping you quickly, pre-cum starting to drip on my feet. 

Bracing my arms, boobs jutting up, your cock between my soft supple feet. Vein popping, feeling the pulse in your cock being the middle of my these feet you can’t take your eyes from. Without delay making you cum, sperm shooting onto each foot. Collapsing down. Drained. 



Come Cum on My Sexy Breasts

My sexy breasts have been teasing you all day. I came in to work today in one of the lowest-cut tops you’ve seen me in. I wasn’t wearing a bra and you could tell. My nipples were pressing against my shirt, and you could see the way my tits giggled and swayed every time I did something. It was almost like I was trying to tease you. Just begging you to come over to me and rip my tits out of my shirt and squeeze them around your cock. I’m not helping either. A little more bounce in my step than usual and every time I come over to your desk I lean just far enough for you to see most of my tits. 

Sexy Breasts

The tease and denial is killing you. If we were in private, you would just take what you wanted. Rip off my top and leave bite marks on the soft porcelain skin. You would force me onto my knees and slide your dick into my mouth. Fuck my face until the froth and spit start to slide down my chin and cover my tits. Ignore the way I choke and gag while you lube up your cock and my tits. Then squeeze them around that thick, throbbing rod. Even if I deny it, you know I want it. You can tell from the way my back is arched and how I’m not trying hard to fight back. I want you to paint my pretty face and large boobs with your cum. I want you to make me look pretty. 

Shaved wet pussy fills a secret album in your husbands phone

Shaved wet pussyWhile having hot phone sex with a pervert I like to send them personal pictures of my Shaved wet pussy.. I want you to see how wet you have gotten my firm pussy lips, for yourself. I am hoping a picture of my pussy would be a good exchange for a video clip of you stroking your cock and cum shooting. I have a photo album of dick pictures that were sent to me! I like to keep a souvenir so whenever I go back into my memories. I can masturbate to your perfect cock while caressing my Large boobs. A pussy picture would only be the beginning of the album you will be secretly having in your phone of my sexy body.

Whenever you are horny I want you to wander off into the restroom or even sit inside of your car and stroke your stiff dick to the sight of me. Close your eyes and hear my soothing sweet voice fill your ears with the dirtiest words. Spend one night with me and I will soon be your newest phone sex addiction. My Hot squirting pussy awaits your arrival! In the meantime, I will be watching Naughty neighbor porn and gathering up a bunch of dirty thoughts to share with you. 

Exhibitionist sex is an absolute favorite of mine.

Exhibitionist sex is an absolute favorite of mine. In the park; broad daylight. Letting everyone see my full perfectly formed orbs, jutting up, begging for you to take them into your mouth. Teeth grazing the outer edges of my areola as you bite down on the nipple. Tongue laving down over my stomach, arching my back. Long legs wrapping around you. Heels hooking into your belt loops, pulling your pants down.

Skirt falling away. Crotch less panties, garter belt, black thigh high’s and heels are the only garments left on. Pussy aching to entered. Rising to meet your thick massive cock. A gasp escaping from someone watching. Your purple mushroom head, leaking pre-cum, my juices coating your cock as you stretch me, fingers slicking over my clit. Fingers digging into your hair, pulling you down as I buck up onto your cock. Grinding into you. Pelvis rotating. Bringing your lips back to my tits.

Heels digging into the soft earth as I propel into you, rolling you on your back. Straddling you, rocking back and forth on your cock. Feeling you pulsating inside of me. Faster I ride your cock, letting everyone see my juices covering your cock as I move up and down. Nails scratching down your chest. Bringing your hands up to grips my breasts.

Flexing my muscles around your cock. Tightening you in a vice making you cum. That is it feel it filling up my uterus. Bouncing off the walls, hitting the back of my cervix. Look around and see all the looks of astonishment on their faces. Never believing that someone would have sex in the park. Exhibitionist sex