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Titty Fucking Porn Makes My Pussy Wet

I love a good titty fuck! I love the feeling of a nice hard cock in between my tits. I like to feel the hardness while my nipples are being licked, pinched and sucked. I like to put my tongue to good use and lick the tip of the cock that is in between my tits. My nipples are very sensitive and I can almost cum by playing with them. While I am getting a good titty fucking I like my nice bald pussy to be fingered and played with. I want my clitty pinched and rubbed. When it comes time for that cock to explode. I want it all over my tits and my face. I love the feeling of cum all over me.  After that, I will get on top of you and ride your cock while my tits bounce in your face.

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Foot fetishes makes Juicy cocks Throb



Everything about foot fetishes makes cocks rock hard and that makes my pussy gush and cream. I keep my pretty toes well taken care of with regular pedicures. Painted daddies favorite color bright fire truck red. I knew once you saw me with my freshly painted toes in my brand new strap heels. Showing every toe and the curves of the arch of my feet with every step. Rubbing my feet up and down your cock through you pants with my toes drives us both wild.

Once your cock is rock hard I can use my feet to massage that throbbing cock of yours. While I look into your eyes stroking that cock rolling the balls of my feet on your balls. Rubbing my toes on the tip of your cock then bringing my toes to your mouth so u can suck each one. The sensation alone makes my pussy throb seeing my wet toes from the juice of your mouth. Lay me on my back and slide that cock inside of me daddy put my toes in your mouth and make me cum. Pound this tight little pussy until you fill me up with your cum daddy!

Mature phone sex with a side of naughty and cum dessert.

 Mature phone sex           Mature phone sex with a side of naughty and cum dessert. To point out it is a very healthy meal. Add in your favorite fetish for flavor and I will prepare a meal that you will dine on these wonderful legs, feet, ass, tits, just to name a few of my favorite things.

            Cocktails on titties, pink ribbons on waists, these are just a few things. When the dog bites, when the bee stings, all I need to do is think of a few of my favorite things. Then go and be naughty with someone. Preferably my neighbor. Show up showing off my ASSests. Hehehe…Now you get the meaning don’t you darling.       

            With this in mind as naughty as I am. Well as I’m a mature Hot sexy woman who is all class. Even if you are eating a spaghetti dinner off my ass. Dipping the garlic bread into my pussy. Letting the sauce drip between my ass cheeks.

            On the positive side not only does it work on my ass, but you can also balance a glass on my breasts, suck the spaghetti off my stomach. At the same time, I will be giving you a foot job. Who says a modern woman can’t do it all. Make a meal, give a foot job, be naughty with her neighbor all at the same time being completely mature and all woman. Make you cum for dessert and eat my as well.

            To be sure you will have to see it to believe it.

Hot Sexy Woman Without Limits

I am a hot sexy woman without any limits. I am adventurous in my sexual exploits. What is the craziest thing you have ever done? I have done it all! I have done everything from threesome to more extreme stuff. I am very into deep penetration. The deeper a cock is in me the better. I love it from the back bent over the bed.


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I like it even if while my pussy is getting pounded from behind I am deep throating a nice big dick,  I also love to have threesomes with a man and another woman. I like to eat pussy too. I love for a girl to get fucked hard and I will clean the cum out of her pussy or her ass. Both are great!  I also love a good titty fuck. I love to see my boobs covered in cum!



Sexy Phone Chat Makes Whores Like Rebecca Squirt

Sexy phone chatI’m always down for some sexy phone chat time. Oh lover, I’m your cum dumpster and I live for this shit. The way you fill me up with your raw cock is all I need to get turned on. It feels so good when you pound my tight little asshole until it stretches out wide enough to take every inch of that thick meat. And let me tell ya, nothing gets me going more than hearing those dirty words coming out of your mouth while you fuck me senseless.

I love the feeling of being used like a piece of trash – knowing full well that my only purpose in life is to please men like yourself by taking their big dicks deep inside my hungry holes again and again without complaint . My pussy gets wet just thinking about how much cum we could make together; squirting uncontrollably onto our bellies as we both reach peak satisfaction .

So come on over here, big boy , give it to me hard and fast until neither one of us can stand anymore! Let’s see who can last longer under the intense pleasure-pain threshold we’ve created between us . Maybe then ,we can collapse into each other’s arms covered in sweat and cum –the perfect end to another wild night filled with lustful desires fulfilled under one roof called home sweet home (or maybe just ‘fuck pad’).

I’ll be here waiting, eagerly anticipating the moment when your cock slides between my lips or fills up my tight asshole once again . Until then , I’ll just keep dreaming about how good it feels to be used by someone who knows exactly what they want from me…and takes it without hesitation. Cum have a good sexy chat with your favorite therapist, Rebecca soon!

Love Being A Girlfriend

I love the boyfriend/ girlfriend experience without the drama.  I love the hushed sexy conversations and the pillow talk. I want to take care of my man in every way. I want to ensure satisfaction for my man in every way. I will wait for you at the door naked and go right to my knees to give you a blow job unlike any you have ever felt before.

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After your blowjob, I will ride your cock relentlessly, until you explode and give me all the cum I have been craving.  I will cater to your every whim and do all the special little things girlfriends do. I am very loving and affectionate. I am really into foreplay and long sex sessions. I love massages, to give and to get. A nice hot bubble bath together sounds like heaven to me. Imagine us in the nice warm water with my legs wrapped around you. My wet tits and pussy rubbing all over you. What an amazing experience that would be!! I love being a whore for my man but also am someone my man can be proud of showing off to his friends.

Your New FemDom Phone Sex Dominatrix Rebecca

Femdom phone sexSo you need a new sexy Femdom phone sex mistress? Here I am! First things first, I need to make sure you’re nice and hard for me. I’ll start by teasingly rubbing my tits against your crotch, feeling the heat of your cock through your pants. My nipples are already hard from anticipation, and I know they’ll drive you wild as they graze against your skin. Then, I’ll lean back in a seductive manner and wiggle my ass at you – it might be hidden under these clothes but trust me when I say it packs quite a punch!

Once you’re rock-hard and ready to go, it’s time for some dirty talk. “You like that?” I ask with a smirk as my hand finds its way down to stroke your throbbing length through the fabric of our clothing. “Tell me what kind of filthy things you want me to do with this big cock.” As soon as those words leave my mouth, my other hand will sneak into my own panties and begin fingering myself while looking straight into those mesmerizing eyes of yours – all without breaking contact or stopping the teasing on your cock.

Now that we both have each other where we want us (and believe me when I say ‘us’, because once we start there is no going back), it’s time for some real fun!

With one swift move, I unbutton his shirt exposing his chest before leaning forward again so our bodies are pressed together; moaning softly against his neck while continuously stroking him off underneath his clothes. “You’re so fucking sexy,” I whisper into his ear before taking control of the situation entirely by pushing him onto the bed and climbing on top of him.

My tits are now grinding against his chest as I straddle him, my hands moving down to unfasten his pants while maintaining eye contact with an intense gaze that says ‘I own you’.


Mistress Rebecca

Sub with Ass Fetish Begs to Worship This Ass

Your Mistress Tends to Your Kinky Ass Fetish

I know you’re a dirty little pervert with an ass fetish. You’re not like other men. You don’t just like a nice juicy ass or a tight perky booty. You need it. You’d do anything to be able to worship an ass properly. Luck for you, your Mistress Mercy is has a tight shithole that loves attention. I want to make you my ass worship play thing. So get down on your knees and get that dirty tongue ready for me.

I’m going to bend over and let my ass jiggle a bit. Your hypnotized by the way my hips are shaking and those ass cheeks are moving. But what really makes your dick hard is when I grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart as far as I can. You can see that brown fuck hole an your mouth waters. I push my asshole out and make it wink for you. Now get to worshiping your hot sexy woman.

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You Get to Worship a Hot Sexy Woman

Your tongue licks all over my asshole. Push your tongue deep inside that dirty shit pipe. I grab your face to force you deeper and deeper into my ass. You’re smothered and loving every minute of it. Your slobber covers my ass cheeks and makes me a sloppy mess. It would be a shame if I didn’t put all that lube to good use. And that cock between your thighs looks a little dry.

I bend forward further and grab my ankles. You take the invitation and slowly push your horny cock into your favorite hole. You fuck me the way I tell you to. Long strokes at first. I want you to enjoy the feeling of my tight ass slowly stretching to take your cock. Then I tell you to let loose. Fucking my ass is your reward for your dedicated worship. Now cum for Mistress.

Hot sexy woman gets the blood pumping to the cock.

Hot sexy woman            Hot sexy woman gets the blood pumping to the cock. Hot and hard. Sexy ass vixen. Knows where it’s at. Obviously, I know I am all of the above. Like big booties. Look at my plump one. Sophisticated doesn’t always mean ladylike. At least not all the time. After all, a girl got to have some fun in her life. When you sizzle in red. The pink panties, so hot that steam is rolling off in tidal waves.

            Once if not more than thrice a day drool drips down as you behold plump succulent large breasts of a woman that you can only dream about having as teen. You always wanted to have the hottest of the hot in high school. Now that you are an adult what makes you think that you can get one as hot as me? To be sure you can. You just have to know how.

            As soon as you see a woman with Sexy breasts like mine; that cock of yours does a little jump. Come a little closer and he is going to come to life a little more. The breasts of mine are not only sexy they are large and in charge. Drool a little over them. Let your gaze travel the length of this body of mine. Right down to my long legs. Perfect calves. Muscular thighs. Made to grip a man around the waist riding him hands just holding that firm ass. Feel how tight it is.

            Perfectly shaped feet and toes. Manicured nails to rake down your back. Ever part of this Sexy ass body is made for pleasure. Give me a spin and see for yourself.

Come play with Lorettas Hairy wet pussy


Hairy wet pussy Keeps every last bit of flavor for you to savor and its always the best when its on a hot sexy woman that loves getting her little cunt sucked and licked on. Sliding your tongue in and out of my pussy while I ride your face. Sometimes not shaving or waxing  and keeping the pussy hairy traps the flavors of the day. my hairy pussy is always dripping and soaking in my own juices.

I want to wrap my legs around you and pull you closer so you can feel my hairy pussy rubbing against you. Feeling my nipples harden as you stroke me deeply and slowly as I rub my hands all over your chest. Squeezing my pussy around your thick cock and creaming all over it. Then you take your cock out of me and shove your face between my legs licking and sucking on my tight little pussy until I cream all over your face.