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Mature phone sex slut Angela

mature phone sexOnce again, this mature phone sex whore is fantasizing about my last call and rubbing my drenched cunt. I’m so horny and wet and can’t stop dreaming about getting fucked the way I deserve. I wish you were here to pack me full of cum! I need so bad to be bent over and have my cunnie filled by your fat, pulsing fuck rod! My pretty, pink pussy is nice and tight and would feel perfect wrapped around your dick while you pump a big load in me! My last caller had me shoving four fingers deep in my juicy fuck box and rubbing my clit with my thumb but it still wasn’t enough! He stopped me every time I got close to cumming and made me suck the pussy juice off of my fingers for him. He was driving me crazy, telling me all the things he was going to do to me and all the different positions he was going to have me in when he shoved his huge dick in me. He told me about how after he was finished fucking me, he would share my hot cunt with all of his friends while he watched. He said that he would bring over a stud with a huge cock and watch as he destroyed my holes and left them a cum soaked mess for him to lick clean. More than anything, he wanted to watch my beautiful cunnie get stretched open by a giant, monster cock that would pump so much cum into me, it would bulge out my belly and leak down my legs for days after! I’ve always been a cum crazed whore so the thought of being used and then turned over to a big dick stud to be used some more, has my cunt drenched! I’m ready for a kinky call so that you can make me cum over and over! 

I Love your Foot Fetishes As Much As You Do

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I know there are a lot of foot fetishes that can make your pervy cock rock hard. Tonight, I want you laying on the floor edging your cock to your beautiful girlfriend and her manicured piggies. These pretty polished toes make you so horny for me don’t they? And these deep arches. If I let you, you would be on your hands and knees licking and kissing the soles of my feet. Tonight, I’m going to let you.

After all I love your foot worship. But I have a special treat for you. I’ve just come back from a long run. It was so hot today and every part of me is sweaty. From my gorgeous face to my sexy legs. My feet will be so stinky from being in my hot sneakers, and you’re going to be the one to clean them up for me. You will take my shoes off more me. And then those sweat soaked socks. Put those dirty socks in your mouth like a good boy.

Prove how much you love my feet. Now massage my sore feet. Rub them until all the pain goes away. When you’re done with that, you can take out the socks and start sucking my toes instead. I want to feel your tongue on every inch of my feet. You need to make sure you clean all of the sweat from between my toes too. If you do a good job, we can have some more foot fun. I might even let you cum all over them.

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Cuckold phone sex

I once had someone I called a husband, but now I have a bitch because of cuckold phone sex. He was always only capable of vanilla sex, and I was only wanting to get fucked like the whore that I am. So when he caught me in our bed with another cock all he did was sit down and cry like the little pansy that he is. By the 3rd time he saw me, he asked if this was how it would always be because he couldn’t give up a piece of arm candy like me. I said his tiny bitch clit did nothing for me and that he should eat other men’s jizz out of my cunt. So that’s what he started to do that day. We took our relationship deeper by him watching men go deep in my cunt, and he could stroke his cock if I agreed, but always afterward, he could eat jizz out of my cunt.

Best Phone Sex is Sensual Fantasy Roleplay with a Sexy Woman

Best phone sex is where we can share something sensual. Sensual and arousing is the key here, and the ultimate base for getting us both aroused. The sound of my voice will lure you.

Obviously we will be enticing each other in a fantasy. This fantasy can be very erotic. A chance meeting in an Hotel Lounge where you are staying. I happen to be staying there too and we are both here for business.

As a matter of fact the two of us have spouses. They, of course have not traveled with us on our Business trip. We are both independent and both lacking a little something in our Marriages.

What perfect mix, attraction, desire and a need for intimacy. An obvious conclusion is that we have drinks together and slip up to one of our Hotel rooms for a little rendezvous.

Finally just let yourself be swept up in the moment. Let’s have a special night together. Come be my secret lover and I will do all those things that you are missing out on.

Best phone sex

Naughty Neighbor Ready To Fuck

GFE phone sexIt has been so long since I got my pretty hairy cunt fucked with a nice cock. I have been staring at you since you moved in next door for months now. I have rubbed my clit and thought about how nice your cock would feel in every one of my holes. It feels so surreal now that I am finally spread open on your couch milking that dick while your wife is at the store. I come over every single day now when she is gone so I can be a whore for your cock. I love how you use my body to make yourself cum. I will be your cum bucket whenever you want to play. Naughty neighbors are the best when your both horny fucks. Call me so I can tell you all the fun stories!

Shaved Wet Pussy Gets Pet by Dog Walker

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Hot Sexy Woman Needs Cock

I’ve been craving cock. This shaved wet pussy is begging to be filled and I’ve had my eyes on the dog walker in my neighborhood. Yesterday, I finally stopped him. I asked him if he’d be willing to come over later and talk to me about walking my dog too. He came over after his walk was over. I wanted to tease his cock until he couldn’t help but want to bury every inch inside me. So I wore my sluttiest outfit of course. A tiny skirt that showed off my sexy black thong. And a tight red shirt that was almost see through.

His cock was poking at his jeans the moment he came in. He immediately asked to use the bathroom. I led him to the one in my personal bathroom. It was just like a naughty neighbor porn video. He finally came out with his hard cock into his waist band. He thought I wouldn’t notice the thick bulge in the front of his jeans. But I made it worse. Teasing his cock with my sexy ass.

I couldn’t take it. My pussy needed dick inside of it. I started rubbing his hard cock through his jeans and guided his hands up to my perky tits. I kissed his neck and face. And then found myself on my knees in front of him. God, his cock was massive. Just looking at him made my mouth water and my cunt ache.

Shaved Wet Pussy Fucked by Teen Dog Walker

I wanted to taste him just as badly as I wanted to fuck him. His precum was leaking from the tip of his cock and I lapped it up. His hands were on the back of my head forcing me to take every inch of his massive hog down my throat. My pussy was jealous of the way he was fucking my face.

My cunt didn’t have to wait too long though. He had me spread out on my kitchen counter fucking my cunt hard. I watched his cock sliding into me and stretching my pussy out. It almost hypnotized me seeing him play with my pussy. He wanted to pump me full of cum. What else would a horny teen want to do with a hot sexy woman. He pounded my cunt like I was one of his little schoolgirl whores.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Begging to feel his cum pouring inside. But the cub kept drilling my cougar cunt like he would never get another chance. Fuck. The cream pie was huge. He left me leaking on the counter very, very satisfied.

Slutty Beth loves putting on a show!

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Putting On A Show 

There is nothing then I love more than to leave my windows and curtains open when I am about to take a call. See I love Real voyeur sex so fucking much. It makes me squirt everywhere. 

Making sure to talk loud enough the my neighbors and anyone walking by can hear. See I want them to stop. I want them to peek in as I strip down slowly. The idea of you hearing and them watching as my hands work their way down between my thighs has me dripping wet. I want my orgasm to be a show!

Sometimes I stand right in my window. My back pressed against it so I can act like I don’t know they are watching. Sticking two fingers deep into the fuck hole. Plunging in and out fast. Leaving a cum stain all over the window. Knowing I have at least you and one other man jerking off for me is always going to make me cum.

Milf phone sex slut Angela

milf phone sex

This milf phone sex slut has the perfect situation going on tonight to set a kinky scene for our call. My stepson is in his room right now, with a group of his friends from school. They’re up late, working on some project but all I can think about is how cute they all looked when I met them earlier. They walked in and caught me in my tiny shorts and a tight tank top that you could see my nipples through. I didn’t try to cover up or anything because I know how horny young guys that age are. I love teasing young cock and getting them stiff and hard, frustrating them for no reason. My stepson knew what I was doing and rushed them off to his room but I knew that they wanted to get a better look at my sexy body and big tits. At this point, I think he brings groups of guys over to tease me and see what I’ll do. He knows mommy is a horny slut that loves young dick! I keep going in his room every little while to bring them snacks or drinks but mostly just to bend over in front of them with my sexy ass poking out of the bottom of my little shorts. My plan is to keep going in there, between calls and teasing them until they finally can’t hold back anymore. I’ve done this before so I know how to get them to do exactly what I want. I’ll let them listen to me moaning and cumming for you and then, I’ll stroll in there like nothing just happened and bring them a plate of sandwiches or some drinks. I can’t wait to have all of those horny, hard young men on top of me, snatching my clothes off and trying to shove their stiff dicks in me. It won’t take long once they hear the way you make me moan on our call. I’m going to rub my clit, squirt hard and scream loud. Then go tease them until they use me like a gangbang bitch.

Shaved Wet Pussy is Not Just for Young Girls Anymore

shaved wet pussyMy shaved wet pussy surprised my latest teacher’s pet. Because I am a mature woman, he expected me to have a hairy pussy like his mother and aunt. This student might be my most skilled one yet. Good looking boy and smart too. Honestly, he does not need much help. His only problem appears to be his focus. But like many young men his age, I think his dick controls his brain. He only has one thing on the brain.

That may be true for most men LOL. Anyway, this semester’s pet seemed legit upset when he ate the teacher’s pussy for the first time the other day. He is from Minnesota, so he has yet to experience a California girl. Most of us keep our pussies shaved. However, he had never experienced a bald cunt on any woman. Not even his high school girlfriend. He thought only porn stars or celebrities sported the bald look.

I May Be Mature But I Keep a Shaved Pussy

I schooled him on how great a smooth pussy can be. Much easier to lick and finger and fuck too. This naughty teacher never minds playing mommy. The thought occurs to most mature women fucking much younger men that part of her lure to her lover is that she reminds him of mommy. The same is true of young girls dating much older men. Just no one looks twice at a young girl with an older sugar daddy.

Someone taught my new pet to eat pussy like a champ. Although he denied any kind of relationship until me with an older woman, I had my doubts. Young schoolgirls do not know how to please themselves, let alone tell a boy how to please them. But I did not challenge his assertion. I let him show me his many talents including tossing my salad. Even though I knew in my heart some mature woman likely trained him to eat ass, I kept my mouth shot.

This phone sex mommy just relaxed and let him worship her pussy and ass. I am not sure which he was better at: eating pussy or eating ass. Although I might not have much to teach this student this term, I am keeping him as my teacher’s pet.

Your Stress Relief Fuck Toy

Just a bent over slut with a hairy wet little pussy craving some cock. Come slide inside me on our lunch break while your wife is out with her friends. You know you need some of this mature pussy to satisfy your cock through the day. I am waiting to be filled with cum till it is dripping in my panties all day. Unleash yourself on me and call me so we can have some fun. I am a needy whore and ready to be used and pumped full of cock and cum all day. Think of me as your dirty little secret office slut. Just give me a ring and I will come crawl under your desk and satisfy your cock while you are stressed out. Everyone needs a little stress relief! Let me be your side piece fuck meat!Best phone sex