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Sexy legs spread for fat wallets and nasty daddies

A spoiled princess won’t spread her Sexy legs unless she gets what she wants. My sugar daddy knows and takes care of me so well, so I feed him everything he wants. Sometimes he gets more than what he pays for but always loves it. As long as it comes from me. His little cock could never get a hottie like me but his wallet can. Therefore, he uses it to keep me happy. Last night I got fucked by a big dick bull who wanted to fuck all my holes.

Especially my ass. It is perky and I can’t take fuck like a nasty bitch. Even though I’m sophisticated and taken care of. I can’t spread my ass and do what I need to like any nasty hooker can. He has a big Ass fetish. So when he is over, he licks me until my cunt drips. Then he uses my juices to make his big monster cock lubed up. After a bit he was deep inside my ass.

Sexy legs

As he fucked me, he played with my clitty. That made me squirt. Now you are licking up the leftover sperm out my ass. “You love to spoil your sexy princess with anything, even your tongue” I say teasing you. Like a hungry puppy you lap up every drop of jizz I saved for you as you stroke your little cock. “Can you taste how I was fucked, better than you could fuck me” I laugh as you clean my ass up.

“Yes, I taste it all” you moan as you eat my ass. “Can I please show you how much I love it?” You ask like a whimpering bitch. I wait a bit before I finally let you cum. “Fine show me how your little pathetic cock lobes eating left over cum out of me” I say laughing. Then you spray all over your hand. After that you know to clean up that mess too. Before you go you spoil me more by sending me lots of gifts.

Great Blowjobs Are Something I Am Best At

When it comes to giving Great Blowjobs, there is no denying my skills. Simply put, that throbbing dick between my lips is a great sensation for my wet mouth.

First I like to caress your cock with my warm hand as we embrace in a kiss. Let the passion build between us as our tongues mingle. Nothing turns me on more than building up passion between us. All the while I am slowly stroking your cock.

Then, as I break from the embrace of our lip and tongue mingle, I continue to kiss your neck. Continuing down your chest, and nipples my lips and tongue explore you.

Finally I just get to the good part and slide your erect shaft between my lips. Pausing at the head as my tongue plays into that dick hole. Licking and wrapping my lips around your glandulous cock head I savor the feeling.

At last the action really begins. As I suck lick and pull your whole length of that big cock into my mouth it’s time to just completely devour every inch of that bad boy. I will bob, lick suck and deepthroat you.

Pulling my lips off I smile at you as I resume teasing and sucking those balls dry.

Great blowjobs

Foot Fetish Fun: A Sexy Woman’s Delight

 Foot fetishes


Alright, alright, listen up, foot fetishists, ’cause I’ve got a story that’ll make your toes curl (no pun intended).

I’m a sexy AF woman, and I know exactly what you foot lovers crave. My feet are my best asset, and I keep ’em pampered, polished, and damn right sexy. I love the power they hold, the way they can drive a man wild with desire.

Picture this: I’m sitting on the bed, legs crossed, letting my feet do the talking. They’re rubbing against your bulging pants, teasing and taunting you. You’re mine tonight, and I’ve got plans for those lustful eyes and that hard cock.

I uncross my legs, giving you a glimpse of my creamy thighs and that bald, wet pussy. Your cock twitches in anticipation. I stroke it with my feet, massaging and teasing, while my fingers work their magic on my clit.

Your breath quickens as I sliding my feet up and down your shaft, giving you a foot job that’ll blow your mind. But the real fun starts when I wrap my sexy legs around your head, pushing your face right into my juicy pussy.

You devoured it, tongue-fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. And while you’re at it, I command you to suck my toes, worshiping my feet like the good boy you are.

When you’re done, I want your cum. All over my feet, dude. I want to feel that warm, creamy explosion, coating my toes and making them glisten. That’s the sign of a good fuck.

So, keep those eyes down there and worship my feet, ’cause this sexy woman is in charge tonight!

Hot Sexy Woman Whitney Seduces Neighbor


hot sexy woman
I know I’m a hot sexy woman, and so do all my neighbors. Now that it’s summertime I knew it was time to start wearing skimpy clothes and bathing suits. Luckily for me one of my neighbors is a young hot stud! I’m sure he’s well hung, too. If only I was able to find out.

I tease him here and there. Flash my sweet smile when I see him out back cutting his grass or grilling on his BBQ. This summer I know I’m going to find a way into his bed, or bent over his BBQ, who knows!

I Have the Perrrfuckt Idea

I all of a sudden had an idea, maybe I could drop some hints through some sexy chat. We would text from time to time. Maybe I can send him a text and see if that will do the trick. Start it out as an innocent text, maybe ask him if he can come over and fix my leaky sink.

Although I’ll have to find a way to make it start leaking, lol! But I know I could manage to figure something out. Nowadays men his age are always on their phones anyways. So maybe with a nice picture and some sexy phone chat I can seduce him!

Maybe it’ll work just enough to be able to work my way between those sexy legs of his and get my mouth on that juicy big cock! I just want to ravage his body with mouth. I want to feel his arms around my body as he touches every last square inch of it.

Fondling my tits and getting me nice and juicy wet. Gagging on his cock, getting him nice and hard so he can bend me over that fucking BBQ and fuck my juicy hot wet pussy. Fuck this summer is going to be so much fun! 

Hot Sexy Woman Farah Enjoys Being a Three-Hole Whore

hot sexy womanWhen you are a hot sexy woman, you have your pick of younger guys. Older me do not ever ask me out. But men half my age, love me. And since I am teaching summer school this year, I have a selection of horny boys hot for teacher. I passed on teaching last summer. Why I am not sure. I think I wanted zero responsibility, but summer school gives me an entire class of horny boys to fuck. So, I am juggling lots of balls. And I do not mean metaphorical balls either. Young cum filled balls.

And last night I had three college boys over. I did not schedule properly, and they all ended up arriving close together. But they did not mind sharing their naughty teacher. I apologized but they did not seem to care. They knew each other from class. Now, they know each other better, LOL. Young men take direction very well. In fact, I think they want a mature sexy woman to guide them and take control. So, we played a game of musical holes.

I Enjoy Being a Three Hole Whore

I am a multi-talented woman. A triple threat too. Brains, beauty and sexual prowess. I took turns blowing the boys. All three nicely hung too. Well-groomed men. Young guys manscape so that makes giving head much better. All three young lads commented on how well I could deep throat. Never met a cock that I could not take balls deep. Since I wanted to show off for the boys, I tried to cram all three of their cocks in my mouth at once. Perhaps, I bit off more than I could chew doing that.

But they seemed to appreciate me even attempting it. But when it came time to fuck, I felt like a sexy girlfriend porn star with a cock in each hole. They all came together, making me look like a porn star too. Turned out my scheduling snafu worked out for us all. Been a long time since I had three cocks in me at once. But I will not let too much time slip by before doing it again. I am a natural three-hole whore.

Latina Phone Sex- Hot Latina Babe Loves To Get Her Ass Pounded

I am a hot Latina and I have a nice juicy Latina ass. There is nothing I like more than a nice big cock deep in my ass. I love it when you bend me over and pound the fuck out of my ass. I want you to get my pussy really wet and use my juices as lube to fuck my ass. I want my ass filled with cum and my pussy too. I am a Latina and we are famous for having nice juicy asses.  I love the feeling of a big cock spreading my cheeks apart and penetrating my tight little asshole. Then after you have fucked the shit out of me I want to taste my juices off your dick. I feel so filthy when i do that and it makes me even wetter. latina phone sex

Cuckold Phone Sex – Forcing my Husband to Watch me get Fucked

Cuckold phone sex will drive you wild. I love forcing my husband to sit and watch me get fucked. Making him sit back and watch as some young stud rams his huge cock deep inside his wife’s pussy. Last night was one of those nights where I was out at the bar with a few of my friends from college.

It had been a while since we all got together, so I knew it was going to be a wild night. We’ve all been spread out across the country since we got our master’s 10 years ago. No better time than for a reunion. There were 6 of us including my husband.

cuckold phone sex

Shots and Dancing make me horny! 

We all got ready and met up at the bar. Had a great fun night filled with lots of shots, and dancing. I was so tipsy by the time we left the bar, I decided to invite over 2 of my old friends back home for more drinks. Little did I know, those 2 were going to surprise me with nice big stiff cocks as soon as we walked into the house.

I was immediately picked up and tossed on my couch. My shirt ripped open to expose my tits. My husband had this all planned. I knew that because when it started happening, he just walked over to his favorite recliner and sat down unbuttoning his pants. His cock was already rock hard.

I had a dress on and wasn’t wearing any panties, so Michael was already between my legs sucking on my clit while Damon was playing with my nipples. I looked over to see my husband stroking his cock while he watched us intently. I couldn’t help myself. I was moaning with erotic deep pleasure as Michael’s cock entered my soaking wet pussy.

Filling all my holes while he watched! 

I could feel Damon sliding his cock towards my mouth from above me, his balls tickling my forehead. I started sucking right as I was getting fucked nice and hard. Damon always thought I gave great blow jobs. I was always blowing him when we were stuck in long over night classes in college to keep him awake. He was definitely enjoying my mouth right now, that’s for sure!

All I could hear from my husband who was still on the recliner jerking off, saying “Fuck that’s so sexy babe! Suck his cock while he fucks you!” We kept going back and forth for about an hour until the guys we’re finally ready to cum!

They both shot their loads on shaved wet pussy! I then had my husband come over and lick me clean. Fuck that was a great a night. Why don’t you call me so we can have a great night together, too? 

GFE Phone Sex- All The Pussy None Of The Hassle

I love GFE phone sex. I like to provide you with the erotic sensual experience of a girlfriend without any of the drama and hassle. My pussy will be open to you 24/7. I will always be in the mood to give you the best head. I will indulge all your fantasies. Like brats? I can be your accomplice. Like furry friends? I can ride that red rocket for you. Want to be dominant? I will be your obedient and willing slave. Want me to make you dress up in panties and make you a sissy pansy, that is what I will do. I can be completely and utterly yours. I have a nice wet shaved pussy ready to be used and abused in any way you want. I am a no-limits girl. Nothing is too taboo for me.

gfe phone sex

Hot sexy woman rides the hotel employees face!

Hot sexy womanGreg was not expecting a Hot sexy woman he didn’t know squatting over his face and sucking his cock like this. He was just at work checking people into their rooms when he bumped into the perfect lady. Obviously I am talking about myself; he wasn’t ready for a stranger to be such a horny bitch in heat for him. He was just sexy with that long hair and cute smile; I had to get a piece of that cock as soon as I could. I eyeballed him all night while I was sitting in the lobby; I knew I was going to have that dick in my throat. 

He watched me all night long and I saw his horny pup eyes getting so needy and craving me. As soon as his shift was over I walked up to the counter and flashed my tits. It was very late so no one was in the lobby besides us. He began sweating a little and he whispered “You are such a sexy ho; get back here and meet me in the employee lounge so I can taste you bitch “. I smiled and bit my lip and ran into the back lounge area waiting for this hotel employee to come eat me up like it’s his last meal. I felt like the biggest whore and I loved it. 

This Hairy wet pussy was throbbing and I wanted to squirt all over his face and mouth right away. Once I hopped on his face and choked on his cock he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his face harder. He lapped my hot little hole until I could not hold back my cunt juice; within minutes I was squirting like a waterfall in his mouth and he loved it!

Shaved wet pussy wants to be used

shaved wet pussy


My shaved wet pussy was begging for his cock so badly. He’s my neighbor’s husband, and he looks so fucking hot outside mowing his grass or working on his old muscle car. His wife thinks I’m just a very friendly neighbor because I’m always bringing him something to drink when I see him outside sweating.

As you know I’m a pretty big deal around here in my neighborhood. I make the wives think that I’m here watching out to make sure our neighborhood is safe, but in reality, I’m just trying to see how many of their husbands I can get to fuck the shit out of me when their wives aren’t home!

It’s really not that hard to do, honestly. All you have to do is be subtle, tease them, invite them over and let them in on your secret. They never turn me down. All of them think they’re the only one. They all think I only do this with them, and that I feel really bad about even doing it.

Little do they know though, I’m fucking several of my neighbors’ husbands, and even a few of their sons! Just because I’m a bit older, doesn’t mean that I don’t crave being fucked up against a wall every now and again. I’ve perfected sucking cock, I can get any man to cum with my mouth skills. There isn’t a man that I’ve met that I haven’t been able to get him to squirt his hot load all over my face.

What I really want to eventually do, is try and get into one of the wives’ beds. Turn her husband into a little cuck and have him watch me fuck her with a big strap on. Cuckold phone sex gets me really horny. Everything makes me horny now a days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get that sexy neighbor of mine to come over and fuck me. But for now, I’m only a phone call away, lets cum together!