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Mature phone sex with a side of naughty and cum dessert.

 Mature phone sex           Mature phone sex with a side of naughty and cum dessert. To point out it is a very healthy meal. Add in your favorite fetish for flavor and I will prepare a meal that you will dine on these wonderful legs, feet, ass, tits, just to name a few of my favorite things.

            Cocktails on titties, pink ribbons on waists, these are just a few things. When the dog bites, when the bee stings, all I need to do is think of a few of my favorite things. Then go and be naughty with someone. Preferably my neighbor. Show up showing off my ASSests. Hehehe…Now you get the meaning don’t you darling.       

            With this in mind as naughty as I am. Well as I’m a mature Hot sexy woman who is all class. Even if you are eating a spaghetti dinner off my ass. Dipping the garlic bread into my pussy. Letting the sauce drip between my ass cheeks.

            On the positive side not only does it work on my ass, but you can also balance a glass on my breasts, suck the spaghetti off my stomach. At the same time, I will be giving you a foot job. Who says a modern woman can’t do it all. Make a meal, give a foot job, be naughty with her neighbor all at the same time being completely mature and all woman. Make you cum for dessert and eat my as well.

            To be sure you will have to see it to believe it.

Ass sex porn is what my sugar daddy wants

When I get spoiled so much, I’ll do anything my sugar daddy wants to do. Like film Ass sex porn. “You know I love that perky sexy ass of yours” he says as he gives me my money bag. After I kiss him to show how lucky he is for me to be his sugar baby, I start to undress. Once I am naked, I can see his mouth watering.

Ass sex porn

“Are you hungry for me baby?” I ask as I tease you with my hot body. I know I remind you of the hottie you couldn’t have. She was too green and young or too popular. But now that you have all the money to spend you spend it on a fuck barbie like me. “I want to make a special movie with you” he says as he sets his camera up and turns it on.

“Bend over for daddy and spread that sexy ass open” you instruct me to do. After I am spread open for you, your tongue dips right into my rosebud. Since I have an Ass fetish my cunt reacts to your lapping. I start dripping down my thighs. “Get ready for this cock” you say as you start to push your dick inside my ass. I bounce my ass back on your cock as you film it.

“Your asshole looks good swallowing my cock” you moan as you film yourself fucking my ass. Finally, I feel your cock starting to pump in my ass. Then you moan out “take every drop”. My ass just dripped with your sperm as you filmed with pride. “I can’t wait until I get to rewatch you being a filthy slut” you say as we get ready to shower.

Sexy women masturbating is what old dicks need

I know some nasty trick daddy who loves to see Sexy women masturbating. Something about a young sexy bitch with her legs spread open fucking herself for you always gets you stiff. I am the sexy bitch you drooled over watching your sexy brats’ friends bounce around would make you so hard you just jerked off every time. Now you can actually get what you want. With a fee you can have all of me. That’s the best part of a kept princess, you have her do whatever you want.

“Let trick daddy lick your holes” he begs on his knees. Therefore, I bend over and spread my sexy ass cheeks. “Eat up money daddy” I say teasingly. Right away your tongue starts licking me like a hungry pup. It makes me push up on you even more. Since I have an Ass fetish, I want my asshole licked while I play with my cunt. “Lick me until I feed you my juices” I moan.

Sexy women masturbating

That makes you want to lick me even more. Therefore, your tongue starts flicking at my cunt even faster. I just push back with my sexy plump ass and it pushes your tongue inside me. Once I felt your tongue in me it made my cunty squirt. Then i lay back and spread open for you. “Watch my fingers slide in my cunt, picture your old trick daddy cock sliding in me” I moan out as I finger fuck myself.

I watch your eyes following my fingers as you stroke your old dick. Your old saggy balls tighten up and I know you are about to cum. So, I bent over right in front of you, you cum all over my perky sexy ass hard. “Wow you make me so happy young lady” you say as your cock leaks all over me. I just can’t wait to count my gift from trick daddy and see what I can spend it on.

Sub with Ass Fetish Begs to Worship This Ass

Your Mistress Tends to Your Kinky Ass Fetish

I know you’re a dirty little pervert with an ass fetish. You’re not like other men. You don’t just like a nice juicy ass or a tight perky booty. You need it. You’d do anything to be able to worship an ass properly. Luck for you, your Mistress Mercy is has a tight shithole that loves attention. I want to make you my ass worship play thing. So get down on your knees and get that dirty tongue ready for me.

I’m going to bend over and let my ass jiggle a bit. Your hypnotized by the way my hips are shaking and those ass cheeks are moving. But what really makes your dick hard is when I grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart as far as I can. You can see that brown fuck hole an your mouth waters. I push my asshole out and make it wink for you. Now get to worshiping your hot sexy woman.

ass fetish

You Get to Worship a Hot Sexy Woman

Your tongue licks all over my asshole. Push your tongue deep inside that dirty shit pipe. I grab your face to force you deeper and deeper into my ass. You’re smothered and loving every minute of it. Your slobber covers my ass cheeks and makes me a sloppy mess. It would be a shame if I didn’t put all that lube to good use. And that cock between your thighs looks a little dry.

I bend forward further and grab my ankles. You take the invitation and slowly push your horny cock into your favorite hole. You fuck me the way I tell you to. Long strokes at first. I want you to enjoy the feeling of my tight ass slowly stretching to take your cock. Then I tell you to let loose. Fucking my ass is your reward for your dedicated worship. Now cum for Mistress.

Ass sex porn with MISS Gwen and her female slave

Ass sex pornAss sex porn with a female slave just for your cock! As a high-end call girl, I have catered to the needs of many men. But my hottest client was Mr. Robert, a wealthy man who loves my group of female slaves. These slaves were not just any ordinary slaves, they are trained to love ass fucking.

It all started when I received a call from Mr. Robert, requesting my services for a private session in his hotel room. He wished to film one of my sexiest slaves getting her ass fucked all night. He would keep the video and I would split the money with my little whore! In the lavish hotel room, I entered with my Favorite little slave Candy dressed in revealing lingerie. Sweet, Sweet Candy. She has a seductive aura around her and Sweet Candy loves being used by men.

Ass sex porn with a female slave just for your cock!

Oh How Mr. Robert couldn’t wait to use her and I was more than happy to assist. All of a sudden the door opened and more men filled the room!~🫦

The atmosphere in the room was intense as I watched the men take turns using Sweet Candy’s ass and Shaved wet pussy, fulfilling their fantasies. I wasted no time and started to pre-fuck her ass hole, showing off her sexy curves and how she could take a big cock in her little shit hole. 

I enjoyed every moment of it, watching Sweet Candy moan in pleasure as these men were using her. And Miss Gwen is always delighted to see her ass slaves being used in such a gang bang!

As the session ended, Mr. Robert thanked me for my services and handed me a handsome sum of money. 💵💰

I left the hotel room with a sense of satisfaction, knowing I had helped fulfill someone’s Ass fetish desires. As for Sweet Candy, she was already looking forward to her next session, ready to be used once again.

Shoot Photos of Sexy Chicks, and then Shoot Inside Them

sexy chicks

You love sexy chicks, and you love taking pictures of them even more. You sent me a message and told me you wanted me to be the next model for your photo shoot. I looked at your profile and thought you looked sexy, so I wore something nice and sexy. When I showed up to the photo shoot all you could think about was spreading those legs apart and getting in between them. Especially when I stripped down to my sexiest lingerie and posed for you. Every inch of my body is incredibly sexy and the lust is overwhelming.

Sexy Chicks Spread Their Legs for You

When the shoot is done I come to flirt with you. I’m still in that revealing lingerie and you’re still staring at those smooth, sexy legs. I catch you staring and ask you if you’d like to touch them. Of course you would. That’s when the fun really begins. It’s clear that we both want each other and I’m not shy. I press my lips against yours and let your hands rub all over my tight body. Your hand grab my ass and give it a tight squeeze and then a nice hard slap. 

My Photographer Has an Ass Fetish

I bend over to show that ass off and pull those panties down. You dive right into that asshole and push your tongue in deep. It looks like someone has a filthy little ass fetish. You spit on my asshole and start pumping your dick for me. Come slide it inside baby. You line up that thick meat pipe with my tight as. It slides in so slow. Letting you milk your cock with that grippy asshole. I love when your balls hit my clit from behind. Your hands are in my longer hair. Pulling me backwards and making me take your cock even deeper. Fuck I need a load of cum inside of me.

Ass sex porn makes you crave a balls deep pounding!


Ass sex porn

Ass sex porn makes you crave a balls deep pounding! I know you can’t resist my perfect curves, especially my plump round ass. And I don’t blame you. It’s my best asset, if I do say so myself. But there’s one thing that gets me going even more than my own reflection in the mirror. And that, my darlings, is some good hard cock deep in my ass. Oh yes, it makes my mouth water and my pussy throb.

I can just imagine you, sitting there, stroking your hard cock as you watch me on screen. You can’t get enough of my tight asshole, can you? Well, don’t worry, Daddy, I’ll give you all the dirty ass play you desire. I’ll bend over and stick out my perfect ass, just for you. And when I spread my cheeks open, revealing that sweet little hole, I know you can’t resist.

I want your tongue to fuck my tight hole, Daddy. I want you to taste every inch of me, and make it nice and wet for when you slide your throbbing cock deep inside. Oh god, just the thought of it has me dripping wet. And when you finally do enter me, I can feel every inch of you, as you pound me balls deep. It’s like my own personal form of heaven.

And when you finally can’t hold on any longer, and you explode inside of me, I can’t help but squirt all over your cock. It’s a sensation like no other, and it just makes me crave you even more. So don’t hold back, Daddy. Give me a call and let me be your phone sex therapist and we’ll use my ass to heal your woes. I’ll give you all the vulgar pleasure you desire.

So come on, my dirty little followers. I know you’re craving that balls deep pounding. And I’m here to give it to you. So let’s indulge in our fantasies together, and make all of our wildest dreams come true. Trust me, you won’t regret it. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and let Lena take you to new heights of pleasure. I’ll give you the best sensual Phone sex therapy!


Naughty teacher helps you learn nasty fun

When I get to be a Naughty teacher for a young wealthy businessman. His whole time was spent building his career. Therefore, he didn’t learn all the nasty things he should have. I want him to leave my place with so much knowledge and an empty balls sack. First, I want him to relax. Because I can tell that my outfit has him wound up. As we have a few drinks he touches me here and there.

I was ready to dominate him, so I straddled him. “You will do as I say and you will be rewarded if you pass the test,” I said teasingly with my big perky tits in his face. After that I stand up and undress slowly. Teasing him and forcing him to smell me and kiss my feet. “If you want to pass your test you will lick my beautiful ass”. I demanded as I bent over.

Naughty teacher

Since I have an Ass fetish, I grab your head and push it in between my ass cheeks. “Lick me fast like ice cream” I say over and over. After a bit more licking, I moaned out “suck on my clit”. Because you are learning how to eat pussy, you do as I ask. “Pull your cock out and show me how you stroke it” I say as I rub my clitty.

Then I force my wet cunty right on your cock.  I dominate you and ride your cock. “Now push up inside me” I instruct you to do. “You are learning quick and might be passing the test” I moan out as I keep fucking your cock. “I can’t hold it, I’m about to cum” you say loudly. Then you pump lots of thick sperm inside me. “You almost passed, but don’t worry we can keep trying,” I say teasing you.

Giving a Whole New Meaning to Sexy Babe

Sexy babe is what you see and it’s this sexy dominant woman that you crave to serve. In fact, if you really wish to serve me and enjoy my Domination then understand the door opens with respect first. 

First and foremost, you will refer to me as Mistress. Now that this important morsel has been shared let us continue with what is in store for you. 

Once I have dressed for my dominant role, my bad girl side will be released. This is the part of me that will take no shit like a bad girl shouldn’t. From you I expect you to be on your knees. Crawl to me and lick my tall vinyl boots.  

Giving a Whole New Meaning to Sexy Babe 

As I have you where I want you, naked and crawling, you are understanding your place. In a rare case I will take the roll of a sissy trainer and have you in panties. Either way is acceptable for me. 

Once I understand what fuels your obsession to be a subservient male to a powerful woman we can begin. Now understand, if you have no idea what you want then neither will I. 

First off, my cunt is wet with the surge of power as I stand over you, slave. Understand that I’m confident and very sure of myself and the power of this pussy. Secondly, If you are an ass man I have no problem making you worship every part of my ass.

Now that we have a few conditions covered, it is prime time that you submit to me now.

Finally, our fantasize ultimately has no limits. But understand that I am not a mommy, nor am I a breeder.

 Sexy babe

Sexy breasts covered in cum by Dad in front of my Cuck lover

Sexy breastsMy boyfriend sucked my daddy’s cock… After hearing all the dirty details of how I would wrap my Sexy breasts around dads big veiny dick he couldn’t resist the temptation! He knows Dad and I fuck regularly, that is whenever I am not over his place milking his cock.  My dad is the one who took my virginity and the reason for me having such big tits. he has been sucking my perky nipples far before they even became fully formed. Originally it was all by force but after many rounds spent with my Baby girl pussy wrapped around his hard veiny cock.

I found myself wanting more of what Dad had to offer! My boyfriend couldn’t help but Jack off for me and cum all over my Large boobs as I went into detail about how nasty Dad and I get. I had him come with me to my dad’s house and while we were in the jacuzzi pretty much one thing led to another and he and I were french kissing right at the head of dads cock. I knew my father wouldn’t be able to resist me topless, I smoosed my Gigantic tits in his face and slid his cock between my pussy lips.

My boyfriend wound up slobbering on dads cock and then being bent over and having his bussy milked. Now, we all regularly have hot Group sex together where nobody gets left out. Just this morning my boyfriend shot the biggest cums hot down my throat while dad penetrated his fuckhole. My dad has always had an Ass fetish!

My ridged little pink asshole was the first hole daddy had ever used.