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Fucking Father and Son

Fantasy Phone SexI like to volunteer at the local food bank. I would like to say I do it because it is the right thing to do, but while that is true the director is a hot piece of ass. Not only is he fine to look at but what he has in his pants is nothing less than spectacular. So, when I am feeling a need to be charitable and get fucked, I head on down. Today I had to do some work as they were busy. But once everything was done, I went to his office to wait. Not wanting to waste a lot of time I stripped down to just my bra and panties and made myself comfortable on the couch. When the door finally opened it wasn’t the director. It was his college age son. A normal girl might be embarrassed but I saw this as an opportunity to have a little young dick. He just stood there looking at me, so I got up and walked over to him, unbuckled his pants and removed his boxers. I knelt and put that fine young cock in my mouth and started giving him a nice deep blowjob. While on my knees the door opened again and this time it was the director. He looked at us with a puzzled look as I continued to blow his son. After a few moments he started walking towards us as he removed his pants. He pulled me up and laid me down on top of his son. His son stuck his dick deep in my ass as the director stuck his dick deep in my pussy and they both pounded me hard until they had both filled me with them cum and I squirted everywhere. They were so good at this I wonder if they have done this before.

Fucking My Shrink

Shaved Wet PussyI had a meeting with my shrink today and while I was sitting in the waiting room, I noticed that I was the only one there. The receptionist told me I was the last appointment of the day and as soon as I went in, she would also be leaving unless I needed something else. My eyes lit up and dirty visions of the doctor started entering my mind. Of course, not I told her as she led me to his office. Now the main reason I come to this guy is because he is eye candy. So, she left, and he started the normal questions and then asked what I would like to talk about today. I looked into his eyes and calmly told him I would like to talk about me riding his dick. He laughed and turned a subtle shade of pink. With that I got up from the chair and started unbuttoning my blouse and removing my skirt. His eyes grew wide and his cock started to make a nice size bulge under his pants. As he went to lock his office door, I removed my panties and bra and sat in his chair giving him a nice view of my shaved wet pussy. He walked towards me removing his clothes as he made his way. His cock was so hard and so much bigger than I had envisioned. I had him stand in front of me as I bent over and took that cock right in my mouth, sucking him hard. My cleared off his desk with one hand as he lifted me onto the desk with the other. He pulled me to one end and my legs dangled on each side. He then buried his face and licked my clit until my pussy was soaking wet. Then he lifted my legs, putting them against his shoulders and started drilling my pussy with his hard dick until we both came. I kissed his sweet face and told him I would be back same time next week. He winked and told me he couldn’t wait.

Fucking My Neighbor

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexNaughty neighbor phone sex is what I love. The other day as I was taking my trash to the dumpster, I saw this sweet young thing from across the way. He is about 10 years younger and built like a truck. I devised a plan to get him to my apartment by asking if he could come help me move my couch. We chatted as we walked toward my apartment and I admired the view. We went into my apartment and I had him help me move the couch around and then ultimately had him put it right back where it was. I offered him a beer and we turned on some tunes. As I brought him another one, I sat down beside him. I leaned in close and caught his lips with mine. We started making out and I could feel that cock getting hard. I sat up and straddled him as he removed my top and bra. He took my tits in his mouth and started licking my nipples. I then removed his shirt, pants and boxers, got down on my knees and gave him a blow job that only experienced women know how to give. I was slow, moving my hand up and down his hard cock before gently kissing the tip and licking him. I took my time, putting just a little in my mouth at a time, caressing his cock. I gently cusp his balls and took him in deep. He was breathing and moaning so loudly. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, so I removed my pants and panties and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. Teasing him as I went, very slowly and a little at a time. He put his arms around my waist and started moving me up and down that rock-hard cock, fast and hard. I watched as his eyes rolled back as he loaded my pussy with his smooth, warm cum. He was smitten as a kitten after that. I think I will be seeing that stud and his rock-hard cock again.

Jacking Off My Neighbor

Fantasy Phone SexSo, I went to one of my friend’s book shows at her house. A dress up event with fancy drinks and fancy food. I was mingling when I saw my neighbor sitting in an off room covered with a blanket. I sat next to him and asked if everything was ok. He laughed and said he had dropped his glass of wine and it spilt all over his pants. The host had offered to put his pants and boxers in the dryer and that is why he was sitting on the couch covered. I laughed and told him I thought I might give him a quick neighborly hand job while we wait. He turned pink and said no because his wife was in the other room. Never deterred I reached my hand under the blanket and started stroking his cock. Surprising it was a rather nice size too. He was stammering and stuttering and a deep shade of red as I continued to stroke his cock. A few other passed by and chatted but I just kept on rubbing his cock. I could feel his body start to tense up and his dick start to jerk. I knew he was close, so I started jacking him off faster and harder. He unloaded all over my hand, the blanket and his shirt. I wiped my hand on the blanket and smiled at him as I got up just as his wife entered the room with his dry clothes. I laughed with her and said I think he spilled something all over his shirt too and she just giggled and said something like he is a little clumsy. I just winked at him and walked out.

Fucking the PA

Fantasy Phone SexI felt a little bit of this flu like stuff coming on, so I made an appointment with my doctor and headed to his office. I waited patiently in the waiting room until my name was called. The sweet nurse asked if I minded seeing their new PA so that I could be done quicker. Of course, no problem I assured her. I then undressed to only my panties and bra and waited. The door opened and in walked this gorgeous piece of young meat. I almost creamed my panties looking at him. There was no way I would be leaving this office without a little taste of him. I could see him staring at my nice, big tits as I climbed onto the table. He started the normal routine and the smell of this young stud was too much for this horny broad. I immediately stood up and removed my gown, pushed him against the table and stuck my tongue deep in his throat. He reciprocated and his cock started to grow in his pants. I unbuckled his pants, got on my knees and sucked that PA’s cock. Not wanting to miss out on this fine dick, I stopped short and hopped up on the table. He came over, spread my legs and buried his face deep between my thighs, licking my clit and asshole in one swift movement. He then put my legs on his shoulders and went right for my pussy. Entering it hard and pounding it relentlessly as he pinched my nipple with his other hand. I moaned and arched my back and pushed my pussy towards him, feeling his balls beating against my ass. I felt his hard cock tighten and he shot his load deep inside me. The feel of his cum brought me to orgasm and it started running out of my pussy onto the table, in a little puddle. We cleaned up, he wrote me a prescription and told me he needed to see me back in a week. I made sure to stop and verify that appointment with the receptionist before I left.

Fucking My Daughter’s Friend

Milf Phone SexSometimes my college age daughter brings home some of her friends for dinner. Last week she brought a couple of girlfriends, her boyfriend and his friend. Damn that friend was a fine piece of eye candy. I caught him checking me out throughout dinner, but I didn’t do anything so as not to upset my daughter. However, when the conversation turned to laundry and the lack of facilities in their dorms, I quickly offered up my washer and dryer to all of them. I saw a little sparkle in his eyes and knew he would be back soon. Sure, enough this young stud showed up at my door, laundry baskets in hand. I helped him start his laundry and “accidentally” spilled some detergent on his pants. We laughed and I told him I was sure I had some pants that he could wear and to follow me. We entered my bedroom and I told him to take those pants off and we would throw them in the wash. Of course he did and of course his young cock was peaking out of his boxers. Never to be one to let a hard cock go to waste I walked up to him, took his face in my hands and planted a long kiss on him. He reciprocated and soon our clothes were coming off and we were laying naked in my bed. I could tell he had never been with an older woman before and was unsure of himself. To put his fears to ease, I took that hard cock right in my mouth and gave him a blow job that only a Milf can do. He moaned with delight before shooting his load deep in my mouth. Not finished with him yet, I laid back and motioned him to between my legs. That college hunk licked my clit and sucked my pussy until he brought me to orgasm. By then his dick was rock hard again and I spread my legs and he mounted me and pounded my pussy nice and hard. We enjoyed each other for the afternoon, fucking, doing laundry and then fucking again. My daughter called to tell me how thankful he was that I let him do my laundry at my house.

A Halftime Fuckfest

Fantasy Phone SexThe YMCA down the road has pickup basketball games on Thursday nights. I love to go and watch those men run up and down the court and getting all sweaty. There is one particular team I am passionate about and never miss a game. It is full of firefighters. One time I hadn’t been fucked in a while and was exceptionally horny. So, I decided to great them at halftime in the locker room. I would be there halftime snack. The made their way in and there I stood wearing only heels. They are pretty young and their dicks started standing to full attention. I didn’t even have to say a word. I got on my knees and started giving blow jobs, when suddenly I felt my self being lifted and then rammed in my sweet little pussy hole by a big, fat, hard cock. I continued blowing the guy while being fucked from behind. It was fucking hot. They took turns fucking me in all my holes, my mouth and my tits. I can’t even tell you how many times I orgasmed during this halftime fuckfest. Finally, a referee came back to see why they weren’t back on the court. His eyes grew wide as he witnessed this sight. Not wanting them to get a penalty I blew him too. Everyone went back to the game with smiles on their faces.

Our Little Fuck Toy

Domination Phone SexMy bestie from my hometown was in and when we get together, we are very, very naughty. So, we spent the day drinking, shopping and getting our sweet little holes waxed. We got home and got ready for our night out. We were going to have some big fun. We hit up a bar and were throwing back shots when this guy sat down to join us. I could see the sparkle in her eye, so I knew she had a plan. We drank and danced all night long. At closing time, we called a Lyft and asked him if he would like to join us. He didn’t even hesitate. We got out of the Lyft and entered my apartment, drank some more and put on some tunes. I grabbed my friend and started kissing her, peeking out of the corner of my eye to see his reaction. I could see that dick getting hard already. We motioned for him to join and we all took turns dancing and kissing. I then grabbed his hand and led him to my room, took off his pants and boxers and pushed him onto the bed. My friend climbed on top of him and I quietly and quickly tied his hands and feet to the four corners. We then went to work, making him are little fuck toy. I sat right on his face and he licked my clit while my friend sucked on my nipples. We changed places and he licked her clit while I stuck my tongue deep in her mouth. Then we both got between his legs and she sucked his dick while I licked his balls. It was so much fun watching him tied to the bed, moaning in delight as his toes curled. We teased him relentlessly until finally she sucked that cock so hard and so deep that he exploded in her mouth. I then took her mouth and kissed her so deeply that I could taste his cum. We fucked him for hours before untying him. I can’t wait for her to come back.

A Little Fucking at the Hospital

Roleplay Phone SexMy friend Brad was in the hospital recovering from dehydration and had asked me to stop by. I didn’t really want to go but Brad is always a hot booty call when I am in need so I went. I brought a pizza and we sat around eating and talking. He was in good spirits and looked really cute in that gown. I asked if he had anything under that gown and he said “check for yourself” Never one to be shy I walked over, pulled back the sheet, lifted his gown and wouldn’t you know if Brad’s dick was rock hard. He seemed to be in no pain so I though a little hospital booty would be fun. I started rubbing on that nice cock and then bent over and took it deep in my mouth. I could hear him moaning and feel my pussy getting wetter. So, I removed my dress and hopped right on that nice hard dick. I rode him so hard and so fast that we were both moaning so loudly. The thought of being caught made it even more exciting. By then I knew neither of us would last very long and I gave him a few fast, hard thrusts. That was all that it took before we had both came all over that hospital gown and sheet. I climbed off, grabbed some towels and cleaned us both up. We both laughed as the room smelled strongly of sex. I gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and left for him to explain to the nurses what those wet spots were. Lol.

I Love to be in Control

Cocksucking Phone SexI love to be in control. Absolute, complete control of any situation. So, it isn’t surprising that I love cocksucking. There isn’t an easier way to control a man that being good at giving blow jobs. They practically will melt into putty if you know how to use your tongue just right. I love it more than anything. I can take the cockiest ass man and once that dick is in my mouth he turns into a little submissive bitch, to do with what I like. I love to take my time, seductively removing their pants and boxers. Then kneeling in front of them and gently caressing their cock, causing them to jerk with every soft touch. Then I start licking, their shaft, the head, the balls and even their thighs. I like them to keep standing because then they are vulnerable. I take that dick in my mouth, only slightly at first and then work my way slowly until I have the entire thing in my throat. I give it a couple of good thrusts then remove my mouth completely. They stand with their bodies practically begging me to continue, but instead I kiss their thighs and balls before taking it deep in my mouth again. At this point I no longer tease and take that cock, relentlessly sucking that thing until they are trembling from the orgasm. I even clean that sucker up for them. Once they know how good I can make them feel they always come back wanting more. Sometimes I even say yes.

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