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Great Blowjobs Should be Taught By a Skilled Teacher

great blowjobsFor the longest time, folks around town refer to me as the “blowjob teacher.”  And I am not ashamed about that. Great blowjobs require a mature women to pass on the skills. I do think girls may lean towards being more sexual than some other girls. But no woman starts giving head like a pro. Same with eating pussy. Some skills need a woman like me to teach. I enjoy teaching young girls and boys lessons in the art of cunnilingus. Many students come to me for advice on how to give a great blowjob or how to eat pussy. And I always help them out.

As a mature woman, I have been around the block a few times. I have seen and done it all in the bedroom. So, I think I should pay it forward and share my knowledge with the next generation. I mean I am a naughty teacher after all. One of my coeds this term sought some personal advice last week. Maggie wanted help on how to give head.  She confided in me that she feels like her blowjobs need work and she wants her boyfriend to think she is the best cock sucker ever. I can appreciate that kind of drive.

I Love Teaching Girls to Be Good Cock Sucking

When done right, a great blowjob can be a powerful weapon in a relationship. Even though I am a college professor and a mature woman, I possess the ability to make even the most inexperienced girl feel comfortable and confident giving head. So, I took Maggie under my wing and taught her the basics of giving a guy a great blowjob. From the right technique, to how to use her hands, to how to read a man’s body language, I made sure Maggie understood what all is involved in good head.

I think Maggie came away last week with a newfound confidence in her oral abilities. One of my studs lent his dick to her learning process. Maggie seemed proud of her work with Todd, my young stud of a neighbor and frequent lover. I loved seeing Maggie become more self-assured in her blowjob techniques. And I am always happy to be a part of a girl’s sexual education.

Foot fetishes are why you spoil this sexy princess

When you have pretty toes, guys pay you for their nasty Foot fetishes. I have an old daddy that comes to me and wants to worship my pretty feet. “While I count the money you brought me daddy why don’t you kiss me feet”. Then you pucker up and start French kissing me like I asked you to. Your hard cock poking out your pants tells me you love this.

Before you get ready to cum you must spoil your princess. “Sugar daddy please lick my holes and spoil me even more”. I ask as I wiggle my toes in your mouth. Whenever I do that, you will do anything I want. First, I stand up and I pull my panties down. Then I bend over and spread my pretty ass cheeks for you. “Come on show me how hungry you are daddy”.

Foot fetishes

Your tongue wiggles up and down my slit and it always makes me cum in your wealthy old man mouth. I just spread my Sexy legs more so you can get right into my spit and boom! “Swallow all of my juices and I will let you fuck my pretty feet. That did it for you, you licked all my juices up. Finally, you got what you wanted. You stroked your cock in between my toes until you coated my feet with semen.

Sensual phone sex with Angela

sensual phone sex

It always amazes me how soaking wet I get from my naughty, sensual phone sex calls. I just spoke to the one guy who always makes my pretty, perfect cunt squirt. I had him stroking his rod for me while we discussed me getting seduced by my stepson. I told him every detail of the way he got on top of me first thing in the morning, while I was just barely awake. He started out so soft and sweet, kissing me while he slowly striped my clothes off. I thought it was a dream at first. I rubbed my cunnie as he kissed his way down my body starting from my lips, going over my tits and all the way down to my inner thighs. The way he was running his tongue around my nipples and then kissed down my belly made me tremble all over. My nipples were hard and my pussy was getting more and more wet by the second. He kissed up and down my thighs, brushing his tongue over my clit every now and then, making me beg for more. He held my hands down by my side, leaving me no choice but to grind my hips trying to meet his mouth with my wet cunt. When he finally started suckling my clit and working his tongue around it, I thought I was going to cum instantly! My body locked up and I wrapped my legs around his face, holding him in place to fuck me with his tongue. My eyes rolled back and I came so fucking hard that I was shaking! I woke up, suddenly realizing that it wasn’t a dream and who it was that just made me cum so hard. I wish I could say that I was upset or embarrassed but honestly, I just wanted him to fuck me. There is so much more that I could say but I’ll save it for our kinky call. Talk to you soon!

Neighborhood Pussy Available For Use

Sexy babe
I am a mature sexy babe with a sweet hairy fuck hole ready to make you happy. I got myself all dolled up today and wore something skimpy for you. I knew you were going to be at home so I figured I can keep my window opened and sit here with my hot hole spread open. I thought maybe it would entice you enough to come knock on my door so you can get my attention. I wanted you to notice me so you can get your load off inside me. I see how busy and tired you are after work so I figured you would do well with a pretty girl like me willing to make all your stress just disappear. Come here and fuck your slut neighbor! I am so needy I have been wanting you for days.. I can’t wait until you have me spread over your cock; I will milk you dry baby!

Mature phone sex slut Angela

mature phone sexOnce again, this mature phone sex whore is fantasizing about my last call and rubbing my drenched cunt. I’m so horny and wet and can’t stop dreaming about getting fucked the way I deserve. I wish you were here to pack me full of cum! I need so bad to be bent over and have my cunnie filled by your fat, pulsing fuck rod! My pretty, pink pussy is nice and tight and would feel perfect wrapped around your dick while you pump a big load in me! My last caller had me shoving four fingers deep in my juicy fuck box and rubbing my clit with my thumb but it still wasn’t enough! He stopped me every time I got close to cumming and made me suck the pussy juice off of my fingers for him. He was driving me crazy, telling me all the things he was going to do to me and all the different positions he was going to have me in when he shoved his huge dick in me. He told me about how after he was finished fucking me, he would share my hot cunt with all of his friends while he watched. He said that he would bring over a stud with a huge cock and watch as he destroyed my holes and left them a cum soaked mess for him to lick clean. More than anything, he wanted to watch my beautiful cunnie get stretched open by a giant, monster cock that would pump so much cum into me, it would bulge out my belly and leak down my legs for days after! I’ve always been a cum crazed whore so the thought of being used and then turned over to a big dick stud to be used some more, has my cunt drenched! I’m ready for a kinky call so that you can make me cum over and over! 

Sissy humiliation from a Sexy babe like is what you need

I love when a sissy bitch comes to me for Sissy humiliation fun. A hottie like me laughs and gets a tickle seeing how pathetic you look in panties and stockings. You pay me because you are a little dick bitch, who could never please a sexy chick like me. Instead, you get fucked by big cock with my help. First put on your sluttiest outfit, you have to match my swag to be around me. Then we will go out to lure big dicks to come use you.

“We will use my pretty face and sexy body to tease them”. Since they are drunk, they think you are just an ugly bitch. “Get on your knees and suck their fat dicks” I say when we get back to my place. “Oh yeah, the ugly bitches better know how to suck dick very well” one of them says as we all laugh. Then your mouth takes their hard cocks one after the other. As they have their eyes rolling to the back of their head, I say “she sucks good dick for a sissy dude”.

Then I laugh as I see their eyes open up. “This is a sissy whoreboy sucking our dicks?” “Yes, it is, look her pathetic dicky is hard from eating your cock meat” I respond.  After you both hear those words, you get up and push my sissy slut trick on the ground. “Get down on your knees like a doghoe” they say as her sissy panties are being ripped off. It was fun to watch you getting fucked by them in both your holes and knowing you paid this Sexy babe to make you do it.

Best Phone Sex is Sensual Fantasy Roleplay with a Sexy Woman

Best phone sex is where we can share something sensual. Sensual and arousing is the key here, and the ultimate base for getting us both aroused. The sound of my voice will lure you.

Obviously we will be enticing each other in a fantasy. This fantasy can be very erotic. A chance meeting in an Hotel Lounge where you are staying. I happen to be staying there too and we are both here for business.

As a matter of fact the two of us have spouses. They, of course have not traveled with us on our Business trip. We are both independent and both lacking a little something in our Marriages.

What perfect mix, attraction, desire and a need for intimacy. An obvious conclusion is that we have drinks together and slip up to one of our Hotel rooms for a little rendezvous.

Finally just let yourself be swept up in the moment. Let’s have a special night together. Come be my secret lover and I will do all those things that you are missing out on.

Best phone sex

Sexy legs open for sugar daddies money

Men love seeing my Sexy legs spread open. That is why they spoil me and make me into their paid princess. Older daddies really love when they watch me strip. That is why I got a stripper pole in my room. You will bring a wad of cash just to watch me dance for you. I love to tease you and deny that I am just to make your blood rise.

“Don’t you love this sexy dress baby” I say as I slide it off my body. Then you threw some money in the air for me just to see me bounce and smile. I bend over in front of your face showing you this sexy ass. “Sweet sugar daddy makes that money rain on my ass while I shake it for you”. Like a good, sweet daddy, you let more money fall on my ass.

Sexy legs

After that it is easy to slide everything off for you and offer my ass for you to lick. You know your sugar baby has an Ass fetish and needs you to lick her so good. “Please money daddy lick my little booty hole and make my kitty cum”. Then you pull that cock out and stroke it while licking this booty hole.

Besides your money all i want is for you to lick my ass until i cream your face. Your tongue flicks faster and faster the harder you jerk off. Finally, I squirt all over your face and you cream all over your hands. You use your cummy hands to grab the rest of the money you have for me and hand me cum filled Bemjamins.

Sensual phone sex slut Angela

 sensual phone sex

An intense, sensual phone sex call is just what this sexy slut needs! After the night I’ve had, I’m surprised that I can still walk. Why don’t I lie back, spread my legs open and gently rub my swollen, cum filled cunnie while we chat? I’ll tell you how I end up with a sore cunnie that is absolutely filled with cum, every single night. I’m a very spoiled trophy wife. I get everything that I could ever dream of without ever having to ask twice but, that comes with a price. I have to be my husband’s whore and do any and everything he tells me. He’s not  easy to please. He’s not the usual rich, old man either. He’s a really freaky and wild, old pervert that loves watching me pushed to the absolute limits. Last night, he called a big group of men over and watched as they ran trains on me all night. He told them to rip my holes open and fuck me as hard as they can. Most of them were bbc studs with 12 inches or better so they really ruined me. My tits, asshole and cunt are so sore from being stretched and pounded so much. Cunnie juice was splashing around everywhere from them slamming into me so hard. He paid them to blow loads in me and all over my body. He jerked his dick for hours and watched so many men ruin my cunnie and asshole. He encouraged them to coat me in a thick, sticky layer of jizz, and they did. Once I was soaked and covered in cum, he very carefully licked it all up. Even after licking me out for hours, I still have huge gobs leaking out and dripping down my legs. Give me a call and I might just scoop some up and eat it while we talk. Either way, I’ll be rubbing my cunnie and waiting to talk.

Naughty Neighbor Ready To Fuck

GFE phone sexIt has been so long since I got my pretty hairy cunt fucked with a nice cock. I have been staring at you since you moved in next door for months now. I have rubbed my clit and thought about how nice your cock would feel in every one of my holes. It feels so surreal now that I am finally spread open on your couch milking that dick while your wife is at the store. I come over every single day now when she is gone so I can be a whore for your cock. I love how you use my body to make yourself cum. I will be your cum bucket whenever you want to play. Naughty neighbors are the best when your both horny fucks. Call me so I can tell you all the fun stories!