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Sensual Phone Sex an Seductively Exciting Way of Orgasming

One specialty of mine is deeply sensual phone sex sessions. My lovers really enjoy being entranced by my deeply sexual bliss. As a sophisticated hot blooded woman nothing is more exciting then some naughty masturbation over the phone.

As I slip my fingers inside of my sweet and sensually velvet like pussy, and listen to your voice, the juices just start to drip. Then, as I hear your breathing exhibit your level of pleasure entices me further into exploring my cunt.

Obviously we can roleplay any sensually erotic thing you may have on your mind. Now, let me guide you into pure bliss. Now we can exchange stories about sensually charged experiences or tell me just what turns you on. 

Finally, understand that my biggest turn on is knowing what buttons to push to get you aroused. This is my power and I will use it to the purely pleasurable bliss of making you cum for me.

Sensual Phone Sex

Exhibitionist sex for bent over slut

I love a trick who loves Exhibitionist sex. Especially when it means I can bend him over anywhere. See this hottie is very dominant and you love that about me. That is why you spoil me and keep me happy. You are always in control at work. So, with me you need to submit. Our first session was magical. “Worship my feet and tell me you are my toy” I said to you as I stuffed my feet in your mouth. ” I am your toy to do as you please with me” you mumble as you suck on my toes.

It makes me happy to hear you say it. Therefore, I am going to reward you. I pull out my biggest strap, using it on a guy always makes me so powerful. Especially one who normally dominates. After I put it on, I open my windows. That way anyone passing by will see you bent over getting pegged by a hottie like me. Knowing you could be seen being used, excites you. “Bend over in front of the window” I instruct you to do.

As you bend over and spread your man pussy, people walk by. A few get a glimpse of you. Your clitty starts to stiffen up. Even though you have a nice size cock, I still call it a clit because you are my bitch. As I lube up, I make you beg for me to fuck you. “Please my sexy mistress, fuck me” you whimper like a slut. After you beg for a bit and some people walk by, I get in between your legs.

Exhibitionist Sex

Then I ram, inside you hard and deep. “That’s let everyone see you get fucked. Knowing anyone can catch you getting rammed really gets you off. That’s when your clitty starts to leak everywhere. It was so much cum that it splashed all over my pretty heels. “Clean up your mess,” I say as I point to my strap and my feet.

Sexy babe showing off for the neighborhood pervs!

Sexy babeI will always be your side piece as long as you give me what I need. Once you come over to my house I will make your wildest dreams come true. I already have my camera set up so we can create the sexiest one on one sessions together. Are you ready to watch me be a Sexy babe on film? I don’t think you are prepared or ready for all the things I can do for you. The minute you see my sexy collection with all my naughty content you will have your cock out. So I think it’s time to sit back and relax while I put on a show for you baby!

The blinds are pulled to the side just a little bit too; it’s the perfect view for someone to accidentally see what I am doing. Isn’t that how you first found out about all my nasty little escapades I have? Of course the second you come over to my place you will tell me all about your sneaky encounters too. We will share the best Mutual masturbation stories with one another until we cum hard. Well if you are hard and ready to play I am here waiting for you to connect with me!

Naughty Teacher Fucks a Student All Weekend While Watching the Olympics

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher got wrapped up in the Summer Olympics. One of my former students is on the gymnastics team this year, and I am excited for her. We’ve stayed in touch since she graduated and became an Olympian athlete.  Since I needed to travel for a destination wedding this past weekend, I took one of my current summer school students. Pete loves fucking his hot teacher. And I figured out of town we could fuck our brains out and be seen out in public together without the risk of a colleague seeing me.

When I checked into our hotel, I found out the wedding got postponed last minute because the groom caught Covid. But I told my frat boy lover we should stay, watch the Olympics and fuck all weekend long. And he agreed. I mean this naughty teacher could go out with her boy toy lover and not care about being seen. My colleagues do not need to know about my pets. So, this provided me with the perfect opportunity not to worry.

If Fucking Becomes an Olympic Sport, Count Me In

However, we got so caught up fucking and watching the Olympics that we never left the hotel. Room service and Uber Eats kept us eating. And I brought some booze with me. Our hotel room was great too. I never get to spend the night often with one of my students, but I spent three days in bed with Pete last weekend. Since we could not fuck 24/7, we watched the Olympics from our hotel room while we fueled up for the next round. He wanted to watch too because a few folks competing graduated from or still attend our university.

But I really enjoyed sucking his cock while watching Team USA compete against different countries. Provided us with all the entertainment we needed besides each other. I rode him reverse cowgirl during the gymnastic portion of the Olympics. I think the Olympics inspired this naughty teacher to fuck better. But I mean I showed off my best movies. Even broke out moves I did not know I had.

If fucking ever becomes an Olympic sport, I think I might win. I got my body in all sorts of contorted poses to fuck my young buck. He could not believe some of my moves. I drained his balls more in three days he said then all the girls he has fucked since he lost his virginity combined. We enjoyed a wonderful long weekend in bed. And the Olympics provided inspiration.

naughty teacher

Mature phone sex with Angela

mature phone sex

I love it when Samuel calls me so that we can enjoy a mature phone sex call together. He’s not like the other men that just want to shove their hard, throbbing cock into a hot slutty bitch, blow a load and then hang up. He takes his time to make sure that I really feel our special connection. He takes me so deep into our fantasies that it always feels like he’s actually there with me, rubbing and kissing all over my body! When he starts describing the things that he wants to do to my body, it makes me tremble with excitement. I can feel my pussy start to gush when he talks about kissing his way down my neck to my big, soft breasts and suckling my nipples while he fingers my juicy cunt. Without even realizing it, my hand always ends up in my panties with my fingers rubbing little circles around my clit while he talks to me. I try to hold back but I always get so wet every time he calls and always end up softly moaning his name into the phone while I’m cum over and over again. Samuel is a generous lover who always makes sure that I cum and he always ends our calls by telling me that he’ll visit again really soon. I always enjoy my more filthy and kinky calls but there’s something so hot and sensual about the way Samuel fucks me. The best part of kinky phone fun with a mature, whore like me is the flexibility that I can offer. I’ll be your slutty, cum dumpster bitch if you want me to or you can be passionate with me, like my lover Samuel is.

Sensual Phone Sex Excites The Mind and Brings Great Pleasure

When it comes to Sensual phone sex, let Renee take you into a deep zone of pleasure. With a little hypnotic and sensual enticing voice I will inquire on your desires.

Perhaps you are seeking a naughty mature woman to play out an affair with. Coincidently, those are my favorite kind of calls. It is the sneaking around and enjoying the sexual fueled newness of another woman.

Obviously my sexual needs require many different men to please me. In fact it is the love of adventure that fuels me sexually. And that adventure can start with learning all about you. If you just let your mind stray into a fantasy sexual encounter we can begin our quest.

Finally, as I take pleasure with my callers as well I will just lay back. Then slipping my fingers in my panties I will listen to your wants.

Once I understand what it is you are seeking then we can really begin with our fantasy.

Sensual phone sex

Sexy dominatrix will have you drenched

Since I’m your Sexy dominatrix, you worship me in any way I want. “Tonight, you will clean me up” I say as I lay back and spread my legs. “It was a fun weekend and I got fucked very well” I tease you as I play with my cunty. “There were many loads of thick cum pumped in me and I have been saving it for you” as you hear me say that you kneel in front of me. You start to sniff my pussy as it twitches with thick cum starting to drip out of me.

It doesn’t take long for your tongue to start scooping sperm out of me. Even though my eyes were closed, I could feel you were stroking your cock hard. The slurping sounds and jerking sounds made my cunty drip. Therefore, I bend over and spread my pretty ass for you. Since you have been my bitch, you learned I have a thing for my ass getting licked. There’s nothing like a hottie with an Ass fetish. You feel my hands grab your head and push it deeper into my ass. I don’t care if you can’t breathe, it is your job to get me off.

Sexy dominatrix

After some licking, I rub my clit and my pussy tightens. Finally, I start to squirt, “Don’t waste any juices,” I moan out. So, you make sure to drink every drop. Even though your face is drenched with my orgasm, I still need to tinkle and will have you really wet. I stand over you and start to release my bladder all over you. “Thank you, mistress,” you moan as you jack off looking up to my cunty spraying you. That is what you needed to make you cum. Knowing you are used for anything by this hottie is all you need.

Mature phone sex with Angela

mature phone sex

I finally found a man that enjoys mature phone sex calls and talking about massive bbc, almost as much as I do! I need to find more men as kinky and hot as he is because I love talking about big dick and how wet my pussy gets for it! My new bbc loving caller appreciates women like me who cuck their husbands and force them to watch as we glide our perfect, pretty pussies up and down on thick, veiny chocolate fuck rods! Bbc studs are superior and it’s time that all men admit it! I can only speak from experience when I tell you how soaked my cunt gets just at the thought of getting railed by a big, thick bbc! I have a handsome, young bbc stud that lives with me and I’m on his dick every single morning and night, bouncing and riding on it until I can’t cum anymore! The way those fat, hard inches feel stretching my tight, hot cunnie and making my eyes roll back is indescribable! Let me rub my pretty, milf cunt and talk to you about how it feels having a massive bbc shoved into my pussy and pounded into me until I can’t even speak! I’m a total slut for a big dick and my step son has one of the biggest bbcs that I’ve ever bounced my juicy cunt on! Having his Daddy sitting across the room, jerking his mini dick and watching my pussy drench his son’s cock and balls is even hotter! Give me a call while I still have a load of my stepsons bbc cream in my cunnie and I can scoop it out to lick off of my fingers while we talk. I’ll tell you how good it tastes and make you wish you were here eating it out of my freshly fucked cunt instead of on the other end of the phone.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Teach Young Men How to Be Good Lovers

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts score easily with younger men. All I need to do is smile at a young man and his cock gets hard. As a mature woman, I fuck younger men almost exclusively. And I sometimes need to beat the young lads off with a stick. Yes, many young boys feel compelled to fuck me. They become attracted to my experience and confidence. My days of living as an inexperienced woman all about pleasing others have ended. Now, I am all about you pleasuring me.

Sometimes, I need to be a dominant woman with you a young stud. James and hooked up after a community party on my block. His parents live on my block. So, he grew up in front of my eyes. However, I never paid him much attention until recently. But I guess he grew up in all the right places. Since he leaves for college in August, I decided to make him my summer project. He needs a mature sexy babe to teach him.

Young Men Need Mature Women

The first time we fucked, he barely knew what went where. And he had no concept of foreplay. Even though my pussy gets wet when a cute boy smiles at me, foreplay you should never skip. But foreplay helps you enjoy the main course longer and better. So, when he came back for more pussy, I denied him. Made him beg for my mature cunt and ass. But before I would suck his cock, I ordered him to eat my pussy. And he needed my direction. He had no clue how to pleasure a woman.

But I enjoy helping young men become good lovers for mature women. And every young lad needs to know his way around a shaved wet pussy. I take pride in turning boys into the kind of men women want. And I saw potential in James. A strapping lad with a big cock will get nowhere with women if he cannot make them cum. But I accomplished my goal with James.  He now knows how to eat pussy. So, all I have left to work on is his stamina. And we have all summer to whip him into shape.


Sexy babe working the married neighbors cock!

Sexy babeYou need a Sexy babe like me around the corner from you so you always have a place to drain those balls. I feel like every single town should have a designated whore for use for all the men who need a release. As a woman I feel like it’s our job to make a mans cock feel good drain that heavy sack of his. So why not get yourself nice and ready and be a slut for cock and cum. I promise you will feel so much more useful once you feel that hot sperm unload inside all of your holes. 

Not only would it be good to have a public use slut but it would be even better if you had some Tease and denial sessions too. A real naughty whore would make sure to have you so worked up that the second your cock entered a hole you’d cum so quick. If your side bitches can’t work that cock up all day long; that means shes not a good enough bitch for you. So I say you should call me so I can tell you all about the married men I fuck all the time. They are obsessed with wet holes and can’t get enough of me once they feel how good my holes are!