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Bedroom Tease

Sensual phone sexImagine walking into my room while I’m laying on my bed in my favorite white short-shorts and lavender bra doing it’s best to hold my tits in. Of course, at this point, you’re excited getting ready to crawl into my bed, but I hold up my hand to stop you. I instruct you to take off your pants, let me see your cock. I watch your pants fall to the floor and get up enough to lean over off my bed a little bit to inspect your cock. Not bad with you sporting a semi-hard at 6 inches at the moment, but I want to see if fully erect. Go on and stroke it for me. Licking my lips as you start to stroke up and down, eyes glued to me. Ooh, 8 whole inches that may actually be fun. I lean over blowing hot breath onto your cock. Of course, you are hardly paying attention to my words and only thinking about what it would be like to stick your cock between my tits. Am I right? Actually don’t answer that just keep stroking, I’ll just slip off my shorts and get a little more comfortable. Oh, you are dripping, but you can’t stop can you?

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sexMy absolute favorite calls that get my pussy purring like a V8 engine are those Fantasy phone sex calls. They tell me what they want to hear for them to cum. I hear the kinkiest taboo fantasies Things that I would not even think would be a turn on I hear from these men’s lips and once they start speaking in my hear I can feel it deep in my pussy. I get so turned and wet by how rock hard their cock gets. That is just when I drop to my knees my eye begging for your big rod and my mouth wide open. I know you can not resist a slut like me no man can under my spell.

Phone sex Mommy

phone sex mommy

Basketball practice has been cancelled for my step son. That means he is practicing at home a lot more than usual. I have been watching him practice every day. He takes his shirt off and I get to watch the sweat roll down his young ripped body. I know he has noticed me staring at him. He walks around without a shirt on to tease me. Every day, I will stand next to the window and watch him play as my panties start to get wet. I slide my hand up my skirt and start to rub my clit as I watch him. I will finger fuck my juicy milf cunt until I am soaked. Then I call him inside and tell him that I need help with something upstairs. He knows this means I’m going to suck his cock and let him fuck my brains out. Today, I let him bend me over the bathroom sink and fuck me hard from behind. He pulled my hair and stroked fast and deep. He made me cum all over his hard throbbing cock. He filled me with his hot creamy load. When his dad came home later I made him lick his sons cum out of my wet cunt.

His dick was worthless

best phone sexI met a new guy and I was so excited because he was a very wealthy man, good looking and loved to spoil me. But when I finally got him naked his dick was just too small for me to fuck at all. I was so upset! Here is this guy that could have been the total package and he has a dick barely the size of my thumb. He saw the disappointment in my face, clearly that was not the first time he had disappointed a woman. He made up for it tho, he said that he still wanted me to be his girlfriend and that I could fuck anyone I wanted as long as he could watch and clean up my pussy after. He was still going to spoil me rotten and I get to fuck any stud I wanted? I was in heaven! This is really the man of my dreams and I am going to have so much fun!

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

It’s true that I love naughty neighbor phone sex calls. I won’t deny the fact that teasing the married men and older men is extremely exciting for me. I became a sex therapist because I truly love the psychological aspects of sexuality. It’s what fuels how interactions, thoughts and emotions. We are sexual beings and to group everyone in just a few categories and done, well that is just flawed. You crave the aspects that you do in sex because it’s just how you are wired. I am very turned on by having men that are unavailable or out of my reach becoming vulnerable by my presence. Sometimes I come off as very intense and that makes men nervous. This appeals to me. So the other day while I was in some extremely revealing yoga pants and a thin midriff t-shirt for my morning jog I had an encounter with an older married neighbor of mine. He was just checking his mail after returning home and wanted to converse. I know he has been watching me for some time. I have even put shows on for him. Like tanning and removing my top and rolling over revealing my breasts. I sometimes gave him little flashes and once I even finger banged my pussy as I lay there on my chase by the pool. He was always very nervous around me. Today he was curious if I would watch his house while he and his wife went out of town. I of course agreed to it and I gave him his monies worth. I knew he was the tech freak and his wife was very non tech. I knew he likely had a camera hidden and gave him a show. I would love to tell you about it, and about the hot phone sex call we had as he viewed his live feed cam.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

I met the sweetest guy

best phone sexI met the sweetest guy the other night. He is tall and sexy and super into me just the way I like it best so obviously I am obsessed with him now. I went out on a couple dates with him and each time I wanted to take him back to my place and screw but he insisted on being a gentleman. Finally tho last night he came back to my place! I was so excited and all I wanted was to finally get this guy naked and let me tell you he did not disappoint at all. This man is sexy as hell, he’s ripped and that cock is fucking huge! We fucked for hours, he was definitely worth every minute of that wait I’ll tell you that for sure. He is coming back over tonight and I can’t wait! I know it is going to be another really amazing night for sure!

Cuckold Phone Sex Escort

Cuckold Phone sex

Not only do I give great cuckold phone sex, but I got a great gig being a real-life cuckolding escort too! I live in a big city where high ranking businessmen are always looking for some company for those lonely business trips. I specialize in something a little different. About every other weekend I get a sweet older and who wants to wine and dine me and get his rocks off with me. The catch is I never touch him, and I always have my large endowed boyfriend come with me so He can fuck me while the normally small dicked money bags jacks his useless cock off. There are times when I even get a nice tongue bath as my boyfriends’ cum is lapped up by my “John”. I know that the only power the men have is in their wealth and business skills. But the real power lays in a big fat cock that can fuck me senseless. I might be young, but I love having the pussy power to make these men pay up and still have my tight shaved wet pussy fucked as it should be. Wouldn’t you love to be the slave to my pussy?

Stroke It Nice and Slow

edgeplay phone sex

For all of you guys out there who just jerk off and rush your orgasm – I know exactly what you need. You need some edgeplay phone sex with me so I can teach you how to slow things down and get the most out of your pleasure. If you’re not taking your time and building your orgasm slowly, let me just say that you are definitely missing out. Sure, you’ll cum if you rush things, but it won’t feel anywhere near as powerful as it could be. So that’s what you need me for. I’ll teach you how to take things to the edge over and over again. And when the time is right, you’ll get to have a really amazing orgasm.
Are you willing to lie back and give me control of your cock? I know it might not be something you’re used to, but you just have to let your guard down and trust me. I will give you one of the best orgasms of your entire life. And I am pretty sure you are going to be addicted to my style of orgasms. You’ll be calling me back over and over again. I’ll be waiting for you.

I’m so ready for Valentine’s Day

best phone sexI have a few dates lined up for tomorrow and I am beyond excited! I just know that I am going to get a ton of gifts and fancy dates too. I have a date for every meal of the day and they are all going all out to give me the perfect Valentine’s Day. I’m seeing Frank first, he will take me out to breakfast before he goes to work. He’s married but very generous so I know I will get jewelry from him so he is definitely gonna get some pussy after breakfast. Next up is Michael, he is taking me out to lunch, he is single but he isn’t rich enough to make me settle down with him. He is very cute tho and he has a huge cock so he will give me the best sex ever. The end of the day will go to Edward, he is a widower and he’s old as hell so we won’t be fucking but he will be the most generous of them all so I can’t wait! What are your plans tomorrow?

Cheapest phone sex

cheapest phone sexSomething I can never get enough of is money and attention and there seems to be no shortage when I’m around. I even picked up a side job to see what kind of trouble I could stir up and to make a little extra money for my upcoming birthday. The job I got was boring, in accounting if you can believe it. Eventually, I was able to set my eyes on the most talked-about man in the building. He was a sexy guy, and his dad apparently was a big-wig in the company. I started with subtle things, like bringing his coffee and donuts and asking him if he wanted to go to lunch together. He was always complimenting me and talking about how I was the hottest woman in the whole company which obviously is true. One day he finally made his first move, we were taking the stairs and he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me and feeling all over my body. I moaned against him wanting nothing more than to take it to the next level. Suddenly we were busted by a coworker, and we awkwardly separated. I wasn’t worried about my job though, a normal girl would be fired and so would he. But not this one, his Daddy has all the power and I have him wrapped around my finger.

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