If you need our services by day, I will be the first thing you see when you walk in the door. It is my job to be pleasant and cater to your every need while you wait. Anything you want, anything you need, I am here to provide for you.
You see I am the secretary for the lead attorney at the largest Corporate Law Firm on the coast. We specialize in international trade and our clients are so rich they smell of money. I love the subservience that is expected of me and having to provide all kinds of goods and services for our rich clients. I am well compensated for my efforts and there are several fringe benefits that come along with the job. That is the Renee of the 9-5 world.

However, when I punch that clock, it is like Clark Kent stepping into that phone booth and stepping out as Superman. There is nothing subservient about who I become. Tabitha is a Sissy trainer and a Mistress.
Tabitha is in charge from 5-9. Both of us give a whole new meaning to sexy babe!

I don’t need to supplement my income, but I need to let the bad girl out. Every night I drive to our neighboring town. I change into my leather corset with my nine inch, thigh high leather boots, and my floor length trench coat. Renee goes to sleep and Tabitha is awakened.
In the dark of night the clients worship Tabitha. They pay to grovel at my feet. They beg to be at my beck and call. They are haapy to comply with my every demand in an instant without hesitation. They know their place and that they are to be seen and not heard. They also know that their only opinions on any subject are the ones I give them.

I can not lie, Renee enjoys her subservient life and when the clients ask for certain special favors because their wives or girlfriends are over seas, my kitty purrs, happy to be of service. But when night falls and Tabitha emerges my pussy drips from the power and control that the dominance of being a mistress evokes. It seems only natural I should moonlight as a Domination phone sex expert, right?


    • Dustin on December 26, 2017 at 11:29 am
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    You had my cock in pure ecstasy ladybug I’m gonna be calling you back soon darling.

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