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Cuckold Phone Sex Escort

Cuckold Phone sex

Not only do I give great cuckold phone sex, but I got a great gig being a real-life cuckolding escort too! I live in a big city where high ranking businessmen are always looking for some company for those lonely business trips. I specialize in something a little different. About every other weekend I get a sweet older and who wants to wine and dine me and get his rocks off with me. The catch is I never touch him, and I always have my large endowed boyfriend come with me so He can fuck me while the normally small dicked money bags jacks his useless cock off. There are times when I even get a nice tongue bath as my boyfriends’ cum is lapped up by my “John”. I know that the only power the men have is in their wealth and business skills. But the real power lays in a big fat cock that can fuck me senseless. I might be young, but I love having the pussy power to make these men pay up and still have my tight shaved wet pussy fucked as it should be. Wouldn’t you love to be the slave to my pussy?

The Best Phone Sex Couples Therapy

best phone sexMy best phone sex callers have huge cocks to phone bone me properly. Sadly, it is mostly small dick losers who call me for some therapy. I had a caller last night that did a call with his wife. It didn’t go how he thought it would. These things rarely do. He found out his wife was cheating on him. I had already ascertained that she loved her husband and he loved her. She was not cheating on him because there was a lack of love or emotional connection. That left cock size. Women cheat for usually one of two reasons. Either their husband doesn’t  give them emotional support and validation or the husband has a small cock. Men cheat because they can. If they can. Women can always get laid but that is not the same for men. If they have a small dick they likely can’t even cheat on their wives who are fucking other men. I provided the couple with some much needed phone sex therapy. He was not happy with the outcome because I told him his wife had every right to cheat on him. She emailed me a picture of herself and a naked one of her husband. He married well out of his league. I told him if he truly loves his wife, he would not put up a fight. She is a hot woman in her sexual prime. She needs and deserves more than a 4-inch cock. Most women do. I told him his world now is that of a cuckold. And phone sex. Most phone sex sluts will take his money and let him beat off, but his days of real pussy are long gone. His wife thanked me and told me she should have had her husband call someone like me years ago. Cuckold phone sex therapy has been saving marriages for decades.

If You Have a Great Cock, You Get Great Blowjobs

great blowjobsI say it all the time. Great blowjobs are for great cocks. Personally, when I am presented with a lackluster dick, I am not inspired to give my best head. In fact, I likely won’t give an underwhelming dick any attention. When I see a big cock, I am inspired to give it my all. I want to worship it. I want to make that cock cum so hard that the guy attached to it never wants another pair of lips on it again. When guys call me for advice, I must ask them some questions first. If I hear that a wife won’t give her husband head or her blowjobs suck, the first thing I ask is how big is your dick. When guys call me for phone sex therapy, I don’t always side with them. I know female behavior. It’s not that women are frigid or too proper. It is not that we don’t want to ruin our make-up or that we don’t like the taste of cum. It is not that we have a headache either. The way a woman responds to giving you head is based on your cock. If you have a small or average cock. Or one that has trouble standing at attention for long, you will get excuses from women. But if you have a big or unusually thick cock, you will get the best head of your life. Only tiny and broke dick losers complain about bad head. If women don’t want to blow you that is because you have a dick they don’t want to blow.

Some Men Don’t Deserve Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSome men need small dick humiliation. Some more than others. Mike was a loser pizza delivery guy. A forty year old man with what I call failure to thrive syndrome. How many 40 year old men who deliver pizza for a living, drive an old beater car, reek of weed, live in their parent’s basement would hit on a woman like me? There was no way this loser had a big dick. He kept telling me that I could not handle him. I ordered a pizza. Nothing else. I told him to get out but he was not leaving. He wanted a blowjob as his tip. Well, the joke was on me for once. He had damn near a foot long cock. I gave him the best head of his life. I could handle his big cock because I only fuck big cock. He just caught me by surprise. I mean a man with a porn star cock could be a gigolo or porn star not a pizza delivery guy. I was  slumming fucking him, but a big dick is a big dick. He made my pussy squirt half a dozen times and he ate my pussy too. I may have a new pet project. This man is worth saving. I can help him make a lot of money because I know plenty of sexy hot women who will pay to have a cock that big in their pussy.

It’s Pathetic!

small dick humiliation

I love it when I get a call from a loser with a tiny dick. No, not because I’m going to let you try to convince me how much you really could please me with your cock if I’d just give you a chance. That will never happen, stubby. But what will happen is that you’re in for a nice, fun session of small dick humiliation. I mean, I can’t be the first woman to ever tell you how small it is, right? There’s no way anyone has ever been given an orgasm by such a pathetic little piece of meat.
When you call me, I think I’ll play one of my favorite games with you. I want to give you the names of household items and have you compare your pathetic cock to them. That’s a lot of fun and it’s sure to leave you feeling worse about your dick situation than you already were. Oh well. It’s not my problem that you were born with a small cock. I don’t care if you can’t help it. That doesn’t mean me or any other woman wants anything to do with it. So just go ahead and call me so I can get started with laughing at you.

Phone Sex Therapy in 2020

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy should be one of your 2020 goals. There is no harm confessing your dirty secrets to a stranger. I highly recommend it because I can’t hurt you and I am cheaper than a regular therapist. Plus, I have an extremely open mind.  Like to wear panties? You can buy a pair of mine! Like to watch interracial porn? I will watch with you. Are you a closeted sissy? I will be the best sissy trainer for you! Do you want your wife to fuck men with bigger cocks? Maybe even big black cocks?  I will serve you up some cuckold phone sex therapy. Are you a quick cummer? I can help with edge play and guided masturbation techniques. Maybe you want to suck cock? We will visit a glory hole together. Is it small cock humiliation you crave? Well, I am an expert at small cock shaming. I don’t do little dicks. I gave them up in 1990.  Let 2020 be judgment free. Let this be the decade you get to explore all your fantasies, fetishes and kinks.

Foot Fetishes For Christmas

foot fetishes

All his cock wants for Christmas is my two pretty feet. His foot fetishes are all he thinks about when it comes to this hot little tramp. I keep my pretty red polish and my ties perfectly manicured for his dick. I love watching how he slides that cute little cock between my toes.  His candy cane is Elf sized, not to say I haven’t met tripod Elves with dicks as long as they are tall. Now getting pounded by Santa’s little helper while he makes sweet love to my feet is quite the experience. Little midget Elves of the chocolate variety tend to pack a hard punch when fucking a bald tight cunt. My moans and sweet feet have my tiny dicked man in heaven. I guess I really should say all he wants for Christmas is My pussy pounded by dark-skinned elves with a big dick as he fucks my toes! Merry Christmas my sexy men big-dicked and small, check out our specials for some HolidayCuckold Phone sex Fun!cuckold phone sex

Small dick Humiliation

Small dick humiliationOmg ewwwwww! Look at that tiny little peepee! Did you for real think that I was gonna actually touch that ugly little thing? Umm, no fucking way! You got the wrong bitch right here cucky, there is no way I would ever want to fuck that thing! No, you have to go sit in the corner and watch me Fuck a real man, a man with a big cock, a cock that will actually satisfy me! Your itty bitty little clitty could never satisfy me. For real I doubt I would even feel it if I let you put it inside me! I bet that no girl that has ever seen you naked was able to look at that lil thing without laughing! I know I sure couldn’t! You are a pathetic little cucky boy and you will never, ever be anything else and we both know it! So quit pretending you’re a real man when clearly you are not!

Cuckold Phone Sex for Christmas

cuckold phone sexTis the season for cuckold phone sex! There is no better gift for your wife than the big dick she deserves. The one you don’t have. Maybe she has been getting some behind your back. If that is the case, then the best thing she can do for you is to bring you in on the fun. Wouldn’t you like to see your wife getting the pleasure she deserves? The best gifts come from the heart. Let her have lovers without having to sneak around. If she is to devoted to you or committed to the notion of fidelity, then you need to set her straight. Seriously, cuckolding brings people closer. Cuckolding saves marriages. Cuckolding is honest. You are honest about your inability to satisfy your wife. You are honest about getting aroused at seeing her with other men. Perhaps, you are honest about wanting some big dick for yourself. And, she is honest about needing more than you can give her. This Christmas, treat yourself to a better marriage. Call me for some phone sex therapy. I will help you and your wife have a better marriage and a better sex life.

A Cuckolding Femdom Phone Sex Experience

Femdom phone sexI am your femdom phone sex experience guide. I have something so sexy I want to share with you. My pussy is aching from the pounding I took for a client last night. Oh, no the man paying me wasn’t the one fucking ravaging my sweet young cunt. It was his broker who he saw had a big dick in the office bathroom. My client called me up to tell me what a mighty big king Kong dick he saw and I just knew AI had to have it! Awe, but he didn’t know how to ask his broker to join us for a cuckolding session. I said to show him my picture tell him that I love big meat and that you would like to watch me get fucked by him. I knew it was embarrassing for him to do, but he had a wild good jacking off time watching my little ass get skewered for him. And now his broker knows he has a small dick and that makes me wet with happiness! The fact that I can barely walk and my panties rubbing on engorged labia makes me cum is just my bonus, a tip if you will. Now to go buy new stockings and garters for my next play session. The sweet denial of my pussy makes me wet with anticipation!

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