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My Boss’s Cock Servant: A Oral Servitude Story

Cocksucking phone sex

Working late nights has its perks, especially when your boss has a penchant for oral fixation. I wasn’t the type to complain about my boss’s unusual requests—as long as his wallet was fat, I kept my lips sealed.

There I was, bored out of my mind, when he dropped the “blowjob” bomb. I knew the drill. Under the desk I went, mouth wide open, ready to swallow his every pump.

He never missed a beat, pounds of pleasure pulsating in and out of my throat. I’d mastered the art of deep-throating him, earning me boasting rights among my friends.

As he thrust, I imagined myself as the office whore, a mere cum dumpster for my superior’s delight. The thought sent shivers down my spine, making me even wetter.

His cock felt like a piston, going in and out with force. I gripped the desk for dear life, taking each thrust like a champ. The way he rough-handled my mouth made me feel like the dirtiest girl alive.

When he finally released, it was like winning the sexual lottery. His warm, thick load flooded my mouth. I savored the moment, his praise ringing in my ears.

“That’s what a real woman’s made for,” he’d say, smacking my ass.

I smiled to myself, thinking about the tonight’s payday and how I’d spend his hard-earned dough. Such a lucky girl, eh?

It was a mutually beneficial relationship. He got his rocks off, and I got my fix of kinky office sex.

Foot Fetish Fun: A Sexy Woman’s Delight

 Foot fetishes


Alright, alright, listen up, foot fetishists, ’cause I’ve got a story that’ll make your toes curl (no pun intended).

I’m a sexy AF woman, and I know exactly what you foot lovers crave. My feet are my best asset, and I keep ’em pampered, polished, and damn right sexy. I love the power they hold, the way they can drive a man wild with desire.

Picture this: I’m sitting on the bed, legs crossed, letting my feet do the talking. They’re rubbing against your bulging pants, teasing and taunting you. You’re mine tonight, and I’ve got plans for those lustful eyes and that hard cock.

I uncross my legs, giving you a glimpse of my creamy thighs and that bald, wet pussy. Your cock twitches in anticipation. I stroke it with my feet, massaging and teasing, while my fingers work their magic on my clit.

Your breath quickens as I sliding my feet up and down your shaft, giving you a foot job that’ll blow your mind. But the real fun starts when I wrap my sexy legs around your head, pushing your face right into my juicy pussy.

You devoured it, tongue-fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. And while you’re at it, I command you to suck my toes, worshiping my feet like the good boy you are.

When you’re done, I want your cum. All over my feet, dude. I want to feel that warm, creamy explosion, coating my toes and making them glisten. That’s the sign of a good fuck.

So, keep those eyes down there and worship my feet, ’cause this sexy woman is in charge tonight!

Summer Sweat: When Phone Sex Hits Different

 Princess phone sex


Hold up, guys! I’ve got a story that’ll make you sweat like it’s the freakin’ sauna in here. It’s a steamy June afternoon, and I’m chilling at home, enjoying the sun when I get this random call. Usually, I’d ignore it, but something about the number catches my eye—it’s a bit funky.

So, I pick up, and oh my god, this guy has the smoothest voice ever. He’s got this kinky twist, saying he wants to play a little game called “Princess Phone Sex.” I’m usually not into this stuff, but his seductive tone draws me in.

He starts off by calling me his little princess, which is kind of cute, but then things take a freaky turn. He wants me to strip down to nothing, stand before him like a present waiting to be unwrapped. Yeah, a bit odd, but who am I to judge? I play along, describing my every move as I disrobe.

He’s got this thing for completeness, so I make sure he knows every curves, every dip, and every sexy bit of this fine ass body. He’s turned on, I’m turned on, and things are getting damn steamy. He asks to inspect my goods, and I let him enter every freaking crevice of my body—a full body massage, if you will.

His fingers aren’t enough, so he goes deeper, fingering my pussy, playing with my butt. We’re both breathless, and the temperature in the room is soaring. I grab his cock, tweak his nipples, and damn, he’s loving every second.

It’s a phone call that goes down in history. We’re both moaning, panting, and sweating like crazy. And when he cums, he does it with a bang. Shot after shot of creamy goodness—I think he chose my tits for the grand finale.

Who knew a random call could lead to such a fiery afternoon delight?


Cock Tease Chaos: Denial Heaven

Hey, let me tell you about my night… it was a freaky domination fest, and I was in control, baby!

I had these two dudes on the phone, begging for a taste of Miss Kinky. They were like putty in my hands, melting with each command, and dude, it was so damn hot! 🔥💦

I set the scene, painting a picture of their helplessness, imagine being tied up with their big cocks straining. I told ’em to picture me, queen of the night, wearing the sexiest latex domme outfit. Their imaginations ran wild, and I could almost see their dripping mouths. 😈💦

I played with their minds, throwing shade and keeping ’em guessing. Told ’em they could only whimper and beg, no touching allowed. Their pleas for release went unanswered, leaving them hanging by a thread. Dude, the power trip was insane!

I dropped some dirty talk on ’em, describing what I’d do if we were in the same room. Their moans echoed through the phone, and my hands went straight to my own soaking pussy. I mean, these guys were my personal pornstars for the night. 🤤💋

I made ’em striptease, fancying themselves as my little puppets. With each article of clothing discarded, their voices grew more desperate. I could’ve sworn I heard their balls tingle over the phone! 💔😂

Denial was the name of the game, keeping ’em on the edge without any release. Their voices cracked with desire, begging for a glimpse of relief. But I kept ’em guessing, enjoying every second of their helpless erotic chaos. 🤪😈

Let’s just say, these guys cummed without cuming, if you catch my drift. Dude, I left ’em hanging, a phone sex session that’d keep ’em thrilled and agitated for days. they were so triggered, and loved every damn minute! 🔥

24/7, I’m ready for some more phone domination. There’s nothing like hearing those desperate moans, knowing I’m the boss. Truth is, I’m a total tease, and these guys were just my playthings for the night! 🤭👅

Real Voyeur Sex Fantasies: Daddy’s Phone Plaything

Real voyeur sex

God, Daddy, where do I even start with our little secret fetish?! You know I get off on being watched, and damn, the thought of your pals drooling over me sends shivers down my spine. I get so damn wet knowing those hunky guys are out there, seeing every naughty detail.
It’s like a freakin’ adventure, being your little voyeur sex slave! I love the risk of getting caught, the thrill of it all. Remember that time we sneaked into the hotel room, and you planted that hidden cam? I got so damn horny, watching us on the screen, and those men, lusting after every move.

I couldn’t help but play with my clit while you pounded me, and the thought of a secret audience made me squirt like crazy. I wanted them to see every inch of me, so I made sure to ride that cock nice and slow, showing off every part of my body. God, I wish they could’ve seen my tight little asshole too, hehe!

But Daddy, let’s take it up a notch. I wanna be your phone sex slut, role-playing all our dirtiest fantasies. I’ll be your good girl, moaning your name, while you share me with your friends. I wanna hear them begging to taste my sweet pussy, knowing they’re jerking off to our calls. Let’s drown out their moans with the sound of your zipper!

And trust me, Daddy, this slut’s ready for another round of wild adventures!

Small Packages, Big Fun

Let me tell you something, bro. You’re in for a treat today. I’ve got a surprise for you that’ll blow your mind. No, it’s not a new video game or some cool gadgets. It’s way better than that!

I’m your sexy brat, and I’ve got the smallest, perkies you’ve ever seen. They’re like little kisses, just begging to be sucked and nibbled on. And guess what? I’m feeling extra freaky today, ready to get down and dirty with my little man.

I’ll tell you what, daddy’s little girl is about to turn into a full-blown woman. It’s time to explore those naughty thoughts you’ve been having during your lonely nights. You know the ones – where you’re fantasizing about your older sister or that hot mom from next door. Yeah, those dirty thoughts!

Get those hands busy and make babygirl’s pussy nice and wet. We’re about to have some fun. while you stroke that cock and imagine these perky little titties bouncing as I grind on your lap. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to moan my name!

Remember, sometimes the best things come in small packages. And trust me, this wild, perverted phone sex session will leave you begging for more!

Lick those lips, get those hands greedy, and let’s dive into this taboo fantasy together.

Shaved and Wet: My Beachside Adventure

 Shaved wet pussy

Mmm, nothing like a young buck with a talented tongue. That’s right, I said it—old school, right down to the T. We all know teenage boys are horny little devils, and guess who’s their favorite treat? That’s right, a sexy mature babe like me.

So, this cutie pie and I met at the beach, and let’s just say, our paths crossed for a reason. He was legal—barely—but who cares, right? His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when I invited him over, and that’s exactly what we did. No time for pleasantries, I wanted that young cock, and he wanted to taste my sweet, mature pussy.

We got down to business, 69ing like pros. And let me tell you, this guy—phew!—his tongue was like a magic wand, sending shivers down my spine. He went down on me like a champ, making my toes curl and my eyes roll back. Apparently, some lucky cougar taught him well, ’cause this boy knew the pussy like the back of his hand.

I had to return the favor, and boy, was it a sight to behold. His cock was thick—not huge, but damn, it felt good in my mouth. I gave him a blowjob so good, he made my pussy squirt. Yeah, that’s right, he hit the spot like no other. We ended up going at it like rabbits, and you know what? I’m so glad I met this young stud.

Phone Bliss with the Bad Boy Client

Sensual phone sex

Working for my hubby can be a drag, but today’s encounter with his client was fire! This dude had a voice like silky chocolate, and damn, it sent shivers down my spine.

I was all, “Your voice is so goddamn hot,” and next thing you know, we were phone-screwing like teens. But this guy, Curtis, had a surprise up his sleeve.

As I was getting all hot and bothered on the phone, guess who walks in? Curtis himself! And dude, was I mad? Hell nah! I was ready to pounce.

He manhandled me onto the leather couch, and damn, that man could eat pussy! My moist panties were soon history, and his tongue was driving me wild.

I couldn’t hold back my moans, and as I begged for more,Curtis took charge. He slipped his big fat white cock inside me and pounded the living daylights outta me. It was like, whoa!

Five minutes of intense screwing later, we were both in climax heaven. Sweaty, satisfied, and grin from ear to ear, that’s how we landed.

Phone sex at its finest!

Roleplay Phone sex: Spoil Me, Daddy!

 Roleplay phone sex


Phone sex has never been so fucking lit. I’m your little princess, and I’ve got a thing for rich, powerful dudes. These sugar daddies know how to treat a girl like me, spoiling me rotten with everything a lady could ever dream of. Think private jets, designer labels, and wads of cash thicker than my thighs.

I’m a greedy little vixen, and I lap up the high life like the pampered princess I am. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, baby. And my Daddy knows how to make those dreams come true. He showers me with gifts, takes me to places that’d make your jaw drop, and all I have to do is give him some sugar.

But Daddy doesn’t just buy me things. Oh no, he owns me, body and soul. And I fucking love it. I’m his little cum dumpster, and he gives it to me hard. I moan and squeal like the slut I am, begging for more. And when he’s ready to pop, I plead for him to paint my ass with his creamy load.

So, if you’re out there, Daddy, I’m ready for you. Show me what you’re working with, and I’ll show you the time of your life. I’ll have your eyes rolling back with pleasure as you worship me and shower me with your hard-earned cash. I’m worth every damn cent, and you know it.

Let’s make this fantasy a reality. Bring your Benjamins, and I’ll bring my big, fat, juicy ass.

Exhibitionist’s Delight: A Story of Public Indecency



Exhibitionist sex

Age has brought me confidence, and I thrive on showing off my body. The nude beach is my playground, where I can flaunt my assets and admire the viewers. On a recent trip, I met Matt, a hung young buck who couldn’t take his eyes off me.

His penis told me all I needed to know, so when he invited me to his condo, I jumped at the chance. An exhibitionist’s dream, I displayed my talents on the balcony, giving him a blowjob that left him breathless. Matt was a eager lover, and an impressed one at that.

I initiated a wild fuck on the balcony, letting him pound my pussy then sneak into my tight ass. He didn’t even realize he’d gone anal until I guided his hands to my soaking cunt. It was a first for him, but he took direction well.

I feasted on his manhood, giving him a deep-throat blowjob, and swallowed his load with glee. It seemed Matt was savouring many firsts with me, and who was I to deny him? We fucked nonstop for days, exploring each other’s bodies and pleasures.

Now, he’s heading back to Arizona, but the memory of this mature exhibitionist will keep him aroused for the long ride home. He’s hooked, and I know our paths will cross again soon.

Being an exhibitionist slut has its perks, and Matt’s week-long vacation was a wild ride I’ll relish forever. There’s no better high than sharing my body with willing strangers.