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working the pole

cum on boobsMy little gig on the side is fun. There is nothing sexier than a woman who can strut her body and show off her sexy moves. I love being able to strip and show off my hot tone physique. I drive the guys crazy and they spend so much money on me its no wonder why I become the envy of all the other girls. What happens in the VIP room helps also. I become a fast favorite because I let the guys have a blast with me for the right amount of cash flow. I let cum on boobs happen and I let them feel me up. It’s against the rules but I won’t tell if you won’t. Keep me happy and paid and I will be your sexy little maid after work.

Bad girls

latina phone sexMy friends and I all enjoy having cum showers. I can’t stop being a little whore, and when my friends and I are together, we have a ton of fun sharing plenty of dicks. We don’t ever say no to guys with big cocks, and sharing is caring. We all have orgy parties and make sure to end up bringing a ton of people over to satisfy each of our holes. We make a daisy chain and don’t stop fucking each other. We carry toys as well, and we end cumming over and over again. It’s a full-on a nasty fun ride. We don’t stop at all. We will skip work and school to get off and get our cunts filled all day and night.

Tempting you

sexy legsI know you love when I seduce you. I am the hot Latina slut next door. Your wife doesn’t give it to you as you want. I can tell you need me and want me so much. You are addicted to my sexy body from head to toe; you are in lust with me. My sexy legs and heels drive you crazy. You watch my every move and need me so badly. Don’t be sorry for wanting me. You want what you need. You need my Spanish cunt, and you can’t resist temptation. Get ready to get lost in my trance. You will forever be my prey. As soon as I get what I want, I am out for the good of course.

The family business

sexy chicksSexy chicks are always tempting. I have been brought along to take care of business. My husband knows I am an intricate part of the family affairs. I love working side by side by all the contractors. My husband has a team of powerful, skilled men. I like to evaluate them and have one on one meetings with the staff in my soundproof office. I get real acquainted and love seeing how they use their tools on me. Its all about quality control, after all. I am proud to say they know how to screw and drill and make great handymen. My husband has no idea how much it means to me to be able to put in my expertise in our family business.

Want a raise?

sexy babeComing to America was such a culture shock to me. One thing I learned fast was sexuality was a worldwide language. It took some time to get accustomed to somethings, but I adapted. A sexy babe like me knows how to use her assets and get things done. My first gig was as a waitress. It was hard, but I managed. The boss was crazy for me. It wasn’t hard to see his boner was straight out for the world to see when it came to me. My boss asked me if I wanted to do a different type of dirty work. Between my broken English and his mediocre Spanish, we agreed. I would work in the office and get a huge raise as long as I teased him daily with my spanish cunt.

Put your money where your mouth is

sexy babeYou want a sexy babe, you can show off and play with;? You better pay top dollar so you can have this arm candy. I want to show you I am better than any slut. I will make all your fantasies come true. I can’t wait to take all your money and show you I am the best. I know you expect to hit it at the end of the night. Lol, as if loser. You are here to make me happy that is all you loser. I will make all my friends come over and watch how I walk all over you. Be ready to put your money where your mouth is and spend it all on me. You will never get to fuck me. Your nut on me is only in your dreams.

Explosions on the fourth

sexy legs

My rocking body sexy legs and tight twat makes every guy break their necks. I have had guys halt in their tracks when they see me. I got an offer to a fourth of July yacht party. I said, yes. Rich men spoiling me was more than okay with me. I like the more beautiful things in life. I looked hot as fuck and was ready to suck and fuck for a buck. I am a social climber, and I have always been good with my body. I know how to get what I want and never do I stop till I get it, I am ruthless. I will bone married men and break up families. If the price is right, I will do it all. I was the hottest girl there and made a pretty penny servicing the men. Fireworks weren’t the only thing that went off that night.

cum addict

sexy babeThis sexy babe has her milk every morning while her husband is out the door. I get so riled up knowing I am going to get fresh jizz and that’s all I can think about; I hook up with everyone other than my husband. The poor guy thinks his wife has super tight holes that hurt if they are stretched out. It comes in handy to have fake doctors notes when your real doctor is fucking you. Yes, it’s wrong, but my husband now thinks I have a condition that makes penetration painful. I have no shortage of penetration in my holes. Everyone can fuck me. My husband is the only one who can’t and any other short dick loser like him.

Spanish Slut with a big butt

latina phone sexI’m a Spanish slut with a nice big butt. You know I am all about anal. I love riding your cock, papi. Make me moan and make me your puta. Your puta is your slut. I want big things deep inside my tight latina holes. Stuff me so hard and fuck me like the cumslut I am. I won’t say no to all the latina phone sex you need. Mark your territory and cum all over my bubble butt. Better yet shoot that jizz all over my face. You know I can’t help myself. I am for sure going to lick that stick and get that cream deep in my mouth — Latina Mamacita who loves to suck and swallow for all the big dick daddies.

popular with the boys

Sexy babeI grew up in a family full of boys. I learned real quick how to garner their attention. My sisters would always get upset knowing I was the sexy babe getting all the boys. I Can’t help it not even a bit I love fucking all the boys. I always get free stuff, and I make the boys fall in love with me as easy as one two three. I went for an oil change earlier today, and instead of shelling out cash, I was given plenty of cum cream in my mouth. I made the boys dicks so hard, and I loved the view. I went ahead and blew each one and became their little gang bang slut for the afternoon. I don’t mind getting a few guys off at the same time — honestly, the more, the merrier. I enjoy being a slut that you will lust after. I have always been popular among boys.

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