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Small dick Humiliation get’s Lena’s pussy dripping!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation gets Lena’s pussy so wet! I love picking on your little clitty baby boo! I will make you look so pretty. I will dress you in the sweetest outfits my little princess! Just imagine you will wear a sexy pink ruffled dress, princess sleeve of course, white lacy panties, white lace stockings and of course shiny black Mayjanes.

 My goodness, you will look so sweet. However, you will owe me for this special treatment. My home is very messy and I need you to deep clean every corner of the house. I have a proper maid uniform and you of course have to wear your cock cage. That is a good sissy slut, get all the dirt from behind my couch. Looks like you missed spot and I am very disappointed. Lick it up little slut, and make sure to get it real clean. You owe me so much money for all of those beautiful princess dress and nice outings. Now, my bathroom is very dirty. You need to make sure that toilet is sparkling or there will be serious consequences. 

Well, look there an almost perfectly clean toilet. I told you if it was not sparkling there would be consequences. I am very disappointed in you, I guess you are too much of a sissy whore to be good at anything! You just can’t help yourself can you? Look even your little clitty is oozing everywhere, you are making such a fucking mess! You better do what I say of the punishment will be worse! I want you to stick you head all the way in to lick the toilet bowel. Lick my crusted shit clean because you deserve the ultimate sissy humiliation!


Sissy humiliation and My VIPS

sissy humiliation

Taking things to a whole new level recently with sissy humiliation and a wonderful caller who I fell in love with instantly.  His sissy little voice was so ready to please.  I loved hearing him talk about my favorite topic, pleasing me in every way.  I had to tell him our rules being one of my VIP sissy’s.  We will take things to the extreme as my VIP sissy.  What do you mean exactly.

I want the humiliation to sting for my VIPS.  I want to know your biggest fears and expose them.  Some call it evil,  I call it making your pussy wet.  I know what I’m doing, don’t second guess me.  I dont do things out of spite, I do things after finding out what will get to you the most.  For this sissy, he wanted me to expose him secretly to everyone in his life. So I decided that I would do just that.  I started taking notes throughout the call. Here was the plan I came up with.

This is what this sissy expressed would humiliate him and what he wanted so no, I won’t go exposing everyone else. But the plan we came up with was I would write a letter to his landlord for him. Let his landlord know that he was a sissy and we would be calling him by his sissy name from now on, let’s just say that name is Becky.  So I told his landlord we need to change the name on the lease to Becky. I got in touch with more at his apartment complex so we could have them walk by his window and laugh at him while he was changing into his sissy outfits.

I also contacted his ex wife and told her the divorce agreement would need to be changed.  The person she divorced no longer exists. Becky needs to be on the agreement instead. I also let her know Becky would be leaving all her money to me because I controlled him finances now.  Some may say this was unnecessary but I know what my sissys want, trust me.  I would never do it otherwise.  The way Becky’s little pussy creamed up over all this, it was amazing. Wet wet is the nickame I gave my little sissy girl.

I plan on sending my little wet wet sissy some panties from her favorite therapist, dirty and used of course.  And we even talked about getting tattoos for each other to represent our sissy/sissy dominatrix relationship.  I only take on a few select VIPS as my services book up fast, but just a little taste of something different we do for phone humiliation for my very special sissy clients.

Sissy maid stories have to begin somewhere


sissy maid stories g

Sissy maid stories are some of the most fun for me. Call it a gift if you will, but it involves me seeking out the most effeminate men and pushing all the right buttons. The date from a few weeks ago is working out well as my personal maid and entertainment so far. We only have had a couple of training sessions, but it was the first where he put his first pair of panties son that will forever live rent-free in his head. Edgar has always suspected he was a little queer. Imagining what it would feel and taste like if he ever had the opportunity to suck a nice fat dick. He said he had always been attracted to dominant women and longed to tell his past girlfriends that they liked to play with his ass hole and even had bought a couple of toys to fuck his boy pussy with. Born with a smaller-than-average penis he always hoped his girlfriend would cheat on him, and that the cock they got was much larger than his.  Every relationship was short-lived and he knew It was because he was too soft and too small “down there”. He hated his penis, sometimes wondering why he couldn’t have just been born a female instead. But he still dates and gets off on the disappointment of Sexy hot women due to his dick size.  You can’t help but be attracted to Edgar as a strong-spirited woman. It just takes a seductress like me to draw what you really are out of you!

Sissy Maid Rewarded With Chastity

Sissy maid trainingYou have been such a good sissy maid. Your feminine touch is found in every part of my home. You make sure that all of my laundry is washed, dried and folded.  You dust so well that I haven’t had allergies in ages. The problem comes when I have male friends over. While they are there, you are to make yourself available to them at all times. If they want to fuck you or need you to give them a blowjob, your job is to do what they say. I have noticed that you have become very clit-focused, rubbing your clit constantly when giving head, sometimes pausing to rub it, and being reluctant to service my guest because your clit isn’t hard. I am rewarding you with lifelong chastity. Once your clit is locked up, you won’t have any distractions. You’ll be the whore I want and the slut they deserve. Being a submissive cock whore will be the best service you ever give to my guests.

Foot fetishes with cuckold sissy

I have a sissy cuckold who has foot fetishes and I love it. She comes over whenever I want her to fluff up any dick for me or clean up any cum mess I have. I love my sissy cuckold friend because she will try and match my outfit, if i wear lace she will too. Last night I had a lace one piece crotchless. My sissy friend wore just lace panties and nothing else. I was on my knees sucking a big black dick when I had this sissy bitch lick my asshole. It gets my cunt so wet when my ass is licked, but I wanted to see how far down her sissy throat she could get this big dick. Like a good dick milking whore she took it all down her throat. It was my turn to slam my pussy on it and I did. As i fucked that big fat dick, i made her suck and lick my feet. Her love for my sexy feet is almost as big as her love for cock. He melts at the sight of a cock sliding in my cunt while she sucks on my toes and plays with her clitty. My sissy cuckold friend watched closely as i made the big dick disappear inside my cunt and when i was filled up my sissy cuckold showed me how hungry she was. Before my fuck buddy pulled his bbc out my cunt my sissy cuckold bitch was already licking at his cock head and my cunt hole. She was so hungry for cum and couldn’t wait to lick us clean. As her tongue wiggled hard over my cum filled Shaved wet pussy, I couldn’t help but cum hard all over her face and it shot the leftover cum from my pussy. After she cleaned us up I wanted to watch her sissy mouth on some big men’s feet. 

Foot fetishes

Searching for a Sissy Maid

Sissy maid training

Searching: Sissy Maid Who Can Cook, Clean and Service My Friends

I need a sissy maid who can complete all of the responsibilities required for keeping a house in order as well as keep my friends company. This sissy would ideally be a slut who is good at organizing. My male friends love to come over all the time. Most of the time, like many men are, they are horny. The sissy maid will be the perfect fuck pocket for all big cocks that enter the house. It does not matter if they are folding the laundry. They will shut their cock sucking mouth and bend over like the cum slut they are. If two male guests want to fuck the maid while the dinner is on the stove, the sissy slut will turn off the stove and let them use her like the fuck toy that she is. This job is not for the faint of heat. I expect top service as well as my male guests. Only total whores need apply. 

Cum on boobs is what you feed a sissy

Getting Cum on boobs is fun, but there is nothing better than a sissy bitch liking your tits clean. I found a fun, perfect sissy who was perfect at cleaning up cummy messes. I was getting fucked by a big black dick when my new friend who has had lots of Sissy maid training got on his knees and started sucking my lovers’ big black balls. That only made him fuck my cunt harder and harder. As he fucked me, he humiliated my sissy friend telling him how he knows he is a good bitch by the way he was sucking his balls. He kept humiliating him and didn’t stop until he was about to cum. That is when he pulled out and sprayed his nut all over my tits and Shaved wet pussy. When he was done, he told my sissy friend to be a good bitch and clean me up.

Cum on boobs

Right away he used his tongue to lick the cum off my tits. I knew he was hungry by the way he started licking my cum sprayed cunt. After he finished cleaning me, he cleaned my friend’s big black dick.

Cuckold phone sex is where I find my Sissy maids for cum clean up

Cuckold phone sex

Whenever I am in the mood for a big black hard cock to pound me. I like to get on Cuckold phone sex to find me sissy maid who will clean up my mess, I am ready to make. You come over as soon as i tell you I have a big black dick for you to watch fuck me. Your dicky gets so excited and when you get here you beg to help me suck cock. We both get on our knees next to each other and take turns taking that big black cock in our mouths. I make you lick his ass while this Hot sexy woman sucks that BBC deep into my mouth. Once I taste your pre-cum i know you are ready to fuck me. I slammed my pussy reverse cowgirl style while my sissy maid watched very closely. I grabbed that sissy maids head and rubbed it on my clit as I rode that BBC. his big balls hit your chin as I was getting fucked and you loved it. He was loving how I was riding his dick knowing I just wanted to milk him with my cunt. I wanted a big cum mess in my wet cunt. I was going to make my sissy lick me clean after you filled me up with your thick cum. That is what Sissy maid training is all about and sissy you need all the training you can get. That is the only thing you live for. I get to get fucked and filled up all night like the princess slut I am and my sissy cleans my cum mess.

Foot fetishes for my sissy friend

Foot fetishes are what one of my sissy friends has. He likes to come over after I had a good fuck session, and he begs to let him clean my cunt. I like squeezing my pussy when I get filled up. So, it is easy for me to keep the cum inside me. My sissy friend begs to clean my Shaved wet pussy after I get fucked, because he loves the taste of cum from my kitty. Even better, he will suck on each of my toes as if he was sucking cock. By the way he sucks my toes like they were cocks, it is like he has done it before many times. I don’t mind, I think it was part of his Sissy maid training. Once my feet are all wet and slippery from his tongue, I rub it on his small dicky I call his little clitty. I’ll squeeze his balls with my feet, and I even stick my toes in his tight asshole. He loves that and is lucky that I even do it. He is just a small dick sissy who deserves to only be used. If I wiggle my toes while in his asshole, he starts moaning like a bitch and his little dicky leaks all over my feet. Like the sissy maid he is, he knows to clean the cum mess of my feet.Foot fetishes

Foot fetishes and Ass Fetish With Your Favorite Sexy Dominatrix

Foot fetishes is what my new little sissy bitch has. I make him worship my feet. First, he wears his sissy maid outfit for his Sissy maid training and gets a bowl of warm soapy water. He rubs my feet and licks every toe before I dip them in the water. He makes sure to wash them really well before giving me a lotion massage.

Foot fetishes

He does it so good it is like he is jacking off my toes like little dicks. I make him keep my feet bath water to use for his tea. His foot fetishes made him take a big gulp then and there. When we were done, I took my panties off and I bent over for him to lick my ass because I have an Ass fetish and he is my sissy bitch who needs to do what I ask. I am his Sexy dominatrix and will make sure you have Sissy maid stories to go home with and think about, so when I am not around, and you need to play with your clitty.