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Sexy breasts dont have too be huge to turn You on

 Sexy breastsSexy breasts don’t have to be huge to turn You on! I have my ways of seducing you with my tight frame and perfect perky tits! I know what you’re thinking, and I can promise you that these little boobs will drive you wild. Watch me as I slip out of my clothes, revealing even more skin for you to devour with your eyes. My fingers dance along my curves, teasing you with the thought of what you’d feel if they were wrapped around your cock.

Sexy Breast lead to a Hell of a blowjob!

I love to tease you with my body, playing with the lace of my corset or running my fingers through my long hair. My lips are always ready for a kiss, be it sweet or sensual. With every brush of my fingers against your skin, or the touch of my lips on yours, I can feel the heat building up between us. Your cock is waiting to be released, and I have every right to drop to my knees and let it out to play. My mouth drools as I take you in, and my nipples are hard as Ice. My body heats up just by sucking you off.

You can feel your heart pounding as I take you in my mouth, and my tongue dances around your shaft. I love the taste of your skin, and the feeling of your cock filling my mouth. My hand glides up and down your length, matching the rhythm of my mouth. I make up for my lack of big bouncy breast with my Cocksucking phone sex!

We’re both feeling the heat now, and it’s only getting hotter. I reach down and grab your balls, massaging them gently as I continue to suck you off. You moan in pleasure as I give you the ultimate blowjob. 

Your cock is so hard and thick in my mouth, and I can tell you’re about to cum. I want you to let go,

Your cock is so hard and thick in my mouth, and I can tell you’re about to cum. I want you to let go, to release all that pent-up desire. As I continue to suck and stroke, I can feel your body shaking, and I know you’re close. I moan around your cock, my voice muffled by your throbbing erection. It’s almost too much to bear, and I know you’re about to come.

I pull back, just enough so that you spurt across my small boobs!

Sissy maid stories from My countryside estate orgy

Sissy maid stories from a mistress such as I who has worked hard to build her empire, But Now Have to deal with getting the best sexy sissies as my maids and servants! Oh, I have a special plan for the bitches of my household staff. See, I have penchant for little dicked men, and love using them as personal housekeepers and ‘fluffers.’ You know I have assembled a team of sissy maids, all of whom are more than happy to serve their mistress in any way! 💋

Sissy maid stories from My countryside estate orgy

My favorite among them is a man named Tim. Tim has a natural submissive streak and loves nothing more than dressing in frilly maid outfits and doing chores around the house. He is also more than happy to service Mistress Gwen’s other male guests, acting as a ‘fluffer’ to get them ready to fuck Miss Gwen with big hard hung cocks!  Tim is always eager to show off his cocksucking talents and is always willing to be a cum catcher!  He is also more than happy to Lick a big load off his Mistress’s face as a sign of his devotion.🧚Sissy maid stories One day, I decided to throw a wild Sex party at my countryside estate. Inviting all of Sissy Whore Tim’s favorite hung men! It was time to put all of Tim’s Sissy maid training on display! I put him in his best sissy maid dress and put him on the floor. Queen of the sissy maids has a reputation to hold up, after all! The best sissy maids were on hand to serve and entertain.

Sissy maid training for Tim Shows at My Orgy!

Tim was especially busy, darting between guests with a tray of cocktails and offering his cock ‘fluffing’ services to anyone who needed them. The party soon turned into a wild and steamy orgy. Mistress watches with delight as her guests paired off and began to explore each other’s bodies. How proud I am as I saw Tim on his knees, eagerly deep throating one of the other 9-inch cocks! 🍆💦

Coed phone sex for summer time beach fucking

Coed Phone sex

Coed phone sex for summer time beach fucking with Miss Gwen and friends! The sand is hot and so are my friends as we head down to Mexico to grab some Piña coladas and let our hair down. All Three of us have heard about those wild Mexican cabana boys and the things they will do for a five dollar tip. A perfect opportunity for three young, horny college girls to fuck some brown cock.  The hotel manager was so nice he checked us in himself, almost drooling over our lithe American Hottie bodies. He must enjoy perfectly slender young ladies from the states! So far so good as we ask where the nude beaches are, he almost faints right there. Coed Phone sex

Our coed phone sex trio gets help from the hotel manager on where to buy condoms, and he is just about shitting his pants as he directs us to his favorite nude beach! We each giggle as he helps us to our room with our luggage. What happens next is no surprise to you, I’m Sure! He offers to take us himself in his jeep for a day of frolicking nude in the white sands. Of course, with no thought about our safety as young as we are, we let him. He’s very dark, tall and so charming. Plus, a couple of us have pointed out that he must be packing in his pants. The poor fellow has been hard since we stepped foot in the hotel lobby.🩴Coed Phone sex

Coed phone sex for summer time beach fucking with My friends in Mexico

Well, this Coed phone sex vixen couldn’t let him drop us off without at least a nice blowjob. I had to see his meat and it was nice and fat. It did taste a little different when he came in my mouth. Must have been all that beach air and spicy food! Soon we were running around nude looking for a nice looking cabana boy to fuck us as he fed us more and more fruity drinks. On the sand it was hot on my back and my friends pussies were sandy, but I don’t care! Fucking Mexican cock on the beach in the summer time was worth every grain of sand!

Naughty neighbor phone sex w/ You spying on a Lingerie show

Naughty neighbor phone sexNaughty neighbor phone sex Has you spying on me and my sexy friends. Lingerie show is in full swing as me and my sexy bisexual friend try on clothes in front of the big bay windows of our Airbnb. A girls trip meant to score a few fancy evenings out also means we are both looking for some major cock to pump us hard!  We decide to split up and each of us will find a man to fill our cravings. But here you are using your high-powered gear to check us out. My partner in crime says that there is a sexy man who is always outside every time we are so we should see if he comes out tonight. In front of the window we bend over with no panties on just to see if he has been watching at midnight. We kiss deeply and head outside in search of our prey. We both know the night is going to be a wild one if he is out there!

Naughty neighbor phone sex

As a Fantasy phone sex expert, my cunt is already wet from long sensual kisses with her. Luring a man with our siren powers has always been our superpower. And guess what, Mr. In his 40s with salt and pepper hair is here right on time, pretending to get something out of his car. Of course, we are just smoking a cigarette in our Robes and drinking on the porch.

Fantasy phone sex

The game is on as we invite him to have an after hours drink with us. A couple of drinks and we start grilling him about the color of our panties. He laughs and said did we put anyone before we went outside! Busted bigger than shit darling. But that’s ok, because of his bluntness, he is going to get double the pussy. I just hope he can handle us both!


Phone sex therapy with a Tranny

Phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy with a Tranny for a wild threesome you will never forget! All In? Oh cum on, what could be better than a hot woman helping you to discover a nice bulge in her friends panties? She’s so sexy and passable. But let’s be real you knew what she was when you came over for drinks and some heavy petting. Now you act surprised that her cock is hard after long sensual french kisses? Please! It’s ridiculous to pretend that you didn’t expect this, right? So let’s just get to it. The night was supposed to be a kinky adventure, and we’re all grown adults, so let’s stop acting surprised like a bunch of high schoolers. You were checking me out, my friend, and I was checking you out too. It’s not like we didn’t know what was under that skirt, honey. We both knew it was there.

Phone sex therapy with a Tranny Mommy

And you know what? She and I liked it, we know you’re curious to taste her dick! So, let’s not bullshit anymore. As for the tranny, her cock was growing harder by the second. I could see the excitement in her eyes, and I knew that she was just as into this as we were. I couldn’t wait to explore her body and feel her cock in my hand, asking you to taste her pre-cum first. Just the tip darling!  I took her hand and guided it to her cock. She gasped in pleasure as you carefully licked around her shaft. I could feel her cock grow as you worked the way up to the tip of her cock and all at once gobbled it all down your whore throat! See, all you needed was a She male Phone sex mommy accomplice to help you learn how to suck a woman’s cock!

Femdom phone sex Forbad boys who need correction

Femdom phone sexFemdom Phone Sex for bad boys who need a little discipline in their lives. I know carrying the weight of being a provider and family man has weighed you down alot lately. That’s why you call me up so you can just submit and lose yourself. You love it when I take control, don’t you? Your deep breaths on the other end of the line tell me everything I need to know. Your voice, usually so commanding in the boardroom, now reduced to a whisper, begging for my guidance. I can almost feel the tension melting away as you surrender to me completely. And oh, how you need this release.

Femdom Phone Sex for bad boys who need a little discipline

I instruct you to kneel, to close your eyes and just listen to the sound of my voice. You obey without question, eager for whatever punishment or pleasure I may bestow upon you. With each crack of my metaphorical whip, I feel your devotion grow stronger, your desire more urgent.

“Who are you?” you ask, still kneeling, eyes closed. “Who needs to be punished?” 

“You,” I whisper, my voice low and seductive, just as you like it. “You need a good spanking from a Sexy dominatrix, Slut boy!  I’m just the perfect mean bitch to give it to you. Now, open your mouth wide and let me see your tongue.” Your response is immediate, obedient. The sight of your tongue licking your lips, begging for attention, sends a thrill through me. I order you to lift your shirt, exposing your smooth chest, and then to touch your dick. You do as you’re told, fingers quickly diving under your belt and into your pants. I can almost hear the sigh of relief escape from your mouth as you find the release you’ve been craving.

Tonight you will get lost in my Erotic roleplaying to become my sex slave. You are a bad boy and I will make Sure you cum as I manipulate your brain and your dick!

Best phone sex hottie guides you to release

Best phone sexBest phone sex Hottie takes you to delicious heights of arousal. Skilled hands and toys accompany me on our sexy journey of Mutual Masturbation. No matter how big or small that dick is, we can both guide each other into incredible orgasms here on the phone. 

Best phone sex to stoke your cock with!

Rodney and I experienced this last night as he had me set up a personal masturbating session just for him. He wanted specific toys, such as 2 butt plugs and a super powered Wand. He dove into my bisexual side and wanted to know how two women played with their pussies and asses while seated next to each other. I had a plan for Rodney cock as well, and found out he had a few cock rings and a mini butt plug of his own.

Mutual masturbation stories with me and you!

It is surprising what a little tease can do to an orgasm for me and you. Let me guide that dick and you guide this pussy into some blissful releases. 

He even had a remote cock stroker that I took control of during our session. I enjoyed getting my pussy off to his skilled instructions and having to collect myself to make his dick spurt for me as well. For more Mutual masturbation stories like this, maybe you should cum see me! 

Sexy hot women have that fire in their loins for you. 

Sexy hot women have that fire in their loins for you.  I am no exception to the rule and know how to seduce you and make you and your penis feel special. I am definitely one to give you all her attention and make you feel like The King of the world when you are with me. Without Judgement or fear of prosecution for you many kinks and fetishes you can have a rocking good orgasm with me any time. 


Why jackoff alone when you can confess all your sins to me and play out your wants and needs with a super flirty fun sexy Bitch like me???Sexy hot women

Sexy hot women have that fire in their loins for you. 

Married men seem to be drawn to my sexual wiles. I leave no path undiscovered when it comes to a man who has been dealing with a prude of a wife and can’t seem to let go of her bland missionary ways. I know perhaps you have not been wanting to fuck because something else has been nagging you for years. Perhaps you want to explore a cross dressing or cuckold fetish with me?

Cross dressing, Cuckold phone sex, even some light BDSM if that’s what you’re into, honey. I want to get in your head and see what you really need to get off! Married life can be so boring, but with me, the wild nights never end. Let’s dive into your deepest desires now, because I promise you, there’s nothing from the naughty to the super kinky that can’t be fulfilled. My little pussy is heated up and ready to be your mistress of seduction!

You can’t get enough of me, can you? It’s in your nature, the same as it’s mine. We were born to be naughty, to live adventurously, and we’ll show you what real passion feels like, every night. Erotic roleplaying WIth me will have you begging on your knees for more.

Erotic roleplaying with my New Neighbor girl

Erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying with my New Neighbor girl has made her into a slut for me. Young coed with money and haughty attitudes Just do something crazy to my body. The way I see myself is like a predator who wants to seduce and turn the tables on them for good. Bringing out the bad side in naive and bratty females will always be something I do. I can see myself as that cougar going after young men and women and teaching them the bisexual delicacies of my world.

Erotic roleplaying with the bratty coed

This new girl sees me as a threat, and I see her as a future pet! The way she moves her body, the way she talks to me, and the way she looks at me – it’s all an act. A role-playing game between two strangers that escalated into something much more dangerous. And I love every second of it. There’s a twisted, perverse thrill in reducing these girls to begging for more, to playing along with my perversions.

Naughty neighbor porn produced with us is going to find us some nice cocks to play with, I just know it!

Naughty neighbor porn, indeed. But what would be a role play if there was no excitement, no risk, no danger? I want to push her limits, make her experience the incredible world of pleasures I’ve been exploring.

The first order of business: break her down and make her mine. I’ll start with blindfolding her, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, teasing her with feathery touches. Then, I’ll guide her through her desires, her fantasies, and let her surrender to her lust. She’ll become a willing participant in our twisted games.

I’m not just a predator, but a mistress, a teacher, an enabler. I’ll show her the depths of her desires and how to satisfy them. She’ll quiver under my touch, craving for more. By the time she realizes the extent of my devious intentions, it will be too late; she’ll be hopelessly caught in my web. I want her to be my pet and my plaything, my submissive slave to my every carnal desire. I’ll break her spirit and turn her into the wanton slut I know she can be

Coed phone sex has me melting for Mommy Patricia

Coed phone sexCoed Phone sex and a hot Milf mommy gets hot for you! I love regressing back to my teen slut days with a hot Milf Like Patricia. I can learn a lot about making men melt from her. Both of us on the phone with a nice cock has us both whipping out our toys and masturbating hard for our men. When he called looking for a Mommy who looked like me, I knew just the Mommy whore to dial in with us.

We had already played a few times on the phone and the sexual tension was strong. I needed round two with her tits and slick pussy!

As she moaned into the phone, Patricia whispered, “I’m drenched, just like you, darling. I need that hot stud’s hard dick now, too.” The three of us were moaning and Fucking ourselves so close to the edge.

Coed phone sex has me melting for Mommy Patricia

Phone sex mommy“I need your sweet Milf pussy for real, Patricia!,” I moaned loudly. “Imagine how good it would feel to finally get our hands on each other, taste each other’s pussy.” Patricia, our caller, agreed, and we could hear him cum hard as I said, “I’ll be there in an hour, Mommy.”

“Great,” Patricia purred into the phone, her fingers expertly caressing her Phone sex mommy clit, “I’ll make sure to prepare the bedroom for our hot and steamy threesome.” I could hear her giggle, more than slightly intoxicated by the thought of fusing our bodies in a heap of wanton fuckery!

Threesome? Who would be there to fuck me too? One of her young studs? A Mature sexy Man? 

As we hung up the phone, I knew I would finally eat the pussy of naughty friend Patricia. And share my pussy with whoever she wants me to! My pussy is throbbing, knowing soon we will have a wild, passionate fuck fest. 

Don’t you want to play with the hottest phone fucking team around tonight?