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Female domination porn leads to a Submissve roleplay regular for me

Female domination pornA man watching Female domination porn leads a call from a new client!  Listening as he told me about his need to be dominated has me sensing he’s different from the others. His voice was deep and filled with a sense of longing, and she could hear the desperation in his breaths. He tells me that he had never called a phone sex operator before, but he couldn’t resist after hearing about dominatrix phone girls from a guy on a taboo submissive site.

As we talked, Gwen could sense that he was holding back, and already I knew some barriers needed broke! How was I going to help him let go and experience true submissive pleasure? Mustering up all my skills to make him feel comfortable and slowly guiding him towards his release. A soft dom spanking and some guided masturbation on my terms did the trick this time! 

Female domination porn leads to a Submissve roleplay

And when he finally let go and came, his moans were like music to my ears. After that call, the man became a femdom phone sex regular, and with each call, he opened up more and more. He shared his deepest submissive fantasies with me, Including naked man and clothed female (NMCF) and yes I fulfilled them all, making him cum harder and harder every time.

He was soon calling me almost daily, and we soon developed a strong bond. We both knew that our sessions were more than just physical pleasure, but also an emotional release for both of us. Let me take you on a wild ride and explore a submissive side you show no one!

Foot fetishes are awesome with my perfect feet!

Foot fetishesFor as I know foot fetishes have always intoxicated a certain type of man. My own Boyfriend has always been fascinated with feet. From a young age, I have been playing with my own toes and feet.  Yes, I often spend hours admiring my perfectly pedicured feet. As I grew older, men’s fascination clued me into this full-blown fetish. Do you love the feeling of feet on your skin? I know the way they bring pleasure and arousal in ways that nothing else will! 

Foot fetishes

It’s true, I adore the attention my feet receive. The way men can not seem to get enough of them. This is for all the men who need my perfect feet to fulfill their fetish desires.

Tease and Denial

Yes I hold a power over these men, the way they worship my tootsies and beg for my touch. Often teasing them, dangling my feet in front of their faces, knowing they won’t resist. I do love a bit of Tease and denial when it comes to my pedicured Perfect Pads and toes. And when they finally give in, I let them pleasure themselves with my  feet, watching as they moan and groan, their eyes rolling back in ecstasy. 

Cum on my tootsies!

Nothing compares to the feeling of a man’s cock between my toes! MMM,  the way it throbs and pulses as I rub it against soft skin. My feet are the sexiest in the world. I will always be determined to share them with as many men as possible. That’s why I post pictures of my feet online, attracting a devoted following of foot fetishists. And each time I met a new man who shares a foot passion the hotter my feet are to me

I long for the feeling of your cum sticky between my toes!

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a man cum on my feet, knowing that I have given him the ultimate pleasure. And as I  lay in bed, feet still tingling from the last encounter, I can’t help but smile, knowing that I am a living fantasy every day.

Sexy hot women love money Pigs 🐷Oink Oink💰

Sexy hot women

Sexy hot women love money Pigs. How else am I going to keep Up my high-maintenance Maintenance Lifestyle that you men love so much? Sexy lingerie, heels and all this upkeep takes mollah. And I love extorting men out of hard earned money. But what I Enjoy even more is a man with so much money that he doesn’t know what to do with it.  

Are you looking to pay a woman just for the sheer pleasure of making her body perfect tip top condition for you? I work like a well fueled machine, and money is my fuel. 

Its time for a theraputic cleanse of your Money this spring!

Most of my clients I love and enjoy having some fun with, But I’m a paid escort in any situation, unless it’s just my pretty girlfriend and my big hung man of the hour. You could say my kink is getting paid to have sex with men.

💰 $end! $pend!

Women, all it takes is a bit of an attraction, and knowing they love cock as much as I do!  I love the feeling of being paid to do something I’m passionate about, and my clients always appreciate my skills. It’s a satisfying career that allows me to express my kinkiness and get paid in return.

Sexy hot women love money Pigs.

From pay pig Femdom phone sex to exploring what makes you cock tick, I’m getting paid and that’s a fact. Load up a Digital gift card Or amazon Gift code  to pair well with a Domination of your financial gain.  Your loss is my gain $!  I’m the perfect Mistress to help you reach your findom goals. I’m dedicated to helping you explore your kinks and rape your wallet. Get ready to experience the pleasure and pain of financial domination. It hurts so good! Pay up piggy banks!

Ass sex porn with MISS Gwen and her female slave

Ass sex pornAss sex porn with a female slave just for your cock! As a high-end call girl, I have catered to the needs of many men. But my hottest client was Mr. Robert, a wealthy man who loves my group of female slaves. These slaves were not just any ordinary slaves, they are trained to love ass fucking.

It all started when I received a call from Mr. Robert, requesting my services for a private session in his hotel room. He wished to film one of my sexiest slaves getting her ass fucked all night. He would keep the video and I would split the money with my little whore! In the lavish hotel room, I entered with my Favorite little slave Candy dressed in revealing lingerie. Sweet, Sweet Candy. She has a seductive aura around her and Sweet Candy loves being used by men.

Ass sex porn with a female slave just for your cock!

Oh How Mr. Robert couldn’t wait to use her and I was more than happy to assist. All of a sudden the door opened and more men filled the room!~🫦

The atmosphere in the room was intense as I watched the men take turns using Sweet Candy’s ass and Shaved wet pussy, fulfilling their fantasies. I wasted no time and started to pre-fuck her ass hole, showing off her sexy curves and how she could take a big cock in her little shit hole. 

I enjoyed every moment of it, watching Sweet Candy moan in pleasure as these men were using her. And Miss Gwen is always delighted to see her ass slaves being used in such a gang bang!

As the session ended, Mr. Robert thanked me for my services and handed me a handsome sum of money. 💵💰

I left the hotel room with a sense of satisfaction, knowing I had helped fulfill someone’s Ass fetish desires. As for Sweet Candy, she was already looking forward to her next session, ready to be used once again.

Milf phone sex is a place to fix all your cock aches and ills

Milf phone sexLooking for the milf phone sex slut that will help you get the biggest nut? I work with every size of penis and sensitive topics. Topics such as premature Ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. 

Never would I judge a man who comes fast as lighting. You were born with a very sensitive cock is all, baby! But there are a variety of ways to increase your stamina. Edging with a sexy voice who can hear if you’re getting close and following her directions can help increase your time by tenfold. I have other ways of helping you if you just implement them in your life. Diet, exercises, and mental stimulation are all key for the man who wants to last longer in bed. Do you need a sultry woman to help you feel more like a man? 

Milf phone sex slut

Now When dealing with a cock that can get up and stay awake is a bigger and much more sensitive topic. What you will get from me is a talk about medical appointments, and how to talk to your doctor. And you might not know that many couples enjoy sex and have a strong connection without full penetrative sex.

Plus I have a large library of information that can help supplement your sex life. Toys and props and fantasy play are a must. And I know for a fact you still can enjoy stroking while we talk about the sexiest things. I can teach you how to get past mental blocks with erotic meditation. One thing is for sure,I bet you can eat the hell out of a pussy and use your tongue and fingers in ways that would make other men feel emasculated. Can I be your Phone sex therapist tonight? 

Phone sex therapist Gwen Majors in Hedonism

Phone sex therapistPhone sex therapist are often tasked with finding out why your cock gets so hard at unusual things. But there is a different side of my therapy that I think you will enjoy. Here is an intelligent woman who loves to read erotica. Priding myself on hedonism studies and working my body to make her living, my duty is to your cock. I owe my men some great mutual masturbation. I am devoted to the art of pleasure and believe that a good life is marked by letting yourself experience very pleasure known to men. 

Phone sex therapist Gwen is Majors in Hedonism

This sex pot becomes what you need. 

Have too much money sitting in your bank account and need to give it away and goon? Enhance my pleasure by buying me a Cruise for my birthday then! 

You will earn tenfold of the money you spend on me. Have some nasty fantasies that you think will be too much for me? I highly doubt that! Yes, my worldview has been expanded by men who delve deep into erotic experiences, paid for. But that doesn’t mean our time has to be vanilla. We can get buck wild. 

Although I do warn you some types of my phone sex therapy can be addicting. Just as some of my clients become addicting. 

You manifest your life, there is nothing you or your cock cannot have!

Better believe I am an expert at teasing and pleasing and I can’t wait to make your fantasies come true. Find me now and let’s explore your and my deepest desires.

Hot sexy woman uses my asshole and pussy!

Hot sexy womanHot sexy woman uses my asshole and pussy! They say blondes have more fun and I agree. Something about a blonde bitch fucking me hard and taking no mercy on my ass hole has me submissive to her!

The couple I am partying and playing with has a sexy Blonde who loves to dominate other females for her husband. In order to get pussy and cock needs met with these two I get my ass hole wrecked by her sexy little fist! Is there a pain slut hiding in me? Well, yes sometimes she needs to be freed and women are often the best at making me submit. 

Hot sexy woman dominates my asshole and pussy!

Having her man watch as she devours my boy, gets them that much more aroused. I love the power it gives a woman to be able to perform like this for him. Making his dick happy by making her own cunt happy with me is so fucking erotic and kinky!  Something about a hot femdom that makes me weak in the knees, truly!  This bisexual can’t get enough of hot females topping me for their men. I know how addicted to sex and pleasure I can get! Fucking Domme couples is hot, pull us a Top bitch and use her to make me your submissive slut!

For The ultimate girl-on-girl femdom with two bitches worshiping your cock it’s time for a wild Sexy chat with me!  My pussy and ass belong to you and your woman! Hot me up, I am always looking for new ways to get fucked. I’m a hot piece of ass and I’m always in demand for couples therapy.Sexy chat

Small dick humiliation at my hands for your wife

Small dick humiliation Small dick humiliation because your pin Prick isn’t worthy of any kind of words! My fuck machine is much better than your little dumdum sucker! Humiliation by fuck machine is what you need right now! Your woman sent me to seduce you into a date tonight. She is fucking tired of you thinking your cock of the walk with no fucking cock! I plan to treat you to a sensual massage and get your penis hard for me. At which time I demand you to show me. 

Small dick humiliation

I tell you that you are not a man and that you should never fuck another pussy! See, even your woman knows how much you need my Femdom phone sex is needed for a bitch like you. My fuck machine is ready as I pull the sheet off and make you watch me fuck my own brains out while your use two fingers on your tiny penis. With a deep guffaw laugh I tell you exactly what your wife text me.

“His dick doesn’t rub my pussy walls at all. He thinks 5 inches is average and he gets me off. I have faked every orgasm for the last three years. I’m so tired of dealing with a little boy in the bedroom. Please humiliate him and tell him how I hate his little dick. I never want to have him try to penetrate my pussy ever again!”  

Femdom phone sex

Make a cum drop in your hand and lick it up for me.  I want you to humiliate yourself for me. Beg for my mercy, you little bitch. After I cum the first time on this huge dildo I am going to dress you up. Oh, don’t be like that, some panties are not going to like you. How about some Dior lipstick and some, falses?   Now kiss my feet and thank me for humiliating you. Now lie on your back and spread your legs. I’m going to make you cum for me. Sissy humiliation at my hands goes farther and more intense the more humiliation I get to give.

Milf phone sex Sweets for the Sweet and naughty men!

Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex for that sweet tooth you have! Dipping your wick in a honey pot like mine will leave you with a craving you never will be rid of. The taste of me off your lips after a nice lickity Lick still remains in my mind. Our chance encounter at the Hotel bar Is now replaying in my mind. A woman like me needs to get away from her responsibilities now and again. And you just happened to be waiting on a flight back home to the wife and munchins.

One Scotch and Soda later you are telling me your wife is sick and you haven’t gotten Laid in a year.  Your hand on my thigh sneaking higher has me enticed as well as that bulge in your pants. 🍫

Milf phone sex for that sweet tooth you have!

Now the elevator dings as I climb up your body and wrap my long legs around you. Hit Stop and I will go down on your cock to get a feel of your girthiness. I do not care if the security cameras are rolling or not. Let those underpaid boys get a free show.  I want your cheating Cum on boobs so perky you will never forget them. 

Cheat with me for a sweet treat you will never forget!

Now I am being picked up and thrown on your Hotel bed. The mint bounces as you strip me naked in a frenzy of lust. As your mouth dips between my legs, I grab the mint and slip it between my legs. SLurp your Treat my married man who gets no satisfaction. Tonight we both are forgetting the ties that hold us and are lost in our own sweet forbidden sex acts.  My sweet body, and your hot creamy cum make for a delicious dessert! 

Ass fetish – ass worship- ass eating for both of us!

Ass fetishWhen you have an intense ass fetish I’m your 911 emergency number to rid your cock of that ache. Let me tell you a little secret! I too worship at the temple of ass. Oh my, there is nothing like getting my face pressed in between some ass cheeks and using my tongue for a rim job! Men or women, it doesn’t phase me. Although a beauty with a booty such as I love to receive too!

Do you have an oral fixation on some beautiful ass cheeks and pink puckers? Imagine getting your face buried between this Goddess’s ass! All you have to do is ask.   

Ass fetish – ass worship- ass eating for both of us!

My ass squatting down over your tongue doing squats until you push me down on top of you is what I want to do right now. If you fuck with my perfect ass you might have a life-changing worship session. I know my body is a temple of pleasure and My mouth is great on the end of a cock, and I love to go and play with your booty hole too! 

I want you to worship my body like it’s your place of worship. Let’s explore each other’s tight little puckers and make each other cum from ass-eating. Let’s turn this ass fantasy into a sultry reality for me and you. You know you need a Hot sexy woman like me with a great ass to play with!