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Ass Sex Porn Addiction Makes You Cheat with Sexy Mercy

Ass Sex Porn Makes Your Cock Ache

Your ass sex porn addiction has gotten out of control. Your wife never let you in the backdoor so you thought porn would stop you from thinking about it. You spent hours stroking your cock to girls getting anally drilled. All of them so much sexier and sluttier than your prude wife. You didn’t want to cheat, but stroking your cock wasn’t enough anymore. You needed to feel a real ass gripping on your dick. I was just your wife’s friend. But there were rumors around the neighborhood that I am a total anal whore.

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Mercy Helps You with Your Ass Fetish

The next time I came over you asked me about it. I admit that I love getting my ass stretched out and used. Your cock gets hard while we talk about it. The more I talk about my ass fetish, the more your dick throbs for me. I know that I’m teasing your cock. Then, I ask you if you needed an ass to fuck and grab your cock. You nodded and I pulled out that horny cock and told you to start stroking. Next, I took everything off and bent over on the couch.

You spread my ass cheeks apart and pushed your tongue in my asshole. You loved tongue fucking my dirty shithole. That tongue wiggled inside of my asshole and lubed it up while you stroke your cock. You spit on my ass and then line that thick cock up with that tight fuck hole. Then you pushed your cock in deep and watched my ass stretch around your cock. Slow deep strokes in my ass until I beg you to fuck me harder. You start pounding your dick in my ass just like you see in all of your hardcore ass sex porn vids.

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Cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex with wifey Lena will get you to suck cock!  My dear fantasy husband you know you will serve me well.  I am your sultry dominatrix wife, and I am here to share with you a tantalizing tale of my upcoming gangbang. I know how much you love to watch me in action, and I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you witness the erotic spectacle I have planned.

 As you walk into our bedroom, you find me on all fours, my ass high in the air, and my pussy dripping wet with anticipation. I can feel your eyes on me, taking in every inch of my curvaceous body, and I can’t help but smile as I see the lust in your gaze. I know you love to watch me get plowed from behind, it’s not like that little cock you have can plow me.

 As the first cock enters me, I let out a moan of pleasure, and I can see your little cock grow harder. I know you love to see me in ecstasy, and I am more than happy to provide you with a show. As each new cock takes its turn, I can feel my body trembling with pleasure, and I can’t help but let out a series of moans and gasps that fill the room.

 I can feel your eyes on me, watching every thrust, every moan, and every gasp. I know you love to see me in action, and I am more than happy to provide you with a show. As the cocks continue to plow into me, I can feel my body reaching its peak, and I know that I am about to climax.

 As I reach my climax, I let out a scream of pleasure that echoes through the room. I can feel my body shaking with pleasure, and I can’t help but let out a series of moans and gasps that fill the room. As I come down from my high, I can see the look of awe and desire in your eyes, and I know that you are more than ready to please me in any way I desire.

 And now, my dear fantasy husband, it is time for the grand finale. As the cocks continue to plow into me, I can see you watching with anticipation. I know you love to see me in action, and I am more than happy to provide you with a show. As the cocks reach their climax, I can feel their warm cum filling my pussy, and I can’t help but let out a series of moans and gasps that fill the room. You will not be able to resist, you will suck those cocks clean, you will forever be my Phone humiliation Slave!

 As the cocks withdraw, I can see you standing there, ready to clean them off for me. I know you love to please me in any way I desire, and I am more than happy to let you do so. As you take each cock into your mouth, I can see the look of satisfaction on your face, and I know that you are more than happy to be my fantasy husband.

 I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you witness the erotic spectacle I have planned. I know you love to watch me in action, and I am more than happy to provide you with a show. Until next time, my dear fantasy husband, I remain your sultry dominatrix wife, Lena. Call for some nasty Phone sex therapy!



Erotic roleplaying in the Gym with Naked Gwen~ 

Erotic roleplaying in the Gym with Gwen~ 

I couldn’t resist the urge any longer. I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the condo gym, my naked body gleaming in the dim light. I knew my neighbor, a towering man with a massive cock, frequented this gym.

As I stretched, my body throbbed with anticipation. I wanted to feel his thick shaft pounding into my tight holes. The sweat dripped from my body, mingling with the scent of arousal.

Suddenly, I heard his footsteps approaching. My heart raced as I turned to face him. His eyes widened as they raked over my naked form. A predatory gleam flashed in his gaze.

‘What are you doing here?’ he growled, his voice low and gravelly.

‘I… I came to work out,’ I stammered, my voice barely a whisper.

His lips curled into a smirk. ‘In the buff?’

‘Yes,’ I breathed, my body trembling.

He stepped forward, his massive cock straining against his shorts. ‘I think you need a different kind of workout, kitten.’

And with that, he lifted me onto the bench and claimed me as his own, his powerful thrusts filling me with an ecstasy that I had never experienced before.💦 Erotic roleplaying

Milf phone sex is a place to fix all your cock aches and ills

Milf phone sexLooking for the milf phone sex slut that will help you get the biggest nut? I work with every size of penis and sensitive topics. Topics such as premature Ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. 

Never would I judge a man who comes fast as lighting. You were born with a very sensitive cock is all, baby! But there are a variety of ways to increase your stamina. Edging with a sexy voice who can hear if you’re getting close and following her directions can help increase your time by tenfold. I have other ways of helping you if you just implement them in your life. Diet, exercises, and mental stimulation are all key for the man who wants to last longer in bed. Do you need a sultry woman to help you feel more like a man? 

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Now When dealing with a cock that can get up and stay awake is a bigger and much more sensitive topic. What you will get from me is a talk about medical appointments, and how to talk to your doctor. And you might not know that many couples enjoy sex and have a strong connection without full penetrative sex.

Plus I have a large library of information that can help supplement your sex life. Toys and props and fantasy play are a must. And I know for a fact you still can enjoy stroking while we talk about the sexiest things. I can teach you how to get past mental blocks with erotic meditation. One thing is for sure,I bet you can eat the hell out of a pussy and use your tongue and fingers in ways that would make other men feel emasculated. Can I be your Phone sex therapist tonight? 

Hairy wet pussy holds in the flavor for you to lick.

Hairy wet pussy            Hairy wet pussy holds in the flavor for you to lick. Women especially hot women loved to have that pussy licked. All around. Delving the tongue in. Not shaving and keeping it hairy will add to the flavor being sealed in. No wasteful dripping. Having a woman-on-woman action is sure to gain the attention of that cock of yours just watching as we sixty-nine one another. Hairy pussies dripping and soaking our own juices.

            As soon as we get them nice a wet watch as one hair pussy bumps and grinds into another. Legs wrapped around. Moving against. Nipple’s puckering. The tingling. Two wet hairy cunts rubbing and grinding. At the same time, you are sitting there watching as we kiss. Run hands all over. Two Sexy hot women enjoying one another’s pleasures.

            Join us. Taste the sweetness of our nectar trapped in the hairs of our pussies. Delving tongue deep at the same time you are fingering the other. Now we are going to be sucking and licking on your cock and balls. Licking around your cock. Kissing around your cock. Feel us kissing. Tongues melding. Until your finally cum all over the two of us and we squirt and gush over you.

Bring it all the way to Edgeplay Phone Sex

Edgeplay phone sexYou know I love to push your limits and make you cum so hard it hurts, hency why Edgeplay Phone Sex is my specialty, lover! Come into my office and I will start working on getting you all hot and bothered, teasing that sweet spot until you’re ready to explode. Your cock is rock-hard in my hand as I stroke it slowly, savoring the pre-cum oozing from the tip. My mouth waters at the thought of tasting your salty load when I finally give permission. First you must show your hot sexy therapist that you can control the urges!

I take a deep breath before slipping my wet pussy over your throbbing shaft, moaning around your dick like a good little whore while grinding against you with every thrust up and down. The friction feels incredible as our bodies collide; sweat drips between us as we move faster and harder against each other in this dirty dance of lustful abandonment. My tits bounce enticingly underneath me as they sway back and forth with every movement – begging for attention or maybe even some lovin’.

As if reading my mind , you reach up and roughly squeeze one of my nipples between your fingers, sending shockwaves of pleasure straight to my core. I gasp at the sensation while continuing to ride your cock like a fucking champ. My cunt is soaking wet for you; it’s all I can do not to scream out in ecstasy as we grind together harder than ever before.

However the minute I feel that cock start doing the twitching throbbing thing between my pussy walls, or maybe its deep down tickling my tonsils at the time I feel the throb, but it always could be tightly wedged in my ass when the signal is given that your cock wants to explode.  That’s when I quickly pull away and tell you not to touch either. It will drive you crazy because you will want to shoot that load anywhere.  Let yourself feel everything through your entire body and coming to a head with your throbbing, aching cock.

Mature phone sex slut Angela

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I can’t stop finger fucking my wet cunt and thinking of that kinky, mature phone sex call that I just had. Our roleplay was so hot and sensual that it left my cunnie tingling and aching for a big, hard cock! The scene was especially hot for a stay at home slut like me. My son had a friend over to hang out for a little while. When his dad dropped him off, I couldn’t help but to notice how hot he was. I was horny as fuck and seeing him made it so much worse. I asked the friend a few questions and found out that his dad was single and had been for a while. I knew that I could work my slutty charm and seduce him into giving me what I was craving. It was a nice day so I put on a cute, tiny sundress, short enough to show off everything if I spread my legs wide enough. When he knocked on the door to pick up his son, I invited him in for some coffee. I could tell that he was nervous so I didn’t waste any time. I sat right next to him and started rubbing my juicy cunt. I watched his eyes follow my hand up my skirt to my soaked cunnie where I worked my fingers between my lips and spread it wide open for him. I grabbed his hand and put it right on my gushing fuck hole while I reached over and pulled his hard cock out. I stroked him until I could feel his dick pulsing in my hand then pulled him down onto me and guided him in. I wrapped my legs around him and dug my heels into his ass while he was thrusting in and out of my perfect hot cunt. I didn’t let him go until his balls were completely empty. He asked for my number afterwards but his dick wasn’t that great so, I told him that it was just a one time thing. It’s crazy what a kinky, milf slut will do when she’s desperate for some dick.

Milf phone sex slut Angela

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Sexy, milf phone sex slut Angela wants to tell you about the kinky arrangement that I made with my pathetic cuck slut husband. If you’re a cuck whore that loves to eat big loads of salty nut cream from a freshly fucked cunnie then you’re going to love this story! My husband wanted to have a big party for the superbowl this year and watch all of the guys that work for him, pound out my sloppy, slutty fuck holes while the game played on the big screen in front of us. I agreed but only if he would wear my panties and let me feed him the cum from my swollen, cream stuffed cunt afterwards. We do shit like this all the time. He knows that his tiny, mini prick could never do anything for my tight, hot size queen cunt! Just a few minutes into the game, I was already on my hands and knees, surrounded by the fattest and thickest bbcs that you could imagine. They were dangling in front of my face, just waiting for me to start sucking on them and getting them hard. My sissy bitch husband was sitting off to the side. He was waiting for me to toss my panties over to him so that he could slide them on and rub his tiny dickie through them for me. He whimpered and watched as one of the guys slid those wet panties down and started rubbing the head of his dick up against my juicy cunnie. I could tell how thick his cock was just by how massive the head felt up against my hot pussy hole. I threw those panties over to my sissy cuck husband and told him to watch as I begged that stud to ruin my cunt with his giant, throbbing cock! I could barely catch my breath when that giant dick was pounding into me and that was just the first bbc that pumped me. I let them use me like a filthy gangbang, fuck doll but you’ll have to call me for all of the steamy details!

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Hi to all the Sexy horny men, I’m Loretta your favorite slutty housewife. Although I have the perfect house and the fastest cars. I still go around town looking for the biggest black cocks I can find. I always find the ones with the best Coke Ive ever lined up on my mirror. Even though my husband is a great man and i cater to his every need. I cant help but get my holes filled by black dick. He doesn’t know my dirty little secrets and I love him truly. I just need to be pounded hard by big black cocks when he’s not around. Even when im with my dealer he dips my dildo in cocaine and fuck my ass while hes balls deep in my throat. Something about getting my holes filled and cum leaking out of me when my husband comes home turns me on all over again. He doesn’t even know he’s sucking others men cum out of my tight little fuckbox. 

~ Your best phone sex wife Loretta

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Hot sexy woman like Lena is always down for a wild time!

Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy woman like Lena is always down for a wild time!  From the moment I discovered my sensuality, I knew I had something special to offer to the world. I am a fiery and passionate woman who loves nothing more than to explore my desires and fulfill my fantasies.

From a young age, I have always been comfortable with my body and my sexuality. I have never been afraid to show off my curves and use them to my advantage. As I grew older, I realized that I had a powerful effect on men. They couldn’t resist my seductive aura and my alluring charm. And thus, my journey as a sexy mistress began.

I love being a mistress because it allows me to fully embrace my sexuality and fulfill my desires without any judgment or restrictions. I am in control, and that gives me an immense sense of power and confidence. And let me tell you, nothing is sexier than a confident woman who knows how to take a thick hard cock.

My clients come to me seeking an escape from their mundane, everyday lives. They crave excitement and my Sexy babe body, and I am more than happy to provide that for them. Whether it’s through seductive phone calls and tantalizing encounters, I always leave my clients wanting more. I am a master at role-playing, and I excel in creating a fantasy world that my clients can fully immerse themselves in.

But what truly sets me apart as a mistress is my insatiable thirst for pleasure. I am not just satisfied with fulfilling my clients’ desires; I want to fulfill my own as well. And trust me when I say, I am always ready for a wild time. My passion and hunger for pleasure are unmatched, and I always make sure my partners are fully satisfied with our encounter.

So, if you are ready to experience a wild and sensual ride with a sexy mistress, then I am your girl. Let’s make all of our sexual fantasies a reality and indulge in the most intense pleasure together. I guarantee you won’t be able to get enough of me, just like I can’t get enough of you! Cum hard with Sensual phone sex!