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Milf phone sex slut Angela

milf phone sex

Sexy, milf phone sex slut Angela wants to tell you about the kinky arrangement that I made with my pathetic cuck slut husband. If you’re a cuck whore that loves to eat big loads of salty nut cream from a freshly fucked cunnie then you’re going to love this story! My husband wanted to have a big party for the superbowl this year and watch all of the guys that work for him, pound out my sloppy, slutty fuck holes while the game played on the big screen in front of us. I agreed but only if he would wear my panties and let me feed him the cum from my swollen, cream stuffed cunt afterwards. We do shit like this all the time. He knows that his tiny, mini prick could never do anything for my tight, hot size queen cunt! Just a few minutes into the game, I was already on my hands and knees, surrounded by the fattest and thickest bbcs that you could imagine. They were dangling in front of my face, just waiting for me to start sucking on them and getting them hard. My sissy bitch husband was sitting off to the side. He was waiting for me to toss my panties over to him so that he could slide them on and rub his tiny dickie through them for me. He whimpered and watched as one of the guys slid those wet panties down and started rubbing the head of his dick up against my juicy cunnie. I could tell how thick his cock was just by how massive the head felt up against my hot pussy hole. I threw those panties over to my sissy cuck husband and told him to watch as I begged that stud to ruin my cunt with his giant, throbbing cock! I could barely catch my breath when that giant dick was pounding into me and that was just the first bbc that pumped me. I let them use me like a filthy gangbang, fuck doll but you’ll have to call me for all of the steamy details!

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Hi to all the Sexy horny men, I’m Loretta your favorite slutty housewife. Although I have the perfect house and the fastest cars. I still go around town looking for the biggest black cocks I can find. I always find the ones with the best Coke Ive ever lined up on my mirror. Even though my husband is a great man and i cater to his every need. I cant help but get my holes filled by black dick. He doesn’t know my dirty little secrets and I love him truly. I just need to be pounded hard by big black cocks when he’s not around. Even when im with my dealer he dips my dildo in cocaine and fuck my ass while hes balls deep in my throat. Something about getting my holes filled and cum leaking out of me when my husband comes home turns me on all over again. He doesn’t even know he’s sucking others men cum out of my tight little fuckbox. 

~ Your best phone sex wife Loretta

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Hot sexy woman like Lena is always down for a wild time!

Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy woman like Lena is always down for a wild time!  From the moment I discovered my sensuality, I knew I had something special to offer to the world. I am a fiery and passionate woman who loves nothing more than to explore my desires and fulfill my fantasies.

From a young age, I have always been comfortable with my body and my sexuality. I have never been afraid to show off my curves and use them to my advantage. As I grew older, I realized that I had a powerful effect on men. They couldn’t resist my seductive aura and my alluring charm. And thus, my journey as a sexy mistress began.

I love being a mistress because it allows me to fully embrace my sexuality and fulfill my desires without any judgment or restrictions. I am in control, and that gives me an immense sense of power and confidence. And let me tell you, nothing is sexier than a confident woman who knows how to take a thick hard cock.

My clients come to me seeking an escape from their mundane, everyday lives. They crave excitement and my Sexy babe body, and I am more than happy to provide that for them. Whether it’s through seductive phone calls and tantalizing encounters, I always leave my clients wanting more. I am a master at role-playing, and I excel in creating a fantasy world that my clients can fully immerse themselves in.

But what truly sets me apart as a mistress is my insatiable thirst for pleasure. I am not just satisfied with fulfilling my clients’ desires; I want to fulfill my own as well. And trust me when I say, I am always ready for a wild time. My passion and hunger for pleasure are unmatched, and I always make sure my partners are fully satisfied with our encounter.

So, if you are ready to experience a wild and sensual ride with a sexy mistress, then I am your girl. Let’s make all of our sexual fantasies a reality and indulge in the most intense pleasure together. I guarantee you won’t be able to get enough of me, just like I can’t get enough of you! Cum hard with Sensual phone sex!

Great Blowjobs are what Follows a Nice Bottle of Wine

If you love a nice night in and great blowjobs then we should hook up. As for my Holidays they are spent relaxing with some nice Shiraz. As we make out on the couch sipping some wine we get so worked up.

It’s that point now where I am just so damned hot. As to this I want to see that cock. I pull your dick out and immediately admire it. “Oh you have such a nice cock lover”. This is what I tell you as I move in.

Finally I am taking your big hard cock in between my lips. After I licked and teased the head a little. This dick of yours feels so nice slipping inside my moist mouth. In fact my mouth is watering to taste you.

With my head bobbing up and down I am just really consuming every inch of this nice cock. I look into your eyes as I feel you spurt.

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Fantasy phone sex with Angela

fantasy phone sex

I had the hottest fantasy phone sex call today with a little bitch boy named Jordan. I’m not even a sissy trainer but this bitch boy was too easy to own and take control of. There was no way I was going to let another milf whore have all the fun with this one! Let me tell you about him and about how I got a big dick daddy to help me fuck him! He’s a pathetic, simp bitch with a tiny dick. This faggy slut offered himself up to me as my personal slave. He said that he needed to be owned and dominated by a hot and slutty milf so, I put him on his knees and made him throat my strap on like it was a real cock! I held his face and fucked his throat so deep that he was gagging on it. I told him to be a good bitch and throat that meat or he would be sorry. I kept teasing him and threatening to have Daddy come into the room and take his sweet little pussy. He started sucking my fake dick like his life depended on it! It was so hot watching his head bob up and down while his mouth was wrapped around it. I let him get it all nice and wet before I stopped him and told him that his little slut hole was safe from Daddy’s fat cock. That’s because I wanted to be the first one to ram a big rod in him and fuck him like a slut! I told him to open his mouth and show Daddy what he learned from gagging on my fuck stick while I pounded into him from behind. I was slamming my strap on into him as deep as I could and shoving his face down on that fat, hard bbc. I could tell he was loving it by the way he was moaning. I told him to rub his little clittie while Daddy blew a big load down his throat! I never expected my pussy to get this wet from fucking a simp bitch and making him my slut… I think I might have found my newest favorite type of call!

Phone chat lines for cuckold husband confessions

Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines have the sexy Mistresses you confess to. There is this caller who loves to chat me up while he is sneaking and jerking o cuck porn. I love him to death because he is always trying to up his game by watching his porn and jerking so close to his sleeping spouse.

I know he wants her to wake up and see what he likes. Two choices are being presented here. Me pushing my guy to wake her up and show her how he wants other men to fuck her, or helping him have this conversation at a better time. She is not just a wife, but a mother now and his best way to her heart is letting her sleep. But this does need to be addressed soon. 

Phone chat lines for cuckold husband confessions

I hear the ache of my Cuckold phone sex lover in his voice. His wife has gained a few pounds and her tits are heavy and huge after the brat has come along. All he can picture when he fucks her is the best cock drilling her milf holes. And the best cock isn’t that average white guy’s cock that knocked her up.

But this is where getting as much information out of your caller is important. His wife and he had issues getting pregnant and he swears that one of his boys looks just like his best friend. He has suspicions that he is raising someone else’s offspring.

And you know what he is fine with it. Whatever makes his wife feel more like a woman, he says. He just wishes that she knew how much he enjoys Sexy hot women cuckolding husbands. I assure him the time will cum for her to be open with her cheating ways and they can have a beautiful cuckold marriage. 

Mature phone sex with Angela

mature phone sex

Young dick has always excited me but there’s something about a mature phone sex call with an older man that really gets my cunt wet! Not many people know this but one of the first men to ever make me cum was my own grandfather! I guess you could say my grandpa is the one that got me obsessed with older dick but, let me explain how. My parents used to make me go spend time with him on the weekends. He would make me sit in his lap and listen to his old stories about back in the day. It was boring as hell but he always slipped me some cash at the end so, it was worth it to me. When I got a little older, he went from telling me stories, to touching my hot, little body. He would slide his hand up my skirt and rub my little pussy or up my top to touch on my perky tits. Feeling that old man’s dick get hard under me would make me tingle and get all excited. I would spread my legs open and let him rub my little clit until I could feel my little panties getting all wet. By then, I was usually grinding up against his hand as hard as I could, desperate to make my young cunnie cum. Eventually he convinced me to lie back and let him eat my sweet, young pussy. That old man made me cum so fucking hard that my eyes rolled back and I saw stars! He suckled my clit and fucked me with two of his fingers, wiggling them around until my whole body was shaking and I was panting and moaning. Then he rammed his stiff cock in me, pumped deep and told me to cum for him. I had never cum before and didn’t know what to expect but after the way grandpa made my hot, little pussy squirt on his cock, I was hooked on older men. I kept his secret and was his dirty, little fuck doll for years. Grandpa always made me cum and spoiled me rotten so, I never told anyone but I sure miss his fat cock and the way he would fuck me… 

Sexy women masturbating with Gourds is delicious

Sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbating with Gourds is sure to turn you into a Pump-king. That’s right pump-pump that fist and stroke all you want to a sexy hot bitch who is riding some autumn squash for you. Spread out completely thereby giving you a great pump-king show. Don’t worry I still think of you as my king of pumpers!  I love my food play and sticking these ripe phallic gourds in my cunt has my tight little netherlips so stretched and slippery. Teasing and denying you access to my garden, keeping you aroused and not pleased!

Sexy women masturbating with Gourds is sure to turn you into a Pump-king.

 I know you love watching me pleasure myself with them. Don’t you wish it was you burying your stem inside of me? When I’m ready to cum for you I will show you just how much of a naughty girl I can be! Stuffing my pussy with all these wonderful seasonal delights has you on edge. So keep pumping and edging until your hand fist hurts and that dick is raw! Tease and denial are all you get as you continue pumping that fist.

It’s so tempting to fuck me, but all I do is tease you. You won’t be getting any satisfaction anytime soon. Just be patient and keep pumping your fist. The pleasure will be worth my wait. Let me guide you as your stroke your dick for me. Follow every instruction of my Guided Masturbation session. You know you are putty in my hands.  You won’t be able to hold back much longer. Just let go. Surrender to me and let me take you over the edge.

   The whole time Your Gourd fucking Goddess Gwen is telling you how you won’t be fucking her pussy any time soon! For more Mutual masturbation stories I’m just a number away!

Mature phone sex with Angela the cum slut

mature phone sex

Every man could use a mature phone sex whore like Angela in their life. I’m a kinky, milf slut that loves to roleplay. I just finished telling my last caller about what I did with my nephew today. My pussy is drenched and my panties get more and more wet every time I think about it! I had him at my house, doing some yard work to earn some extra cash. I was watching him through the window and couldn’t help but to get really turned on. I’m a slut so it’s not shocking that a young, shirtless man right outside of my window is going to get me wet. My sister should have known what was going to happen when she sent her son over to work for me. I watched him for a little while, rubbing my wet cunt and admiring the way his muscles rippled and the beads of sweat ran down his chiseled abs. I rubbed my clit and worked my fingers in and out of my soaked hole until I couldn’t squirt anymore. I called him inside to take a little break and told him that he could relax on the sofa for a little while to cool off. I surprised him when I left the room and came back wearing nothing but lingerie. He’s really young so obviously his dick was hard instantly. I got on my knees in front of him and pulled his shorts down slowly. I let his big, thick cock spring up out of his pants and pop up against my lips before I grabbed it and started to work my lips around it. I licked up and down and all over it. I think he was in shock from having his sexy aunt sucking him off and rubbing her wet fuck hole in front of him. We didn’t have much time because I knew that his parents would be showing up to pick him up but when you call me, I’ll tell you about how we had just enough time for me to sit on his hard dick and drain his balls…

Sensual phone sex slut Angela

 sensual phone sex

An intense, sensual phone sex call is just what this sexy slut needs! After the night I’ve had, I’m surprised that I can still walk. Why don’t I lie back, spread my legs open and gently rub my swollen, cum filled cunnie while we chat? I’ll tell you how I end up with a sore cunnie that is absolutely filled with cum, every single night. I’m a very spoiled trophy wife. I get everything that I could ever dream of without ever having to ask twice but, that comes with a price. I have to be my husband’s whore and do any and everything he tells me. He’s not  easy to please. He’s not the usual rich, old man either. He’s a really freaky and wild, old pervert that loves watching me pushed to the absolute limits. Last night, he called a big group of men over and watched as they ran trains on me all night. He told them to rip my holes open and fuck me as hard as they can. Most of them were bbc studs with 12 inches or better so they really ruined me. My tits, asshole and cunt are so sore from being stretched and pounded so much. Cunnie juice was splashing around everywhere from them slamming into me so hard. He paid them to blow loads in me and all over my body. He jerked his dick for hours and watched so many men ruin my cunnie and asshole. He encouraged them to coat me in a thick, sticky layer of jizz, and they did. Once I was soaked and covered in cum, he very carefully licked it all up. Even after licking me out for hours, I still have huge gobs leaking out and dripping down my legs. Give me a call and I might just scoop some up and eat it while we talk. Either way, I’ll be rubbing my cunnie and waiting to talk.