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Sensual phone sex slut Angela

 sensual phone sex

An intense, sensual phone sex call is just what this sexy slut needs! After the night I’ve had, I’m surprised that I can still walk. Why don’t I lie back, spread my legs open and gently rub my swollen, cum filled cunnie while we chat? I’ll tell you how I end up with a sore cunnie that is absolutely filled with cum, every single night. I’m a very spoiled trophy wife. I get everything that I could ever dream of without ever having to ask twice but, that comes with a price. I have to be my husband’s whore and do any and everything he tells me. He’s not  easy to please. He’s not the usual rich, old man either. He’s a really freaky and wild, old pervert that loves watching me pushed to the absolute limits. Last night, he called a big group of men over and watched as they ran trains on me all night. He told them to rip my holes open and fuck me as hard as they can. Most of them were bbc studs with 12 inches or better so they really ruined me. My tits, asshole and cunt are so sore from being stretched and pounded so much. Cunnie juice was splashing around everywhere from them slamming into me so hard. He paid them to blow loads in me and all over my body. He jerked his dick for hours and watched so many men ruin my cunnie and asshole. He encouraged them to coat me in a thick, sticky layer of jizz, and they did. Once I was soaked and covered in cum, he very carefully licked it all up. Even after licking me out for hours, I still have huge gobs leaking out and dripping down my legs. Give me a call and I might just scoop some up and eat it while we talk. Either way, I’ll be rubbing my cunnie and waiting to talk.

Naughty Little Beth has her first Phone sex call!

Best phone sex

My 1st Call.

I was nervous as I clicked the ‘connect’ button on her phone, but I was determined to give my client the Best phone sex experience he had ever had. I took a deep breath, then let out a slow and sultry greeting.

‘Hey there, handsome,’ I said.

The man on the other end of the line responded with a pleased, ‘Hi there.’

I smiled, resolute in her intention to make this one hot session.

‘Let me tell you exactly what I want you to do,’ I started. ‘I want you to get comfortable, and imagine my voice is right by your ear whispering sensual orders just for you.’

My client responded with the telltale sounds of anticipation. I continued, giving him detailed instructions on how to pleasure himself, including describing what he should be feeling as his hand moved in more intimate circles and increased speed.

He moaned as my voice coaxed and cajoled him to orgasm. When it was over and we both caught our breaths, I realized that I was smiling with satisfaction. I was sure that my client had a fantastic experience, and that was all that mattered. 

Sensual Summer night with GFE Beth.


GFE phone sex

Sensual Summer Night

Let me set the scene of our GFE phone sex fantasy. We are in my backyard and it is pitch black out. My string of fairy lights gives just enough light off to make out each other’s faces. I push you down onto the lounge chair and start to strip slowly. Revealing different pieces of my body one at a time. I can see you growing impatient. You want your hands on my beautiful naked body, but I am in the mood to tease you. 

We have all night and I want to enjoy every second of you. I walk behind you and lean over your shoulder. The weight of my tits press into your back as I unzip your pants. Using just the tip of my finger I drag it up and down your dick. It is rock hard and aching for me isn’t it love? You want me as much as I want you. Walking back around I lower my plump ass into your cock. 

Milf phone sex slut Angela

milf phone sex

My name is Angela and I’m a naughty, milf phone sex whore. If you don’t know by now, I’m the Queen of giant cock! I’m a spoiled, cum craving slut and I make sure that I always get everything I want. Even my husband knows it. He’s in the office all day, working to pay my bills so that I can lie on my back with my legs open and take hot, sticky creampies. I would love to call him while I’m getting dicked down so that he could hear what it sounds like when a real man pleases his wife. He can’t take calls while he’s at work though so I want to chat with some cucky bitch men right now. Let’s chat about the massive cocks that I took while my husband was at work all day. It turns me on knowing that your dick gets stiff, hearing about other men reaming my holes and fucking my guts out! Just because they’re thick and massive, doesn’t always mean that they are old enough to be under the soaked cunt of an older, milf slut like me though. Younger cock and bbc are my two biggest weaknesses. I got lucky and found a fuck buddy with both! He has three young sons and a hunger for my pretty, pink pussy! I invite them over almost every day and let them take turns smashing my hot cunt down to a soaked puddle of jizz and pussy juice! The way my holes stretch around them and the heads of their cocks pound my insides, feels so fucking good! I can’t help but to start screaming “Fuck me harder!” while they’re gliding in and out as fast as they can and slopping cunt juice all over the place. Chatting with a hot, cuck loving milf is the best of both worlds! You can either jerk your stiff dick for me and listen to me talk about the cock that makes me scream or you can be the big dick stud that pumps me full and has me running back to my bitch ass husband and bragging.

Naughty teacher takes away your toys.

Naughty teacher takes away all of your toys. You want to play with your pencil, twirling it between your fingers? I will take this ruler and whap your knuckles. Perhaps I will dress as a nun being your teacher. Hide these big beautiful tits under a garment. You have seen them. Sucked on the perky nubs. Laved your tongue along the underside of them. 

I didn’t give you permission to shift in your chair. Bending over your desk to peer under. Are you getting hard? Should I teach you how to cum without touching. Let’s let it spring free. Standing proud and at attention. Pursing my lips I blow softly over the head, suppressing a smile as it quivers. Let me hot breath fan along the length of your quivering member. 

Mmm…the vein is more pronounced. Letting my outfit fall. Black stockings, garter belt, and heels. No panties. Straddling your lap I hover just out of reach or your throbbing cock. Letting my wetness drip onto you. Rotating my hips. Nipples poking close to your mouth. Now, now, no touching your teacher. You will cum without touching. 

Spinning, hands resting on the desk. Gyrating hips, twerking. Look at that pre-cum gushing. Arching my back, fine blond hair tickling your tip. When you cum like a good student I will give you your reward. I know you are close. 

Facing you. Foot braced on either side of you. Lifting my hips to let you get a good whiff of my vagina. Hmm…look at it gleaming with my own wetness. Smell the sweetness. That is cum for me.

Naughty teacher

Beth has a new Footie trick!


I Have A New Trick

I was watching porn the other day and I saw this thing that I had to try. So I texted one of my little Foot fetish sluts a picture of my white polish toes to him. He knew what it meant and he came running of course. 

I started out normally. Letting him suck on my little piggies and lick the bottom of my soles. Then he lotioned up my feet with some coconut oil and I placed them around his cock. All of this is a pretty normal routine for us. Little did he know I was about to change the game up. 

I was sitting up directly in front of him stroking up and down with the arches of my feet. Suddenly, I bent over and slid the tip of his cock into my mouth. All while giving him a footjob. He lost his fucking mind as my tongue worked his head and my arches worked his shaft. I was so glad I tried this. 

Cum in my mouth for money

Great blowjobs

Great blowjobs start and end with a mouth like Mila’s. Cum on boobs or in her mouth for a large fee. Mila is great at satisfying even the most difficult of cocks by taming them with her tongue. Exploring Mila’s oral pleasure skills, from the gentle caress of a teasing lick to the thrilling intensity of a passionate devouring of your cock. Best phone sex is the slurps of spit dripping down your shaft as Mila pushes your dick further down her throat, gagging and gasping while Sexy women masturbating and moaning in the background.

It’s about finding the perfect rhythm, listening to their moans, and responding to their body’s every whim. Where you finish is up to you.


Naughty teacher likes to seduce

naughty teacher

I am a dream to many men, but one of my favorite things is making the boys in my Spanish class all horned up so they can’t tell where they are standing. Call it whatever you want, but I enjoy having younger guys crave me. Have I ever had a crush on a teacher? Well, the Spanish teacher wants to show you how to excel in speaking this very sexy language, mi amor. Let this Latina temptress show you how to worship her perfect body. Get close to me, and you will lose all thought.

The guys I seduce are on their way to being real men once I am done with them. Who wouldn’t want perfect cues from the Spanish professor with the killer body and a sex appeal that’s often hard to match?

Let me give you the GFE experience!

GFE phone sex

Every single night you come home and wish that you had a woman like me there waiting for you. That is why you are going to call me for some GFE phone sex. 

You walk in the door to find me in the kitchen. The only things that I am wearing is a little pink apron and black fuck me pumps. I am plating your dinner and I am ready to serve you. You have a seat at the table and I walk over with your plate and favorite drink. Sitting my bare ass on your lap I begin to feed you as I let you unwind about your day. 

As I bring out dessert I slide under the table. I unzip your pants and lick your cock from your balls to the tip before I slip it into my mouth. Eating your favorite dessert while I suck on mine. 

Surprise Exhibitionist sex at a party!

Exhibitionist sexMy feet took me to the strangest places in my youth, including exhibitionist sex. I remember this one party where the wealth ran like a waterfall, and everyone was born with a silver spoon that shined of lusty delight. I’d snuck off a little to get away from the stuffy environment and get some air, and tripped right into a studly man who picked me up right on the spot. “Oh um, thank-mnnn-” My lips were interrupted mid-thank you by his. He pressed against me, drove his tongue deep and explored in ways I was very much not ready for. My dress was lifted up, my panties moved aside, and his drawers dropped in a practiced motion that I was far too drunk to pay attention to. The wine had also ran like a waterfall, and I was pretty sure my pussy would be too in a second given he wasn’t giving me a moment to even make a faux attempt to tell him to stop. “Hau!” I’d cried out in surprise as I was entered, my pussy devoured by his hungry cock, slipping deeper without even a second’s delay. “Holy shit!” He got fucking me hard and smacking my ass against the wall, his hands holding me tight and sturdy so he could rut himself into a sperm-filled volley deep inside me.