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Nosey Naughty Teacher

naughty teacher

The first time my math teacher asked me to stay after school it confused me a lot. But I figured he was going to ask me if I needed help since I wasn’t doing so good in his class. It turns out I was right. Well, kind of right. He asked me if my grades were suffering because I didn’t know how to do the work or just didn’t want to. I told him that I was trying to stay focused but that all the boys in class were getting so cute as they got older and I just couldn’t concentrate.

He asked me if I was getting excited by the boys and I don’t know what came over me, but I said yes. I knew I was too young to be talking to an adult about this stuff, but I couldn’t help it. I told him I had to keep sneaking off to the bathroom to touch myself and he said I didn’t have to do that anymore. I asked what he meant by it but he didn’t answer with words. He pulled his pants down and showed me his hard cock. He told me he’d be happy to help me with how wet my little pussy had been getting and boy did he! Do you want to know exactly what happened? Give me a call and find out!

I Aim To Please

great blowjobs

If there’s anything I do well, it’s giving fucking great blowjobs. You might be shocked to hear that from a pretty girl. Sure, most pretty girls don’t suck cock because they don’t have to. They get to be the trophy girlfriend or wife while you get your cock sucked by the ugly secretary in your office. But wouldn’t you rather have all of that in the same smoking hot body? See, when you get to have fun with a girl who looks like me, it’s like hitting the sexual jackpot. My face won’t repulse you like that fat girls does so you can actually look at my face while you fuck it.
I’d love to just get down on my knees in front of you and lick up and down the shaft of your cock. I’ll stroke your cock while I lick your balls or even your asshole if that’s something that turns you on. I’m here to worship that cock and everything around it in whatever way you’d like me to. So if you want to hear every single dirty details about the way I would suck your cock, just grab the phone and call me. I aim to please!

Sexy Phone Sex Therapy With CJ

phone sex therapy

He needed intense phone sex therapy. A sensual young woman to masturbate with. His one question still echoes in my mind. Do I touch my self on calls? I giggled and told him I have an assortment of toys for just such occasions. I do prefer my own fingers to do the walking in my sweet wet pussy. But I have beads for anal and vaginal play, nipple clamps and more.  He was shy, he said he just wanted to guide me to orgasm. I knew it was game on. I laid back on my bed and closed my eyes. I could feel my heartbeat in my pussy. I was excited before I touched myself. I was to describe every inch of my body as my fingers trailed lightly. I couldn’t control my breathing ad by the time I inserted the pink beads I had went over the edge twice! My head was thrown back I begged him to fuck me, deep and hard. I was humping the air and begging. And when I heard him cum saying my name over and over, I had one last orgasm with him.  I had been the patient and the therapist for a cum inducing session. I would love to play over again.

Coed Phone Sex With CJ

coed phone sex

Coed Phone sex with me and you is so fucking dirty. I get to be a little mean during our cock sucking adventures together.

Me and you, my cum and fuck me heels, my gold stockings and a set of pearls, my pretty little perky tits in your face as I lean down for a hot deep kiss. I feel your pants and try to see how big your cock is. Unleash it, baby, I whisper. At least I don’t have to worry about wearing my mouth out before I see my boyfriend later.

I can’t conceal my giggle. It’s not at all what I expected. I tell you at least it will make my blow job easier. I suck you off in record time. Giggling around that nub you call a cock. Then the questions about my boyfriend come up. How big is he? Is he black? Does he mind that you sell you body to old perverts? Huge, yes and no. My big hung black boyfriend loves fucking me after an escort call. And loves hearing about the dirty phone talk I do while he shoots some cum on boobs so perky and young!


While My husband watches

Cuckold Phone Sex

I love my husband. He lets me be me. What comes with being me? Well a lot of things. The most important aspect of it all is he lets me be a sliutty black bitch whore. I was a whore when he met  me and he never wanted to change me. I am who I am. Even even likes to watch guys fuck my tight black wet pussy. Especially the black guys. He only allows guys with Big Black Cock to smash these caramel pussy walls. I remember one time when the cable guy came over to fix the cable. He was rather handsome. More importantly you could see his dick print through his pants. I was so horny seeing his bulge I just had to grab it. I did just that. I winked at my husband and he gave me a nod okay. I undressed  my robe and laid on my back on the floor. I told the cable guy to come here and did so staring at my hard ass nipples the whole time. I puled his long black dick out of his pants and begin sucking the skin off his dick. My eyes were big in amazement how long, thick and hard it was. Mmmm my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it right now. I slobbed all over his man stick until he bust a load of cream all into my mouth. I swallowed it with pride. The whole while my husband is in the corner stroking his meat stick while watching me suck that Big Black Cock. Let’s just say we get our cable fixed every week. How about you come over and fix the cable for me?

I love Facesitting Full of cum

I only wanted to use him to sit my pretty little pussy on. I mean it doesn’t matter what size of a dick he has if this sexy little slut is just using him to lap my sweet bald cunny right. I love being his face spinner. A few thrusts of his tongue and sucking on my pussy lips has me squirting a river of my hot teen cum in his mouth. Yes, My ass hole and pussy might be a little swollen from the headmasters’ donkey sized dick. All the better for him to soothe my aching bald cunt don’t you think? I mean tiny little Asian body and a big cock that’s what you expect. What you don’t expect is I left his cum inside me for you!coed phone sex

You like Watching my Small Boobs Bounce

small boobs

That’s right baby you walked right in on me fucking Angelo’s big fat dick!  My panties pulled to the side right on our big bed, my small boobs bounced so well for you. You love having this tiny half Asian girl as your girlfriend don’t you. You honestly thought my small body would accommodate your tiny dick. You seem to have mis thought and hired a gardener with a big ass dick by mistake. I didn’t even take my eyes off yours as I moaned as he pumped me over and over. I told you that you could watch or get out. I loved when you started filming me and him fucking. I got wilder and climbed on top to give you great point of view shots as I took his cock deep in my pussy. I figured you would mind me fucking his big cock since you had been calling cuckold phone sex and fantasying about me and another for a while.  Well, now you can watch as your Princess girlfriend gets fucked by a man who can really please me.

cuckold phone sex

Small Dick Loser Neighbor

small dick humiliation I have a dirty neighbor. He is always spying on me. He is much older than me, so that makes him a pervert. I love perverts though. Once I realized he was spying on me, I gave him a show. So last night I pranced around my room naked. I even sat on the edge of my bed with my legs spread. I got out my pink dildo and fucked my cunnie. I knew he was watching me, but I acted like I had no clue he was spying on me. I love being watched. Most men love watching me too because I have no shame. Honestly, I am an exhibitionist slut! I almost forgot he was spying on me from his bedroom window because I was cumming so much on my pink toy. When I heard something outside, it startled me. My voyeur was now a peeping Tom. He was right outside my window with his face pressed up against the window. I got up and walked over to the window, opened it up and asked him if he saw anything he liked? I wasn’t inviting him in until I knew he had a big dick.  It was dark and I couldn’t really see anything. I asked him if he had a big cock and he ran away. My guess he is a loser man with a small cock that has to be a peeping Tom because it is the only way he sees young cunnie like me.

popular with the boys

Sexy babeI grew up in a family full of boys. I learned real quick how to garner their attention. My sisters would always get upset knowing I was the sexy babe getting all the boys. I Can’t help it not even a bit I love fucking all the boys. I always get free stuff, and I make the boys fall in love with me as easy as one two three. I went for an oil change earlier today, and instead of shelling out cash, I was given plenty of cum cream in my mouth. I made the boys dicks so hard, and I loved the view. I went ahead and blew each one and became their little gang bang slut for the afternoon. I don’t mind getting a few guys off at the same time — honestly, the more, the merrier. I enjoy being a slut that you will lust after. I have always been popular among boys.

I need Lots of Cum On Boobs This Summer


cum on boobs

This summer daddy has made it clear that I am to behave myself at the resort.  Ha! All I want is those rich man cum on boobs so perky and. Big or small cum loads I don’t care. I will be the sucking dick queen of the south. Now I have to be discreet about my whore ways or Daddy will make sure all my privileges are taken away. ANd I love my little convertible and designer clothes.  SO I won’t do anything too crazy to get that Rich men cum on my titties! Ha, You thought I was serious? I came out today in my tiny yellow bikini. Only I was topless and in desperate need for oil to be slathered on my body. Mr. Roberts who is a very big client of daddies was the first to volunteer. I made sure I slathered that oil on my tits and told him I sure so need something a little thicker and creamier to rub on these perfect perky boobs! I am sure the staff will make sure daddy knows that Mr. Roberst soon escorted me to my private bungalow! I can’t help my self I love cum on my boobs! They might be small but they are perfect and perky cum holders! Could you resist this teen hottie?

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