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Phone sex Mommy

phone sex mommy

Being a phone sex Mommy really gets me wet and wanting to fuck.I was super horny today while my step son was gone to basketball practice and my husband is out of town for work. Right before my step son came home, from his practice I decided to make him a little snack. I crushed up one of my husbands special blue pills and sprinkled it into his sandwich. Once he was finished eating and went to take a shower, I knew it should be starting to work. I stripped down to my bra and panties and waited in my room for him to get out of the shower. He had to walk right by my bedroom door, leaving the bathroom. As soon as he walked by, I grabbed his arm and pulled him into my room. He didn’t resist at all. His young hard cock was busting through the front of his boxers as I reached down and stroked him. He pushed me down on the bed and forced his hard cock deep inside of my soaked fuck hole. His young rock hard cock felt so good as he stroked and fucked me hard and deep. After fucking me and making me cum over and over, he pumped his hot thick cum in me. There was so much is was gushing out all around his cock. I didn’t want to waste any of that sweet cream. Mommy got down there and licked his cock clean. He was still hard because of the medication so we fucked for hours. My pussy was raw when he was finished fucking me but that’s exactly what Mommy needed.

Shaved wet pussy waiting for you.

shaved wet pussy

My husband is out of town for work again so that means it’s my week to get wild! I’ve had my eyes on my new neighbor since he moved in a few days ago. I got his number while I was checking the mail. I know he wanted me to call him so that we could hook up but I had to make him wait a little. Now that my husband is gone, it’s time to make my move. I got in my new, slutty little lingerie set and some heels. I sent him a picture of me with my legs spread and my shaved wet pussy waiting for his massive black cock to fill it. He knew better than to even knock on the door. He walked right in and started to pull his huge cock out as soon as he saw me standing there. We fucked for hours, in every position you could think of. He had me bent over, ramming me with his BBC and making my juicy pussy squirt all over his cock. After he filled me with his thick loads of sticky cum, he made me suck his cock clean before he went back home to his family. I love getting new neighbors!

Roleplay phone sex

roleplay phone sex

Roleplay phone sex is so kinky and wild! I love to listen to my callers stroke their hard cocks as they tell me everything they want to do to me. My favorite role is always the nurturing Mommy. I love to take care of you and meet your every need. Maybe you can watch as Mommy takes 4 big, hard cocks back to back. I want to be so full of cum that it’s dripping from my juicy kitty and tight asshole. You can get down and lick every drop of that jizz out of Mommy’s soaked pussy as I stroke your hair and tell you what a good little cum eating bitch you are. I tell you how much I want you to get down and suck those big, fat cocks for me. I love turning you into my little cum guzzling slave by feeding you huge dicks and having you drain those big cocks of every drop. I want to keep you on a leash and have you as Mommy’s little cumslut pet.

Phone humiliation fun

phone humiliation

 I have a little sissy cock fairy boy that calls me so I can tease his tiny girly clit. He loves my special style of phone humiliation. It turns him on so much to hear what a little bitch he is. I can’t help but make fun of his pathetic boy pussy. I make him put on his pretty, silky panties and take videos of him prancing around for me. Sometimes he will surprise me with a sexy video of him rubbing his little clitty while he sucks a big, thick cock and swallows every drop of cum for me. I always giggle when I watch these videos because of the size of his little dicklett. That’s why I make him dress up for me so pretty and feminine. There is no way in hell, with a micro penis like that, that I could ever call it a dick or call him a man. He is a fairy fag with a fairy fag pussy and it’s my job to make sure he knows it!

Naughty neighbor porn

naughty neighbor porn

The hot little fling I had with my sexy neighbor was amazing, as I expected it to be. He had no idea that I secretly recorded him sliding his huge hard cock into my tight little asshole. He’s going to find out soon. That’s how I’m going to get him to keep fucking me and being my sexy little fuck toy. I’m going to threaten to show his wife our naughty neighbor porn video that I took, if he doesn’t do exactly as I say. He will have no choice but to be my personal little fuck doll. My own little toy to fuck and use as I please. I have so many things that I can’t wait to make him do to me. If he dare say no then his wife will see the video and his perfect little family will be destroyed. It won’t matter to me. After they divorce and move out, another young family will move in and I can continue to be the sexy milf next door. I can always get a new toy to play with.

Sexy legs spread open

sexy legs

I was taking a nice hot bubble bath earlier and made sure to leave the bathroom door wide open so that my step son’s friends could catch a peek as they walked by. One in particular has been catching my eye. He’s such a sexy young stud, I can’t help but check him out every time he comes over. I called his name and asked if he could close the door for me. I knew this was my chance to tempt him into something he couldn’t resist. No boy could resist these big perky tits and tight milf pussy. By the time he made it to the bathroom door, I was perched on the edge of the tub with my silky, creamy sexy legs spread to expose my perfect pink pussy. He stopped and gasped as his jaw fell open. I motioned for him to come into the bathroom with me. I could tell his young cock was rock hard and ready to explode at the sight of me naked. Once he stepped inside and closed the door behind himself, I got on my knees and looked up at him. I pulled his cock out and began to suck it gently at first. He was already oozing precum for me as I teased his head with my mouth and caressed his balls at the same time. I took his whole cock deep in my throat over and over again. I could feel him tense up as he got close to cumming. He had no idea just how freaky of a milf I am. I held his cock in my throat and let him pump every drop of cum as I swallowed it all up. I was loving the feel of that young hard cock filling my mouth with that sweet cum. Maybe next time I will give him some of this perfect pussy.I 

Fantasy phone sex

fantasy phone sex

The only thing I love more than steamy, hot fantasy phone sex, is getting bent over and fucked from behind. The best feeling ever is having a hard, thick cock slide into my dripping pussy from behind. I love when a guy grabs my big luxurious breasts and plays with my hard nipples while he’s fucking me. I met a guy at the grocery store today and brought him to the bathroom to fuck him in the stall. The minute we made eye contact, I could tell I was going to fuck him as soon as possible. He was sexy as fuck and I was already wet and wanting a hard dick inside of me. I walked past him and watched as his cock grew hard while he was staring at my ass. I looked back over my shoulder and winked at him. I nodded to him to follow me and left my entire cart sitting right there on the aisle. As I made my way to the back of the store, I kept looking back at him and winking. It was obvious that his cock was hard and huge! I couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom and get fucked by him. As soon as the door closed behind us, he had my skirt pulled up and panties pulled to the side. He wrapped his arms around me and reached up my shirt. He grabbed my huge sexy tits and started to play with them as I guided his cock into my already soaked pussy. He fucked me hard right there in the bathroom stall. He didn’t even stop when someone came into the bathroom and knocked on the door. He made me cum over and over on his rock hard cock! Once he filled my juicy milf pussy with his hot sticky cum, we went back to shopping like nothing ever happened. When I passed him in the parking lot, he winked at me. Knowing I was full of his cum made his cock hard again so he followed me to my car to get my number. This is my all time favorite grocery store.

Mature phone sex

mature phone sex

I got a new toy that I can’t wait to try out. I will most likely sit at home and take calls so that I can find the perfect person to use it with. My mature phone sex calls are always exciting and I always make sure that we both cum. I love to hear all of the wild and dirty things that you could do to me. I especially love hot and thick creampies in my perfect shaved kitty and hearing baout how much you want to give me one. Tell me all about how you would pump your massive load into my throbbing cunnie as I fuck myself silly with this new dildo of mine. I love to tease my pussy as I listen to you stroke your cock for me and tell me how bad you want to fuck me. Everyone knows how kinky I am and how much I love to cum. I’m going to make myself cum over and over again for you. I can’t wait to hear from you baby!

Cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI have a sexy surprise for my husband when he gets home tonight.My pussy has been wet and waiting for him to get home. We’ve been having cuckold phone sex while he has been away. I have been a busy slut, taking BBC all day long from different guys that I’ve met online. He doesn’t know that I have really been getting fucked and stuffed with cum from random strangers. He’s going to love coming home to his wife’s stretched out whore pussy, oozing with all of those sweet creams. He’s going to want to go down and lick up every drop like the little cum eating slut he is. He’s such a good little cum eater and he absolutely loves to fuck me while I am already full of cum. Something about sliding his cock into my warm, cum soaked pussy and fucking me hard just drives him insane. I have to admit that last time, seeing him that hard and feeling his hard cock slam into my cum filled pussy over and over felt amazing!! I love being his little cum slut!


Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex

I have a dirty little secret and I just love all of the kinky things we do together. He can’t get enough of me. He even calls me late at night for some extra steamy Milf phone sex. He is so much younger than me and it is pretty taboo for us to be sneaking around. I just can’t help it. He is so sexy and his young cock stays so hard for me. We met at my house when he came over to visit my son. They play football together and I always watch out the window as the sweat drips down his sexy body. The first time I grabbed his cock was such a surprise. I didn’t expect him to 

have a cock that huge. It’s nice and fat too and always makes me so wet when he slides it into my wet Milf pussy. I love to grind on him and feel that huge cock, deep inside of me. I love the sexy way he can pick me up to slide me up and down on his dick. My next plan is a gang bang with him and my step son!

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