Naughty Teacher

naughty teacherBeing the principal of a high school and also being a sexy, horny MILF is perfect. I get to choose from any kind of young man there is. If I’m feeling like seducing a football player, I can. Sometimes, I like to tease the band students by bending over in front of them, with my shirt unbuttoned. Just enough for them to see these big, firm titties underneath. I know the girls hate me. All of these little boys can’t keep their eyes off of me and they can’t stand it. I can get my pussy licked under my desk anytime I want. I’ve ridden so many young, hard cocks on my desk. I’ve even had a father and son at the same time. It was a parent teacher conference. It was so hot having the father fuck me from behind, as I sucked his son’s little junior dick! Once I drained them both, I sent them on their way with a regular schedule of meetings. We have to stay on top of certain students progress.


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  1. Lewis

    I have a young hard cock for you teach me sex ed

  2. Tim

    You can stay on top of me.

  3. Frank

    Hot picture baby! love the voice.

  4. Ned

    Be my teacher any time train my cock.

  5. Seth

    Your pussy is perfect for my dick.

  6. Matthew

    You remind me so much of the teacher I always wanted to fuck.

  7. hotforteacher

    damn where were you when I was in school???

  8. Kent

    I’m in love with nasty beautiful whores like you

  9. Simon

    Damn, fine sexy milf

  10. Micheal


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