He Was Due for Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliation


You were due for sissy humiliation at my hands. I made you think I was going to fuck your brains out in my dorm room. I stripped you naked and saw your tiny four-inch cock and began to giggle. Then you heard giggles coming out if the closet and my two sorority sisters burst out with their phones to film your tiny clit stick. I thought I would make it a little even and had us all strip down while we forced you into panties and I sat my naked body on your chest. And put pretty eyeshadow and lipstick on your pretty face. Flashes went off and I had my Sorority sisters share his pretty face.

It wasn’t long before I had on my 8-inch strap-on and was forcing him to suck it! I lubed up and fucked his tiny ass pussy making him moan and whimper! Then I heard whispers as my friend’s phone clicked and they excitedly said they had our man meat on the way to teach our little clit stick sissy a real lesson with a big bull cock. But first, we had to dress our sissy slut up and bring him to the town with us! We put him in a cab with us and told the cab driver all about his strap-on play! We embarrassed our sissy slut so much and when we got to the fancy restaurant, we served him a plate of Vienna sausages and a huge calabaza sausage, which we promptly went to shoving in and out of his mouth in front of everyone! I had no control over the patrons taking pictures of him and where they would go! You know I wouldn’t have had this sissy phone sex story if he had a nice normal cock, he would have had a coed threesome.



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