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Cuckold Phone sex

Not only do I give great cuckold phone sex, but I got a great gig being a real-life cuckolding escort too! I live in a big city where high ranking businessmen are always looking for some company for those lonely business trips. I specialize in something a little different. About every other weekend I get a sweet older and who wants to wine and dine me and get his rocks off with me. The catch is I never touch him, and I always have my large endowed boyfriend come with me so He can fuck me while the normally small dicked money bags jacks his useless cock off. There are times when I even get a nice tongue bath as my boyfriends’ cum is lapped up by my “John”. I know that the only power the men have is in their wealth and business skills. But the real power lays in a big fat cock that can fuck me senseless. I might be young, but I love having the pussy power to make these men pay up and still have my tight shaved wet pussy fucked as it should be. Wouldn’t you love to be the slave to my pussy?

Coed Tease and Denial

tease and denial

I am not ashamed of my tease and denial tactics I use n Daniel. He knows he can’t have my sweet coed pussy, but it sure is fun getting his clit stick hard for me every day! Today we went to the panty store and I told him if he modeled some panties for me, I would let him eat my pussy and maybe even fuck me. We are in the dressing room with or just bought panties and I pull down my skirt and rub up on his panty covered cock with my sexy ass. His clit of a cock gets hard and I open the fitting room door wide and yelled into the store doesn’t my boyfriend look so cute in his panties. Five ladies started pointing and laughing! That is when his dick squirts right in those panties and that creates more laugher because his little cock gets off on humiliation! Normally that just happens when I send him videos of me fucking his best friend or son!

Princess Phone Sex CJ AKA Cum Junkie

Princess Phone Sex

You know that this princess phone sex hottie is a cum junkie. I live for the massive loads of cum you give my sweet coed pussy and mouth. I even love cum all over my beautiful perky tits. I like to rub it in like lotion. You want to cum on my face, well do it, baby, cum keeps this tight young face perfect for you. The bigger the cock the more cum I get and I fucking love it. There is nothing better than big ropes of cum decorating my body inside and out. Perhaps you are a cum junkie too? I would love to cum swap with you and let you taste all of the men I have been with tonight. There are no limits to my love of cum. I consider it therapy for me and you to discuss each other’s cum fantasies. My mind and body are yours and I look forward to all the cum we can share.  We can roleplay a sensual fantasy and get each other off over and over. I am waiting for you and your cum.

Foot Fetishes & Pussy Licking

foot fetishes

He had major foot fetishes and I wasn’t going to deny him my feet and pretty tight long legs. I was a little curious when he said he would love to suck the cum off my toes. Would it be his cum or any man who jazzed on them? I do know that before I gave him my pretty feet, he asked me to walk in my heels barefooted for an hour and gave me shopping money on top of my regular escort charge. I had no problem making my feet stinky and when I returned to him one sniff of my heel and he was licking my pussy like a man on speed. I squirted on his face and he pulled back and pulled my hells off and jacked his cock off all over my feet.  I even gave him a foot job with my cute little piggy toes! The way he sucked the toes after like they were ten tiny dicks was amazing. I knew this man had some cock sucking skills that this coed needed to groom. I bet I would have him eating cum right out of my pussy before long.

Sexy legs

Sexy Chicks Suck Dicks

Sexy Chicks

The sexy luscious blonde Geneva and I are the sexy chicks who love to suck dick. We were doing another sexy photoshoot and our photographer knew our reputations of being the best cocksuckers. Geneva knew that our stripper heels and bubble asses would seduce him to getting his cock out for us.  Ten minutes into the shoot I winked at Geneva and she started stripping and I followed suit by French kissing her and putting my fingers in her pussy. Our sexy stud was on us in a flash and I gave the signal to My sexy slut Girlfriend to go after his cock. I know we both desperately were thinking, please be big, please don’t have a small dick. To our pleasant surprise, our stud was adequate, and our mouths were able to slobber and fight over his cock. I asked Geneva if she could deep throat him and with a sly smile, she went all the way to his full balls. I helped her summon all of his thick ropey cum by burying my face in her wet sweet cunt and making her go deeper and harder on his cock. Think about it could you handle two cocksucking phone sex hotties on your cock for very long? Only one way to find out. Wink, wink!


cocksucking phone sex

Coeds Give Great Blowjobs

great blowjobs

Giving Great Blowjobs is just one of my skills. I am a size queen so I learned to suck down a nice big fat boner and keep the big cock happy. I can show you my skills if you need a refresher in the fluffing department. Or you can just watch as I suck the man you paid to fuck you cute little coed in front of you. I know how you love to watch my face get splattered with cum from nice big shlongs. That’s right I love big dick and you are putty in my hands when it comes to watching em give my famous nasty and dirty blow job shows for you.  Make no mistake that this coed phone sex slut and escort by trade loves big donkey dick!

Sexy Phone Sex Therapy With CJ

phone sex therapy

He needed intense phone sex therapy. A sensual young woman to masturbate with. His one question still echoes in my mind. Do I touch my self on calls? I giggled and told him I have an assortment of toys for just such occasions. I do prefer my own fingers to do the walking in my sweet wet pussy. But I have beads for anal and vaginal play, nipple clamps and more.  He was shy, he said he just wanted to guide me to orgasm. I knew it was game on. I laid back on my bed and closed my eyes. I could feel my heartbeat in my pussy. I was excited before I touched myself. I was to describe every inch of my body as my fingers trailed lightly. I couldn’t control my breathing ad by the time I inserted the pink beads I had went over the edge twice! My head was thrown back I begged him to fuck me, deep and hard. I was humping the air and begging. And when I heard him cum saying my name over and over, I had one last orgasm with him.  I had been the patient and the therapist for a cum inducing session. I would love to play over again.

Coed Phone Sex With CJ

coed phone sex

Coed Phone sex with me and you is so fucking dirty. I get to be a little mean during our cock sucking adventures together.

Me and you, my cum and fuck me heels, my gold stockings and a set of pearls, my pretty little perky tits in your face as I lean down for a hot deep kiss. I feel your pants and try to see how big your cock is. Unleash it, baby, I whisper. At least I don’t have to worry about wearing my mouth out before I see my boyfriend later.

I can’t conceal my giggle. It’s not at all what I expected. I tell you at least it will make my blow job easier. I suck you off in record time. Giggling around that nub you call a cock. Then the questions about my boyfriend come up. How big is he? Is he black? Does he mind that you sell you body to old perverts? Huge, yes and no. My big hung black boyfriend loves fucking me after an escort call. And loves hearing about the dirty phone talk I do while he shoots some cum on boobs so perky and young!


The Cuck Phone Sex Therapy Diaries

Phone sex therapy


There is something about hot cuck phone sex therapy that gets my pretty princes pussy so sloppy wet.  One man I service in my escort business loves to use me in person as his lust for a young woman getting fucked overwhelms him so much. He loves to just let me strip down and show off my pink bald twat and tell him how much I would love for a bull cock to be penetrating me right now. Half the time he doesn’t even take his cock out. He just wants to enjoy my naked presence and me telling him about the last time I got a nice cock. I enjoy my clients like this and I love my callers who tell me about when their wife or young girlfriend is out fucking a bull. There is something so erotic about a cuckold phone sex call that has my fingers sliding into my panties each and every time.


coed phone sex

Sweet Young Sexy Legs In Nylons For You

sexy legs

My sexy Legs tend to fuck a man’s head up and make his cock hard for me. I enjoy being a young slut that can get whatever she wants out of a man with my pretty nylons and toes. I often sit on my Teachers’ desk and help him grade papers as my stocking feet give him a foot job. I was really horny before winter break though and I wanted to fuck him and give him my juicy tight young snatch to lap! I waited for him as he went to get coffee. I stripped down to my pretty black underclothes and waited. I didn’t mean to make him drop his coffee but I needed to be fucked. I guess I should have been playing with my bald little snatch as he opened the door! I spread my legs even further so he could slide right between my legs as I hurriedly unleashed his dick. Fuck me now! I wrapped my legs around him and he felt so good inside me finally. It was dark outside before I went home. My pretty pussy was cleaned up and I was barely able to walk! I did enjoy the text I got as he found that I had made sexy girlfriend porn of our time together for him to jerk off too over winter break!

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