You are my Superstar


Sensual phone sex

You look like you’re about to crank that cock on me. I want you so bad, believe me, and I can’t live without your dick at all. I know that you’re about to fuck me hard I know because you’re looking hungry like a beast in heat and your cock has gotten so fucking hard. I knew you have always wanted to plow my cunt. I knew you were going to bring out the best slut whore in me. I’m about to fall so deep in love with you because I want your dick all the time and now I’m going to get it. You are my Superstar; you are my number one; you are the man that I’ve been dreaming about forever. All I’ve ever wanted was your big dick to ram inside of my cum-dumpster pussy. All I really ever dreamed about was you and all the nasty things you would be doing to my body. I know you want to fuck my little sister and we’re going to have a good time. My little sister has been after your dick for a very long time. At first, I didn’t want my little sister to give you her virgin pussy, but now I don’t give a damn I want for you to feel like a big man on campus. You’re my heartbeat you’re my fucking number one. I don’t ever want to please anybody as much as I want to please you. You’re exclusive to me, and I worship your dick. I just want it all the time, and I’ll give it to my sister too. I know you’ve had some dreams about being my number one guy it’s okay babe because I know that you are you’re a star. You turn me on, and you make me wet, you make my pussy go crazy, and I can’t think of anyone else who can do me like you. Your dick is great. I love it so much I can’t get enough. I want it all the time.

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