Cuckold Bitch

Cuckold phone sexI’d like you all to meet my cuckold bitch! His name is Ryan. He is the epitome of what cuck bitch should be. He’s an obedient toilet bitch, he’s a slave and nothing to me but a piggy bank. He has an inferior cock, it’s so tiny only 4 inches but I know it’s gotta be even smaller. I wouldn’t ever know of course, as he’d never have the privilege of fucking this prime pussy. He isn’t a real man, he’s only good for paying my bills, humiliating, using to shit and piss on and then laughing in his face as I take big meaty cocks. He could never do what they do, he’s pathetic and only good for cleaning up their cum. Not only from this perfect pussy but he is forced to clean their cocks of all their leftover cum, and any shit that might be left on their cock from fucking my ass. I am amused watching him struggle to clean up the cum, laughing as I use his credit card to do my shopping as he feels degraded and humiliated, put in his place like the cuck bitch he is! I will spend all his money while I use him as my royal throne. Nasty cuck bitch cleans my shit and piss without any complaints. It’s because he knows he is lucky to even be in my presence, lucky that I am spending the cuck bitch’s money and more than lucky that he gets clean the cum, piss, and shit out of me. At the end of the day, he will never be worth anything more to me than being my very own piggy bank toilet slave cuck bitch!

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