My neighbor was a little bitch

best phone sexMy neighbor is a little bitch, I know that because his wife screams at him every day and he just takes it. So when I saw the little bitch watching me while I was in the pool I decided to really fuck his day up. I called his wife and told her that her husband was rubbing his tiny cock while he was watching me swim and that I didn’t like it. Wow that really got her heated! She came right home and dragged him out in the street still naked with his lil peepee on full display. She was screaming at him and telling him that he needed to apologize not only to me but to the whole street for being a dirty peeper and man all I could do was laugh and laugh. Men like him deserve to be humiliated, his dick is tiny and he is a useless little bitch that doesn’t even make his wife any money so he deserves everything he got.

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