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I met the sweetest guy

best phone sexI met the sweetest guy the other night. He is tall and sexy and super into me just the way I like it best so obviously I am obsessed with him now. I went out on a couple dates with him and each time I wanted to take him back to my place and screw but he insisted on being a gentleman. Finally tho last night he came back to my place! I was so excited and all I wanted was to finally get this guy naked and let me tell you he did not disappoint at all. This man is sexy as hell, he’s ripped and that cock is fucking huge! We fucked for hours, he was definitely worth every minute of that wait I’ll tell you that for sure. He is coming back over tonight and I can’t wait! I know it is going to be another really amazing night for sure!

I’m so ready for Valentine’s Day

best phone sexI have a few dates lined up for tomorrow and I am beyond excited! I just know that I am going to get a ton of gifts and fancy dates too. I have a date for every meal of the day and they are all going all out to give me the perfect Valentine’s Day. I’m seeing Frank first, he will take me out to breakfast before he goes to work. He’s married but very generous so I know I will get jewelry from him so he is definitely gonna get some pussy after breakfast. Next up is Michael, he is taking me out to lunch, he is single but he isn’t rich enough to make me settle down with him. He is very cute tho and he has a huge cock so he will give me the best sex ever. The end of the day will go to Edward, he is a widower and he’s old as hell so we won’t be fucking but he will be the most generous of them all so I can’t wait! What are your plans tomorrow?

I made him a girl

best phone sexMy friend’s son is a weak little young man that always seemed to be more girl than boy to me. He dressed all flamboyantly and I could see him checking out boys but she just refused to believe it. She wanted me to make him a man, you know, fuck him and suddenly give him a lust for pussy but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. He was clearly more interested in my clothes than in me so I turned the tables and dressed him up instead of fucking him. He loved it! I made him look like a sexy little whore and he was so happy that he almost cried. All that was left was to get him a man. So I called up a friend and had him come over and share his giant black dick with my little sissy friend and let me tell you that little sissy was so happy! He sucked that giant black dick like a pro and when it came time to popping her lil cherry she was eager and took it like a champ! My friend wasn’t very happy to have a sissy dick loving son but she is just going to have to get over it and accept that he loves sucking dick!

My new job

best phone sexI had a job interview yesterday for a really upscale office and I wanted to get in there bad. The pay is great and there’s a huge potential to move up and if that wasn’t enough the boss there is sexy as hell. When he called me into his office I almost couldn’t speak. He was so sexy standing there in his suit, he just oozed masculinity and charm and my panties were so wet I was afraid that my pussy juice would start running down my leg! He could totally tell I was turned on, I’m sure he saw that my nipples were rock hard thru my thin blouse. He put his papers down and told me that he wanted to do an nontraditional interview with me, he said that he was very attracted to me and would I be willing to have a different kind of job there, one that focused on his sexual needs instead. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I hopped down to my knees and started sucking that dick right away. Then he fucked me on his desk and I was hired! I can tell that this will be a job I will enjoy for a long time!

I got a little drunk

best phone sexI got a little drunk last night and things got a little crazy. I ended up stripping on the bar in front of everyone, all the men were looking at me and I was loving it. I had my pick of them all and I was going to be choosy as fuck. I was looking for the sexiest guy there with the biggest dick and finally I found him. He didn’t say a word he just came right up to me and kissed me deep, it was hot as fuck. My knees were weak, my pussy was so wet and all I wanted was him inside me. I couldn’t wait to get home so I pulled him into the bathroom and hopped up on the sink so he could fuck me. He shoved it in balls deep and pounded me until I was cumming and screaming and it was just amazing! I took him home with me too and we fucked all night long.

Date night turned naughty

best phone sexI’ve been dating a new guy lately and last night he took me out to play pool. It was really fun but there was nothing but men around and I was getting a little excited and kind of drunk so I was going a little wild. My boyfriend was encouraging it too, he loves seeing other men checking me out like that. Well, as the night went on and I got drunker I started to strip and before I really even knew what I was doing I was on the pool table totally naked and masturbating for a crowd of horny men. My boyfriend was rock hard so he didn’t let me masturbate for long before he pulled that rock hard cock out and fucked me right there in front of everyone. They were all standing around jerking their cocks while he fucked me and I was the center of attention and I loved it!

He learned real quick

cuckold phone sexThis wimpy little man with a tiny penis learned real quick that I did not want to fuck him at all. He kept on trying but seriously? Why would a woman like me ever need to fuck a man like that? He was short and skinny and his dick looked like the eraser on the end of a pencil. It was literally the smallest dick I had ever seen in my life! Like for real, I actually laughed my ass off when he pulled his pants down, I laughed so hard I almost peed! He was all offended but I just told him to shut up and take me shopping. He was a little reluctant but I told him that he could either go away and never be around me again or he could buy me whatever I wanted and maybe be allowed to lick my perfect pussy after a real man had fucked it. Obviously he chose to take me shopping… I am still deciding whether or not I will let him lick my pussy, I’m gonna make him really earn it first.

He was set up

cuckold phone sexA friend of mine set up her husband with me so that I could show him his place in life. He has a tiny unsatisfying cock and she was fed up with him acting like it was the best thing on earth. So she sent him to me and I took him down a peg or two. I humiliated him by laughing at him. I told him that his dick was too small to satisfy anyone and his wife had been faking it for years. He didn’t believe me at first but once she came out and told him the same thing he changed his tune real quick. She finally let out all that frustration on him and at long last his attitude finally changed. She made him her bitch with my help and we turned him into the little cucky bitch he was meant to be, he even fluffed up her lover can you believe it? Now she finally has a happier marriage all thanks to me.

His dick was so small

cuckold phone sexUgh I hate man with little dicks, they are so useless! They really should know that they are useless too but some men honestly seem surprised when I laugh at them. This guy seemed great at first, he had money and took me out to a great restaurant but once we went back to my place and he took his pants off things went way downhill. I couldn’t help it I laughed like crazy when I saw that tiny dick of his and he had the nerve to get all offended! That thing was barely 2 inches long how could he not know that women need more than that?? I couldn’t have been the only woman to ever laugh at that dick. Anyway he was all mad but I just kept on laughing and called a friend of mine with a real cock to come over. I made him compare his tiny useless little dick to my friend’s huge one and when he saw that he actually cried can you believe that shit? I laughed the whole time my friend was fucking me and then I made him clean up my cum filled pussy too.

I was such a fun trip

best phone sexMy sugar daddy took me on the vacation of a lifetime and I had so much fun! We sailed on his yacht, went to 5 star resorts and did so much shopping I’m surprised that his credit cards didn’t light on fire. It was amazing but my very favorite parts were all the sex. He would find me big sexy black men to fuck while he watched and let me tell you it was hot as fuck. He found me some really hot studs with huge cocks, sometimes more than one at a time too! See, my sugar daddy has a cock that doesn’t work at all,it’s not small it just won’t get hard so he watches me fuck all kinds of other men and gets his satisfaction from that. I’m not complaining tho I get to have it all and I love every second of it.

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