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Foot fetishes are why you spoil this sexy princess

When you have pretty toes, guys pay you for their nasty Foot fetishes. I have an old daddy that comes to me and wants to worship my pretty feet. “While I count the money you brought me daddy why don’t you kiss me feet”. Then you pucker up and start French kissing me like I asked you to. Your hard cock poking out your pants tells me you love this.

Before you get ready to cum you must spoil your princess. “Sugar daddy please lick my holes and spoil me even more”. I ask as I wiggle my toes in your mouth. Whenever I do that, you will do anything I want. First, I stand up and I pull my panties down. Then I bend over and spread my pretty ass cheeks for you. “Come on show me how hungry you are daddy”.

Foot fetishes

Your tongue wiggles up and down my slit and it always makes me cum in your wealthy old man mouth. I just spread my Sexy legs more so you can get right into my spit and boom! “Swallow all of my juices and I will let you fuck my pretty feet. That did it for you, you licked all my juices up. Finally, you got what you wanted. You stroked your cock in between my toes until you coated my feet with semen.

Sissy humiliation from a Sexy babe like is what you need

I love when a sissy bitch comes to me for Sissy humiliation fun. A hottie like me laughs and gets a tickle seeing how pathetic you look in panties and stockings. You pay me because you are a little dick bitch, who could never please a sexy chick like me. Instead, you get fucked by big cock with my help. First put on your sluttiest outfit, you have to match my swag to be around me. Then we will go out to lure big dicks to come use you.

“We will use my pretty face and sexy body to tease them”. Since they are drunk, they think you are just an ugly bitch. “Get on your knees and suck their fat dicks” I say when we get back to my place. “Oh yeah, the ugly bitches better know how to suck dick very well” one of them says as we all laugh. Then your mouth takes their hard cocks one after the other. As they have their eyes rolling to the back of their head, I say “she sucks good dick for a sissy dude”.

Then I laugh as I see their eyes open up. “This is a sissy whoreboy sucking our dicks?” “Yes, it is, look her pathetic dicky is hard from eating your cock meat” I respond.  After you both hear those words, you get up and push my sissy slut trick on the ground. “Get down on your knees like a doghoe” they say as her sissy panties are being ripped off. It was fun to watch you getting fucked by them in both your holes and knowing you paid this Sexy babe to make you do it.

Sexy legs open for sugar daddies money

Men love seeing my Sexy legs spread open. That is why they spoil me and make me into their paid princess. Older daddies really love when they watch me strip. That is why I got a stripper pole in my room. You will bring a wad of cash just to watch me dance for you. I love to tease you and deny that I am just to make your blood rise.

“Don’t you love this sexy dress baby” I say as I slide it off my body. Then you threw some money in the air for me just to see me bounce and smile. I bend over in front of your face showing you this sexy ass. “Sweet sugar daddy makes that money rain on my ass while I shake it for you”. Like a good, sweet daddy, you let more money fall on my ass.

Sexy legs

After that it is easy to slide everything off for you and offer my ass for you to lick. You know your sugar baby has an Ass fetish and needs you to lick her so good. “Please money daddy lick my little booty hole and make my kitty cum”. Then you pull that cock out and stroke it while licking this booty hole.

Besides your money all i want is for you to lick my ass until i cream your face. Your tongue flicks faster and faster the harder you jerk off. Finally, I squirt all over your face and you cream all over your hands. You use your cummy hands to grab the rest of the money you have for me and hand me cum filled Bemjamins.

Erotic roleplaying with a sexy therapist is what you want

I love Erotic roleplaying and I have a guy who needs his sexy therapist to help him. “Please help me, I have thought about fucking my sister for a long time” is what I hear as I sit in my therapist chair. “I have different methods of therapy and you have to be very willing” I responded to him. While you nod, I start taking my clothes off.

“I am your sister now” is what you needed to hear. Your cock pokes out your pants and just like you want your sister to do, I pull your dick out and right away suck on the head of your cock. “Oh, sis I have been thinking about this for so long” is all you can say as I suck you hard cock down my throat.

My pussy starts twitching when I think about you wanting your sister this bad. “Why don’t you show me exactly what you have been wanting? “I encourage him to do so. Then he stands up and without a word pushes me down on the therapy chair lifting my skirt and ripping my panties off.

Erotic roleplaying

“You need to let me fuck you and get you pregnant sis” is what he moaned out as he slammed his cock in my cunt. “Keep going, take all your frustrations out on my cunt” is what I moaned out as his therapist. The idea is for him to take out his fantasies and frustrations with me. So, he can be normal around his sister. That is the job of a therapist to help you work through things.

Finally, I felt your cock start to fill me up. I sat down on my chair and asked” so how do you feel now. Then I spread my Sexy legs showing my cunt drip with your semen. You love when I play your therapist and do nasty fantasies with you. That is why I am your favorite sugar baby.

Foot fetishes are what my feet were made for

I have always been spoiled and paid because of my pretty feet; they are perfect for Foot fetishes. That is because keep them painted and use them to jack you off so good. Last night my favorite feet guy came over with his fat wallet. He is short but standing on his wallet makes him tall. Main reason why he loves feet is because when he was a young lad his mama would have him rub her feet.

While her legs were spread, he would stare at her mommy cunt. You could see the outline of her pussy through her clothes, especially when she had a dress on, he stared and her panties. First, I sit with my legs spread just like his mama. Then he starts by lotion his hands up. As you rub my feet you stare into my spread sexy legs looking for my pussy. “Good boy, keep rubbing mommy” once you hear that your cock is hard and poking through your clothes.

Foot fetishes

Take that cock out for mommy and stoke it in between mommy’s toes. Your smile makes me giggle as you start humping my feet. Keep going don’t stop until you give mommy that special lotion for her feet. After you hear that you Starr fucking my feet even faster. Finally, you tense up and start squirting your thick load of semen on my feet. Now rub it in and make mommies feet really soft. 

Forced crossdressing for a new fuck barbie

I love to put my leather on and have Forced crossdressing fun with a guy. They meet me and think they can pay me to do whatever they want, but sometimes I turn it around and dominate them. First i make you get on your knees, worship my feet and tell you are mine now! I wiggle my toes as you kiss them. Get up hoe I have something I want you to wear.

Then your eyes open wide as you look at the pink lingerie, I have pulled out for you. Don’t hesitate now, you belong to me. The way your body trembles as you put the lingerie on, gets my cunty excited. Then I grab my doubled sided strap-on. As I slide it deep in my aunty, I make you like my asshole. I have an Ass fetish and need my pretty rose bud licked. After I will make you into my bitch and you will submit to me like a good slut.

Forced crossdressing

Open your mouth and lube my strap cock. Bend over and tell me you are my new fuck barbie. “I’m your new fuck barbie”, you scream out as I slam my cock deep inside you. The way I will pound you will have you walking with a switch to your hips, like all hoes do. While I’m fucking you hard, my pussy is getting fucked hard too.

There’s nothing better than making you submit and using you to make my pussy squirt. That clitty looks like it wants to cum sissy slut, fuck me back and I will let you cum too. Finally, you fucked me back hard like i needed you too and my Shaved wet pussy squirted all over. “Cum now you fuck barbie” is what you needed to hear. Your clitty leaked all over your lingerie and you fell to the ground.

Sexy women masturbating are what my new play guy likes

My professor had something for Sexy women masturbating. I found out because I caught him jerking off to it after class on his phone. I didn’t say anything until I saw he was about to blast his load. Are you about to cum professor? The shock hit your body and the adrenaline rush made your cock shoot your load all over your face. Naughty professor did you cream all over yourself. Pick your mouth off the ground, I won’t tell your secret.

Sexy women masturbating

Just give me good grades and give me an allowance. Then in return I will help you bust a big load whenever you need to. You really must like a pussy being finger banged. Nothing comes out of your mouth as I climb on top of your desk. Come on professor, don’t be scared lick my cunt. You already got to cum hard, make me cum too. I bend over and spread my Sexy legs and round ass cheeks. After that your tongue was deep in my ass. My fetish involves my ass getting licked.

Since you like watching pussy being masturbated you can get a close up look, while tongue fucking my ass. “Wiggle wiggle your tongue baby, I’m so very close”. That shit made you go harder and harder. Finally, I started squirting all over your face. Swallow me professor! The sounds of my juices slurping in your mouth is exactly what I love to hear. Now professor, let’s talk about my allowance that I want every week. 

Ass fetish and thick stringy Cum on boobs is what I get

I’m going to have you come over to use you for my Ass fetish. Lick it hard baby you know how wet that gets me. “Lay down and let me ride your face”. Having my ass bounce on your tongue gets that cock of yours hard. Your coc needs my mouth just like my ass needs your tongue. My juices flow down your mouth just like you pre-cum drips on my lips. “Push your tongue deeper into my ass baby, don’t stop”.

Ass fetish

Knowing I have a fetish makes you lick my ass more and more. You want me to cum all over your mouth so you can use me to bust your big load. I’m your slut princess, that is why you financially support all my needs. Because I am the nasty hottie your wife isn’t. My kitty cat was wet and ready to cum from you licking my ass. You could feel it in your mouth too. Pussy juices sprayed your entire face, and you took it like a champ. You moan out for me to use my tits and I use them to tease you.

That cock is squeezed between them, and I bounce my chest up and down, like I did my asshole on your tongue. Thick gooey Cum on boobs is what I end up with when you come around and that is what I got. Then your cock started exploding all over my big boobs. What a cum shot huh baby? You gave me a thicker gooey nut than you usually do. Is there any more left for me? Is all you hear as i start grinding my ass on your mouth again. 

Sexy women masturbating with an Ass fetish is all you need

When you have been turned down by so many sexy women, you will do anything to get to see Sexy women masturbating. That is why you came to me, you needed to have attention and girlfriend experience from a sexy slut like me. As long as you spoil me you will get what you want. You have a certain type of fetish, and I am the perfect fit for it.

Sexy women masturbation

I will be your princess slut and let you have your dreams come true. When the payment comes through, I split my legs for you. I play with my cunt while you watch and see me finger my cunt. I love spreading it for you and having you see how far I can get my fingers in my cunt. It makes you think about how deep you can get in my cunt or asshole. Once you have surrendered your wallet, I bend over and let you have my asshole.

You want to lick me because you know I have an Ass fetish. Licking my asshole gets me wet and you will do anything to please me. That is what you did last night. You licked my asshole over and over until I squirted on your face. Didn’t you feel good baby? making me cum. It is what you needed, to know you are worthy of being with sexy sluts like me. It is worth emptying your wallet and submitting to a sexy dommy slut like me. ooh yess baby give me that big load is what I want.

Spoil me for my Ass fetish

Guys spoil me and treat me like a princess because I have an Ass fetish. I will make you submit to me and kiss my pretty ass. It will be easy for me to just spread my ass cheeks open. You better lick my asshole baby. It is what I like, and you just want to please me and keep me happy. That is because I am the hottie I couldn’t get, the one you want to kiss and lick her feet. You know what makes me happy and that’s licking my whole ass and handing your wallet over. You already gave me everything in it but now I want more. I want you to transfer some love to my account and I’ll let you lick and kiss my feet. It is what you like because you have Foot fetishes. You smell them and kiss them and once the transfer goes through, I stuff my toes in your mouth and make sure that you suck on them like little dickies. That is what you do for your princess, and she will spoil you with her feet until you get to fuck them and bust a big load all over them.

Ass fetish