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this hottie will use you for her Ass fetish

Since I have an Ass fetish, I make all my lovers lick my bootyhole. Since I am your spoiled princess, I just have to bend over and spread my ass cheeks for you to lick me. Right away you dive in like a hungry bitch. I can feel your tongue flicking over and over on my asshole. But then I feel your hands running up down my thighs and touching my feet. “Do you miss my pretty toes?” I ask while you keep licking me.

Ass fetish

After I bit more of licking, you beg “Please, my sugar hottie let me kiss your feet” you beg as I keep using your mouth. “If you want to kiss my feet, you have to let me use you to try out my new toy” I say mischievously. You shake your head in agreement. That is when I sit back and shove my toes in your mouth. “Suck them like you want your cock sucked” I say as I wiggle my toes in your mouth.

Seeing how much it excites you, makes me ready to use you. Since you spoil me, I get to let my dominant side out. After my feet are sloppy wet, I rub them all over your face and walk to my room. After I come in you see me wearing a big lubed up strap on cock. “Now spread your ass, I will test it out on you now” I say as I rub my strap on your man pussy.

Then I push inside you. You moan out in pleasure and pain. That just makes me want to fuck you even more. Therefore, I pound you hard over and over. Having a hottie use your man pussy after sucking on her toes since you have Foot fetishes, makes you cum hard and you spray all over my floor. “Now clean it up and get home” I say as I pull my big strap cock out your man pussy.

Sexy babe gets paid to make you suck cock and wear her panties

When a Sexy babe like me has a cuckold sugar daddy who likes being my dress up barbie doll, I have fun dressing you up fun on the weekends. First you come over and right away I take my panties off. “Put them on” I demand of you. That’s because I know you like to wear my sexy panties. Especially mine because they have my pussy sent on them.

Sexy babe

“Don’t they feel good on your clitty?” I ask as you hand me my allowance over. We have a guest coming over. Once he arrives, I can see you checking him out while your ass wiggles in my girly panties. “Since my makeup is too sexy, you will fluff up his cock for me” I say while filing my nails a bit. Therefore, you get on your knees and start sucking cock. You suck it like a nasty whore who is making money. 

But instead, you pay me to dress you up like a slut and make you suck cock. As soon as I see his mouth leaking with precum, I slam my pussy on his dick. “Watch as I make every inch of his dick disappear into my pussy” I say as I bounce up and down on his dick. Your mouth waters even more and I laugh and say, “sorry you wish it were your pussy he was fucking?”. You nod your head and that is when I grab it and shove it close to his ass.

“Lick his asshole and milk his prostate into my pussy” I moan out. Therefore, you lick away and I can tell he is loving it because he starts fucking me even hard. Then my pussy tightened up and I started squirting all over your face. “I’m about to nut keep licking my asshole bitch” he said as I felt his cock start to pump inside me. You then spent the rest of the night cleaning the cum off his dick and my cunt. Even the cum that dripped down my Sexy legs. You got to watch me fuck and you clean up the mess like a good cuckold sissy maid.

Real voyeur sex is all my sugar daddy wants

Some men love Real voyeur sex. So, they pay a hottie like me to give it to them my cuckold sugar daddy gives me a weekly allowance. First, I have to wear a sexy dress and never any panties. “When you bend over, I want to be able to see that pussy” he says as he hands me over my allowance. “Today I want you to pick up a guy at the bar” he instructs me to do.

Real voyeur sex

“Fuck him on top of the car in the parking lot, like a whore” he says to me while winking. Just like you asked went to the bar. There I found a bbc bull who was and handsome. I could see you were watching from afar, so I took his fingers and slid them under my dress. As he rubbed my cunty you watched while stroking your cock under the table.

I knew it was time to give you what you want. After whispering in his ear that I was ready for more fun, he started following me outside. “Where’s your car?” I asked. Therefore, he took me to it and opened the door. “No babe fuck me here now” I said as I bent over the hood of his car and spread my Sexy legs. I could see you standing by another car watching as he started ramming his big black cock inside me.

“Fuck me hard, use me like a sexy fuck doll” I said as I looked at you in your eyes while you joked of to me getting fucked onto of the car. Finally, my pussy started squirting and he started filling my cunt up. After he popped his dick out my dripping pussy, he asked “want to head to my place?”. “Only if my friend could come” I responded while pointing at you with your cock in hand.

Cum on boobs is what you will clean up

When I get Cum on boobs, I call my favorite sissy bitch. He loves the taste of nut and that is why I have him always come over to clean me up. When I know I will be having a fun night of fucking my sissy bitch comes right over. “First I want you to fluff him for me,” I said teasingly. “My lipstick is too expensive for me to be sucking cock. Then right away he got on his knees in front of my fuck buddy and started slurping on his cock.

Cum on boobs

“You were hungry for cock today, but you won’t get his nut yet” I said laughing. Then I pulled my panties off and spread my legs. “Lick my ass and cunt, make it wet for his cock”. Since I love getting my ass licked, I make my sissy bitch lick it for me. That’s because I have an Ass fetish. “Wiggle your tongue” I say as I push my ass on his mouth even more. As soon as my cunt was leaking, I slammed my wet pussy on my playmate’s cock.

“Lick his ass lick i make you lick mine” I moan out as I ride his dick. When he was about to cum, I jumped off his ready to explode dick. Then he started spraying my tits with his big load. “Now clean my tits” I say to my sissy bitch friend. Just like that he starts licking the cum off my boobs. Once I was all clean my playmate was ready to fuck again but I wasn’t going to use my pussy. I was going to use my sissy bitch maid’s pussy. 

I get to be a Naughty teacher for young sugar daddy

I love when I can be a Naughty teacher for a young wealthy entrepreneur. “Teach me to make you cum with my tongue,” he begged. “Since you spoil me so well, I will teach you everything”. First you always need to learn to start by worshiping a hottie like me. Since you can afford me to teach you, tonight you will learn how to lick my pretty little rosebud. Therefore, I started to undress.

“You will follow my instructions and if you do well, I will reward you” I say, teasing him with my ass in his face. After I spread my sexy ass cheeks I said, “take your tongue and start flicking and teasing my asshole” I instructed him. Right away you do as I say. “Good job” I moan as I wiggle my ass in your face. My favorite part is that you need a teacher.

Naughty teacher

You aren’t experienced but have the money to do whatever you want. Plus, I have my own needs. I have an Ass fetish and I drip when I get my ass licked. “Push your tongue up inside my asshole” I said over and over. Finally, your tongue pushed inside me.

“Fuck my ass with your tongue!” I screamed as my pussy clenched and started squirting everywhere. “Wow I could make your pussy squirt if I just fuck you with my tongue?” You asked as you stroked your hard cock. “Yes, and I will show you how you can come from just me touching you” I teased him with my hand on his young rod. I spent the whole night roleplaying and teaching him all I wanted

Sexy legs will spread for the money

You can make any pair of Sexy legs spread wide open for you if you have a big enough wallet. Since you want to end the year with fucking the hottie of your dreams. The more you spoil me the nastier I get. “I want to use your toes on my cock” you say as you give me my roses. “You can lick any part of me” I tease and giggle as I strip down. Then I sat on the couch.

Sexy legs

“Kiss my pretty feet and worship them” I demand of you. If I dominate you, I remind you of the bossy hottie in high school you wanted to fuck but never could. Now you can and you love knowing you can have whatever you want with me. “The way your pussy looks from this angle makes my cock rock hard” you say as you lift my feet to your mouth.

“Suck on my toes like you want to suck on my clit” I tease once again. After that you slurp my toes up while stroking your cock. Before you bust your load, I will make you lick my asshole. That is because I have an Ass fetish. If you lick my asshole, it gets my cunty really wet. You don’t mind licking me from my feet and working your way up to my ass.

After you lick my pretty ass for a bit my cunt drips down my legs. “You taste like you are ready for my cock” you say beggingly. “Claim your price and fuck my cunty” I say as I wiggle my ass for you. Therefore, you quickly jump up and start poking my wet twat with your hard sugar daddy cock. After I feel you pump your cock in my hole, I bounce my pussy back at you. I will give you the ride you have been wanting. By the end of the night, you will get all your money’s worth.

Erotic roleplaying has me being naughty cousin

I love Erotic roleplaying with my sugar daddies during the holidays. On Christmas he wanted me to be his sexy cousin that he has been wanting to fuck like when they were young. “I haven’t seen you since we were teen brats” he says to me as he hugs me. Then he whispers in my ear “last time we saw each other you let me cum in your ass”.

I don’t mind the roleplay because he pays me very well. “Yes, I remember, you knocked me up that night,” I said jokingly. “But I got rid of the little bun, so I can stay sexy and keep my pussy tight”. After we spent some time with the family, he pulled me into the bathroom. “Your cunt and asshole are all I ever jack off to” my cousin said to me with his cock in hand.

Erotic roleplaying

“First lick my ass like you used to”, I say giggling. After I bent over, he started lapping at my asshole. My cousin knows to lick my ass really well because I have an Ass fetish. Once my cunt was leaking from the licking, he used his hard family penis to rub my clit. His cock was so lubricated. Without too much force, he got his dick inside his cousin’s pussy like he had been wanting.

Therefore, he started fucking me hard. “Oh cousin, how i missed the way your pussy feels” he says moaning out loud. Since I know what my cousin likes, I bounced my pussy back on him. Finally, he started pumping in my cunt his thick load of semen. “You took every drop like you did when we were young”. He loves to roll play about his time with his cousin. Then he gave me a fat money bag as my gift before leaving.

Ass sex porn is what I made with my sissy

I love making Ass sex porn with my sissy bitch sugar daddies. They spoil me and just wants one thing big dick. “You will wear this dress and look like a hooker whore” I say to him as he gives me and envelop full of money. Therefore, I get excites and call my bbc bull friend over. “I have a sissy hole to milk your cock tonight” I say eagerly as you get dressed.

Once he comes in, I tell you to “Open your mouth and greet him with the back of your throat”. “Yes mistress” you respond as you get your sissy ass on your knees. Once you open your mouth and take his big black dick in it, I pull out my camera. “Fuck his sissy ass” I shout out as I start filming. He starts smiling as you wiggle your ass in the air.

Ass sex porn

“Please fuck me for my paid mistress” my sissy sugar daddy begs over and over. “Spread your ass for the camera” I laugh and giggle. Then my bbc bull friend shoved his cock deep in his ass. Therefore, I got closer with camera and zoomed in to him pounding his asshole.

 My sissy sugar daddy begged over and over to get filled up. When my bbc bull fills him up, I zoom right in to see all the semen being pumped in him and spraying out. That is the best part of Sexy chicks, you can pay them to do anything you need. Even get you fucked by a big black cock. 

You don’t mind paying me for Great blowjobs

When you pay for the hottie of your dreams you get Great blowjobs. Since I’m the hottie you have dreamt about since your high-school days, you will pay me anything so I could be yours. “You are so hot I just want to taste you” you say as you transfer money to my account. After that you say, “I love spoiling you even with my tongue”.

Once I notice the money in my account, I bend over in front of you and spread my ass. “Lick my asshole if you are hungry” I say to you with a smile on my face. Therefore, you start licking me hard like you are starving. Then I feel your tongue slip into my asshole. What I love doing is rubbing my clit while you lick my ass. It makes me drip and be so wet.

Great blowjobs

“I’ll give you anything you want just let me fuck you” you say begging into my ass.  Therefore, I ask for triple my allowance. Once I get it, I lay back and spread my legs. You start kissing my pretty feet and work your way up my Sexy legs.

After you lick my cunt for a bit, you eagerly stuff me with your dick. Then your balls tighten up and you start shooting your cum inside me. No wonder you have to pay for me to let you fuck, is all I can think of. At least I have much more money. 

Erotic roleplaying with my nasty sugar daddy

When I have my sugar daddy who loves Erotic roleplaying come over, I get excited. He always had fun roles for me to play. “Tonight, you will be my sexy slutty teacher that I always wanted to fuck” he says while groping my tits. First, I bend over my desk to make sure you can see my sexy ass and wet pussy since I didn’t have any panties on.

Erotic roleplaying

“You need to earn some extra credit if you want to pass my class” I say to my young student. Then I spread my legs and pointed to my pussy. “Eat me like you are hungry and I will start giving you credit for your missing assignments” I say eagerly. Right away he started licking me like a thirsty pupboy. “You are doing great but don’t forget my pretty rosebud” I say while pushing his head down.

Since I am a nasty slut with an Ass fetish, I like getting my ass licked. I want your tongue deep in my asshole. “Flick your tongue hard if you want to pass my class”. Therefore, you start licking me faster and faster. Then I rub my clit hard. Which always makes me squirt. Finally, when I do, you have a big smile on your face and say, “does this mean u pass the class?”. “Yes, I think you get a passing grade” I say while laughing.