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Edgeplay phone sex for my shift

Edgeplay phone sex

Have you ever heard of sexual Edgeplay phone sex? Well to be honest it’s something that transcends time and space. It’s that feeling that you get when you are working towards an orgasm of epic proportions. My teacher was telling me about how he had heard of edgeplay and he wanted to try it out. So I invited him over to watch me edge play while I was doing phone sex. Needless to say it was a hard lesson that day. I told him the best way to experience it was to watch me while I was on the phones. We aren’t allowed to have anyone in the room so he had to be very quiet and not touch anything. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t touch anything. Being it is I have a sweet horny wet cunt I had to lift up my summer dress and feel that filthy kitty. Snatching my fingers around to curl into that twat I found it to be so very wet. He wasn’t supposed to touch his cock. The hardest lessons take the longest to learn.

You have Foot fetishes, come my way baby I love my toes sucked

I love when a guy has foot fetishes. He worships your feet, and it is so fun. One of my fuck buddies loves to get my feet done and will make sure when I get home, I don’t have to walk on them at all. He gets on his knees and gives me a massage, even kisses them. They are not normal kisses either. He tongue fucks my feet, licks them from the top to the bottom and sucks every single one of my toes. The way he does that gets my Shaved wet pussy ready to be licked. I bent over and he did exactly what he was doing to my toes and sucked on my clit. It got me even wetter, that is when he stuck his tongue in my asshole. He licked my ass fast and it got me weak. He knows how I have an Ass fetish and getting my asshole licked and fucked makes me cum so hard.

Foot fetishes

That is when I came so hard all over his face. He just jacked off and licked up every drop of my cunty juices. I took my feet and squeezed his balls until he started spraying his cum all over them. My secret to soft feet is thick hot gooey semen.

Foot fetishes and Ass Fetish With Your Favorite Sexy Dominatrix

Foot fetishes is what my new little sissy bitch has. I make him worship my feet. First, he wears his sissy maid outfit for his Sissy maid training and gets a bowl of warm soapy water. He rubs my feet and licks every toe before I dip them in the water. He makes sure to wash them really well before giving me a lotion massage.

Foot fetishes

He does it so good it is like he is jacking off my toes like little dicks. I make him keep my feet bath water to use for his tea. His foot fetishes made him take a big gulp then and there. When we were done, I took my panties off and I bent over for him to lick my ass because I have an Ass fetish and he is my sissy bitch who needs to do what I ask. I am his Sexy dominatrix and will make sure you have Sissy maid stories to go home with and think about, so when I am not around, and you need to play with your clitty.

Used His Sissy Maid’s Mouth

One of my playmates brought his sissy maid bitch. He has trained him very well, greeting me with his mouth to my feet. He kissed and licked my heels like a good bitch too. He was wearing lace sissy panties, the type of lacey ones I wear. He told me to use his sissy as I pleased. He just wanted to watch. I made his start by giving my sexy feet a massage with his mouth. 

Roleplay phone sex

I made him suck every toe as if he was sucking a cock. I looked over and my playmate was stroking his cock getting it hard. He loves my sexy feet and kisses them himself. I spread my legs and his sissy bitch knew to start licking my cunt. He sucked on my clit and stuck his tongue in my wet pussy so good I thought I was going to cum, but I knew my playmate was enjoying the show so much that I wanted it to last longer. I got up and bent over and spread my ass cheeks, he started lapping my asshole like a puppy bitch and i could see how hard it made my playmates cock. He always loves fucking my asshole, he got up and stuck his hard cock in between his sissy’s tongue and my asshole. He rubbed his hard cock on both of us and my cunt dripped down my legs. He rubbed his cock all over my pussy juices and then pushed his cock in my ass. He grabbed his sissie’s face and shoved it to his ass. He got his asshole licked as he fucked mine and all i wanted was to cum. I rubbed my clit while getting fucked in the ass and i came hard. My playmate felt my pussy cum, he filled my ass with his big load. His sissy maid whore spent the rest of the time cleaning my asshole and his cock.

Asshole Fucking With Daniella

Ass fetish

Do you have an Ass fetish? I do! I love when my ass gets licked and fingered. Especially when I have a long hard cock deep inside my asshole filling me up. My last date we did some erotic roleplaying and while he licked my asshole I played with my clit. I stroked his cock with my feet until he started leaking, I know he loves that. I rubbed my toes all on his balls even rubbed my big toe on his asshole. I pushed my big toe right in his tight asshole. I wiggled my toe in his ass while he stroked his cock. I then pulled my foot away and bent over so he could fuck me hard. I knew what he wanted, to be deep in my asshole. So, I spread my ass cheeks for him. I could see his mouth watering as he rubbed his cock on my asshole opening. With a hard push he was balls deep in my ass. He fucked me hard until I felt his cock pulsing and pumping nut in me. When he was done, he just laid me waiting for his cock to pop out my ass.  

Fucking Toes And Cuckold Sex

Edgeplay phone sex

My last boyfriend had a huge foot fetish. He loved sucking my toes and having me jack his cock off with my feet. We didn’t stop there I would rub his balls with my toes, and I even pushed my big toe in his asshole while he stroked his cock. His cock was not as big as I was used to, so we brought in a BBC to fuck me all the fucking time. As I got fucked by a big black cock my ex-boyfriend would come over and suck my toes and feet while watching me get fucked. He would even stroke his cock and spray my tits with his cum. It felt so good getting pounded by a big dick that I didn’t mind roleplaying with he just wanted to see my feet in different shoes or stockings. If I had stockings on, I would stroke his cock, edging him until he would cream all over my feet. 

My Clients Love Erotic Roleplaying

Sexy babe

Erotic roleplaying is part of what I love doing with my clients. I love putting some Ass sex porn on and doing our kinky roleplays. It excites my clients when I play any role they ask for. Ill finger my asshole as we watch the porn on tv and do our kinky roles. I have even used my feet to stroke their cock. They love my pretty toes and how good my feet look stroking at their leaking dick and playing with their balls. When my client is ready, I will bend over and let him choose the hole he wants to fill up. Most pick my asshole. They love watching my asshole ooze with their gooey nut. Sometimes they will cum from me just stroking their hard dicks with my feet. Either way no matter what we do I get to have fun doing role plays and having all the orgasms I can have plus I get paid a lot.  

Foot Fetishes

Foot fetishesI took a visit to my parents this weekend and I got the pleasure of meeting one of my fathers work friends. He seemed to have a lot of money, I am not one to be a “gold digger”. However he did offer me a trip to Italy and to get me a bag I have always wanted. I normally wouldn’t take such gifts, but he was a handsome man and I have to admit my pussy was wet thinking what we could do on his private plan. I sat at the table and started to rub my pussy at dinner. I could not even focus on food, I wanted him. I wanted to fuck him for a trip and a bag. I think he noticed by my flushed face and my eyes rolling back that I needed a release. He asked if he could show me his car outside. I got up, fingers soaking wet, and followed him to his car. As soon as we got to the front yard my back quickly met the pavement and my pussy quickly met his hard cock. He was not at all what I expected. I expected his cock to match his wallet. I decided instead of having him inside of me, I wanted to work and please him. I told him to pull out of me and let me fuck his little cock with my feet. He licked my toes and fucked in between them. He fucked them so good! He lathered my pretty little feet in his cum lotion. I demanded that he rub that cum lotion in and massage my pretty little feet! I can not wait to tell him what to do on the private plane, I am just getting started!

dinner reservations

I know that I have to share you with the rest of the world.

You have so many things that take up your time, important meetings, major business deals. So many people pulling you in a million different directions.

I know that I have to wait my turn and I can’t wait until it is that time.

You always make reservations at our favorite restaurant when you get back in town and cum filled cunt mercyI love that you spoil me. But it takes every ounce of my self control to get through dinner. I watch you from my side of the table, so smooth and confident. Just watching you sends a wave of intensity through me that makes me forget to breathe!

All I can think about is getting you home! You know I wont be able to hold back for long as I start to slide my toes along the inside of your thigh. Thank God for long table clothes!

Eventually, I will have to excuse myself in fear that my excitement will start to show through my dress. I can never leave you for even a second without touching you so as always, I would get up and stand behind your chair and bend down to kiss your neck as I slide my hand in your jacket. I pretend to “accidentally” brush your nipple through your shirt. You will laugh as you always do at the thought of me teasing you. But want you don’t realize is this little ritual we have is just an excuse for me to touch you.

I will head to the ladies room and you know that when I return, there is a very good chance that I will have slipped my panties off. You know that I will slip them in your lap with my freshly painted toes as I let my feet brush against your, now throbbing cock.

At that point, you will laugh and tell me how you can’t take me anywhere!

I love this little game we play but…. oh, when we get home!

You know I can’t wait to show you how much I missed you!

Don’t make me wait too long! I bought something silky in your favorite color! I can’t wait to show you!