You have Foot fetishes, come my way baby I love my toes sucked

I love when a guy has foot fetishes. He worships your feet, and it is so fun. One of my fuck buddies loves to get my feet done and will make sure when I get home, I don’t have to walk on them at all. He gets on his knees and gives me a massage, even kisses them. They are not normal kisses either. He tongue fucks my feet, licks them from the top to the bottom and sucks every single one of my toes. The way he does that gets my Shaved wet pussy ready to be licked. I bent over and he did exactly what he was doing to my toes and sucked on my clit. It got me even wetter, that is when he stuck his tongue in my asshole. He licked my ass fast and it got me weak. He knows how I have an Ass fetish and getting my asshole licked and fucked makes me cum so hard.

Foot fetishes

That is when I came so hard all over his face. He just jacked off and licked up every drop of my cunty juices. I took my feet and squeezed his balls until he started spraying his cum all over them. My secret to soft feet is thick hot gooey semen.

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