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Ass Fetish Expert Teaches You Anilingus Acrobatics

Ass Fetish Turns You Into an Anilingus Acrobat

As an expert in ass fetish fun, it’s my job to turn you into an anilingus acrobat. You never thought you would like eating ass. But you forget everything when you have a beautiful woman with her legs in front of you. Start slowly. Devour my cunt until you’re ready to slide that tongue down to that chocolate starfish. 

ass fetish

Rim my asshole with your tongue and watch me shiver. My moans get more addicting the more you tickle my asshole. Drawing circles around my asshole with your wet tongue. Your cock is still rock hard. You like the way the crinkles of my asshole tease your tongue. And you love watching my toes curl when you drag your tongue up from my tight asshole to my sloppy wet pussy. But I’ve never been a patient woman. We’re going to take your ass fetish to whole new levels. 

Eating Ass Leads To Ass Sex Porn

It’s your turn to lie down on the bed. Your cock is jumping and leaking precum. I think it deserves a little attention. I sit on your face reverse cowgirl. Your tongue is teasing my asshole again and I start stroking your cock. The more I ride your face the more my holes get hungry for that cock. You’re going to use my mouth first. I push your dick balls deep down my throat. From this angle, you can see the slippery wet asshole so much better. 

ass fetish

You don’t even hesitate. You spread my ass cheeks apart and push your face into my asshole. Your tongue pushes it’s way into my ass hole. The tip of your tongue twists and turns in my ass. Then darts back and forth. It looks like I woke up the real ass fetish pervert inside of you. 

You definitely deserve an award for your anilingus acrobatics. I climb off your face and climb on to your cock. You did such a good job of lubing up my ass it would be a waste not to use it. I slide my dick on that thick dick. My asshole is still so fucking tight, but the spit leaking from my asshole is perfect for making it nice and slippery. I can ride your dick like this all night. 

Phone Humiliation Is Perfect for Foot & Ass Licking Losers

You Beg for Phone Humiliation

Phone humiliation is for pathetic losers with little cocks. You know you deserve to be treated like you’re the dirt stuck to the bottom of my shoe. With your pathetic little foot fetish you have, I bet you wish you were the dirt underneath my shoe. How about we start there. Lay down on the floor and I’ll step into my sexiest heels.

I won’t step on you until you start begging for it. I want to hear the pathetic moaning and see that cute dicklet starting to throb. You’re going to have to lick my shoes to prove how badly you want it. Only the most pathetic little pet can take their foot fetishes that far. When I’m satisfied with the way you polish my heel, I’ll finally give you the privilege of stepping on you. My heel digs in deep, but you like the little bit of pain when I put all my weight down on you. I use my other heel to tease your cock.

phone humiliation

Mistress Mercy Satisfies Your Ass and Foot Fetishes

I laugh at how small it is. Then I laugh at how desperate you are. Your tiny prick looks so swollen> I was hoping it would get bigger at some point, but it’s obvious you’re not a grower or a shower. Since you can’t make me cum with that tiny cock, then I’ll have to use your tongue instead.

I spread my sexy legs and take a seat on your face. Then I tell you to put your filthy tongue inside my asshole. You’re lucky that you even get to do that. Clean that dirty shit hole like the pathetic pet you are. I keep teasing your cock with my heels. The moment I wrap my hand around your cock and start to stroke you’re cumming all over yourself. Tiny and sensitive. The way I like my little playthings.

Small dick humiliation is the cruel reminder you deserve

Small dick humiliationHello, mortals. Looking for Small dick humiliation? Good thing you found me, the illustrious and sultry Mistress Lena. You are lucky to have me grace you with my presence! I know, I know, you’re probably trembling in anticipation, wondering what filthy secrets I’ll reveal about my life as a hot, sophisticated domme. Well, wonder no more, for I am here to share with you the ins and outs of being a goddess among men.

Let’s start with the object of your desire, my perfect, heavenly ass. I can feel your eyes devouring it as I walk past you, your tongue begging for just a taste. But alas, you will never have the pleasure of touching or tasting something so divine, for I am far out of your league. My ass is a masterpiece, a work of art that deserves to be worshipped from afar. Bow down, mere mortal, and show some respect.

I know you can’t help but stare at as I saunter by with my Sexy legs!  They are long, toned, and strong as hell. The perfect complement to my round, irresistible ass. I can see the jealousy and envy in your eyes, the way you wish you had legs even half as amazing as mine. But no, you are stuck in your weak, feeble body, while I continue to strut around in my stilettos, flexing my powerful muscles.

And speaking of weak and feeble, let’s talk about your tiny, worthless dick. Yes, I know, I can see the embarrassment and shame on your face, the way you try to hide it when you’re around me. But there’s no point in denying it, for I can see right through you. Your pathetic excuse for a cock is no match for any pussy, I mean how did you become such a lame fucking loser?

You’re style is totally basic, its completely fucking pathetic. You try to play off like you’re a real man but in fact you are just a teeny weeny, short dicked sucker. Good thing you have enough cash to burn for my attention. my fiery, dominant personality will show you how small you truly are pig. 

As your new role as my Sissy humiliation slave, you will have to serve whatever cock I give you. No matter what the grith of the meat, it goes deep in your slutty sissy hole. I know, I know, it sounds like a dream come true for you, doesn’t it? 

You need to be at the mercy of a hot, sophisticated mistress like me, doing my bidding and worshipping my every curve. And believe me, I will make sure to take full advantage of your weakness and obsession with me. I will be sure to dress you in the pinkest, frilliest outfit just to add to the humiliation. And of course, I will make you bend over and take it like the worthless sissy you are, All while I laugh and mock you and your clitty will be begging to bust.

Don’t worry, my dear sissy, I will be fair and just in my domination of you. I will give you the chance to prove yourself to me, to show me that you are worthy of my attention and affection. And who knows, if you’re lucky, I might even let you touch my perfect body, as long as you worship it properly. You need to show the proper amount of respect and devotion. Bow down slave and submit to my will!


Phone sex sites for the young, old, and horny.

          Phone sex sites   Phone sex sites for the young, old, and horny. What category are you? Now it doesn’t really matter. In fact, there are no limits on anyone. You have a fun fetish. Need some professional help. I will give you my professional opinion for no extra charge. These sites are made for everyone. A young man just learning the ropes. Horny old man that likes to be dirty. Well now I will say everyone does like to be dirty occasionally.

            Ultimately the goal is the same which is getting you off. You want to make a big mess and get dirty. After all, when you are horny, looking at the good Dr. Fox is most notably going to bring naughty images to the mind. Like what you are dreaming of doing to me. For the Best phone sex come to my site and look me up.

            Be prepared to cum hard. Have your cock drained as soon as you get started with me. For the most part I am efficient, calculating, naughty, and very secretive. I will tell you that you are the best. Make you believe it too. With this in mind going focus all my attention on you and obviously on the biggest, best cock in the room.

            Which would be yours.

Coed Phone Sex With Rebecca and a Naughty Coach

Coed phone sex is one of my favorites because the hot memories it brings back. I used to love being a cheerleader because it meant getting super close to the players. And let me tell you, our football coach was one fine specimen of a man. He had this way about him that just made me want to be naughty around him. One day after practice, I decided to wear my skirt without any panties underneath – just for kicks (pun intended). As we were leaving the field, he caught me adjusting myself and gave me this look that said “I know what you’re up to.”

That night, he invited me over for some extra tutoring or something lame like that. But as soon as we got in his car, things started heating up fast. We started making out like crazy and before I knew it, we were pulling over on the side of the road so he could give me head while I rode him! It felt so good having his tongue inside my wet pussy through my tiny little skirt; it drove us both wild with desire. Afterward, we went back home where he fucked me senseless under the bleachers at school until dawn broke – talk about an intense workout!

From then on out, every day after practice found us meeting up in secret places around campus where we would continue our illicit affair: under tables in empty classrooms; against lockers during lunch breaks; even once behind home plate at a baseball game (talk about risky!). He couldn’t get enough of me and neither could I.

But then one day, things took an even dirtier turn when he called me into his office after school hours. As soon as the door closed behind us, he pushed me against it and started grinding his hardCoed phone sex cock against my ass cheeks – fuck! It felt so good! Without saying a word, he lifted up my skirt and slipped off my panties before bending me over his desk. He slammed into me from behind; it hurt at first but then that pain turned into pleasure as he filled every inch of my tight little hole with his massive cock. We must have been at it for hours because by the time we were done, we were both covered in sweat and cum stains on our clothes (and probably each other too).

From that moment onward, our encounters became more frequent – almost daily if possible – always ending with him filling either my pussy or ass with his hot seed while whispering dirty promises about how much more naughty fun we would have together soon enough…

Naughty teacher gets dominated

I love when I get a Naughty teacher who needs to be dominated. In class you have to be in charge but with me you will not be. “Get on your knees and greet me correctly. Therefore, you get down and start kissing me feet. You work your way up and I turn around. I lift my skirt and expose my pussy and ass. “Show me how much you worship your mistress” I say as I spread my cheeks. A teacher like you is well known.

Naughty teacher

To have you on your knees licking my ass begging for more humiliation and domination gets me excited. As you lick my asshole, I grab your head and push your tongue deeper into my ass. “Lick me like a sissy bidet” I laugh as I suffocate him with my ass cheeks. “I have a surprise for you today” I say teasingly. “For your homework, you will wear these panties while you worship my cunt and make me squirt” I instruct you while I play with my cunty.


Bossing you around made me very excited. After your ass is wearing the panties that I picked for you, you get back in between my spread Sexy legs. Once you start licking my click, you know to work your way back down to my asshole. That is because my fetish is to have my beautiful booty licked while I masturbate my clit.

It is the best way for me to cum and drench you, just like I like. You follow great instructions like any sissy student needs to with his sexy dom. After some time, you feel my clench and you push deeper into my ass like a hungry slut. That is when my pussy squirts all your face. “You look better dripping in my juices” I say laughing. Now we will set up your new assignment. 

Naughty Teacher Gets Caught With Young Slutty Rebecca

Naughty teacherMy naughty teacher, Mr. James, was always finding ways to get me alone in private. One day after class, he told me that he had a special lesson planned for me and insisted that I stay behind after everyone else had left. When the room was empty, he locked the door and came over to where I was sitting at my desk. He started by running his fingers through my hair gently before slowly unbuttoning my blouse and caressing my bare chest. His touch sent shivers down my spine as his hands wandered lower towards my stomach and then further still until they were resting on top of the lace trimmed panties covering my crotch area.

“Take off your uniform,” he whispered into my ear seductively while pressing his hard-on against it through his own pants suggestively enough for both of us to know what kind of “lesson” this really was about!

Reluctantly but also secretly excited by this forbidden act between us two students (and him being an authority figure), I began undoing each button on top half of myself – revealing more skin with every one that came loose until finally standing there completely exposed from waist up except for those pesky bra straps holding onto them tightly across shoulders like some sort barrier keeping our true intentions hidden from prying eyes outside classroom walls…

As soon as all buttons were undone including zipper fly opening up front side seam revealing bulge growing larger beneath fabric indicating arousal level rising steadily within him too; Mr James reached out grabbed hold both sides pulling them apart force gently but firmly so that my panties were pushed down around ankles leaving me completely naked from waist up. He then took off his own clothes revealing his huge cock which was already rock hard and throbbing with desire for me!

Without any further hesitation or warning, he grabbed hold of my head forcefully pushing it down onto his dick making contact between our mouths as he began thrusting in and out while groaning loudly in pleasure at feeling so much power over another person especially one who looked up to him so much like myself did back then

Sissy humiliation is what this hottie will give you

I love when I get a married daddy who just needs Sissy humiliation. he knows his little white cock could never please me. Therefore, I had a friend over with a big black cock. “You see how big his fuck is? ” I say to him teasing and grabbing the big cock. “Yours isn’t near as close to this black cock” I laugh and say. Then I get close to you and start pushing it down my throat. After a bit I look at him and say “suck his balls”.

Sissy humiliation

Right away you suck his balls and your man clitty starts to twitch. “You are such a pathetic sissy; his cock made your clitty wake up” I laugh and humiliate. I then take my panties off and right away sit on his cock. After that I grab your head and push it down to his balls. “Lick his balls and ass too, that is what a little dick bitch has to do” I moan as I ride his bbc. My just drip down to your for head as I bounce hard. Then you moan ” I need to rub my clitty”.

“That’s all you can do with such small white cock” I laugh and fuck. “Rub your clit like I do mine” I say spreading my Sexy legs even more. As I fuck his bbc, you lick ass and start to rub your clitty too. The hard I rub my pussy clit the closer I get to squirting. When I finally do, your clitty squirts all over your hard. “You made a bigger mess than I did” I laugh as I grab the bbc out my cunt. “Now suck his load out and drain him too” I demand of you as I walk away. You are here for me to dominate and humiliate you like a sissy bitch. 

My Sex Therapy Sessions: An Unexpected Journey

Sex therapy porn

When my therapist suggested an alternative approach to my deepest desires, I was curious and a little nervous. But, boy, did I embrace the ride!

He started off slow, asking me to envision my ultimate fantasies. I described a world of erotic dominance, a place where I was in control and left my mark on willing participants.

Little did I know that my shrink had a few tricks up his sleeve. He suggested a live demonstration, an indulgent role-play to help me unlock my hidden potential.

The session took an unexpected turn when he produced a crop and told me to demonstrate my skills. The power rushed through me as I saw his eyes gleam with anticipation.

I ran my fingers down his pants, savoring the effect I had on him. With a naughty glint in my eye, I knees and went straight for his jugular—I mean, his crotch.

The moment my lips touched his thighs, I could feel his excitement surge. I looked up at him through my lashes, and he grasped my head, guiding my mouth to his aching member.

I took him deep, showing him the art of my throat’s caress. The muscles in his face strained as he fought to maintain control. But I wanted him to lose it, to submit to my will.

As I worked my magic, the room filled with his moist groans, a symphony of sensual delight. And when I felt him explode, the satisfaction was akin to conquering the highest peak.

Our sessions became legendary—a journey of discovery, power exchange, and intense orgasms. He unlocked my true nature and helped me claim my title as the dominant vixen I was meant to be.

Those sex therapy sessions were more than just kinky experiments; they were a revelation, a gateway to embracing my inner sensualist.

Sexy legs spread for fat wallets and nasty daddies

A spoiled princess won’t spread her Sexy legs unless she gets what she wants. My sugar daddy knows and takes care of me so well, so I feed him everything he wants. Sometimes he gets more than what he pays for but always loves it. As long as it comes from me. His little cock could never get a hottie like me but his wallet can. Therefore, he uses it to keep me happy. Last night I got fucked by a big dick bull who wanted to fuck all my holes.

Especially my ass. It is perky and I can’t take fuck like a nasty bitch. Even though I’m sophisticated and taken care of. I can’t spread my ass and do what I need to like any nasty hooker can. He has a big Ass fetish. So when he is over, he licks me until my cunt drips. Then he uses my juices to make his big monster cock lubed up. After a bit he was deep inside my ass.

Sexy legs

As he fucked me, he played with my clitty. That made me squirt. Now you are licking up the leftover sperm out my ass. “You love to spoil your sexy princess with anything, even your tongue” I say teasing you. Like a hungry puppy you lap up every drop of jizz I saved for you as you stroke your little cock. “Can you taste how I was fucked, better than you could fuck me” I laugh as you clean my ass up.

“Yes, I taste it all” you moan as you eat my ass. “Can I please show you how much I love it?” You ask like a whimpering bitch. I wait a bit before I finally let you cum. “Fine show me how your little pathetic cock lobes eating left over cum out of me” I say laughing. Then you spray all over your hand. After that you know to clean up that mess too. Before you go you spoil me more by sending me lots of gifts.