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Sexy legs open for sugar daddies money

Men love seeing my Sexy legs spread open. That is why they spoil me and make me into their paid princess. Older daddies really love when they watch me strip. That is why I got a stripper pole in my room. You will bring a wad of cash just to watch me dance for you. I love to tease you and deny that I am just to make your blood rise.

“Don’t you love this sexy dress baby” I say as I slide it off my body. Then you threw some money in the air for me just to see me bounce and smile. I bend over in front of your face showing you this sexy ass. “Sweet sugar daddy makes that money rain on my ass while I shake it for you”. Like a good, sweet daddy, you let more money fall on my ass.

Sexy legs

After that it is easy to slide everything off for you and offer my ass for you to lick. You know your sugar baby has an Ass fetish and needs you to lick her so good. “Please money daddy lick my little booty hole and make my kitty cum”. Then you pull that cock out and stroke it while licking this booty hole.

Besides your money all i want is for you to lick my ass until i cream your face. Your tongue flicks faster and faster the harder you jerk off. Finally, I squirt all over your face and you cream all over your hands. You use your cummy hands to grab the rest of the money you have for me and hand me cum filled Bemjamins.

Sexy legs spread wide open ready to have my Pussy Creampied!

Sexy legsMy Fuck buddy’s roommate wants me! He overheard me sucking his roomies cock but I swear, I had no idea he was even home. I was sucking Sean’s dick in the parlor and he had walked on me completely naked with my Large boobs bouncing up and down. I was so embarrassed but I didn’t stop, it’s not like he stood there and watched he sort of just went to his room. But, after I got through sucking Sean off I went to knock on his door to apologize to him only to walk into him jerking his cock off to porn. I know he was turned on from walking in and seeing a hot girl like me naked with my ass up in the air.

I walked in when he was just finishing up with cum overflowing out of his cock and leaking down his hand. I walked into his bedroom and closed the door behind me acting as if I hadn’t even noticed what he was doing. After teasing him for a bit by squeezing my tits together in my white cotton crop top with no bra underneath. I knew he could smell the scent of my Shaved wet pussy lingering from the freaky sex I had just had. I made sure to sit on his pillow so my pussy juices could leak out and stain his shams. I even checked back the other night to see if he even bothered to change them. He hasn’t, it’s obvious he is enjoying the scent of my sweet bliss. I kicked a pair of my dirty panties underneath his bed, I could only imagine how bad he would love to taste my pussy. I am thinking to moan so loud next time I have sex with my fuck buddy that he loses his shit and barges in so they can both fuck me at once.

Sean and his roommate are completely clueless and have no idea how badly I want to spread my Sexy legs and get fucked hard by the two of them!

Erotic roleplaying with a sexy therapist is what you want

I love Erotic roleplaying and I have a guy who needs his sexy therapist to help him. “Please help me, I have thought about fucking my sister for a long time” is what I hear as I sit in my therapist chair. “I have different methods of therapy and you have to be very willing” I responded to him. While you nod, I start taking my clothes off.

“I am your sister now” is what you needed to hear. Your cock pokes out your pants and just like you want your sister to do, I pull your dick out and right away suck on the head of your cock. “Oh, sis I have been thinking about this for so long” is all you can say as I suck you hard cock down my throat.

My pussy starts twitching when I think about you wanting your sister this bad. “Why don’t you show me exactly what you have been wanting? “I encourage him to do so. Then he stands up and without a word pushes me down on the therapy chair lifting my skirt and ripping my panties off.

Erotic roleplaying

“You need to let me fuck you and get you pregnant sis” is what he moaned out as he slammed his cock in my cunt. “Keep going, take all your frustrations out on my cunt” is what I moaned out as his therapist. The idea is for him to take out his fantasies and frustrations with me. So, he can be normal around his sister. That is the job of a therapist to help you work through things.

Finally, I felt your cock start to fill me up. I sat down on my chair and asked” so how do you feel now. Then I spread my Sexy legs showing my cunt drip with your semen. You love when I play your therapist and do nasty fantasies with you. That is why I am your favorite sugar baby.

Plow Your Skanky Teacher

Oh fuck yes! Plow your teacher baby! I love spreading my whore legs for you on my desk after class as you pump yourself into me every day. A naughty after class session for one of my favorite students are the best. Nothing is better than feeling a throbbing hard cock slam inside my mature pussy. You know you will get an A+ on every assignment as long as you cum inside your whore of a teacher. Your favorite part of class is when you get to fuck me for a great grade and tell me how much of a fuck slut I am. So call me and let me make you cum so hard to thought of me taking your loads after class daily. You will blow over and over again as you think about my cock sleeve cunt milking you dry every single day! I will be waiting for you.
fantasy phone sex

Large boobs are perfect place to hide men Giantess phone sex

Large boobsEver had Giantess phone sex? I shrunk this guy down to an ant size and dominated his entire being. I mummified him using my panties and then stuffed him inside my Shaved wet pussy. When I pulled him out of me he was drenched in my pussy juices, it was the funniest thing ever. To see him squirm and hear his muffled squeals as I thrust in and out. I didn’t stop until my walls were clenching around his body. After about 5 minutes of feeling his head hit my inner G spot, I squirted. I squirted so hard it looked and felt like a fire hydrant to him.

I forgot to take his glasses off so the four-eyed freak couldn’t see a thing. I shrunk him to the perfect size, he stood about 10 inches tall. To get all my pussy slime off of him I tucked him between my Large boobs and stroked him up and down. That’s what happens to naughty boys who misbehave. For a second he thought he was going to tell me to wait which is exactly why he had to suffer the consequences.

Nobody makes a Goddess wait! That is rule number one It’s not even a rule at this point that’s Law. We have plans to conquer the world. When I grow big and mighty I can walk on water. There is no water too deep and no place to far. I wear Bentley trucks on my feet. I can’t wait to find out what it’ll feel like to have my Sexy legs spread and my pussy hovering over the Eifel tower, next stop London. 

Foot fetishes are what my feet were made for

I have always been spoiled and paid because of my pretty feet; they are perfect for Foot fetishes. That is because keep them painted and use them to jack you off so good. Last night my favorite feet guy came over with his fat wallet. He is short but standing on his wallet makes him tall. Main reason why he loves feet is because when he was a young lad his mama would have him rub her feet.

While her legs were spread, he would stare at her mommy cunt. You could see the outline of her pussy through her clothes, especially when she had a dress on, he stared and her panties. First, I sit with my legs spread just like his mama. Then he starts by lotion his hands up. As you rub my feet you stare into my spread sexy legs looking for my pussy. “Good boy, keep rubbing mommy” once you hear that your cock is hard and poking through your clothes.

Foot fetishes

Take that cock out for mommy and stoke it in between mommy’s toes. Your smile makes me giggle as you start humping my feet. Keep going don’t stop until you give mommy that special lotion for her feet. After you hear that you Starr fucking my feet even faster. Finally, you tense up and start squirting your thick load of semen on my feet. Now rub it in and make mommies feet really soft. 

Foot Fetishes with Mercy

foot fetishes mercy

 I know there are a lot of foot fetishes that make your kinky cock rock hard. You’ve been so good at worshiping my feet. Honour every inch of my feet. From my pretty painted toe nails to the soft heels of my feet. Having your hands, lips, and tongue all over me makes my pussy soaking wet. I’ve been teasing you a lot lately and I thought you deserved a reward. I arranged a fun little surprise for you. 

Tonight, I’m spicing things up with a little food play. Summer is the perfect season for huge, juicy peaches. The kind that leaks sticky nectar every time you take a bite. I want you to stroke your cock for me while you watch me step on those peaches. As soon as, I press my foot down onto the soft fruit it squishes between my toes. 

It sticks to the arch and heel of my feet leaving a yummy mess. I think my sexy legs deserve a little attention too. I massage the fruit all over my pretty feet and up my legs. Your cock is so hard for me isn’t it? I know how badly you want to explode and cover my feet in cum. I’ll let you cum if you use your tongue to clean up the mess.

Now come clean up!

Throat Fucked Whore

Cocksucking phone sexThe way his cock was pulsing in my slutty mouth was turning my slick runny cunny up even more. He’d bought a blow job from me, but this was turning into more than a face fucking. His hand was wrapped up in my hair as I gasped for breath around his monster cock. I didn’t know how long he’d been fucking me in the throat, but I knew I didn’t want it to end until he blew a big fat load in there. I love the taste of cum and I always have! It’s just something I can’t help and I don’t want to either! Being a cum slut is half of my personality. How do you think I got into this situation, anyway? He had no interest in my well fucked little cunt and instead was dead focused on making sure I couldn’t speak or swallow for a fucking week. I was slurping and sucking while face fucking myself. I’d come out to walk the lizard lot for some extra cigarette money, but what he paid to destroy my throat is more than enough for the bender I’m going to need to get myself through. He was getting close to letting me swallow his load, but for the third time, he pulled out and nutted all over my teary-eyed face, and laughed. I was just a fucking whore, and nothing more at all.

kiss my sexy legs

sexy legs

Do you want to be a good submissive for me, the kind that serves me and awaits at my beck and call? You can be my obedient slave, and I will consider making you my permanent slave.

I want you to kneel and worship my sexy legs and every inch of my perfect body. Men aren’t above women, and you should know that. Let me hear those words from your lips. Prove that you can make goddess happy by draining your bank account and never your balls.

You can’t cum unless the goddess gives you the green light. Ever since you got to lay your eyes on me, all you can do is wonder how you can serve me. Let me make your wish come true by making you my everyday slave who will be humiliated and turn beet red. How it rides your cock rock hard when I degrade you makes you want to cum.

Whenever I cuss you out in Spanish, it makes your whole life.

Voyeur beach sex is happening now, you need to watch them

Voyeur beach sex is happening now, you need to watch them. See how he is slowly working his way down her body. Kissing her ear first. Before more down to her neck. Damn hair falling back as the waves move in, then receding. 

The strap of her bikini bra faVoyeur beach sexlls, exposing her large lush breasts. Fingers threading into his hair; pulling him tighter to her breast. Teeth biting down onto her nipple. Hips lifting beneath him to press into his hard erection. 

In the background the ocean is crashes, waves smashing into rocks. In the distance you can hear the seagulls. To the right of you the couple is now naked. Her legs spread wide open as he is licking her pussy, along her ass crack. 

Her elbow digging into the sand as she takes his dick deeper into her mouth. You see his length and know she must be gagging on his cock yet you aren’t able to hear it. On the bright side your own moans are drowned out. 

From time to time you look down at your dick, as you watch them. Bodies melding together right in front of you. Long legs wrapped around his waist now as he plunges his dick into her shaved wet pussy. 

Suddenly you hear them shout and scream. Realizing they have orgasmed together. You finally reach your release.