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Sexy Phone Chat Makes Whores Like Rebecca Squirt

Sexy phone chatI’m always down for some sexy phone chat time. Oh lover, I’m your cum dumpster and I live for this shit. The way you fill me up with your raw cock is all I need to get turned on. It feels so good when you pound my tight little asshole until it stretches out wide enough to take every inch of that thick meat. And let me tell ya, nothing gets me going more than hearing those dirty words coming out of your mouth while you fuck me senseless.

I love the feeling of being used like a piece of trash – knowing full well that my only purpose in life is to please men like yourself by taking their big dicks deep inside my hungry holes again and again without complaint . My pussy gets wet just thinking about how much cum we could make together; squirting uncontrollably onto our bellies as we both reach peak satisfaction .

So come on over here, big boy , give it to me hard and fast until neither one of us can stand anymore! Let’s see who can last longer under the intense pleasure-pain threshold we’ve created between us . Maybe then ,we can collapse into each other’s arms covered in sweat and cum –the perfect end to another wild night filled with lustful desires fulfilled under one roof called home sweet home (or maybe just ‘fuck pad’).

I’ll be here waiting, eagerly anticipating the moment when your cock slides between my lips or fills up my tight asshole once again . Until then , I’ll just keep dreaming about how good it feels to be used by someone who knows exactly what they want from me…and takes it without hesitation. Cum have a good sexy chat with your favorite therapist, Rebecca soon!

Large boobs overflow those hands, hide the cock.

            Large boobs overflow those hands, hide the cock. On the positive side when you do blow titties this large you will hit what you are aiming at and if your happen to be between those nice big globs of fun press them in a little tighter and you have an automatic cleaner.

            Now smaller ones are not really all bad. No sir. To be sure they have uses. Like for the itty bitty penis. Kidding. There is obviously the saying more than a mouthful is a waste. At the same time look at how you can hold, suck, and even fuck all at the same time. After all you need to be fed and sucking on suckers this size is sure to overflow those hands of yours. Swallow your penis up whole.

            At the same time cum on boobs are able to be lifted to my mouth and you can watch as I lick them. You can’t do that will little ones. There are a lot of places that you can look for ideas to play with tits like these. Jumbo size. Watch some porn. Always an inspiration. After all they are like the outline of all ideas conceivable.

            In the long run big boobies have many uses. Among them is fucking. Slapping them together. Blowing your load on them. Sucking on the nipples. A point often overlooked is if they are large enough you can do more than one thing at a time with them.

            To put it another way, come play with these honkers. Giant marshmallows to be eaten. Squish them. Feel them.  Large boobs

Voyeur phone sex will make your fantasies come to life!

Voyeur phone sex

Voyeur phone sex will make your fantasies come to life! I can’t get enough of watching and being watched. The thought of someone getting turned on by me gets my juices flowing, literally. And when it comes to phone sex, I am the queen. I know exactly how to make your fantasies come to life and leave you begging for more.

I love when my juicy tight pussy is getting sucked in a crowded room. There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling tongues on my clit while people are watching. The thrill of getting caught just adds to the excitement. And let me tell you, I am not shy about showing off my body. Give me a little bit of attention and I’ll reward you with a view of my perfect tits. They are perky, round, and have just the right amount of bounce. And when someone’s mouth is in between my legs, eagerly licking and sucking my pussy, there is no doubt that I am the center of attention.

Take me to a wild party and shower me with expensive champagne. And when I say shower, I mean drench me in it. The feeling of that bubbly liquid sliding down my body and onto the floor is enough to drive me wild. And when I’m feeling loose and buzzing from the champagne, there’s nothing I won’t do.

I know how to make all of your voyeuristic dreams come true. Are you into watching me play with myself? Or maybe you want to see me worship another woman’s body? I am open to all sorts of dirty and taboo fantasies. So don’t be shy, give me a call and let’s have some fun. Just the thought of you getting off while watching me is enough to make my pussy drip with anticipation. So what are you waiting for, reach for that phone and call me now. Call this Sexy babe to make all of your voyeuristic desires come to life.


Hot sexy woman uses my asshole and pussy!

Hot sexy womanHot sexy woman uses my asshole and pussy! They say blondes have more fun and I agree. Something about a blonde bitch fucking me hard and taking no mercy on my ass hole has me submissive to her!

The couple I am partying and playing with has a sexy Blonde who loves to dominate other females for her husband. In order to get pussy and cock needs met with these two I get my ass hole wrecked by her sexy little fist! Is there a pain slut hiding in me? Well, yes sometimes she needs to be freed and women are often the best at making me submit. 

Hot sexy woman dominates my asshole and pussy!

Having her man watch as she devours my boy, gets them that much more aroused. I love the power it gives a woman to be able to perform like this for him. Making his dick happy by making her own cunt happy with me is so fucking erotic and kinky!  Something about a hot femdom that makes me weak in the knees, truly!  This bisexual can’t get enough of hot females topping me for their men. I know how addicted to sex and pleasure I can get! Fucking Domme couples is hot, pull us a Top bitch and use her to make me your submissive slut!

For The ultimate girl-on-girl femdom with two bitches worshiping your cock it’s time for a wild Sexy chat with me!  My pussy and ass belong to you and your woman! Hot me up, I am always looking for new ways to get fucked. I’m a hot piece of ass and I’m always in demand for couples therapy.Sexy chat

Foot fetishes

Foot fetishes


Foot fetishes are by far one of my favorite fetishes. There are so many things you can do with your feet. How do you think it would feel on your hard cock? If I just put my soft, freshly lotioned feet on it, and wrap my toes around your shaft? And I’ll start out by gently moving my feet up and down. Ever have a foot job before? Well, now you are.

I’ll rub my feet up and down and get faster and harder until that cum shoots out of that cock of yours and comes down and covers my toes and runs down my feet. I love when my feet are covered in cum and I get to play in that yummy goodness.

Another way to enjoy feet is by wearing those sexy knee-high leather boots, sometimes with that six inch stiletto heel. When I pull those out, you know you’ll be on your knees, licking and sucking on the very tip of my boot.

Foot fetishes Making Cocks Throb and Squirt

Foot fetishes make cocks hard and that in turn makes my pussy wet. My freshly pedicured toes were done today.The way the girl scraped all that excess skin and made my calves and feet so silky smooth. Painted my toes bright red that stood out in their beauty. I knew your cock would instantly get hard when you saw them in my skimpy little sandals. I love rubbing my feet up and down you.

Foot fetishesUntil your cock gets super hard as I even use my feet to massage your aching cock. Seeing your cock grow in between my curled toes. Staring you in the eyes as yours roll back in your head. Your balls so full as I use my feet to tickle them. Then bringing them up to your mouth as I lay back speeding my legs putting my toes one by one in your mouth. The puddle of drool that falls on my toes down the balls of my feet. What a delight to see my wet feet from your spit as my cunt starts juicing up for you. As the more turned on you are, it’s like the pheromones go right to my pussy to get me ready for that hard cock.

You stick it in deep and we both gasp with excitement as we had been aching in anticipation for that thrust in me. I keep my legs up in the air as you turn to pertocally keep sucking on them. I’m not sure if you like my pussy or feet more. But whatever it takes to get that cock rock hard and ready to go to work, you know I am down for the action.

Small dick humiliation is what you deserve you dirty slut!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation is what you deserve you dirty slut! You pathetic little excuse for a man I can see right through your facade of masculinity. I know the truth, that you have a small, inadequate excuse of a dick. And that just makes me want to toy with you even more.

You see, I get a kick out of reducing you to nothing but a quivering mess at my feet. Knowing that you are so desperate for my attention, but will never be able to please me with your pathetic excuse for a manhood. It’s hilarious to me how you try to act all confident and macho, but I can see the fear in your eyes when I hold up my hand to reveal my middle finger. Oh, how I just love to crush your ego and remind you of your rightful place, beneath me.

You crave my touch, my attention, my approval. But you know that you will never get it. No, instead, you will get tease and denial. And trust me when I say, I am an expert at it. I will have you begging and pleading for release, but I will just laugh and deny you. I will make you my little plaything, and you will revel in the torment I put you through. Because deep down, you know that you deserve nothing but humiliation and degradation.

But don’t worry, my small dicked loser, I will make sure to keep you coming back for more. You will crave my cruel words and teasing touches. You will yearn for a glimpse of my body, but you will never get to touch it. You will just have to sit there and watch as I pleasure myself, knowing that you will never get to experience such pleasure.

So, if you think you can handle the ultimate tease and denial experience, then pick up the phone and call me for Tease and denial phone sex. Let me show you just how inadequate you really are. And don’t even think about trying to please me with that pathetic little thing between your legs. Because no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to satisfy me. And that is exactly what you deserve, you dirty slut. So come on, give me a call and let the humiliation and denial begin.


Gangbang For The Town Whore!

A few guys in town knew each-other and gloated about having a night out with me. They had no idea that they all have fucked me at one time or another. They talked about how good my hairy little pussy was and my tight wet throat. The next thing they knew they were all talking about the same girl they each have fucked. Which is obviously me; so they all decided to message me and set something up so they can all use me at the same time.

I was obviously super excited and totally down for it so I said yes. We decided to meet at the one guys house. His name is Jordan; he set a time and told the other guys when to come over. I got all dressed up and ready to fuck. I made sure my cunt looked all pretty and my ass hole was ready to be fucked. I could not wait to be pumped full of cock and cum all night.

When I got there; they were all drinking and chatting. The second I walked in they came over and each kissed me and grabbed my ass and tits. They were clearly tipsy and ready to fuck; they pushed me on the couch and tore off my clothes. The next thing I knew I felt cock in all my holes at once. They swapped back and forth and each came at least 3 times. It was such a fun night

When you have a neighborhood fuck doll who spreads her legs for anyone you will always have your balls drained! Sexy babe

Needy Hairy Cunt For My Boss Again!

Hairy wet pussy It’s been way too long since I rode my bosses cock since the holidays. Thank goodness it’s back to normal at the office. I have been missing his fucking load in my cunt. I made sure to have this sweet little fuck hole nice and pretty for him. I am even ready for him to plow my ass hole out too; that’s how horny I have been the last few weeks. We used to fuck every day and than it’s been dry since he has been busy with his wife and brats at home. 

This week is a big one for him; the big bosses are coming into town to check on a sale. We have a few meetings set up so I know he has been very stressed. He’s been staying late every night at the office and I know he just needs some relief. I made sure to stay after today so we had the office to ourselves; I figured that would be the best time to make a move on him. I knew if he blew a nice big fat load or 2 he would be a little less stressed. 

I walked in and smiled at him and he looked up and stared and said how happy he was to see me. I had already slipped off my panties so I just had on my tight pencil skirt and button up blouse with no bra. I walked over and sat on the corner of his desk and told him how great of a boss he is. I spread open my legs a bit and rubbed my thigh to catch his attention. I wanted him to stare at my sweet leg gap with my glistening already soaked pussy. 

His face lit up as he saw that I had no panties covering my sweet gash and immediately took his had and started to open up my lips. I had my legs spread for him and stared at him as he finger banged my wet hole and moaned. His cock got hard; I saw him grow in his pants. He took his cock out and stroked as he watched me buck my hips while he finger fucked me. Soon enough after I squirted he had me on top of him riding his cock like always. That load shooting up in my guts felt amazing!

Shaved Wet Pussy Putting a Spell on Men Everywhere

shaved wet pussy

What is it about a shaved wet pussy?  It does this thing to cocks almost instantly without much effort at at. The first time I realized the power of a pussy, especially a shaved one, I was at school. My girlfriends were giving me a hard time and told me it was time to shave down there.

So 5 naked cheerleading girls, got into the gym shower dripping wet from sweat and with a razor in tow. My best friend took the razor and started teasing my clit with it.  Before I knew it, my hairy bush tingled as they passed it around like candy. Meanwhile the hot steamy water dripped down our not fully developed breasts and underage little bodies. I was a late bloomer so I was the only one not yet shaved. I was ready to be smooth and bald again like my young girl self.  Before I knew it, my friends took over my hairy wet pussy.

Shaving, fingering, licking and being passed around like a hot potatoe.  My sweet friend, let’s call her J, she told the other girls that they needed to keep sucking and touching my clit while my friend, S, did the dirty work shaving.  I watched as the hair I had become accustomed to kept falling from in between my legs down on the shower floor and really all over my friends mouths that were still attempting at pleasuring me in midst of this chaosl

As we finished, one of our hot teachers came in the locker room thinking everyone had gone home for the day.  We stood there, 6 smooth as a little ones bottom in between our legs, and his jaw dropped to the floor.  Instantly, his cockshot sraight out through his gym shorts he had on from working out after school. J, being the extrovert that she was, went and grabbed his hand and brought him over to us.

“Now remember as we did for Rebecca, we need to do this for Mr. K. now.”  Like the little slut servants we were, all 6 sexy hot women got on our hands and knees treating Mr. K’s cock like it was our last meal. Boy was that meal yummy.