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Shaved Wet Pussy Putting a Spell on Men Everywhere

shaved wet pussy

What is it about a shaved wet pussy?  It does this thing to cocks almost instantly without much effort at at. The first time I realized the power of a pussy, especially a shaved one, I was at school. My girlfriends were giving me a hard time and told me it was time to shave down there.

So 5 naked cheerleading girls, got into the gym shower dripping wet from sweat and with a razor in tow. My best friend took the razor and started teasing my clit with it.  Before I knew it, my hairy bush tingled as they passed it around like candy. Meanwhile the hot steamy water dripped down our not fully developed breasts and underage little bodies. I was a late bloomer so I was the only one not yet shaved. I was ready to be smooth and bald again like my young girl self.  Before I knew it, my friends took over my hairy wet pussy.

Shaving, fingering, licking and being passed around like a hot potatoe.  My sweet friend, let’s call her J, she told the other girls that they needed to keep sucking and touching my clit while my friend, S, did the dirty work shaving.  I watched as the hair I had become accustomed to kept falling from in between my legs down on the shower floor and really all over my friends mouths that were still attempting at pleasuring me in midst of this chaosl

As we finished, one of our hot teachers came in the locker room thinking everyone had gone home for the day.  We stood there, 6 smooth as a little ones bottom in between our legs, and his jaw dropped to the floor.  Instantly, his cockshot sraight out through his gym shorts he had on from working out after school. J, being the extrovert that she was, went and grabbed his hand and brought him over to us.

“Now remember as we did for Rebecca, we need to do this for Mr. K. now.”  Like the little slut servants we were, all 6 sexy hot women got on our hands and knees treating Mr. K’s cock like it was our last meal. Boy was that meal yummy.

Lions gate portal

tease and denial

Happy Lions Gate portal to all! I hope you’re making those wishes and taking a leap. Hmmmm, it may be a magical manifesting day for all but don’t think you can have me with all your desires. A tease and denial babe like me likes to make men beg.

Overall, I enjoy having you worship me from head to toe. The Venus energy and Leo energy truly exude every part of me. Everything I want, I make it happen, all with a touch.

Now get down on all fours as I use you as my furniture. You look great at a coffee table. My hot friends and I enjoy as you rub each of our feet and submit to being our slave.

Sorry, you can’t taste me or basque in my sensual scent, but you can serve me and clean my house like a sissy maid. After all, you know, I will always be the type of girl you will want to worship for life. Dreams do come true when you service A true goddess like me.

Sexy legs open wide for you, Mila’s been waiting all day.



sexy legs


Sexy legs open wide for you, Mila’s been waiting all day. Don’t you dare keep a hottie like this waiting for too long. Sexy Mila is definitely fucking hot, do you have experience with sexy hot women? If not, then welcome to the world of MIla. Her beautiful breast, ebony skin, and tight twat will make you drool all over her. Lay back and imagine those sexy ebony lips sliding up and down your cock with ease. With those pretty eyes looking up at you as you push her head further down on your cock. Mila knows she’s sexy as hell and uses it to get what she wants, could you blame her? Everyday she’s in high demand for her sexy phone sex, come get your turn.

Mila’s Ass fetish will have you wide open.

Ass fetish

Mila’s Ass fetish will have you wide open. If Mila can get you brick hard with a steamy ass pic, image what a sex chat with her could do. Mila won’t stop until you fill her every hole, she loves to roleplay so be her Naughty teacher and teach her a lesson in breeding. 

Spreading Her luscious ass is what gets Mila everything she wants. She knows that her asshole is perfect and her pussy is tight, that’s all she needs to provide for herself although she rather have your money. Sex is never work for her, She simply loves being made to cum over and over again. Money loving Mila enjoys only two things in life, Orgasms’ and riches!



sexy babe

I’m a sexy babe that just enjoys some good fun. Whenever I take a nice vacation I like to have a good time with a local. Not only is it fun to enjoy myself with someone who is local to the place that I am visiting because it makes me stay much more adventurous. The truth is I love to have a sex escapade in every part of the world if I can. A voyage rendezvous is always a nice way to spend a vacay. I’ve gotten really well at picking the best Fucks when I vacation.  There’s truly something that I enjoy and it’s exploring my body and giving it what it needs. Right now I’m really into cum and liking  and liking having it all over my tits.

watch a sexy babe play

sexy babe

I know you want to see me up and play with myself. , I think it’s hot when guys admit wanting to see a woman masturbate. A sexy babe like me loves to be watched while I am rubbing one out. My brother-in-law walked in on me one day when I was in the middle of pleasing myself. My brother-in-law had no idea what to do. He was mesmerized, I could tell, and I was in such a trans that I didn’t care that he was watching me. As I played with my twat all I could think about was that Big O. One of the hottest moments was when an essential Woman Like Me was right about to orgasm. My brother-in-law couldn’t help himself, but he went ahead and pulled his cock out while I was still playing with my clit. After that incident, we became extra close.

Hot sexy woman seeking sissy to clean up after BBC

Hot sexy woman

Being a Hot sexy woman I constantly find sissies want to be me. They want to know what it feels like to be able to handle a hard BBC and worship cum. But sissies will never know. They must live vicariously through me. They will never know how to submit to something so strong and powerful because in this life their egos  have been so damaged the only way they can truly know how to submit is by feeling the crushing weight of cum shooting to the back of their throats. Or licking up that creamy nut butter out of my cum riddled hole. Everyone always wants to worship a huge BBC. The sissy bitches that call wanting to be forced into compromising situation are too scared to get from behind their wives skirts. They really want to drop to their knees begging for a strong meaty black cock to empty full balls down their cum hungry mouths. 

Femdom Phone Sex Humiliating My Husband with Cum filled Cunt

Femdom Phone Sex is an essential element in my marriage. As a married mature woman, it’s essential I enjoy the pleasure that I crave. With this understanding my husband has come around to being a great cucky husband.

The thing that really gets me is have a few younger men over and fucking me together. I like to have my husband there and these guys actually enjoy that aspect alot. It’s hot to have them all being competitive alpha bulls and taking my holes harder than the first.

This kind of sexy hardcore sexual encounters of having my hot whore pussy and ass hole fucked into a creamy mess is extremely exciting. The very thought of making my husband eat their sperm from my hot mature woman cunt and ass makes them a little aggressive.

Femdom Phone Sex

Erotic roleplaying leads to cum filled Kunt

Erotic roleplaying

To be honest, my favorite thing to do is Erotic roleplaying. You can be any age 🙂 or anyone! For example: my neighbor loves to talk to me about his daughters and their budding breast. They’ve barely gotten out of diapers but we love to talk about what he would love to do with their little bodies and how he’s been grooming them to enjoy his touch. We talk about how Daddy gets so excited when he gets his little girls get ready for bath. He loves how we are rushed when it’s cold out and he tells us to get our stinky booties in the bath and we run to take off our clothes exposing our little nipples and how hard they get. Daddy loves it when my eyes pop when the little clown in his pants pops up the tent as I take out my Large boobs for Daddys touch. The feeling is mutual for our sick twisted perversions and the depths at which our deviancy will take us. No age is too young and no kink is too much.

A naughty kink

female domination porn

Oh yes, his is hot. I have to say it takes a lot to find an excellent roleplay that will completely wow me. I have gotten off the phone with one of my regulars who loves storytelling. My gosh, every session is better than the next.

I am dripping wet right now typing this out. There’s no way I can forget how he used and brainwashed me into being his submissive girl.

It’s so wild to me since I am naturally a dominant one who doesn’t like men giving her any demands.

My caller asked me to close my eyes and let him make me dive deep. When he told me about his female domination porn obsession, I understood it.

All he thinks about is another woman making his wife a slave slut. It turned me on how vivid the fantasy became. Every detail made me beg for the climax.