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open my sexy legs

sexy legs

I spot them; I got them. Whenever I find the perfect human specimen, I get all worked up and ready to get the kind of sex I’m craving. The smell of vodka soda fills the ambiance. The strobe lights got me eyeing you and turning away from club madness but evoking myself to the man I see in front of me. My cunt begins to drip with wetness. I know my kitty cats are getting some loving tonight. A tall, dark and handsome fellow makes his way over to me. A soft giggle comes from my pretty face. He’s trying to ask me for my name, but the music is downing us out. A deep look into each other’s eyes, and none of that mean anything.

A hot tryst affair begins to unfold. My husband is upstairs, but I have this boy toy in our garage. I let him fuck me in the garage leaning on the wall. My sexy legs spread for him and let him fuck me wild.

Horny Cock Escort

Best Phone Sex

Being a cock escort is so great. A materialistic slut like me loves spoiling myself with clothing, jewels and luxuries. That is makes being a cock escort the best! I get my money and presents and fucked hard. Money and cock is all I care about. I met up with a great client yesterday who wanted to do extra kinky roleplay. We got to his hotel and I fingered my wet cunt for him while he tickled my feet with his hard cock. A horny escort like me loves riding cowgirl on a hot rich man’s cock. I rode him so hard until he wanted to fuck my used escort rosebud asshole. He had me bent over the fancy hotel chaise lounge with my tight ass in the air, perfect for him to fuck. He shoved his cock inside me and pumped me full of cum like the dirty horny whore I am. I squirted all over his legs and the hotel room floor. After getting fucked so hard, I was gifted a blingy diamond necklace.

Hot Cuck Threesome

Cuckold phone sex

When my cuck is behaving, I make sure to reward him with a nice, frothy, treat! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to continue to work for it. I make him work for it until the very end! When my hot strapped bull comes over, I expect my cuck to be on his best behavior to satisfy our needs. Of course I’d never let his cock fuck me, that’s strictly for my well hung 10 inch bull! But I’ll let my cuck indulge by licking my wet pussy and my bull’s cum filled balls while I get fucked hard and raw.

If my cuck does this well, I’ll let him have a bit more fun by shoving his tongue in my throbbing wet pussy while I tease his cock with my mouth. And if he behaves really well, once my bull pumps his thick creamy load inside me, I’ll allow my cuck to slurp and lick the frothy, milky hot cum straight from my cunt as a sweet little treat while I tease and flick his pitiful cocky!

Forced Bi Boys

Cuckold Phone Sex

My favorite boys do everything I fucking ask of them to get me wet as fuck. And the best way to get my pussy dripping wet is when a good cuck does what I say and hungrily sucks on my bull’s cock like a good boy. I love forcing bi boys to suck his cock for me. A good cuck cocksucker will eagerly do whatever I tell him to do!

If you want to be my #1 cuck, you’ll have to work hard and do exactly as I say! I want you to lick and suck my clit while my bull’s rock hard cock fucks my pussy! I want your tongue eagerly licking my cunt and his cock getting it nasty and wet! Then when I hop off his cock, I want you to take that fucking wet cock in your mouth and taste my pussy on it.

I’m going to push your head down further on his cock so you take the whole 8 inches deep in your throat, baby! I’ll force you to mouth fuck that cock if I have to. You better take all 8 inches, balls deep, in your cucky mouth.


A raise for Dr Rebecca

Its so hard to be taken seriously sometimes in my profession. I went to my boss today and asked him if he had a moment to discuss my performance review. I have an outstanding record with my clients and I do anything and everything I can to keep them completely satisfied with my services. My boss tells me to close the door and to have a seat. As I sit down I can tell he is holding his cock behind his desk, he tells me that he has received mixed reviews about my services and wants to determine for himself if I should be getting a raise. He tells me to prove I have earned it. At this point I know exactly what he means and although I usually save this treatment for my clients, I go around his desk, pull his hard cock out and give him a raise. I suck his balls dry. I think he agrees that I have an outstanding performance review, because we both got a raise. Me in my bank account and him in his pants.


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Foot Fetishes and Nylons

foot fetishes

    Foot fetishes and Nylons drive me crazy! When I go to the department stores I can’t resist going over to the lingerie department and looking at the latest hosiery and buying a new pair and adding it to the collection. I buy the most luxurious hose with sheer or shiny weave that makes my legs look so seductive. I know my art of seducing the opposite sex in panty hose and high heels. I don’t just walk I strut when I wear my pantyhose. I fuck men with the way I walk. Men are drawn to my legs in hose as if they are hypnotized.  I revile in the feeling of silk  against my pussy  my wetness loves to drip through just a  little bit, dampening my nylons turning them just a shade darker.

    I especially love wearing red toe nail polish  underneath the panty hose. The way the nylon just covers my feet can be quite sexy. You can take my hose off and worship my feet. Go ahead kiss them and lick them  you can even smell the pantyhose and my feet.

    Can you imagine running your hands up my inner thighs, spreading my legs, licking my wet pussy through that thin barrier that protects my slit. Pushing against the fabric almost forcing your way inside! Wouldn’t your cock get so hard just thinking about me putting that ass plug in and letting it vibrate while you feel the contour of leather against your cock! I love the way it feels against me and I know your are so ready! So what do you say?