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Rough sex

Sexy babe

Sometimes I want to be roughed up a little. Lately I’ve been craving some really hot rough sex. I’ve been fantasizing about a tall guy roughing me up, pushing me up against the wall and kissing me hard, slipping his tongue into my mouth while groping me and exploring my body with his hands. Then he starts to suck and bite my neck while grabbing my sexy breasts and roughly squeezing them. I fucking love it when a guy just has his way with me. Then he pushes me onto the bed and yanks my panties to the side before slamming his cock into me. While he’s fucking me hard, he has his hand wrapped around my neck, squeezing it firmly. He throws me onto my stomach and mounts me from behind, grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking my head back. He slaps my ass and thighs as he fucks me from behind. I want him to leave his mark on me. I want to be covered in bruises, scratches, and small bites, the evidence of his lust. Every time I look in the mirror for the next few days and see all the marks he left on me, I’d be so turned on all over again.

 I just want you to make me yours and fuck me however you want. Be rough with me, I want to feel like you want me so bad that you can’t control yourself and just have to bend me over and fuck me whether I want it not. I want you to make me want it. Fuck me like your whore. And not just once either. I want to spend all day in bed with you, fucking me over and over again. I want to be sore and aching and with a load of cum in my shaved wet pussy by the time you leave my bed.

My new toy

Sexy babe

I decided to treat myself and buy a new vibrator. My old one was okay, but I wanted something top of the line. My new toy came in the mail and I couldn’t wait to give it a try! I crawled into bed and spread my legs and started rubbing the new vibrator onto my pussy. Within in seconds, I was dripping wet and close to cumming. I’d never had a toy that could get me off so fast. My back arched and my thighs were trembling as my first orgasm pulsed through me. I was so turned on and it felt so good that I just didn’t want to stop masturbating. I rolled onto my stomach and bent my hips so that my ass was in the air and my head was down. I slipped the toy between my legs and started to grind my pussy on it. I daisy chained 3 orgasms in a row within 15 minutes!

Sensual phone sex

GFE phone sex

I want my pussy licked so bad! I’ve been lying in bed all day playing with myself and thinking about how much I wanted to get fucked. I imagined everything I would do if you were in bed with me right now. I want you to start kissing me from the tips of my toes, working your way over my ankles, down my calf, and up my thighs. You linger between my legs and start kissing my pussy passionately and flicking your tongue up and down my lips. I love the feeling of your hot mouth on my wet pussy. My back arches and my fingers are laced in your hair, pulling your face even closer into me so I can rub my pussy up and down your lips. When I start to cum on your face, my thighs start to tremble and I squeeze them shut so that your face is still pressed to my throbbing clit as I ride out the waves of my orgasm. I pull you up to my face and press my lips to yours so I can taste my cum on your mouth. With my legs wrapped around your hips, I pull you inside of me. I’m so warm and wetter than even before. I keep my mouth locked onto yours, kissing you deeply as you pump your cock in and out of me. My hands glide up and down your back and over your ass as you fuck me. I beg you to cum in me, I want to feel your cock throb and pulse as you fill me up with your cum. We lay locked together panting and kissing until you’ve finally finished cumming. I want to spend the rest of the night laying with you naked and kissing and touching each other and fucking over and over again.

Fuck my ass

Ass fetish

I’ve been feeling really kinky and craving dirty nasty sex lately. What I want is a guy to bend me over and lick and finger my tight ass before sliding his thick cock into and fucking me like a whore. I’ve been laying in bed all day thinking about it and fantasizing about it until my cunt started dripping wet. With no one around to help take care of my needs, I took things into my own hands. I got out my favorite butt plug and slid it into my ass. It felt so fucking good having my backdoor filled up. I laid on my back and got my vibrating dildo and started sliding it into my shaved wet pussy that was dripping with desire already. I pumped it in and out of my pussy and made myself cum over and over! Having both of my holes filled up is so fucking hot and always makes me cum so hard.

Girlfriend Experience

Sexy girlfriend porn

Sensual phone sex is the best! I like to lay on my back in bed with my favorite toys within arm’s reach so I can have fun on the phone with my callers. I’d like to chat a little and flirt with you, get to know each other a bit before we get to the real fun. Things start turning steamy and my panties come off. Your cock is nice and hard and all we both want is to get each other off. My hand is in my panties rubbing my clit and you’re stroking yourself. You tell me to grab my vibrator and start using it so you can hear it buzzing and listen to me moan and breathe as I use the toy to rub on my hard little clit. We’re both getting closer to cumming, masturbating at the same time and breathing heavy into the phone. We both cum and you can hear my scream and shudder as a mind blowing orgasm rocks through me and my pussy squirts hard.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Because I can’t think of anything hotter for a guy than making a sexy girl cum and hearing her O sounds. Call me, and let’s make each other cum!

Creampie me

GFE phone sex

There’s something so sexy to men about cumming inside a woman, isn’t there? Well we love it just as much as men do, or at least do. There’s really nothing more intimate and sexy to me than the feeling of a man burying his cock deep inside of  me and feeling his cock pulse and throb as he fills me up. Then the feeling of lying there connected as he’s still in the throws of his orgasm and pulsing inside of my shaved wet pussy. It’s the best part of sex for me, knowing that I’ve made you cum and milked every last drop of your sticky seed from your cock to deep inside my pussy. I love the way I feel all creamy and full afterwards, and seeing it drip out of me. It makes me so hot, that I’m ready for round two. After giving you a breather, I’ll just have to suck your cock and get you hard again so you can cum in me all over again.

Suck my toes

Foot fetishes

Wanna know a secret about me? I love having my toes licked and sucked on while I’m getting fucked. It makes me practically squeal in ecstasy it turns me on so much! I had some naughty fun with a sexy guy with super hot accent this week. I’m a sucker for a man with abs and an accent, so when I saw him I had to have him! After some flirting and fun, he had me on my back lying on the side of the bed while he stood above me. I had my feet on his shoulders and he held me by the thighs and stroked his hard cock in and out of me while I rubbed my clit. As if that wasn’t hot enough, he started sucking my toes as he pounded into me. It felt so fucking good I started to moan and squeal as he ran his tongue up the sole of my foot. I couldn’t take it anymore and came so hard!

So that’s my little secret. Want to make me cum hard and squeal like a whore, lick my toes.

Mutual masturbation

Best phone sex

The hottest part of being a Sexy babe who works for a phone sex line, is getting to hot mutual masturbation sessions with my callers. I had a caller early this morning who wanted me to help him get rid of his morning wood. I had just woken up too, and I’m always wet and horny in the mornings. He wanted us to cum together, so we started masturbating at the same time. I would tell him exactly what I would want him to do to me if he were in the room right now. Then he would tell me exactly how he wanted me to touch my body and describe how it felt. “Pinch your nipples with one hand and rub your clit with the other.” I would do exactly as he said and I would picture him playing with my tits and rubbing my clit. We both came at the same time and it was one of the hottest phone sex experiences of my life!


Sexy babe

I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. I have a hot body that men want to fuck, and I know it. I put on a kinky little show for my neighbor working on his lawn outside my bedroom window. I pretended not to realize they could see into my window and stripped naked and crawled into bed and started rubbing my shaved wet pussy with my hands. I saw him stop working and start watching me. I kept going, still pretending not to notice the voyeur watching me through the window rubbing my cunt. I pulled out my big dildo from the bedside cabinet and slid it into my dripping pussy and started to fuck myself. I put on a nice little show for him, pounding my cunt with the fake cock and writhing and moaning in the bed like a whore. When I was done I cleaned myself off and walked over the window and pulled the curtain shut, but not before giving him a wink and watching him blush furiously.

Country Girls Make Do

Sexy babe

Growing up in the south, my parents tried to raise me to be a sweet proper southern girl. They couldn’t stop their daughter from being a cock hungry slut though. As soon as I blossomed, men and boys started to notice me and they all wanted to taste me like a Georgia peach. I used to sneak boys into my room at night and try to quietly fuck them without mama and daddy hearing and chasing him off. Other times, I would get so horny I would have to come up with my own ways to entertain myself. I didn’t have access to dildos or vibrators like city girls do, so I had to improvise. My favorite way to get myself off was using stuff like corn cobs or cucumbers to fuck myself. I would rub my clit until my pussy was nice and wet, and then slowly stick the big vegetable into my pussy and fuck myself hard and fast with it. I would squirt so much that my sheets would be soaking wet!

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